May 28, 2002
volume 13, no. 103

Mike PiazzaBobby Valentine Bobby V is Not a Theologian!

After a comment made by New York Mets Manager Bobby Valentine, why does Mets All Star Catcher Mike Piazza need to defend himself against the slurs that "he is gay"? Because his adherence to Catholic principles makes him a target of those who have no respect for the Sixth and Ninth Commandments.

    Few know the Mets better than Dr. Tom Droleskey who, when he's not defending the Faith, is rallying the fans as the well-known "Lone Ranger." In fact, he's written a very humorous and faith-based book on his experience titled There is No Cure for This Condition.

   As should be pretty well known, I like baseball. It is a diversion in an otherwise busy life. My book, There Is No Cure For This Condition, describes the early years of my beloved New York Mets and what led up to my own activities at Shea Stadium in 1976. However, my interest in baseball does not mean that I am oblivious to the sport's problems or to the greed that motivates many of its players and owners. Nor does my interest mean that I am indifferent to the fact that more than a handful of players are not of stellar character (although, to be honest, this is not exactly a new phenomenon in the sport).

   A controversy has risen in recent weeks concerning sodomites in baseball. New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine, who will tell you just how good of a major league manager he believes himself to be if you are unaware of his self-promotion, was quoted in some magazine recently stating that baseball is ready for "an openly gay player." This prompted Neal Travis, who writes a gossip column for the New York Post, to speculate that Valentine was concerned that Mets star catcher Mike Piazza was soon to be outed as a sodomite. Piazza explained to reporters before a game in Philadelphia against the Phillies on May 21, 2002, that he was not a sodomite, but that Valentine was probably correct in his assessment that an open sodomite would be accepted by other players.

   This shows one just how far the sodomites have advanced their campaign for acceptance. No quarter of American life is meant to be immune from their constant proselytizing in behalf of their perversion. Many reporters and columnists are themselves sodomites, and thus have a vested interest in seeking out the reaction of famous people to their perceived "tolerance" of "diverse lifestyles," knowing full well that most famous people, including those who are practicing Catholics, do not want to go on record against what is considered as culturally orthodox or politically correct. Whether Bobby Valentine was blindsided by a reporter's question or not is unknown at this writing. However, it is clear that Valentine, who is a practicing Catholic, does not understand that sodomy is not the basis of human identity and that even to discuss the matter lends perversion a sense of credibility that those who practice this deviation desperately crave and seek.

   As I note so frequently, it is one thing to sin and to seek out the mercy of Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the hospital of Divine Mercy that is the confessional. It is one thing to struggle against a particular sin (or sins) throughout the course of one's lifetime. It is, however, quite another to persist in sin unrepentantly, worse yet to base one's identity on that persistence in evil. And those who do persist in sin unrepentantly wind up inevitably badgering others to approve of the "choices" they have made which are contrary to the binding precepts of the Divine positive law and the natural law. Even though those who persist in sin unrepentantly seek out the approval of others, they still have a conscience that is capable of knowing right from wrong. And it is the guilty consciences of sodomites which impel them to do as Saint Paul noted in Chapter One of his Epistle to the Romans: "Not only do they do these things; they seek the approval of others for them." This is the trap that Valentine fell in when he was asked that question about sodomites in baseball.

   Falling headlong into that trap, however, Valentine gave the appearance that he did not have a problem with sodomite behavior. "In this day and age," he noted, "players would not have a problem with an openly gay player." Well, what is different between this day and age and the Garden of Eden? The generative power God gave to Adam and Eve are meant to be used only between a man and a woman in a valid sacramental marriage to be left open during the fertile years to the transmission of life. As the late Father Vincent Miceli noted when arguing with an openly sodomite priest on Larry King Live in 1989: "Father, Father. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." The male and the female are mutually complementary to each other. This simple biological fact does not change from one age to the next. God's law does not change from one age to the next. Ever since the Fall of man from grace in the Garden of Eden, however, man has sought to justify himself and to rationalize his unwillingness to conform his behavior to God's law, which is exactly what is happening as sodomites attempt to insinuate their perversity into every aspect of popular culture, including sports.

   Sin is what caused the God-Man, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to suffer unspeakably in His Sacred Humanity on the wood of the Holy Cross. Each one of our sins caused Our Lord to suffer once in time on Good Friday during His Passion and Death. Each one of our sins, both mortal and venial, wound His Mystical Body, the Church, today. We must be earnest about rooting even the smallest sin from our lives and about exhorting those who are trapped in lives of unrepentant sin to do so. For it is possible for us to be culpable for the sins of others by our assenting to them. We can be accessories to the sins of others, at the peril of the loss of our immortal souls. This is why those Catholics who are in the public spotlight (politicians, entertainers, athletes) have a special obligation to think and to speak as Catholics who understand the horror of sin while they have compassion in exhorting the sinner to amend his ways by seeking out the mercy of Christ in the confessional and afterwards cooperating with the graces received therein.

   Some distinctions need to be made at this juncture. We do not ferret out what a person does privately. That is none of our business. That is a matter known as "internal forum." Thus, a person steeped in some sinful vice, whether natural or perverted, is entitled to the same respect we would accord every other person. What we cannot do, however, is to encourage them to boast publicly of their attachment to vice or to reaffirm them in such an attachment if they do so boast. Again, our identity as human beings comes from the fact that we have been made with an immortal soul in the image of the Blessed Trinity and reconfigured by the shedding of Our Lord's Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross. Human identity is not based on gender, ethnicity, race, or national origin, no less an attachment to that which caused Our Lord to suffer so cruelly as He was nailed to the Tree of Life that is the Holy Cross.

   It is probably the case that sodomites have played major league baseball for a long time. Fornicators and adulterers have played the game for a long time. Most of them, however, kept their mouths shut and went about their business on a diamond-shaped field of play, which is what they are supposed to do. As Mickey Mantle said in 1978, when Dick Cavett asked him on Public Broadcasting Service program if there were more homosexuals in baseball then than when he played, "I guess there's amount the same amount," he noted with his Oklahoma whimsy. Mantle, quite the womanizer, wasn't going to be drawn into Cavett's preoccupation with sodomy. He didn't want to know and didn't want to discuss the matter, which is as it should be. That Bobby Valentine fell into such a trap speaks volumes about the hold sodomites and political correctness have on our culture at present.

   Insofar as Mike Piazza is concerned, teammate Mo Vaughn put it best when he reminded reporters that Piazza is a serious Catholic who is thought to be a homosexual because he does not sin with women outside of marriage. Piazza told Raymond Arroyo of the Eternal Word Television Network late last year that the Faith is everything to do and that he would never consider marrying a woman who was not a practicing Catholic. Isn't it sad that a man who resists the pressures of the sports world is thought to be something he is not?

   If any person persists in their sins until their dying breaths, God renders on their immortal souls the judgment that is their due. While we pray for the conversion of all people so that they will have a happy and provided for death, it is to be seriously derelict in the witness we are called to give as a Catholic to the truths of Our Blessed Lord and Savior to do or to say anything which could cause one to believe that there is any such thing as a "new day and age." There is no such thing as the "new morality," only the old immorality that has been around since the Garden of Eden.

   Bobby Valentine may be a good major league manager. However, he is not a moral theologian. As a public figure, thought, it is important for him to realize that our public words must always be consonant with what redounds to the proper formation and salvation of our fellow human beings, who Our Lady wants with her in the presence of the Blessed Trinity in Paradise for all eternity.

Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D.

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May 28, 2002
volume 13, no. 103
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