May 8, 2002
volume 13, no. 88

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Racketeering: the pro-aborts' latest racket!

Supreme Court to Hear Abortion Case -- Will Justice Prevail This Time?

    "If anyone should be prosecuted under RICO, it should be the abortion industry for FRAUD -- for refusing to warn patients of the risks and complications of abortions -- for fear that the amount of abortions would lessen and therefore their profits. One does not need a magnifying glass to find that fraud for the purpose of monetary gain is covered under RICO. However, even by the wildest stretch of the imagination, praying and sit-ins to preserve human life, isn't even close to being applicable under RICO. "

   The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take a case to determine whether the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute could be used against pro-life organizations.

   In the consolidation of the cases of Scheidler vs. NOW (National Organization for Women) and Operation Rescue vs NOW, the court will examine the use of RICO against three pro-life individuals and two organizations.

   The court is being asked to overturn a federal appeals court ruling in October 2001 that upheld a lower court judgment that determined that pro-life defendants were liable for “extortion” and “racketeering” under the federal RICO statute and awarded damages to abortion businesses, while upholding a nationwide injunction issued against the pro-life groups.

   One key issue in the case is whether a non-violent pro-life sit-in at an abortion business (yes, killing human beings is a business) qualifies as federal criminal “extortion.”

   A second issue of national significance is whether private parties – like NOW – can use RICO to sue for injunctions at all, or whether instead – as the pro-life defendants argue – the power to use RICO to obtain injunctions is reserved to the federal government.

   The 15-year-old case culminated in October 2001 when a federal appeals court upheld a finding by a federal district court and jury that several pro-life groups engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to shut down the abortion industry and were punished with damages and an injunction under provisions of the federal RICO statute. The Supreme Court is likely to hear the case next fall.

   Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ representing Operation Rescue said, “We’re pleased that the court will hear a case that is critically important to the rights of pro-life groups and organizations to express their message. The court has an opportunity to remove a cloud that has been hanging over those who wish to express their opposition to abortion in a peaceful and non-violent manner. It is clear that a federal statute designed for drug dealers and organized crime has been misapplied and used as a powerful weapon to silence the pro-life message. We are hopeful the court will overturn this disturbing decision that created a grave injustice by permitting the federal RICO statute to be misused to target the pro-life community.”

   What a golden opportunity this is for those, who honor the sanctity of human life. The Supreme Court of the United States, where the infamous and satanic decision was handed down in 1973 that a woman had the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses.

   Recently two cases have gone against the health of women. In North Dakota and California, which I have already discussed and proved that it was BIAS on the part of both judges that governed their decisions and certainly NOT on the preponderance of evidence, which showed, without any shadow of doubt that abortions INCREASE the risk of BREAST CANCER.

   To better understand the miscarriage of justice perpetrated against those, who honor the sanctity of human life, one must know -- just what is covered under the federal RICO statute. Even if the RICO statute were applicable, which it is NOT, as you read them -- you will NOT find anything remotely akin to peaceful demonstrations in front of abortion mills. Not even by the wildest stretch of the imagination.

   Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) "Racketeering activity" means:

    (A) any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical.

    (B) Any act relating to bribery, counterfeiting, theft, embezzlement, mail, citizenship papers and passport fraud, obstruction of justice, misuse of visas, permits, peonage and slavery, interstate transportation of wagering paraphernalia, unlawful welfare fund payments, illegal gambling, laundering of monetary instruments, relating to interstate transportation of stolen property, counterfeit labels for phonorecords, computer programs or computer program documentation, criminal infringement of a copyright, unauthorized fixation of and trafficking in sound recordings and music videos of live musical performances, trafficking in goods or services bearing counterfeit marks, trafficking in certain motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts, trafficking in contraband cigarettes, white slave traffic, embezzlement from union funds, fraud in the sale of securities, or the felonious manufacture, importation, receiving, concealment, buying, selling, or otherwise dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical.

   As anyone can plainly see, praying, and sit-ins, to save human lives is nowhere to be found. There is NOTHING even in the same ballpark. For the lower courts to stretch one of the above to suit their political agenda is tantamount to police planting evidence to convict an innocent person.

   As in the two cases involving the abortion/breast cancer link where liberal judges, decided that the number 7 was greater than the number 28 and deduced that there was no risk of breast cancer after an abortion. 28 being the number of studies, which found that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer and 7, the number of studies which were inconclusive. Also, in the statistically significant aspect of studies, it was also weighted heavily in favor of the fact that abortions do, indeed, increase the risk of breast cancer -- 16 to 1. But what are facts, when going up against liberal judges?

   I remember, not long ago, Sears department store in our area, had no pajamas, or shirts made in the United State. All made in China. You know -- the country that has missiles with nuclear war heads aimed at us. I thought this was just one of those things -- just temporary. But a month later, 6 months later -- still no pajamas or shirts made in the USA.

   I called the store manager and complained. I called their corporate office. I even thought about standing in front of the store and passing out circulars and telling people not to buy at Sears because most of their clothes were made in China, but I did not.

   Boy! I was lucky I didn't. They could have hauled me in on a RICO charge. Now, I'm jesting. A RICO charge would have been laughable, as it also is for peaceful demonstrations in front of abortion mills. But the Sears story is true -- most of their clothes are made in China and I did entertain that thought.

   The only reason the RICO charge worked in the lower courts, is because the killing of unborn children were involved. That, coupled with judges, who can’t see truth through their veil of liberalism. Had it been any other reason for praying and sit-ins, the judges would have died laughing. It would have NEVER stuck and that you can take to the bank with you.

   The same as in the two cases of the abortion/breast cancer link, where the preponderance of evidence was no longer welcome in a civil law suit. Reason -- abortions were involved.

