May 20, 2002
volume 13, no. 92

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Who's fooling who?!?

It is becoming more apparent everyday that the "top banana" Modernists have no intention to rein in the abusers. They claim they see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil yet it is obvious they're slipping all over themselves on the peels of denial and contradiction as evil indeed permeates every fiber of the hierarchy. So much for trust. The modern hierarchy ape sincerity while continuing to monkey around with the sacrosanct.

    With regard to the grave scandal of sex abuse the questions have to be asked: Who knew? What did they know? When did they know? How much did they know? Why didn't they do something about it? These are all questions that have yet to be answered as prelates pile on lie upon lie, even under oath, in an effort to save their own derrier while forsaking the true welfare of the souls they have been entrusted with. Our Lord's words in Matthew 7: 10 don't seem to register with these modernist clerics from pastor to prelate to the pope. When we need the Holy Ghost the most, the post-conciliar Church is stirring up ghosts of another sort through their denials; the kind of deceit that is now coming back to haunt them.

   We've just celebrated the glorious Feast of Pentecost - the birthday of the Church on Whit Sunday in which Christ fulfilled His promise to His disciples that He would send His Spirit. True to His word, ten days after His Ascension into Heaven to rejoin the Father, the Holy Ghost in both the form of a dove and tongues of fire descended on the men who would lead His Church. Just imagine. Twelve men effected the spread of the Faith from an upper room in Jerusalem to where today over one billion call themselves Catholic.

   There could very well be many more millions but, thanks to abortion and the lackluster, sinful failure of the hierarchy to put a stop to it by laying down the law (pun intended) the holocaust in the womb continues unabated. Every year more consciences are dulled as the liberal mouthpieces for women's rights blind the faithful to the fact that those rights must extend to a woman's flesh and blood - even in the womb - as well. We don't hear that. We also don't hear any condemnation - real condemnation as in formal, public excommunication of those who have furthered this terrible sin, men who call themselves Roman Catholic by their Bishops. Why is that?

Is there a 'Boston Bargain'?

   One year ago we completed on Pentecost Sunday a detailed daily profile of each 'Catholic' offender in the Senate and Congress - over 75 in all. In each we featured the responsible bishop, providing his address and phone number, often his e-mail as well as the Papal Nuncio's and the Vatican. Don't tell me Rome didn't know. Don't tell me the Bishops didn't know. The one we went after the hardest was Cardinal Bernard Law for he is directly responsible for two of the worst offenders - two of the most powerful - Ted Kennedy, who led off our Ash Wednesday to Pentecost comprehensive Herod's Heroes series, and John Kerry, both under the jurisdiction of Law. For years he has given only lip service while continuing to distribute the sacraments to these two apostates and others including four congressmen. Why the silence?

   Perhaps because it's part of "the bargain"? Freemasons are known for elevating their own, for pacting bargains among themselves. This becomes even more glaring in light of all the facts that have come to light about Law's cover-up in the sex abuse scandal. With the facts known, Kennedy and Kerry would be the first to call for Law's removal considering their constituents are calling for that very action. Yet, while working feverishly to pass ENDA, which would make it a crime to call a sin a sin - such as sodomy being a sin in reference to homosexuals, these Democratic power brokers have remained mute about Law and the horrendous sexual abuse that is imploding the post-conciliar Church in America and elsewhere - all the way to Rome. Why the silence? Perhaps a bargain has been struck. We don't know in this instance, but the evidence sure points to it. Prelate turns his head from what politician does and likewise politician sees nothing and does nothing when the prelate goes astray. Ah, yes, the perfect world of modernism. It seems to be the only answer why Law hasn't censured Kennedy and Kerry. The sad truth is there is not much difference between prelate and politician, except the former is supposed to be trusted. Now the Bishops have fallen into that ignominious category.

   The Bishops, Priests and the Pope have become fodder for the day time cable news talk and late night talk circuits. It was closet-Catholic William Shakespeare who wrote, "All the world's a stage." Me thinks even with all the debauchery of the Elizabethan era that the great bard, a master satirist, could not have imagined what is transpiring today. Even one of America's great satirists Art Buchwald lamented the demise of satire, "You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you're doing is recording it." And all so many Catholics are doing is going through the motions, following blindly in rote whatever they're told to do without realizing it is in contradiction to what the Church taught for 2000 years. Indeed the world, ruled by the prince of the world, is satan's satire today. But nobody's laughing anymore. You won't find frivolty or smiles in hell.

   That's why I'm not surprised at the plethora of Catholics who are reeling today at the reality of what is happening. Who'da ever thunk a dozen years ago that George H. Bush would have plummeted so in the polls after his all-time high 88% approval rating in the early summer of 1990? Who'da thunk the one who took advantage of Bush's demise, and duped the American public for two terms would bring new lows to the office, perjure himself as an abject immoral and amoral frat boy and become a laughing stock of the world, providing so much grist for late night sleaze called comedy talk shows? Who'da thunk we'd be bombarded with the same kind of cover-up that toppled Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and are threatening the same with President George W. Bush over prior knowledge of 9-11?

