May 22, 2002
volume 13, no. 94

An Open Letter to the Bishops of France

      Because the Shepherds in France were not watchful, Our Lady's alarming warnings of La Salette have come a stark, sorrowful reality. Like the Hierarchy of Paris did nearly 600 years ago, the modern prelates have burned the Faith at the stake all over again. What are they going to do about it.

    "What would Joan of Arc say? What was the purpose of her valiant effort, which resulted in her being burned at the stake? Would she be pleased that France has become a nation of pagans? In the short period of 40 years since the coming of Vatican II, France has gone from a nation of devout Roman Catholics to a nation of agnostics. But worse, with the Bishops' blessing, you have allowed five million muslims to enter your land, and are welcoming millions and millions more with open arms."
Your Excellencies:

   Bonjour. Several of you have made comments recently about the extraordinary Saint, The Maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc. As you know, this extraordinary woman, great heroine of the French and all peoples wishing to prevent the destruction of their culture and their faith, almost single handedly threw the English out of France some centuries ago, by God's command. A peasant girl, the Almighty used her to show that even the seemingly most lowly among us can do great things for Our Lord. God worked through her to keep the French people free from colonial rule. She had visions of the angels and saints, who comforted her and urged her on during the execution of her daunting task. The Maid of Orleans even went into battle with the troops, and she and the French defied great odds to win great struggles over the English for the freedom of France and the French people. Joan stands for purity, and for a whole devotion to God. And yet, for her efforts the Church burned her at the stake. It did not understand her then, and unfortunately, some seemingly do not understand her now. Allow me to elucidate.

   In the Western Enlightened thought that pervades modern society and is even present among many of the so-called Traditional Catholics, Joan of Arc is a heroine of feminism, consciously or unconsciously. Quite a few so-called Traditional Roman Catholic women, who are not really traditionalists at all, and rather dubious Roman Catholics at best, use the name of Joan of Arc to promote their way of thinking, that is, that they have a personal duty and mission to perform, guided by God, and that mission is to correct poor ignorant men. They feel that men are to blame for all the world's problems and they seek to give these men guidance. You can read their espousals on so-called Traditional Roman Catholic chat lists (but I would suggest not) and you can hear them at the church meetings. They are kin to the Kissling woman of the so-called "Catholics for a Free Choice", which is the so-called 'Catholic' arm of the Planned Parenthood organization. They seek to forward their own agenda, which is quite often not at all godly, and then they use Joan of Arc as an excuse for why they did it. Joan represents for them a call to battle of all females against the male world. They may not even themselves understand this consciously, but subconsciously it provides a convenient excuse to correct men in ways they think best. These same women cry out that there are no real men, yet they themselves seek to feminize men by telling them what to do, and they perpetuate the problem by not allowing men to be men. One can also observe their influence in the Conciliar parishes, most often in the music ministries as cantors in go-go boots and so on. Such is the state of thinking of Joan of Arc today among the plenitude of world feminists.

   And so let us examine your Excellencies' interpretation of Joan of Arc, what she means and what she stands for. A number of you have spoken out recently because Jean-Marie Le Pen, who had become rather popular in France with a substantial number of souls, has, since the formation of his party, the National Front, called Joan their patron saint. They have done homage to her each year with their procession in honor of Joan. In previous years, it seems that you French bishops have mostly ignored this event. Although you could have commended it, at least in the sense that Le Pen and his supporters were honoring the Catholic saints, as indeed all good Roman Catholics should do, for some reason you decided it was best to remain silent. Now the job of a bishop, as you know dear Excellencies, is to promote and propagate the faith. We know that France is in a terrible moral state presently, where few if any persons can actually be called Roman Catholics anymore. Correct me if I am wrong, but your country has gone from being the eldest daughter of the Church to the first daughter who has left the Church. There is no faith anymore, no one goes to mass, no one knows the Catechism, no one even bothers to call themselves Roman Catholic. I know this firsthand. As a professor, I hire students to work on research projects, even foreign students. Each year now for four years I have participated in an exchange program in which I hire summer students from a French University, which coincidentally is the one in Orleans, the town of the Saint. Although all of these French students are polite and hardworking, I have yet to meet one who has told me that he or she is a practicing Roman Catholic! This then, is the legacy that you French bishops have left for future generations.

