March 27, 2002
volume 13, no. 58

The Sanhedrin of Sin!

Judge Pickering was shafted because, unlike the Senate Judiciary Committee, he believes in God and takes His Divine Laws seriously!

    "Jesus Christ, Who knows what it is like to be grilled by a court whose agenda is not in accord with God's Will, said very clearly in John 14: 15, 'If you love Me, keep My Commandments.' The fact those lobbying for abortion don't keep His Commandments, means very simply they don't love Him. Therefore how could any Catholic belong to a group who espouses this anathema? They can't! Yet they do by claiming to be Democrats. You cannot be a Democrat and be a good Catholic at the same time. It is impossible. That has been proven over and over again. The Pickering rejection by the modern 'Sanhedrin' is just another in the sorry, sinful legacy of the party that once championed the Catholic cause. No more."
    Holy Week is upon us and, as evident from last week, Caiphas and the modern Sanhedrin live among us! It has finally come to pass. The Democrats are out of the closet. All ten Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee - the modern Sanhedrin of the kingdom of the Pro-aborts - unabashedly rejected President George W. Bush’s nomination of Judge Charles Pickering of Mississippi to sit on the Fifth Appellate Circuit Court, which encompasses his home state and Louisiana and Texas. All nine Republican members voted in favor of Pickering.

    The rejection, by one vote, should come as no surprise, as Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, pledged on NBC's ”Meet The Press,” that the Democrats on the Committee would vote en masse to reject Pickering. She gave two reasons: Pickering’s record on racial and civil rights issues are not good. Interpretation: don't meet liberal standards.

    Anyone with the IQ of a turnip knows this is a LIE, as Pickering was confirmed as a United States district judge by this same Senate in 1990. The vote was unanimous. Even the liberal American Bar Association gave Pickering a “well qualified rating,” its top rating for a judicial nominee. Plus, blacks in his home state love him. He even testified against the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in 1967, despite the risks involved.

    Feinstein’s second reason was that Pickering is pro-life and that Roe Vs Wade could be in jeopardy with such a conservative sitting on an Appellate court.

    Ah, there's the REAL reason, the rest was all a smoke screen. It seems that Judge Pickering is a man who believes in God and seeks to uphold His Laws. For some reason he believes in the entire Holy Bible, including the Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” So when children, are killed in their mother's womb, the 5th Commandment is broken, as it is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception. We might also include the 6th Commandment here for often abortion is the result of lust, not love. Were it love, the couple would never have wanted to kill their own offspring.

    Jesus Christ, Who knows what it is like to be grilled by a court whose agenda is not in accord with God's Will, said very clearly in John 14: 15, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments." The fact those lobbying for abortion don't keep His Commandments, means very simply they don't love Him. Therefore how could any Catholic belong to a group who espouses this anathema? They can't! Yet they do by claiming to be Democrats. You cannot be a Democrat and be a good Catholic at the same time. It is impossible. That has been proven over and over again. The Pickering rejection by the modern 'Sanhedrin' is just another in the sorry, sinful legacy of the party that once championed the Catholic cause. No more.

    The type of judge the Democrats want is a person who does NOT honor the sanctity of human life, such as they. They want judges who do NOT love God. And if you do not believe in God -- all the better. If you don't believe in Him, you don't have to consider loving Him or obeying Him. And, if by chance, you think you might believe in God, then at least you must be willing to mock God in certain areas. You know -- pick and choose certain parts of the Bible to live by -- whatever meets your fancy. But, just make sure you junk the part that says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” otherwise, the Democrats will reject you.

    So, in the future, if anyone is a person of faith and you would like to become a high ranking federal judge -- forget it, that is if the Democrats hold a majority in the Senate -- which they do now, by one vote. As you may know, I have been saying for years now, that the Democratic party has become satan’s “pride and joy.” Do you need more proof? Do you not think that satan is enthralled over this vote? Naturally the prince of darkness wants the killing of unborn children to continue unabated.

