November 18, 2002
vol 13, no. 138

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The 'New Order' is in Total Disorder!!!

33 Years of novelty and innovation, heresy and herding, ransacking and ravaging the disciples and disciplines of the Church is quite enough, thank you. It is time to put a stop to the nom de guerre that is the New Order...the New Mass...the Novus Ordo Missae...the NOM. For the sake of all that is holy, return to the Tried and True! Tridentine True!

    "Why then would Christ have given us so beautiful a Gift that was preserved and revered for so many centuries only to have it altered by taking away the altar of sacrifice and desecrated so by novelty and innovation and cultural fungibility over the past 33 years?"

   It has not been a good year for the bishops and the pope. Confidence in the sincerity of the hierarchy has been on the downswing. There have been several polls taken over this past year that reflect this, even among those who would follow their leaders into hell if they had to in order to prove a point that they were fiercely loyal, blindly obedient. Certainly the American Bishops didn't help themselves with their adoption of a weakened resolution, so gutted from what they sent to Rome. Why did Rome reject the zero tolerance measures the U.S. Bishops drafted in the Charter of Dallas? There is much conjecture as to that, but be that as it may, modern Rome has supposedly quarantined the fowl while letting the foxes run rampant throughout the hen house. The foxes or shall we say 'wolves' in shepherds' clothing are still loose and show no signs of being corralled. It's doubtful Rome will round up the bad guys because of their own complicity in the whole sordid mess which they have helped cause. So how do they extricate themselves from this cabal of corrupting compost? They do it with smoke and mirrors because they are very comfortable in the collusion. Remember, "By their fruits you shall know them." And people wonder why Catholics have lost confidence in their leadership?

   As I wrote in an earlier PewPOINT, it's all about image. So cleverly have the progressivists penetrated the shell of the hierarchy that it would almost seem a seamless garment and the fetid fabric now covers a multitude of sins. Instead of being incensed toward this, the outrage is reflected toward a relatively small handful of predator homosexual priests who had their way with young men. They are the scapegoats, akin to the mail room employees at Enron who are dismissed while the big wigs get away with larceny. While one transgression is worth the weight of a millstone, the real anchor of this albatross of the sex scandal is the spinelessness of the sorry lot of prelates whom Paul VI and John Paul II appointed. Were they handpicked by these post-conciliar pontiffs? Chances are that conjecture is probably nil since no sovereign since Pope Pius XII has had a hands-on approach. That means, in large part, that every post-conciliar pope has been merely a 'puppet pope' meaning Masonic Modernists with Marxist ties are pulling the strings. And who are these culprits caterwauling on the catwalks of the Vatican above the fray? They are not innocent dupes, but rather men methodically trained who began infiltrating the Church after 1914. You see the tree of Vatican II was not planted in 1962. No, the seedlings of this sinister plot to destroy Holy Mother Church began with the swirling winds of time immemorial when lucifer defiantly said to his Almighty Creator "non serviam." From that time on satan was hell-bent on revenge, planting bad seed wherever he could. And what we have today are the effects of the spoiling, rotting fruit that grew from the bad timber he infected. Oh, yes, originally many came from the good fiber, but, as nature takes its course over the cycle of years, decades, centuries, millenniums there is a shedding of the skin, a pruning of the branches. These branches plummet downward. Those which are good find their way back to the roots of the good tree and re-blossom. Recycle. Such a wonderful word that has been ruined and forever tainted by the environmentalists. The Church has for centuries recycled the liturgy, special, meaningful, inspired words from Sacred Scripture and nurtured by Tradition which has a specific purpose for nourishing the soul and implanting the meaning of the True Faith deep within the conscience and heart of each member of Christ's Mystical Body. Next Sunday is the Last Sunday of Pentecost when we meditate on the twenty-fourth Gospel of Matthew and Our Lord's warning of the "abomination of desolation" and the end times, reminding us, as Dr. Marian Therese Horvat treated last Thursday in her excellent column, The Inevitability of the Novissima. The purpose of the one-year cyclical liturgy has always been to bring each soul into permanent union forever in His everlasting kingdom. No one could offer more. Satan hates this process.