   To use the RICO statute is ludicrous. If it holds up in the Supreme Court, it would knock our constitution on its ear. The whole country would be thrown in turmoil. You might as well live in countries where freedoms are taboo.

   However, in the USA, there would be one consolation -- one freedom would still be available -- to kill unborn, and 3/4 born children and it is apparent that liberal Democrats feel this freedom trumps all others.

   The court dockets would overflow with cases involving all kinds of peaceful marches, demonstrations. Minorities, or those who want to save animals, fish, or, a tree, would no longer be able to demonstrate as before, for fear that a business might sue under RICO for interfering with their money making.

   Or, would the savers of animal and vegetative life be absolved and just those who try to save human life be indicted under RICO?

   Where are the attorneys for the ACLU, (American Civil Liberty Union) since they revel in their commitment to fight for the civil rights of the common man? It is apparent, they will only accept a case if the end result could not conceivably interfere with the tenets of the prince of darkness, or honor God.

   This is why I like to refer to them as the American Congress of Lucifer's Underlings. Please, do not confuse the ACLJ with the ACLU. They are as different as night and day -- as God and lucifer.

   If the RICO statute is to be used involving abortions, it should be used AGAINST the abortion industry for FRAUD. For telling women that abortions are safe, when they are a hundred times more deadly than a full term delivery. Besides the increased risk of breast cancer, you have increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse and suicides, due to post abortive stress. Why -- they killed their child.

   We cannot forget the immediate complications of abortions -- hemorrhage, punctured uterus, infection and even death. Also, due to the damage done to the cervix and uterine endometrium during an abortion, there is an increased risk of preterm births in subsequent pregnancies, resulting in low birth weights, and thus the baby is more prone to develop physical and mental problems, including cerebral palsy.

   Yet, none of these risks and complications are told to the patient, prior to an abortion. They keep saying abortions are safe. If this is not FRAUD, then there is NO such thing as FRAUD. But, somehow the judges decided that praying, sit-ins and passing out circulars in order to save human lives and honor God, by not breaking his commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” is breaking the RICO statute. INCREDIBLE

   How did our judicial system get so corrupt and filled with judges, who can't count and who put their political views ahead of common sense?

   When this case does go to the Supreme Court in the fall, it could be a blessing in disguise. It could lay the seeds to overturn Roe Vs Wade. I am not an attorney and I don’t know all the legal jargon, but I do know right from wrong, good from evil and plain old common sense.

   I hope and pray that the attorneys for the pro-lifers would include the following somewhere in their argument.

       The people, whom I represent are people of faith. They don't pick and choose just certain parts of the Holy Bible to live by -- whatever meets their fancy. They do not mock God. They honor Him and His Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." They have no ulterior motive; they are not compensated monetarily. Their only reward is that they just may save one life.

       Now, more than ever, because of scientific advancements that prove beyond any shadow of doubt that human life begins at conception. We now have DNA for the ultimate proof, which was not available in 1973 and in the majority opinion, it was even stated, that, no one knows when human life begins.

       There's not a reputable scientist in the entire world, who could refute that human life begins at conception. We also have ultrasound, which abortion clinics try to hide from their patients.

       These new findings are all the more reasons why people of faith feel they have to inform women of the truth. In addition to saving the lives of God’s precious children, they also want to spare women terrible suffering, both physical and mental from having their child killed, because the abortion clinics refuse to warn women of these well documented risks.

       My clients are also sickened by partial-birth infanticide, in which babies are killed, while being born in a barbaric manner. We now have studies, which show that babies who are killed at 20 weeks gestation and after suffer excruciating pain. These studies were not available in 1973. It would take a very selfish, hardened and callous person not to join in demonstrations in front of abortion clinics, knowing what we know today.

       I ask you, honored justices -- would you not join them in a peaceful demonstration if you were not sitting in judgment? Would you not think it your duty as a compassionate and civilized person to save human lives? This is why my clients feel that they have to pray for these innocent children. It is their right as civilized people in the land of the free.

       If only the people of Germany would have demonstrated and prayed, maybe 6 million Jews would not have been killed, because they were not considered whole people, as unborn and 3/4 born children are not considered whole people.

       As blacks were not considered whole people in the Supreme Court Dred Scott decision of 1857.

       If anyone should be prosecuted under RICO, it should be the abortion industry for FRAUD -- for refusing to warn patients of the risks and complications of abortions -- for fear that the amount of abortions would lessen and therefore their profits. One does not need a magnifying glass to find that fraud for the purpose of monetary gain is covered under RICO.

       However, even by the wildest stretch of the imagination, praying and sit-ins to preserve human life, isn't even close to being applicable under RICO.

       Our clients, also, put great faith in the Declaration of Independence -- "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

       Notice -- it does NOT say that all men are "born equal." It says, "All men are CREATED EQUAL." Quite a difference, isn't there? When our learned forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, they chose their words carefully, so there would be no misinterpretation.

       Our founding fathers could not make a move without including God, and if they were alive today, I have absolutely no doubt that they would also be praying, having sit-ins and passing out circulars in front of an abortion clinic.

       As would our foremothers, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who called abortions, “child murder.”

   One would think, this case would be a slam dunk for the sanctity of human life. Surely these high court justices can see through this ridiculous charade of the abortion industry for trying to invoke the RICO statute.

   Or, will satan also get to the justices of the Supreme Court. This is the only way the applicability of RICO could possibly happen. Certainly, not on the evidence. While we wait to see, why not pray! Pray for true justice to be served. And pray God to have mercy on those who have forgotten He's still in charge. He is thee Supreme Court!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002
volume 13, no. 88
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