   What would Joan of Arc say? What was the purpose of her valiant effort, which resulted in her being burned at the stake? Would she be pleased that France has become a nation of pagans? In the short period of 40 years since the coming of Vatican II, France has gone from a nation of devout Roman Catholics to a nation of agnostics. But worse, with the Bishops' blessing, you have allowed five million muslims to enter your land, and are welcoming millions and millions more with open arms. You have bent over backwards to give them safe harbor, even going so far as to turn over thirteen formerly Roman Catholic churches to be refitted as muslim mosques for the five times daily calling on allah. And it looks as though allah hears, because while the French are not giving birth to enough children to sustain their own numbers, the muslims are growing by leaps and bounds; muslim wombs are bearing eight or ten children for every one French child. Of course, the thirteen churches given to the muslims are no longer needed any more not so much because the French are becoming extinct, though that will indeed happen in a few short decades if circumstances continue as they are, but because no one in France attends Holy Mass anymore. But in any case is this not a matter of divine retribution, since it is the muslims, not the French, who are keeping the moral law, and obeying the command to 'be fruitful and multiply'?

   It is the same as it was on September the 19th, 1846, when the child seers Melanie Calvat and Maximin Geraud were tending their cows on the Holy Mountain of La Salette. There, the Most Holy Virgin appeared to them and spoke to them. And what did She say? Why of course that no one in France at the time was honoring the Lord God - there was no one attending Holy Mass, no one keeping the Lenten fast, no one keeping Sundays holy, except the elderly. Perhaps, as She said, occasionally a few of the young and middle-aged would come to Mass in winter when there were no fields to tend, but it was only to mock the devotion to our Lord. And do you wonder why the harvest is spoilt, dear Bishops? Is it not exactly the very same situation today?

   Mostly the only people that attend Holy Mass, that keep the Lenten fast, I am sure of it, are the white-haired people who voted for Le Pen. Please correct me if I am wrong on this dear bishops. They keep the commands of God, even in these times of sleaze and corruption and sin, and they will be duly rewarded, let me assure your Excellencies. Whereas, where are most of the young French? Out fornicating, aborting the children they make in sin, mocking and refusing to believe in Holy Mass, and out protesting Le Pen in what is supposed to be a democratic and free election, to intimidate those who see France as a holy nation, a nation devout and devoted to God, the eldest daughter of the Holy Roman Church, which is being destroyed brick by brick, which is going not just to the dogs but to the open and welcoming arms of satan himself. How are these people going to escape hell?

   What are you, dear bishops, doing to keep the faith in France? The evidence against you is strong. Since your tenure, things have gotten far, far worse for the Faith - it is undeniable. The salvation of millions of French souls are in jeopardy or have already been lost, and it is under your watch! No one believes in Confession, no one understands what mortal sin or Heaven or Hell are. And this makes the whole of the company of Heaven very sad, as it should us. What are you going to do? I would say that you need to consider this quickly, and take some form of action.

   Now Joan of Arc was a poor uneducated peasant girl. She is the 'patron saint' of feminists, but few feminists know that she was actually a very traditional girl. She spent her youth becoming excellent at sewing and cooking. She was a devout girl, and spent much of her time in deep prayer at Holy Mass. She was a virgin, and lovely. When the saints of Heaven presented to her the vocation to lead the French in battle, being a teenaged girl she was understandably a little modest and hesitant and only continued because of their constant urging. She then wore a man's suit of armor when she took up her vocation, it is true, and she wore it even when sleeping, but the reason was to protect her purity. She was in the midst of a great number of male soldiers, and later, male jailers when she was in prison. Yet your predecessors the bishops of France at that time did not have a favorable opinion of Joan, especially the Parisians. They found in favor of the English, who wanted her dead for humiliating them in battle, and declared her a heretic in an illegal show trial when all of the evidence pointed to her being a great saint. This is your legacy, dear bishops, for which you should tremble and ponder what is right and wrong. In every aspect of Joan's life the Spirit of the Holy God of Heaven shone like the bright sun.