   The latter is vying for the headlines today with the sex abuse scandal that is rocking the post-conciliar Church. Who'da ever thunk our "Superstar Pope" would fall so fast in popularity polls? But that's exactly what has happened in the aftermath of the all-form and no-function synod in Rome a few weeks ago in which the Vatican called an "urgent meeting" of America's cardinals. The liberal media latched on like the clinging leeches they are and the circus was underway. And what a circus it was. As I indicated in my last commentary a few weeks ago, the liberal media was introduced to something we have been dealing with for the past 40 years - the ambiguity of the hierarchy. The false prophets in the fourth estate want instant answers and of course they're never going to get it from Rome, let alone from the dioceses. Imagine how frustrated they must be when requesting a quote or an interview with a bishop are granted a one-liner from a "diocesan spokeswoman." That might work with Ari Fleischer or even Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls who has been known to put his foot in his mouth more than a few times, but it doesn't work long with anonymous spokespersons.

   The liberal journalistic headhunters want answers and they know a stonewall when they see it. Therefore they're not going to give up. War truly makes for strange alliances. In this case you can't blame Traditionalists if they're secretly praying that more is uncovered so the whole false regime collapses. A new poll just released finds that only 25% of Catholics polled trust in John Paul II and believe the Pope is doing a good job. In that same poll only 10% of Catholics in America believe the bishops are handling the sex abuse scandals in the right way. That means 75% of the Catholics polled in the United States are beginning to doubt the sincerity of John Paul II and 90% are fed up with the prelates he has appointed. We've been hammering home this point for over a year, but it took the liberal media to convince so many. Hopefully, if you are concerned about this grave scandal in the Church you will realize it is only more of the bad fruits of Vatican II and you can't argue with Our Lord's definitive words in Matthew 7: 17-20. It seems Modern Rome has been trying to tell us differently, but the facts prove them wrong. Finally more are beginning to see that sadly there really is no difference between politician and prelate. They all seem to be cut from the same mold. Yes, now we're hearing the same queries from the media about the hierarchy of the post-conciliar Church as we did about those scandals in questioning the Pope and various Cardinals and Bishops: What did they know? When did they know? How much did they know?

   These are questions that will not go away. So far they are also questions that have not been answered to anyone's satisfaction.

Who is really anti-Catholic?

   There are some who have cried "anti-Catholic" to media reports. The Boston Globe comes to mind as a prime "Catholic Basher." But had their investigative reporters not been diligent and caved to intimidation and threats do you think there would have been such a domino effect? Do you think John Paul II would have summoned the Cardinals to Rome? Heck no. He did so only because of the negative publicity. He knew from the time he took the throne in 1978 of the problems he inherited from Paul VI. Same with the Cardinals and Archbishops. They knew. They know. The Code of Canon Law in 1917 and in the revised Code in 1983 state that it is a requirement that every diocese keep an archive containing the instruments and writings which pertain to the spiritual and temporal affairs of the diocese. (cc. 486-488). In Canon 488 of the revised Code it states,

    "It is not permitted to remove documents from the archives, except for a brief time only and with the consent either of the bishop or of both the moderator of the curia and the chancellor."
Therefore the bishop cannot plead ignorance. It goes even further in Canon 489 regarding abuses that are crimes which certainly include pedophilia and sexual abuse.
    "1. There is also to be a secret archive in the diocesan curia or at least a safe or file in the ordinary archive, completely closed and locked which cannot be removed from the place, and in which documents to be kept secret are to protected most securely.
    2. Every year documents of criminal cases are to be destroyed in matters of morals in which the criminal has died or in which ten years have passed since the condemnatory sentence; but a brief summary of the case with the text of the definitive sentence is to be retained." [editor's emphasis]
Again, there can be no excuses for not knowing or not having a record of something. They are required, folks, by Canon Law, to keep such records, especially of accusations and a record of the cases opened. If the diocese didn't open a file, then they are in violation of Canon Law. But then again, what's new. They're constantly making it up as they go along. Indeed the revised Code was begun in 1972 by Paul VI not necessarily to bring it into line with Church Law, but rather to bring it in harmony with the increasing worldly direction the post-conciliar Church was heading and also cover their own derriers in absolving a multitude of sins that many in the hierarchy could only cover up and carry out by changing the law ever so slightly.

