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November 26-30
Volume 13, no. 144

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    Michael Cain, editor

On the BattleLine

Like an eagle soaring above a fetid swamp, Atila Sinke Guimarães shares his Bird's Eye View of various scenes on an international scale that prove the scum in the swamp of Ecumenism and Secularization is polluting more and more souls. Amid the murky waters and the firth of strangling vines and weeds of error, apostasy and modernistic novelty, the predators of the swamp have slithered in, devouring souls with their false promises that hiss with heretical ideas. He provides a few examples to guide us safely through the marsh of modernism which, in truth, are nothing but the bogs of Baal as he illustrates in his column today how the Conciliar Church is Swamped in the Quagmire of Decaying Doctrine.

Christ or chaos
In this issue Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey addresses all those Catholics upset with the latest novelty, which the bishops have adopted in mandating that no one kneels during the Consecration and Holy Communion. If they want to kneel and truly give reverence and worship to Jesus Christ, present Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, and avoid the obstacles inherent in the new "Eucharistic Celebration", then abandon the unstable, insufficient, Protestant rite of the Novus Ordo and come home to the Traditional Latin Mass - the True Mass of your birthright. That is where he invites those NOM attendees who are incensed by liturgical abuses and innovations that tear at their hearts. Tom explains in his excellent no-nonsense column Roadblocks on the Path to Eternity .
Guest Column
The pilgrims are the focus for many at Thanksgiving. But the real pilgrims are those who continue on the narrow, rocky path of true Catholicism despite the absurd commonality of the community which has evolved into miseducation of the masses in altering the Mass and taking away the altars. Allison Conn shares her pilgrimage to the Rock, and why we must never sacrifice commonality for consistency in striving to witness to the truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as she conveys in her article Pilgrimage to the Rock
Echoes of True Catholicism
Dr. Marian Therese Horvat continues the second of her three-part essay on the Rapture. After pointing out what is behind the corporate enterprise that is spreading this heresy through the phenomenology of the "Left Behind" series, Marian shows in this issue the errors of those who misinterpret the meaning of the Reign of 1000 years, the Millenarian viewpoint that is flawed, and the fundamental misunderstanding of the Scriptures by those not rooted in Catholic thought. She explains in the Critique of the Main Arguments in Part Two of The Rapture Virus .
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In preparation for the First Sunday of Advent, Father Louis Campbell speaks of Christ's Second Coming. When He returns on the clouds of Heaven with His Saints, will there be anyone of Faith left? The way the Newchurch has evolved that might be a big problem. For they've lost the Faith of our fathers, the Faith of the saints, the Faith founded by Christ. Instead, the Newchurch is something that was spawned from the spoils of the French Revolution and incubated in Freemasonry, Modernism and Marxism to hatch in the laboratory of Vatican II where they concocted this monster that contradicts the Lord. It is anathema and there is no kind way to say it. Father reminds us of Our Lord's very clear words of warning to those who would refuse His Gospel. The Second Coming.


Catholic PewPOINT
In Monday's commentary, editor Michael Cain enumerated why the Gospel for the Last Sunday After Pentecost is so meaningful and asked why so many neo-Catholics totally miss the message Christ is conveying in His 'qui legit, intelligat.' The "abomination of desolation" is no less than the taking away of the eternal sacrifice - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which was decreed unchangeable by an infallible, dogmatic Sacred Council and holy pontiffs. Sadly, we observe at the end of the week the 33rd commemoration of the "abomination of desolation" foretold in Sacred Scripture. He shared the specific meanings outlined in the Haydock Comprehensive Catholic Commentary that accompanies the Douay-Rheims Bible and how the first chapter of the Book of Machabees, in which the eternal sacrifice was taken away in the time of the Old Testament, contains a compendium of all that has happened over the past 40 years. Indeed, Saint Cyprian deducted and Saint Bede the Venerable affirmed: "No Religion Can Remain!".

"Qui legit, intelligat"
Father Louis Campbell focused on the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 24: 24 and Christ's words "so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect" for the elect of the Church over the past 40 years have been greatly led astray and the great catastrophe is that so many followed their 'elect' into error. Father pointed out that many will not take stock of the situation out of pure pride, afraid to admit they have made a grave mistake by following the heresies that have erupted from the molting, molten magna of Vatican II. Pride is the sin that fells many and no one is safe from this most destructive capital sin unless they seek de profundis - the meaning of their Faith and emulate the humility of Our Lady as Father explained in his sermon "He has scattered the proud"


Traditional Insight
Mario Derksen continued his series on the controversy that surrounds "the illicit Episcopal Ordinations of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre." In part three, Mario presented canonical arguments to better illustrate there was No Schism or Excommunication On or Immediately After June 30, 1988. He analyzed, via the Excommunication Decree issued by Cardinal Gantin, what canons apply from the 1983 Code of Canon Law and syllogized how a simple latae sententiae has been misinterpreted so much so that when one tries to target logical reasons for the excommunication one gets caught in Canon Backfire!

The Germs of G.I.R.M.
Thursday we brought you part fifty-nine of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's well-received, thought-provoking series on G.I.R.M. warfare as he continued analyzing and commenting on the ambiguity and errors in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and the ICEL operatives who have contributed to promulgating this atrocity. He focused on paragraphs 143 through 151, illustrating how Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, the Freemason architect of the New Mass of Paul VI, so cleverly eliminated the essence of The Roman Canon which enabled those out to destroy the Mass the power to assimilate a celebration of a meal and take away the propitiatory sacrifice of Calvary which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has always conveyed. Through Bugnin's shuffling of the rubrics and direct violation of infallible decrees, he opened the door for doing away with the alter Christus which G.I.R.M. has been only too willing to comply with and continue the charade that, in effect is nothing more than Doing the Bugnini Shuffle .
 Exspectans exspectavimus Ecclesia Dei
Bishop Richard Williamson laid out five points that illustrate the inevitable demise of Newchurch, expressing the hope that Heaven could now be intervening to stop the humanist interlopers who have have usurped Holy Mother Church. There must be a Transition by Rome back to Tradition. That is the only way Truth will prevail as His Excellency related in Truth Prevails, Times Five


...and much more for the First Week of Advent beginning with the First Sunday of Advent.

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