May 29, 2002
volume 13, no. 99

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A DNAmite Win-Win Opportunity!

The formula for victory for all Pro-Life Politicians running this Fall is not to shy away from the abortion issue. Rather, take it and run with it right into office because you've got the pro-aborts in a no-win situation!

    "There's not a scientist in the entire world who could refute that human life begins at conception. In the majority opinion in the Roe Vs Wade decision that legalized the killing of unborn children right up to birth, it was stated that no one knows when human life begins, etc., etc. Well, now we DO KNOW -- we have DNA for the ultimate proof."

   Just once before I die, I would like to hear ...

   As the morals of our country keep slipping deeper and deeper into the cesspool, the coming elections are of the utmost importance. Soon we will be bombarded with the following TV ad from pro-abort Democrats: “name... is against a woman's right to choose,” or “ name ... is against a woman's reproductive freedom.”

   You would think that pro-life candidates would be sick and tired of these euphemisms for death. You would think they'd be tired of being made out to be the “fall guy.” You would think they'd be tired of being walked on. Then again, maybe they like to keep scrubbing the footprints off their face.

   Just once before I die, when such a TV add appears -- PLEASE, PLEASE, you supposedly pro-life candidates, start using your brains. Don't you know when these ridiculous statements are made, you have your condoners of death right where you want them? You have them in a no win situation.

   You should hope and pray that such ads are plastered over the airways, because now you can expose them for the enablers of moral degeneracy that they are.

   Most people already know that our once godly country is going to hell in a handbasket and this includes those, who accept the proposition that a women should have the right to have her unborn child killed if she so chooses. They know our country is morally sick and even they don't like it.

   But since no one reminds them that their basic fears are not just pipe dreams, they continue on their merry way.

   Pro-life candidates are NEVER going to get the votes of the hard core pro-aborts, but there are the great masses in the middle that can be won over, if only pro-life candidates used common sense, instead of running for the hills when such “choice” statements are uttered.

   Here's how they MUST respond to the ads that condone killing:

       “My opponent -- name -- says that I'm against a woman's right to choose. Notice, he doesn’t have the “guts” to say the word abortion, because he knows that it's the destruction of a human life. I can understand his euphemism for death. It certainly sounds much better than, I will always defend a woman's right to have her unborn child killed.

       “As for me, I will always defend the rights of EVERYONE. This includes the vulnerable -- even the littlest and most voiceless among us. I do believe in the Declaration of Independence:

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

       It does NOT say ‘born equal.’ It says, all men are CREATED EQUAL -- a major difference. It is a scientific fact that the creation of human life occurs at conception. We now have the ultimate proof -- DNA.

       “No one has to be reminded that the morals of our country are in the cesspool. Murder, assault, rape are commonplace. It is obvious that life becomes cheaper with each passing year. We have only ourselves to blame, as we have allowed the perception that life is cheap to permeate our society The killing of 1.4 million human beings, under the guise of an abortion propagates this perception -- how can it not?

       Call me old fashion, but I still believe there is a God, Who will judge us all and His commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill", is etched in stone.”

   Since most TV ads have to be short, that's it, but in a debate, the pro-life candidate has the opportunity to expound. They could have a field day with such a sadistic and satanist statement, if only they used their brains and were not ashamed of their respect for human life.

   They have everything going for them -- truth, science, but most of all, God They could literally have the pro-choice [to kill unborn children] candidate slumping and hiding behind the podium. They could have him/her rue the day they uttered such an ungodly statement.

   There's not a scientist in the entire world who could refute that human life begins at conception. In the majority opinion in the Roe Vs Wade decision that legalized the killing of unborn children right up to birth, it was stated that no one knows when human life begins, etc., etc. Well, now we DO KNOW -- we have DNA for the ultimate proof.

   Pro-life candidates should not just say that they're pro-life and that they're against abortions. They should speak the truth and say that they are against the KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN. Why play into the hand of their pro-abort opponent and use the more palatable word, “abortion.” Even the pro-aborts don't like to use it. The killing is now, “choice.”

   They have to explain “why” they're pro-life. People have to learn and what better way than by pro-life politicians who are running for office? They have the forum, the opportunity -- everything to gain and NOTHING to lose.

   The truth, will convince any person with just one fiber of decency left in their entire body that to kill an unborn child is unconscionable and has rocked the foundation of our country. Look around -- do you like what you see?