   Having read the entire first day of Cardinal Law's deposition (the ensuing depositions cannot be made public for 30 days at Law's request) I can say clearly that he is lying under oath that he did not know and that can be confirmed by Canon 490 where it says:

    "1. Only the bishop may have the key to the secret archive.
    2. When the see is vacant the secret archive or safe is not to be opened, except in a case of true necessity by the diocesan administrator himself.
    3. Documents are not to be removed from the secret archive or safe." [editor's emphasis]

   So if not the bishop, whether he was Cardinal Richard Cushing, Cardinal Humberto Madeiros or Cardinal Law, then who? There was no vacancy after Cushing for Madeiros became the seventh Bishop and fourth Archbishop of Boston on September 8, 1970 and Cushing died November 2, 1970. The latter was ill, but there was no vacancy. Madeiros died on September 17, 1983 and his successor Bernard Law, (then the Bishop of Springfield-Cape Giraudeau which encompassed all of southern Missouri from the Oklahoma-Kansas border in the west to Arkansas in the south and Illinois-Tennesee in the east) was not appointed until December 5, 1983 and was not officially installed until January 24, 1984. That means a period of 130 days when the see was vacant. But remember, nothing was allowed to be removed. The Boston scandal dates back to the Cushing era and both Madeiros and Law knew very well the skeletons rattling in those archives. And, as we can see by the strength of Canon Law, those records do exist. They're all in the vault at 2121 Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton, Massachusetts.

   Some might think I'm being anti-Catholic by being so hard on the Pope and the Bishops, especially men like Law and Cardinal Roger Mahony and that ilk. Believe me, if you truly know your Faith you would realize who was anti-Catholic, who is truly bashing Catholics. It is the men we had placed our trust in as successors of Peter in the post-conciliar age and the successors of the Apostles. By their actions they have not only betrayed their trust, but have peeled off the masks. In truth they are the ones who are anti-Catholic, who are bashing the True Church by their actions.

The River of Denial

   Consider if you will that after the charade at the Vatican where the press was left waiting nearly an hour and a half for the American cardinals to appear and answer questions as to the emergency conference of American Cardinals, only Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal James Francis Stafford showed up. Noticeably missing at ten p.m. at night were Cardinals Law and Mahony, and Cardinal Edward M. Egan, Archbishop of New York who is on the hotseat as well. And what was the excuse given for the absence of the latter three? They had other important matters to attend to? At ten in the evening? Sorry, another lie of the stonewallers. And speaking of lies, when Law returned to the United States and was confronted by reporters, he flatly denied that any talk of resignation was ever brought up by any of his fellow colleagues or the Pope himself. Unbelievable! You mean to tell me the Pope called them all to Rome just to get together but not get down to brass tacks and tackle this severest of problems, severest of scandals to the soul as Christ warned of in Matthew 18: 7? Puhlease!!! So what did they talk about? Could it have been how to curtail the only ones who are promoting true Catholicism? From Rome's actions in the aftermath of the "panic synod" that would seem a logical answer.

   Case in point, when an opponent is reeling, often he launches a counter-attack to cover-up his own inadequacies and weaknesses. We saw this constantly during the miserable eight years of the Clinton regime and we have seen it all too often in the post-conciliar regime of the Church. All the ambiguity aside, and we've seen plenty of that because the modernists have refined it to an art, from the minute John XXIII cleverly and so "spontaneously" called the 21st Ecumenical Council on the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul at St. Paul's-Outside-the-Walls in Rome in 1959, we have faced this doublespeak. Little did those taking notes that day realize how "ecumenical" this council would be; where the concept became the end instead of the means. And anyone who believes Cardinal Angelo Roncalli's announcement was an "inspiration of the Holy Spirit" instead of a planned coup then you've been ecumenized more than you think. As we pointed out two weeks ago, this was a well-crafted, meticulous manipulation of power to usurp the authority of the True Church with Judaeo-Masonic and Communist ideologies that have sought to suppress the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church by subterfuge and deceit and the satanical brainwashing of believing half-truths fostered by the father of them.

   For those who can remember, look how much has been lost. If you do remember, if you have not been totally brainwashed by the Novus Ordinarians, then you are responsible before God to rekindle the Truths and Traditions of the True Faith - this current hierarchy be damned. That may sound flippant, but it is confirmation of Pope Saint Pius V's definitive warning in his Papal Bull Quo Primum in which he declared in no uncertain terms that were anyone to alter what had been set down by the Council of Trent regarding the Faith as expressed in the sacred rubrics of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they would "incur the wrath of Almighty God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." It's a fact God is not happy with the "fruits of Vatican II" as is evident to the human eye. Despite all the spin and ambiguity, the cover-up of sin continues. These are times of grave crisis and countless souls could very well be damned because of the relaxation of God's Laws. Therefore we all need to pray for the conversion of the Modernists from the Pope on down. It's a matter of survival; not the survival of the fittest in the Jack London mold, but survival of souls who have been so deceived; the survival of souls who have the plastic veneer of Faith that can so easily be shattered with the scandals that increasingly flood the airwaves and headlines everyday on the River of Denial. If souls are not anchored in the sacramental life of the True Church, if they place their trust on man rather than Jesus they're in for even greater shock.