    How is it humanly possible that not EVEN ONE Democrat voted to confirm? It just boggles the mind that there were NO godly Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

    Would you believe that four of the ten Democratic members on the Judiciary Committee are Catholic? I knew you wouldn't believe it, but it's true. Even the chairman, Pat Leahy, is a so-called Catholic. The three other so-called Catholic members are Edward Kennedy (MA), Joseph Biden (DE) and Richard Durbin (IL). Senate majority leader Tom Daschle (SD), also a pseudo-Catholic, will NOT allow a Pickering vote to go to the floor of the Senate, as the consensus is that if all members of the Senate voted, there might be a few godly Democrats, who would vote to confirm Pickering. Daschle doesn’t want to take that chance. He would sooner spit in the eye of Democracy and mock God.

    Leahy says his religion has no place in political debates. "I separate my religion from my duties as a Senator," Leahy said. "I think this is probably the only time I've ever even mentioned what my religion is, and I think every other member [of Congress] does that." Leahy is angry with implications that he is expected to vote pro-life on issues because of his Catholic religion's stance on the sanctity of human life.

    How about that -- Leahy separates his religion from his duties as a Senator. I didn't know you could do that. A true person of faith carries his religion with him every place he goes. In other words, Leahy answers to the Democratic party and not to a higher authority. To be more accurate, he has sold his soul to satan for political gain. Do you think he's read the passage in Matthew 7: 23, where Our Lord says very emphatically, "And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you. Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity"???

    What so many of these who dictate to us an agenda that is not God's fail to realize is that they are not in charge. Jesus said to Pilate in John, 19: 11, "Thou wouldst have no power over Me were it not given thee from above. Therefore, he who betrayed Me to thee has the greater sin."

    That would be Judas Iscariot then, and the Judases among us today who seek to thwart the will of God by flaunting sin, by seeking to crucify Christ all over again and His innocents with Him. Those who vote for those 'Judases' are Judases themselves. Think about it. Think about the incongruity of a person's faith in God being held against them in the “Land Of The Free And the Home Of The Brave.” Is this what our men in uniform fought and died for throughout the years? I thought it was just in Islamic countries where Christians and Jews had no rights and were persecuted.

    Besides being 'Judases', there can be NO doubt that the Democratic Senators of the United States of America are RELIGIOUS BIGOTS. Thank God, we have elections coming up, so that we can boot them all out.

    Unless people of faith start taking an interest in who they send to Washington to represent them, satan will continue to run amuck within the Democratic party. I just CANNOT believe that these Democratic politicians who accept the proposition that a woman should have the right to kill her unborn child, really and truly down deep in their hearts believe that there is a God, Who will judge us all for our short stay on this earth. They are serving satan. Christ says in Matthew 6: 24, "No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will stand by the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

    Since the Sanhedrin Judiciary Committee are not serving God, Christ Himself affirms they are serving mammon and hate God. Their actions bear this out. They have accused and accursed themselves by their vote.

    We MUST take more of an interest, because whether you want to believe it or not -- not only is there a war going on to eradicate Islamic terrorists, but there is also a war going on to eradicate the terrorists of the womb. There is no question that both are evil and an abomination to a civilized and Christ-centered society for until the Social Kingship of Christ is restored, mammon will rule.

    I do believe that when we are ready to meet our Maker, He will ask us what we did to save his precious children. Why do I keep thinking - why do I know - that the killing of 1.4 million unborn children every year will not set well with God?

    We have 8 months to get our act together before the next election. Get involved. Know who your pro-life candidates are for state and federal offices. Work in their behalf. If you can contribute to their campaign -- do so.

    The link at the bottom of this column will take you to a website, where you can find your Senator and Representative. Phone them and write to them and let them know of your feelings. A safe rule of thumb, is that if he/she is a Democrat, there is a 90% chance they are pro-choice [to kill unborn children]. If they are Republican, there is a 90% chance they are pro-life.

    What a big difference. Do you still need more proof that satan has chosen the Democratic party to do his dirty work. Frankly, I'm surprised why Republicans in their media ads, don't start telling the truth and call a spade a spade. What more does one need to know that the Democratic party stands for everything that is contrary to the Holy Scriptures? Enough is enough. Let the truth surface and yell it from the rooftops that the Democratic party has become the party of the devil, especially with their, “in your face,” rejection of Charles Pickering. It is the truth "and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8: 32).