   She was blessed with the gift of prophesy and foretold certain victories and defeats that the French and English would suffer. The King of France disguised himself as a commoner in a crowd to test her, and yet Joan knew who he was and she gave him homage. Yet all this did not impress you, and instead you burned her at the stake (and I am speaking collectively of the French bishops here). Even most recently, before her canonization, it was peoples of other lands, even the English themselves during the last century, not the French clergy for the most part, who bore witness to Joan's goodness and saintliness.

   And so dear bishops, this is your legacy, for which God will determine your eternal reward. How many virgins are there left in France today who are of Joan's age of 18 or 19 when she was killed, dear good archbishops? Is there even one? How many virgins marched for Chirac to intimidate the Le Pen supporters? Were there any? Were there any who even go to Holy Mass? If you know of even one such devout girl I pledge to retract this letter. Therefore dear Excellencies, let us consider the consequences of your actions. Messier Chirac has won the election by a landslide. Only about 20% of the French people had consciences that told them there was something wrong here, something wrong when there is no Holy Faith left in most all of France. For example, one of your number (Archbishop Georges Gilson of Sens-Auxerre) tells us:

    "Joan of Arc doesn't belong to anyone. In our history, she stands for resistance to all traditions, to lies and to hatred. The saint belongs to all. However, thanks to clever manipulation, the extreme right is engaging in a kind of idolatry, a neo-pagan conception of relations between the state and religion."

   Let us examine this statement, Your Grace. Is it ever wrong to venerate the saint? How many in France venerate the saints anymore? Now every year Messier Le Pen and his supporters make a little procession in honor of Saint Joan. In fact due to Le Pen's status of coming in second in the initial election, and the attention this garnered his candidacy, news of this veneration of Saint Joan has now been spread throughout the world. Doubtless it has inspired many persons, even of non-Catholic persuasions, to seek information about the saint. These are people who just might, through the grace of God and the intercession of the saint, come back to knowledge of the Lord our God, or to know the Lord for the first time in His entirety if they are of another religion.

   O would that you French bishops could inspire the same kind of faith-seeking in the flocks that have been given to you for teaching, protection, and salvation! How many others in France besides Mssr. Le Pen do anything to venerate the saints anymore, or for that matter the angels and the Blessed Virgin? I would bet the only ones who do are the very white-haired people, and the few young with any sense, who with their consciences clear voted for Le Pen! They were not dissuaded by the high-sounding arguments of the Leftists in control of the Media, and indeed of much of the resources in France and around the world. They were not persuaded by you bishops, the successors of those who burnt Saint Joan at the stake, such as Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, archbishop of Paris; Archbishop Jean-Pierre Ricard of Bordeaux; and Bishop Olivier de Beranger of Saint-Denis, all of whom took up and seconded the godless Media's cry of condemnation against Mssr. Le Pen, a man who is one of the few in all of France who shows and lives his Catholic faith, as did Saint Joan. By doing so, you have thrown your lot in with sinister and atheistic Media against a Roman Catholic Frenchman who venerates Saint Joan. Is this right and becoming of you, the guardians who prepare the way for the Return of the Lord Jesus?

   Then we have Bishop Hippolyte Simon of Clermont-Ferrand who has criticized Le Pen's party, the National Front, for "partisan" and "neo-pagan" exploitation of the French heroine. In what way, dear Bishop Simon, is it "partisan" and "neo-pagan" to love and venerate a saint before the whole world, and to love France and the French people, and all of Roman Catholic tradition? If it is 'neo-pagan' to love Saint Joan, is it then, in your opinion, Catholic to abort, fornicate, contracept, and divorce as most of the French youth are doing? Is it therefore wrong to stand against the islamitization of France, dear Excellency? Is it wrong to say enough, we are tired that France is no longer French and no longer Catholic? Is it wrong to protest that soon there will be no longer any France, but rather an islamic state where the call to allah is heard in every mosque on every street corner, every Catholic church and its holy things are reduced to rubble, and, as I wrote to you four years ago, dear bishops:

    "...the Moslems will destroy and overrun Europe and parts of the U.S. and the whole world. They will show collegiality and ecumenism by severing the heads of bishops and cardinals with their arced swords. As Amos tells us: "The songs of the temple will be turned to wailing. Many, many bodies --- flung everywhere! Silence!" --- Fourth Open Letter to the Bishops, 1998

   But you did not listen to us then, dear Excellencies, maybe at the time you even laughed at it, thinking it preposterous, and I daresay I do not think that you will listen to us now. It seems a veil has been put over your eyes and ears against listening to us, because God wishes to do this. He is disgusted with the sin and depravity around the world and will no longer bear it. He will not let the Most Holy Virgin of La Salette hold His mighty arm back any longer. He will no longer listen to the people, because they do not speak to Him with fully earnest, fervent, and devout hearts, hearts that are kindled by communion with the Sacred Heart or Our Lord, and with the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin. He has in mind to bring upon us devastation, and almost nothing is able to stop it. I think it is too late, the vile deeds are done, the faith is lost, and only a purging of the entire earth will please the Lord to return to what will be left of His people.

   All is lost; the far-left has won the victory, radicals all of them, who call themselves 'moderates' and whom you support. And where did they rally in France? Right in front of the Bastille, where in 1789 was begun the French revolution of liberty, fraternity and equality, the revolution against God, a revolution which you bishops have not condemned. In that revolution thousands of holy priests and religious were murdered, and the spirit of those revolutionaries is strongly in the minds and hearts of the Left today, whom you even tacitly support. You will protest, but don't you know that even the so-called 'conservatives' such as your president, Chirac, support many of those far-left notions? They want nothing of kings and fervent Catholic religion, and as such are antipode to Saint Joan.

   What you have tacitly supported is nothing other than a revolution against God, a revolution that has murdered all of the godly kings and queens of Europe, all of the nobility, from Russia in the east to England in the west, an aristocracy who ruled their lands under the banner of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They were the nobility, put there by God's hand to keep the people and their culture safe, and to keep Catholicism flourishing until the Second Coming of the Lord. But now they are no more, although there is a little movement to get them back, because a few braves souls see what is happening and have taken up the banner of Jesus as millions and millions of muslims invade Europe without even a whimper from the French and most of the rest. And yet you support the revolutionaries! Have you not joined with the spirit that incites hatred and that has led to the murder of the right-wing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn? This is how the Left operates, by murder, lies, slight-of-hand, and deceit, while at the same time name-calling the Right to bludgeon them into submission one way or the other. With all your power and responsibility, which you could work to change things, have you not instead supported this spirit of the Left, which is none other than the spirit of satan himself! Therefore is it not you who are the true Communists, who would make Marx and all the other atheists proud? But what will God say?

   And so dear Excellencies, please reflect on this, and if your hearts by some chance become melded to the Spirit of God, it is your duty to take action for the Holy Faith, though the time is very late and the end grows near. Only a saint can actually change things, but the rest of us at least can try to save our own souls by carrying on as though our feeble attempts might make some difference in the juggernaut that has lead to the destruction of most everything we knew to be holy, and its replacement by evil, sin, perdition, and lewd behavior, which is almost completed today, on your watch. Pray dear bishops, for your own souls, and for the salvation of others, that God might do a miracle and still turn and bring a blessing to His people, for if it is not France, eldest daughter of the Church, who can bring such about, then who can?

    Deus qui tribus púeris mitigásti flammas ígnium: concéde propítius; ut nos fámulos tuos non exúrat flamma vitiórum
    O God, Who didst mitigate the flames of fire for the three young men [Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego], mercifully grant that the flames of vices will not burn us, Thy servants

May 22, 2002
volume 13, no. 94