   And what do we hear from the Pope and the bishops? More insincere apologies that ring hollow as the same ol', same ol' agenda continues despite assurances that norms have been set in place to correct the abuses. If that is the case, why is a grand jury investigation threatening to uncover even more in Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia to name just a few?

A Not-so Hidden Agenda

   Now mind you, a few of the prelates in the Vatican sharply rebuked media members for daring to ask why the Pope hadn't taken a more personal role in the specially-called sex abuse synod or why he didn't attended to this grave matter earlier. Modern Rome's response: the Pope had more pressing matters on his mind like world peace. Come again? There can be no peace if souls are conflicted and there are plenty of souls who are nearing despair with all the razzmatazz coming out of the sees and Holy See. Since when did the Vicar of Christ become a politician or statesman instead of a shepherd? But we dare not criticize him or his reforms, or any of his appointees? Could that be what they were discussing at the "panic synod"? Very possibly because shortly thereafter Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, who was very much a part of the special sex abuse synod and who serves the dual purpose as Prefect of the Clergy and head of the questionable Ecclesia Dei commission, sent a scathing 15-page letter to Bishop Bernard Fellay and the Society of Saint Pius X in Econe, Switzerland for daring to be critical of Modern Rome. And how do the SSPX culprits criticize? By applying the Truths and Traditions of Eternal Rome which don't jive with Modern Rome's agenda. So should we be surprised that those seeking to do God's Will are singled out as the enemy of the Church while sodomites, Freemasons, Communists and what-not run amok in the post-conciliar Church? Look how they throw their entire arsenal at Father Nicholas Gruner because he dares to challenge their obvious lies.

   War stragegists say the best defense is a strong offense and the post-conciliarists have been very offensive to Traditional Roman Catholics because the latter remain the only barrier from a total take-over, a total blotting out of all Holy Mother Church stood for from the time Christ founded His Church to the death of Pope Pius XII. Those seeking to obey Eternal Rome are targeted by the Masonic Modernists through progressive attacks which seek to undermine Christ's true Church. The great Catholic theologian Saint Cajetan wrote, as pointed out, that

    "the axiom Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia (Where the Pope is, there is also the Church) hold true only when the Pope acts and behaves as the Pope, because Peter 'is subject to the duties of the Office'; otherwise, 'neither is the Church in him, nor is he in the Church.' One must resist to his face a Pope who publicly destroys the Church."

   Again, I refer you to my editorial Unsound Doctrine and the Yoke of Blind Obedience to understand that if you persist in blindly following a man and his appointees who promote the heresies of ecumenism and humanism you will have your Faith shaken to its core if it isn't already.

   With the overwhelming majority of the bishops in lock-step with the Modernist agenda in promoting humanism, ecumenism, pluralism and almost every other 'ism' and the total dismantling of our precious, sacred liturgy, it would seem the bishops are against us. Saint Athanasius, the great Doctor of the Church and the "Apostle of Tradition" reminds us that is not necessarily a bad thing considering what they promote and what they cover-up. "You have the bishops against you, that proves that they are all against the Church."

   While Modern Rome would have you believe they are being unfairly attacked and that the SSPX are the perpetrators, it's also a fact that satan doesn't like to be unmasked. That's what Traditionalists are vowed to do, unmask the prince of darkness in order to blow out of the Church the smoke of satan which, like carbon monoxide, has slowly but surely suffocated the faithful in every way. Apologies won't do anymore, it's time for mass resignations of prelates who have compounded the sin of the first, fifth, sixth and seventh commandments by violating the eighth commandment. But Modern Rome continues to spin the heresies of ecumenism such as condoning and promoting the anathema that it is alright for the Jews to wait for the Messiah (Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas), while focusing all their energies not on cleaning up the scandals and punishing the abusers, but in attacking those who strive to uphold the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Talk about topsy-turvy. It's time to clean things up from the inside out, much in the manner Pope Saint Gregory VII, the holy monk Hildebrand cleaned up the clergy some 970 years ago. Sadly, rather than a Gregory VII, we seem to have today men like Nero whose logic seem to be insane in the scope of adhering to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Sadly, while the cover-up continues and more souls are burned, Rome fiddles away more souls. The question we all need to ask is not only who knew, what did they know and when did they know? but was there a 'Boston Bargain'? Despite all the questions, the answers are not forthcoming. Why? Because, come hell or high-water, the cover-up continues! Their hollow denials beg another question to those defending either pope, prelates or pastors: Who's fooling who?!?

Michael Cain, editor

May 20, 2002
volume 13, no. 92
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary