ARCHIVES of Past Installments
of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's series
The Germs of G.I.R.M.


    Below are all the installments of the "G.I.R.M. Warfare" series -
    The Germs of G.I.R.M. by Tom Droleskey, Ph.D. to date.
  • installment 1: Part One: An Unchanged Faith?

  • installment 2: Part Two: WYSIWYG or Improvising

  • installment 3: Part Three: Revisionist History Writ Large

  • installment 4: Part Four: Quo vadis Quo Primum?

  • installment 5: Part Five: Tearing down Tradition

  • installment 6: Part Six: Truncating Trent

  • installment 7: Part Seven: The ICEL Sell-out!

  • installment 8: Part Eight: "Hand" Me down?

  • installment 9: Part Nine: Change for change sake

  • installment 10: Part Ten: Devolution devoid of direction

  • installment 11: Part Eleven: Communitarian collaborationism and Calvinism

  • installment 12: Part Twelve: Participatory plans of planned participation

  • installment 13: Part Thirteen: Unsacrificial self-affirmation

  • installment 14: Part Fourteen: 'Renew' by dissing the tried and True?

  • installment 15: Part Fifteen: The disorder of the New Order

  • installment 16: Part Sixteen: Sunday morning at the Improv

  • installment 17: Part Seventeen: Novus Narcissism

  • installment 18: Part Eighteen: Words do matter!

  • installment 19: Part Nineteen: The Polemics of the 'People of God'

  • installment 20: Part Twenty: Presider and Divider

  • installment 21: Part Twenty-one: Sacerdotal Power is Not to the People!

  • installment 22: Part Twenty-two: The void created by vocal role-playing

  • installment 23: Part Twenty-three: All song and no sense!

  • installment 24: Part Twenty-four: Sacking the sacrificial nature of the Mass for the sake of community unity!

  • installment 25: Part Twenty-five: Standing for Nothing!

  • installment 26: Part Twenty-six: Was the unthinkable predictable?

  • installment 27: Part Twenty-seven: Distraction and Disorientation!

  • installment 28: Part Twenty-eight: The Entrance: the not so Gradual exit from the Mystery of the Mass

  • installment 29: Part Twenty-nine: Minimizing the culpability of mea culpa

  • installment 30: Part Thirty: Watering down the Faith

  • installment 31: Part Thirty-one: Aversion at Mass has replaced immersion in the Mass

  • installment 32: Part Thirty-two: The devisive elements of the New Mass

  • installment 33: Part Thirty-three: In the Novus Ordo the Offertory leaves little to offer!

  • installment 34: Part Thirty-four: Awash in Ambiguity

  • installment 35: Part Thirty-five: The Secret is Out!

  • installment 36: Part Thirty-six: Novus Ordo can't shoot straight without a Canon!

  • installment 37: Part Thirty-seven: There can be no peace in the piece-meal new order!

  • installment 38: Part Thirty-eight: NO way to treat the Host!

  • installment 39: Part Thirty-nine: Our focus must be Christocentric, not anthropocentric

  • installment 40: Part Forty: Subtraction has created distraction

  • installment 41: Part Forty-one: Madness and mayhem!

  • installment 42: Part Forty-two: Solving the missing Mystical mystery

  • installment 43: Part Forty-three: Designation can lead to Disintegration

  • installment 44: Part Forty-four: Alter Christus, not altar personalities!

  • installment 45: Part Forty-five: The Rise and Fall of the Permanent Deaconate .

  • installment 46: Part Forty-six: Rigid Ridiculousness

  • installment 47: Part Forty-seven: Ecclesiastical Egalitarianism

  • installment 48: Part Forty-eight: The Vernacular Variety Show

  • installment 49: Part Forty-nine: "Grin and Bear it?"

  • installment 50: Part Fifty: New Order=Disorder

  • installment 51: Part Fifty-One: The Demasculinity of the Sacred

  • installment 52: Part Fifty-Two: Lukewarm Liturgy

  • installment 53: Part Fifty-Three: Ambo along, singing a song, hide more, hide

  • installment 54: Part Fifty-Four: Maniple-less and vested in manipulation

  • installment 55: Part Fifty-Five: Cutting Corners

  • installment 56: Part Fifty-Six: The Mantra of the Man's Mania

  • installment 57: Part Fifty-Seven: De-kneeing and Denying

  • installment 58: Part Fifty-Eight: A Fixed Rite Turned into a Fungible Fix

  • installment 59: Part Fifty-Nine: Doing the Bugnini Shuffle

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