   And yet, how few accept it. Satan loves that. He cherishes how few recognize this ultimate diamond in the rough. Rather than mining the rich soil of the Truths and Traditions of the Church Christ founded, they instead, in mole like fashion, blindly follow their shepherds of Mammon into error. This leads to the collective herd-like mentality where misery loves company. Error and heresy is piled on another in order to cover up the first. They dig themselves deeper in trying desperately to establish roots in shallow sand - soiled soil that will germinate and justify their own finite ideas. In pride they endeavor to bypass the solid tuber of the sturdy oak of Jesus' Barque and seek out the instant bark of the eucalyptus, sprouting up overnight with ideologies that detach from the radix of reason and right. Sure enough the result is a hybrid of heresy - a poisonous weed that is proving every day that it has grown out of control, choking everything in its path. Such is the way of evil. The way of good and of God is built upon the rock, the stone surface of solid Faith, not 'solidarity' of man.

   The events that seem to be happening at breakneck speed remind us of Christ's words in Mark 13. where He refers to those who place their hope in temporal treasures, humanistic ideals, "Seest thou all these great buildings? There shall not be left a stone upon a stone, that shall not be thrown down." As we know, Jerusalem was destroyed some sixty years after Our Lord's prophecy. But He was not referring to the Roman devastation, but a spiritual meaning. Indeed the Apostles asked Him what He meant and He clearly told them, "Take heed, lest any man deceive you. For many shall come in My name, saying: I am He: and they shall deceive many." We know from history that there have been many, many false christs who have claimed they had the answers. They have all perished. Yet He continues to live on in our hearts and in our souls through the Gifts He left us, the Holy Ghost and Christ's Mystical Body - His Church - the faithful of the Church Militant in harmony with the Communion of Saints. Through these Gifts faithful Catholics in the state of Sanctifying Grace are given another - the privilege to receive Jesus Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity through the mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This has been handed down to us through Divine Revelation and the living, ecclesiastical Tradition in which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was and must be the focal point of our Faith, the very Mass where there is no doubt the bread and wine are confected into His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity by the sacred words pronounced over the host and chalice; sacred words of the Transubstantiation that were set in stone by Pope St. Pius V in his decree De Defectibus. This infallible Papal Bull rightfully and seriously calls into question, according to the weight and Magisterial Power of the Dogmatic Council of Trent when measured with the inferior, fallible Pastoral Council of Vatican II and its pontiffs, the validity of the New Mass of Paul VI. In the Mass approved and commanded by Trent and decreed by St. Pius V in his Quo Primum that it be said "in perpetuity," Christ is truly present always.

   Yet, every year there are fewer opportunities to assist at this most august eternal sacrifice as is our right and duty as Catholics. Why? Because the New Mass, often referred to as NOM for Novus Ordo Missae has stripped down the meaning and the essence of the Sacrifice and turned the continuation of the redeeming sacrifices of Christ into a "Eucharistic Celebration" - an agape of love without the labors of the cross. Catholics who attend this hybrid of a Mass seek the Resurrection without the necessity of Calvary. It is not possible. What should be the very same sacrifice which was offered up at the Last Supper, and consummated on Calvary - the living renewal of the sacrifice of the Cross in an unbloody manner - of the very sacrifice Christ offered up on Calvary in a bloody manner, has become a free-for-all service where everyone is welcome and the sacrament has lost its meaning. Because those sacred words were changed by Paul VI's whim, and part taken out of the Consecration and relocated after the Transubtantiation such as Mysterium Fidei, the supposed Transubstantiation that exists today in the NOM is really "Transtandseeaction." Kneeling in adoration is verbotten, silence is lost in the shuffle of impromptu presiders as entertainers, eucharistic ministers as pretenders, female servers as protestant ornaments, lectors and singers ad nauseum as including just about everyone in the act. Lost is the fact that the Mass is the commemoration of Christ's passion and death on the Cross - a holy sacrifice to God the Father offered in every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by the priest - the alter Christus - on our behalf. Through our assistance at Mass it unites us with Christ in the renewal of His death, continuing the sacrifice. As Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow stated in his excellent compendium My Catholic Faith,

      The Mass, according to the will of Christ Himself, is to apply through all time the fruits of the Redemption, made possible by the sacrifice on Calvary, which paid the full price of our redemption.