   Pro-life candidates should say that the killing of unborn children is inhumane and not conducive to a civilized society; that all human life is sacred and just because unborn children are still in the mother's womb, should NOT be used as an EXCUSE to kill them, any more than killing a child after birth, since both are still developing and cannot survive on their own. Size and development should not play a part in who lives, or dies.

   Oh, let's not forget the pro-aborts latest euphemism for death. They have even softened it up a little more. Now, it's to “protect a woman's reproductive freedom.” How about that LIE?

   The pro-life candidate should say,

    “I'm also for protecting a woman's reproductive freedom, but, when a woman conceives -- when the male sperm fertilizes the woman's ovum (egg), her reproductive freedom is over -- done -- el fin -- the end. So, there's nothing to protect, unless she was tied down and prevented from having sexual intercourse.”
   But, as usual Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW and their army of enablers and condoners, which includes the Hollywood filth industry and all the rest of the pro-choice to kill crowd, continue to lie to the American people. Don't you know that abortions are safe? This lie has led to untold suffering and thousands of deaths every year.

   The pro-life candidate should also mention the following during his campaign.

       “Now, we have overwhelming evidence that when a mother has her unborn child killed, she INCREASES her risk of breast cancer. 13 of 15 studies done in the United States and 28 of 37 World-Wide have shown this, but the abortion mills do not inform women of this very serious risk.

       "I am telling you, because I am concerned about women's health and the skyrocketing cost of health care. Emotional problems, the abuse of alcohol and drugs and suicide are MUCH higher in women, who have had their child killed. I'm sure you can understand the reasons for this.

       “Also, abortions increase the risk of premature births in subsequent pregnancies, that is if she was not made sterile by the abortion. This is due to the damage done to the cervix and lining of the uterus during an abortion. Thus, these underweight babies ARE more prone to develop physical and mental problems, including cerebral palsy.

       “I have only mentioned the risks of abortion, which are being withheld from the American people. Naturally, there are the immediate complications, such as hemorrhage, punctured uterus, infection and even death.

       "These risks, you will NOT hear from my opponent, nor will you hear about them from the liberal media, because they want to protect the multimillion dollar abortion industry so, the lives, not only of unborn children, but the health and lives of post-abortive women be damned. Everything I told you is the TRUTH and if elected, I will continue to tell you the truth."

   Now, why can't I hear something like this from a pro-life candidate before I die. Just once -- PLEASE. They're NEVER going to get the vote of the hard core pro-aborts and since they already have the pro-life vote in their hip pocket, why not go for the vote of those on the fence, and these voters have to be reminded that there is a right and there is a wrong; that there is a God and there is satan.

   They know, down deep in their hearts, that God would never be on the side of the pro-choice [to kill unborn children] people. They just need someone to remind them and someone who isn't afraid to invoke God's name and someone who would sooner lose the election than sell his soul to the devil for political gain.. Especially now, with the moral degeneracy of our country at an all time low and obvious to all.

   The time is ripe, if only pro-life candidates would not forget God and His commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

   As a matter of fact, pro-life candidates should NOT wait until they are attacked for their pro-life position. Instead they should bring up the issue of the killing of unborn children FIRST and OFTEN.

   They should attack and be on the offensive. They've got everything on their side -- God, science, love and compassion. The pro-choicers have death, suffering and satan on their side. And as I stated before, it is essential that they do NOT say the word “abortion.” They MUST say the TRUTH -- THE KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN.

   Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, ever think that this would be one of our basic freedoms? -- TO KILL. When our freedoms start to include killing, then that's where we have to draw the line.

   A Pro-life candidate should convey to his opponent and the public that being pro-choice [to kill unborn children], should not be a feather in one's cap, but instead, it just goes to show the extent that the morals of our country have disintegrated and thus, instills in one's mind, the perception that life is cheap.

   We have perpetuated that perception, by allowing a woman to kill her unborn child -- all because it would make her life easier. 42 million precious children have been killed in the past 29 years. 98% of all these killings are done for convenience sake. Is it any wonder that the perception that life is cheap abounds in our country? So don't be shocked when children kill children and teens/women have babies and throw them in dumpsters.

   There are long lines waiting to adopt. All these killings are not necessary.

   We are a better country than that. Not only would precious lives be saved, but the untold suffering and death of women who are at the mercy of abortion mills, because they will NOT warn them of risks and complications from having their child killed -- would be negated. If teens/women have no money, there are organizations to help. True, [Un]Planned Parenthood would go broke. Now, wouldn't that be a shame? But oh, how our country would be better off -- both physically and spiritually.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002
volume 13, no. 99
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