    If the shoe were on the other foot and the Democrats had confirmation of a Republican scandal, misdeed, impropriety or anything that would offend the moral sensibilities of a society they would use it in a heart beat for their case - even if it's NOT true.

    Democrats don't hide their disdain for pro-lifers. After Pickering’s rejection, Senator Charles Schumer of NY, one of the Democrats on the Committee, warned the entire country that president Bush better not send the Judiciary Committee any more people, who think like Supreme Court Justices Anthony Scalia and Clarence Thomas. What do Scalia and Thomas have in common -- they're both pro-life and Catholic; Scalia of the old-school Catholicism at that. I wonder why he didn't mention William Rehnquist, who is also pro-life. Could it be that Rehnquist is the Chief Justice and bullies don't like it when the odds are even?

    How many times have you heard Democrats call religious people, who believe in the ENTIRE Bible, the fanatic religious right. Unless you sell your soul to satan you are anathema in the Democratic party.

    It's about time that people of faith start standing up and fighting for God against the forces of evil. Remember, this is the same party that embraces the sick and deadly homosexual lifestyle, which is clearly condemned in the Holy Bible. A lifestyle that takes an average of 15-20 years off one's life-span. They are also, pushing for this sexual perversion to be introduced into our public schools as just another normal alternative lifestyle, knowing full well it reeks of suffering and death. And Ted Kennedy is at the forefront of ramrodding ENDA through which would open the floodgates for sodomy everywhere! The UN has passed initiatives to make it ever more dangerous to speak out against sin, and to make it easier to punish the virtuous.

    Even if the Democratic party objects to godly standards, you would think that just out of common decency and a little compassion, they would NOT want a lifestyle that has a HIGH rate of sexually transmitted diseases, suicides and early death to be propagated as JUST another normal lifestyle -- let alone to be forced on our children.

    The upcoming elections will determine if we once again become a nation truly "under God", or will it be the beginning of our final decent into hell? This is it. The Pickering rejection -- en masse, by all the Democrats should leave no doubt in anyone's mind, the direction of the Democratic party.

    Just as Hitler's Nazi party in Germany killed 6 million Jews, because they were deemed not whole people - inferior - to their standards, so too the Democrats have decided to wipe out a large segment of our population, because they too, are not considered whole people - inferior - to satan's people! Remember, these innocents are God's children whom He knew before He formed them in the womb (cf. Jeremia 1: 5). They are not 'things' that can be discarded, but precious human beings made in the image and likeness of God just as all of us are. It doesn't matter what color of skin or form a person has; if they have a soul, they are one of God's children whether they be an 88-year-old woman in a rest home, a fetus just conceived, or a stubborn senator on the Judiciary comittee.

    The Democratic party has become a cancer on our physical, emotional and spiritual being and MUST be removed, if we are to survive.

    Keep in mind Our Lord's words in Luke 22: 67 when Caiphas and the Sanhedrin questioned Him, "If I tell you, you will not believe Me; and if I question you you will not answer Me, or let Me go."

    So also the Democrats. They will not believe God, even when they are told. And if God questions them, asks them why do they kill His innocents and seek to pervert His children, they will not answer Him. And you know, by the stubborn agenda of the Judiciary committee and the Democratic party and their cohort pro-aborts in NARAL, Planned Barrenhood, NOW, CFFC, and the Hollywood Filth Industry, that they will not abandon the lucrative blood money. Like the pharoahs in the Old Testament and like Herod in Christ's time they will not let His children go!

    So it's up to us to help let the Sanhedrin of today go into unemployment tomorrow where they will have plenty of time to contemplate the state of their souls and seek repentance. We need to flood the voting booths this fall with dedicated pro-life voters that will sweep the varmints out of office - rid the land of those who would mock God! We begin with prayer and then action, beginning with protesting vehemently against those who serve mammon. You can begin by contacting your Senators and Representatives at Senators. If you are not sure who these incumbants who mock God are - the ones who claim to be 'Catholic' - you can find out at Herod's Heroes. We cannot allow the Sanhedrin to rule the day?

Dr. Frank Joseph

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002
volume 13, no. 58
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