       The Mass, then, is in the truest sense the continuation of the redeeming sacrifices of Christ. It is the Mass that gives to us the fullest efficacy of Calvary; it brings Calvary within the reach of all souls in every clime and every age. Because of the Mass, here and now we may offer up repeatedly God as our Victim to God, partake of Him for ourselves as a Gift from the Blessed Trinity, and live in constant and intimate union with Him."

   When was the last time you had the Mass explained that way? If you attend the NOM, chances are those words of the good bishop are foreign to your senses. But know this, what he speaks is absolute Catholic doctrine. It is the Holy SACRIFICE of the Mass. Why then would Christ have given us so beautiful a Gift that was preserved and revered for so many centuries only to have it altered by taking away the altar of sacrifice and desecrated so by novelty and innovation and cultural fungibility over the past 33 years?

   I'm still waiting for any neo-Catholic to answer that question. I know I'll be waiting a long time, too, because there is no logical answer that the NOM is blessed by the Divine. The word NOM fits as an abbreviation of nominal. Webster's defines nominal as "Existing in name only; not real or actual; so small, slight, or the like, as to be hardly worth the name." So appropriate because the NOM belittles the very essence of the Sacrifice, diminishing the Consecration and Canon in favor of more participation in a feel-good ceremony that negates true assistance by the faithful at the Holy Sacrifice.

   Many have claimed that by abandoning the Novus Ordo for the True Mass of the Roman Rite - the Tridentine Mass - Catholics loyal to it are in schism for stirring up rebellion against the New Mass. Are we in rebellion against Baal? You bet. Are we in schism? Definitely not! Consider all of the rhetoric neo-Catholics use to diminish Pope St. Pius V's Quo Primum. Neo-Catholics claim it was disciplinary only and therefore did not hold the weight necessary to hold up. With that false logic, they will easily buy into the fact that a Pope, in this case, Paul VI had all the right in the world to change the Mass. "He was the Pope, he could do that," they will attest.

   Well, before nodding in agreement to such a ridiculous summation consider carefully the following facts.

   First of all, Quo Primum was not the definitive statement in preventing any change in the Holy Mass. The Council of Trent made an infallible pronouncement that

    "If anyone says that the received and approved rites customarily used in the Catholic Church for the solemn administration of the Sacraments can be changed into other new rites by any pastor in the Church whatsoever, let him be anathema." (Council of Trent, Session 7, Canon 13 on The Sacraments in General)
.    Why is it so few realize this? Why do they buy into the heresies of community over individual sanctity? Do they think it will be a communal Last Judgment where all are gathered and will be judged on the curve? Afraid not. Like it or not it's every man for himself. Of course, the outcome will hang on how much we helped others reach eternal happiness during our short sojourn on earth, not on our temporal accomplishments, not on how we followed the crowd and ignored the wisdom of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.

   You see, it is the modern Catholic misbelief that if the Sovereign Pontiff says something, it has to be correct - even infallible. After all, Pope Pius IX and Vatican I decreed the Dogma of Papal Infallibility. Since they use that source as their reference, I invite them to go back and read Pio Nono's words, read the documents of Vatican I.

   Also, the Second Lateran Council, called by Pope Innocent II during the height of medieval times in Lent of 1139, should wake up the doubters. I daresay if Catholics would truly read these documents we have on-line, they might simply go medieval towards today's shepherds because they are not adhering to what the Church teaches and demands. I offer as exhibit "A" Canon 22 of Lateran II in which was decreed,

    "Because there is one thing that conspicuously causes great disturbance to Holy Church, namely, false penance, we warn our brothers in the episcopate and priests not to allow the souls of the laity to be deceived or dragged off to hell by false penances. It is agreed that a penance is false when many sins are disregarded and a penance is performed for one only, or when it is done for one sin in such a way that the penitent does not renounce another. Thus it is written: Whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point, has become guilty of all of it; this evidently pertains to eternal life. Therefore, just as a person who is entangled in all sins will not enter the gate of eternal life, so also if a person remains in one sin {12} . False penance also occurs when the penitent does not resign a position at a court or in business which cannot be carried on without sin, or if hate is harboured in his heart, or if the person does not make amends to whomever he offended, or if an injured party does not pardon the offender, or if anyone unjustly carries arms."
Apply this to the lax attitude the hierarchy today expresses, who, along with the laity, tolerate contraception, abortion, sodomy, and every liturgical abuse. Lex orandi, lex credendi

  Could that be why so many have so blithely and willingly sold out the expiatory sacrifice in favor of the 'Eucharistic celebration' or 'meal'? Why do they fall for the whole ecumenism scam that has so compromised the Truths and Traditions? Again, do they not realize the infallible dogma of Extra Ecclesia nulla sulla - "Outside the Church there is no salvation"? Why have they been mesmerized into believing the anathemas fed them? Because, truly, the vast, vast majority of both laity and clergy do not fully know their Faith. Had they, they would have returned to the tried and true in droves rather than slipping farther away. But in the impudicity of the Novus Ordo - better known as what Christ refers to as "the abomination of desolation" (Matthew 24: 14) - they have lost their way. Next week, in my second part of this thread I will delve into the meaning as the Church has always taught.

   While we are only a few weeks away from that wretched anniversary of when Paul VI caved to Masonic interests and promulgated the NOM as mandatory beginning on the First Sunday of Advent in 1969, today we celebrate universally the Dedication of the Roman Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul, which, for the most part, have remained untouched by the revolution architecturally. Sadly, that is not the case for so many other Catholic places of worship. Just 33 years and look what has been wrought. Like in the days of the Machabees, the temples have been ransacked and demolished. The beautiful churches, cathedrals, basilicas, churches, chapels, abbeys, monasteries, and sanctuaries that were built by the sweat and blood, tears and laughter, hearts of gold of our ancestors have, in these last four decades, been usurped and have been discarded in favor of the 'new', sterile, tolerant architecture that emits a sense of pan-religious indifference. You call that Roman Catholic? No way! It is the religion of Vatican II. It is a false religion. It is the religion of Baal! Look at the going-away present Archbishop Rembert Weakland left the people of Milwaukee with the travesty that is today St. John the Evangelist Cathedral. Look at the 'Rog Mahal' on the edge of Hollywood where the tinsel of modernism is manifested in all its marble and concrete glory to man - but not to God. The block prison 'Taj Mahony' - as the new cathedral, towering on the precipice of the freeway in LA, is being derisively dubbed - is an excellent example of sterility and the temples of Baal and gutted temples during the time of the Machabees. And guess what, the largest see in the United States is going broke, having to pare down because they misappropriated funds that were not meant for Caesar but for Our Lord. Look at every diocese in the United States and, yes, throughout the world, where the Tried and True! Tridentine True! the Gregorian Latin Mass, set in stone by a saintly Pontiff, has been abandoned over the past 33 years in favor of a hodge-podge of worship of whatever is popular at the time. Is that progress?!?

   Hardly. The truth is the NOM has just about run its course, thank God. It is self-destructing. Just as Rome decayed within, so also the present leaders of the Church - many of whom were the architects of Vatican II and the enablers of the reforms - are running out of novelties to continue the aberration they have foisted on the faithful. Because these men have not been true to the doctrines of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, everything around them is imploding. They have brought shame upon themselves and they have done so as the proud Pharisees, going out of their way to denigrate those who cling to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. The more modern Rome opens its mouth or modernist prelates proclaim something, the more neo-Catholic 'experts' scramble to try to explain away the rationale for such nonsense.

   Yet, thank God, there are some coming to their senses. The noted apologist Bob Sungenis is the latest to return to the stable. There will be more and for every one that returns, we rejoice with Christ that another lost sheep has been found. The shepherds today don't seem to care about bringing the flock back to the true faith because they have lost their way, they have compromised so much for political and ecclesiastical expediency. Conversion is no longer necessary. All must 'dialogue' and respect each's beliefs. Let the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sign off on heresy; let the new prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments proclaim acceptance of the Hindu gods. Folks, in case you haven't noticed, Rome has gone bonkers. They are doing nothing to stop this insanity. They are doing nothing to remind the faithful that Christ commanded very clearly in Mark 16: 15-16, "Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not, shall be condemned." And the more these modern parasites posing as prelates compromise, the more people are waking up to the fact that those whom they had placed their trust in have betrayed them time and time again. How much abuse will the neo-Catholics take until they truly see the light? They've been misdirecting their frustration and abuse at those who cling to the Tridentine Mass and the unblemished teachings that were intact before the subterfuge of Vatican II. Why? Because they have no answers and it's open season on Traditional Catholics because that is the agenda behind Vatican II, behind the NOM, behind the directives of John XXIII, Paul VI and, yes, John Paul II, especially John Paul II.

   The latest scuttlebutt is that, according to an unidentified Dominican priest in Rome, the Holy Father, who claims to be "Mary's Pope" has been visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary over the past few months in apparitions. I know, it's all hearsay, but then hearsay sure beats heresy. Anyway, we'll keep you abreast, but the rumor is that Our Lady has been letting him know she wasn't whistling 'Dixie' when she warned at LaSalette and Fatima of what would happen to her Divine Son's beloved Church and how it has deteriorated so under his watch.

   Now before everyone starts e-mailing for proof of these purported visions, I'm just conveying the latest hypothesis circulating on the net. The proof in the pudding is that if Karol Wojtyla is indeed receiving apparitions from Heaven, if indeed he is sincere in heeding all that Heaven deigns, then look for him to put an end to the madness that has pervaded Holy Mother Church over the last 40 years, especially the last 33 years since Paul VI heeded the advice of those who were not in concert with Heaven - namely a 33rd degree Mason - Archbishop Annibale Bugnini; an avowed Marxist Jesuit - Father Joseph Gelinau; and six Protestant "advisors." To my knowledge those architects of the NOM are all dead and buried. We can only hope and pray that soon the NOM will be dead and buried as well. If the Holy Father truly desires a "Civilization of Love" and a "New Springtime" then listen to your Mother, Your Holiness. Return order and reverence to her Divine Son's Church. Reinforce discipline within. Rein in those who have desecrated the Holy Faith. Heed your holy predecessor's warnings and decrees, especially St. Pius V and return the Tridentine Mass to its rightful and proper place in every parish so that after 40 years of exile, the Church will be returned to the fullness of her Truths and Traditions not only for the sake of all mankind, but for the sake of Heaven, for the sake of the Communion of Saints.

   If His Holiness doesn't do this, well then you know without a shadow of a doubt that these messages definitely were not from Heaven. The fact is that this Pope has a lot of clean-up to do and very little time left to do it in. Pray for him that he will realize the vast errors of his ways and return to the stable of stability that sustained well-over 250 of his predecessors, as well as the saints, holy Doctors, Confessors, Virgins and Martyrs of the Church - yea, the entire Church Militant for nearly 2000 years. Indeed, the only way to join the Church Triumphant is by being a loyal member of the Church Militant. The fortress built upon sand in 1962 is about to crumble. Pray the chief shepherd will signal the alarm in time for the wandering and wondering souls to exit the counterfeit church before it totally collapses around them and swallows them in the abyss of despair. Hope springs eternal and the Pope can bring hope to all by telling the truth about what the faithful must do to truly cross the threshold of Hope.

   Jesus lived among us as the God-Man for 33 years. On December 1st the NOM will be 33 years old. We pray, like Christ, that it will expire in its 33rd year. We also pray that unlike Christ, it will never rise again. 33 years is enough! Pray that soon the nominal NOM will be no more for truly, more than ever, the 'New Order' is is total Disorder!

Michael Cain, editor

      November 18, 2002
      vol 13, no. 138
      CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary

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