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    Monday in Passion Week. Feast of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Doctor of Church. Historical feast of Our Lady of Mercy
    Monday                       March 18, 2002                       volume 13, no. 51
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    Benedictus Deus
    We continue with pertinent Papal Decrees. The second is from the time of the Avignon Exile when Pope Benedict XII issued on January 29, 1336 a dogmatic Apostolic Constitution in which he decreed that there should be no doubt as to the fact that all souls who are received into Heaven immediately see then and forever Almighty God face to face. Likewise, he decreed that those souls who die with mortal sin on their soul do not, but rather descend immediately into hell as he so clearly and concisely put it in his edict "On the Beatific Vision of God." For this dogmatic edict, see Benedictus Deus
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Today editor Michael Cain continues his series on the analogy of the Mystical Body of Christ with the sorrowful mysteries. Just as so many abandoned Christ the closer He came to the summit of Calvary, so also the massive numbers that have abandoned the Mystical Body of Christ, cowering in fear of being associated with the uncompromising Messiah and the absolute Church He founded as illustrated in the commentary There is no place we'd rather be than Calvary!.
    On the BattleLine
    In this issue Atila Sinke Guimar„es continues with a few more examples of Church precedents for resisting a Roman Pontiff when he is in error. Indeed, while he is the successor of Peter, he is also Simon. Despite the misconception by so many Catholics, Church teaching clearly indicates that the Pope is not the Church and he can err - sometimes most gravely as Atila illustrates three more documented cases from the first millennium. Atila shows how respectfully we must all resist those hierarchs when they are deserving of blame - whether they be priest, bishop, or even the Pope in his column Lessons of Past Pontiffs in Error
    The French Connection began in Syria
    Today is the 1,271st anniversary of the election of Pope Saint Gregory III as the 90th successor of Peter on this date in 731 A.D. This Syrian-born Vicar of Christ would die ten years and ten days later on March 28, 741. His pontificate is best remembered for his seeking the help of Charles the Hammer, king of the Franks against the Lombards. From this fact would be derived the title of "Most Christian" assumed by the monarchs of France ever since. During Gregory's reign he also earmarked charitable donations to the Holy See as "Peter's Pence." and this term has held since then.
      In each issue we will feature a special prayer to enhance your Catholic devotions
    The Rosary of Mary is our most powerful weapon. See Holy Rosary to recite the full Rosary in either English or Latin.

    For prayers posted thus far, see Devotions and Reflections

    Prayer for the Feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem

    Grant unto us, we beseech Thee, O almighty God, by the intercession of the blessed Bishop Cyril, so to know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ Whom Thou hast sent, that we may be accounted worthy to be numbered for evermore among the sheep who hear His voice. Through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

    From the Collect for today's Holy Mass

    For Stations of the Cross, see WAY OF THE CROSS

    Safeguarding the Sacred Deposit of the Faith
      "As a Catholic, my faith tells me that the Church has a divine origin, but my own experience tells me that it must be divine because no human institution run with an equal mixture of ineptitude and wickedness would have lasted a fortnight."

      Hilaire Belloc, Catholic Historian


    The Sanity of Sanctity
    In Tuesday's issue we present a special tribute to Saint Joseph, whose solemnity we will celebrate. Devotions and prayers as well as the various titles are included. Other than the Blessed Mother, no saint enjoys more veneration or titles than good St. Joseph, Patron of the universal Church.

    Traditional Thoughts
    On Tuesday we bring you the second of a two-part excellent article by Christopher A. Ferrara, columnist for The Remnant. Editor Michael J. Matt has graciously given his permission for us to share these words of common sense with our readers. Chris acknowledges that the neo-Catholic establishment has tried to make sport of traditionalists but more often than not they end up being the butt of the joke. The sad thing is it really isn't a laughing matter when souls and the faith are at stake as Chris explains in part two of his article A Strange Obsession. For last week's first part, see A Strange Obsession
    On Tuesday we will focus on a most recent, revealing article by Mark Fellows on the origins of the novelties of interreligious dialogue and how it contradicts what the Church had always taught. This article first ran in Catholic Family News, and we have received permission from editor John Vennari to reprint it here as we present Mark Fellows' first part of his article Man With A Mission. For last week's FOCUS feature on Ervan Park's article from the Seattle Catholic, see Chaos, Common Sense and Church Catholic.
    White Smoke, Black Fire!
    In episode four of Chapter Seven in Part II - "The Smoldering" - With Fasif's sister Helene Shenneker getting closer to detecting the culprits of the tragic Field of Death massacre, the venomous Basilisk slithers into Tel Aviv under cover of darkness to leave its deadly calling card amidst a pile of ashes. For last week's episode, see Chapter Seven, Episode Three.

    Pro Life Prescriptions
    Wednesday Dr. Frank Joseph cites Significant Statistics that reveal, without a shadow of doubt, the link between abortion and cancer. In addition, he laments the fact that warnings are issued about insignificant, insufficient studies that don't conflict with the killing agenda of the abortion industry. When it does: Mum is the word. He points out that were young women mere animals they would get more help, more care from hypocritical organizations like PETA. Dr. Frank also places blame with the Church for not standing more forcefully in the face of sin and saying no. Because of that, she reaps what she sows as he will explain in his column A careless civilization that could care less! For Dr. Frank's column last week, see Tale of Two Spitzers and a Tarnished Dome

    Exspectans exspectavimus Ecclesia Dei
    Father Peter Scott cautions the faithful to realize that, no matter how traditional we might think we are, no one - NO ONE is immune from the wiles of the devil and the Novus Ordo Secolorum society of today makes it that much more difficult to avoid the near occasions of sin and the post-conciliar church is not helping any. He warns that secularism can easily permeate our prayer life and make us more susceptible to fall if we are not on guard and heed what Holy Mother Church so wisely advises in the practice of piety as he explains in Take care not to succumb to the new world order.
    Simply Sheen
    For Lent Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen tackles the differences between 'liberals' and 'conservatives' or 'reactionaries', 'left' and 'right'. As you read it you cannot help but think about post-conciliar liberals and the current crisis in the Church for Bishop Sheen points out that "Some things are 'new' to people only because they do not know what is old." So also Catholics today have swallowed so much unsound doctrine because they do not know their faith - the faith of old - the faith established by Christ. Sheen illustrates how 'the liberal of today is the reactionary of tomorrow' in Every liberal is in revolt against the last revolt. For last week's "Simply Sheen" see Love cannot erase pain, but it can diminish it
    Echoes of True Catholicism
    On Thursday Dr. Marian Horvat will treat a phenomena of medieval times which has been twisted today to portray power and acceptance. She illustrates how gargoyles were used by holy men of the middle ages as a strong reminder - a sure deterrant from sin in response to 1 Peter 5: 8, "Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour" as she explains in her column 'Be Sober and Watch: Vigilance in Symbols. For Dr. Marian's column last week, see Demons of the Air
    Precious Gift of our Faith
    This Thursday we continue a beautiful catechetical apologetic series on the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar on the true meaning of the Holy Sacrifice. The 264th installment continues an enthralling, truly inspiring and enlightening understanding of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass gleaned from My Catholic Faith and presented as it was taught for centuries. We concentrate this week on the manner of worthily receiving Jesus, truly present Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity as we present Dispositions for Holy Communion For last week's 263rd installment, see Holy Communion.
    The Great Sacrilege
    Father James F. Wathen, O.S.J. has granted permission to publish his entire work which was first published by Tan Books in 1972, and which we urge you to read for everything he wrote back then is backed by the solid depositum fidei - the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and still holds true. It takes up where the Ottaviani Intervention left off as you'll see in Thursday's issue when Father addresses the facades used to perpetrate heresies on the faithful which Pope Pius XII warned about as he'll explain in Part Thirteen of Chapter Four The Purpose of Archaism For part twelve, see The Dishonoring of Mary.
    Christ or chaos
    This coming Friday Dr. Thomas Droleskey will continue focusing on the glaring differences between the Old Roman Rite observed for centuries and the New Roman Rite that is like the 'flavor of the month.' While some may think the only difference between the Novus Ordo Mass of Modern Rome and the Traditional Latin Mass of Eternal Rome is no different than preferring one flavor over another - like a chocolate cone over a vanilla one - in truth the Tridentine Mass satisfies fully in every way, leaving one satiated in grace, while the New Mass is more like a Baskin-Robbins with the flavor of the month where everyone can decide for themselves as the true Faith melts into a pan-religious ideology as Tom explains in part three of Merely a Matter of Preference? For Tom's second part, see Merely a Matter of Preference?
    Traditional Insights
    On Friday Mario Derksen continues his series on "Vatican II and the Gospel of Man" as he meticulously peels off the skin-deep layers of rhetoric, exposing the tightening muscles of modernism that seek to squeeze the bones of doctrine. This prevents the living organs of Truth and Tradition from fully being able to function, thus allowing the cancer of humanism to penetrate the pores of the Mystical Body of Christ. Mario will expose novelties of new theses which are couched in such ambiguity that he can only term it 'bafflegab' for the post-conciliar church, or Newchurch as Mario dubs it, is determined to "dialogue" ad nauseum. All of this gab only baffles Catholics further, all playing into the hands of humanists as Mario will explain Friday in part six with his column The 'Bafflegab' of the Post-Conciliar Church: Razzmatazz II For part five of Mario's series, see The Razzmatazz of the Post-Conciliar Church.
    The Fatima FILE
    On Friday we begin a very interesting exposition by John Vennari on contradictions of Fatima and how it not only doesn't gel with what Sister Lucia previously had professed, but with the facts Russia was not consecrated as Our Lady specifically requested. That is obvious as the errors spread in the world and in the post-conciliar church. Through John's good graces and permission as editor of Catholic Family News we present on Friday the first part of his commentary It Doesn't Add Up! For part three of Mark Fellow's three-part series, see Lucy and the Pirates.
    Liturgy of the Saints

    Passion Week in Lent

    MONDAY, March 18:
    Feast of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Doctor of Church. Historical feast of Our Lady of Mercy.

    TUESDAY, March 19:
    Feast of SAINT JOSEPH, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Foster-father of Jesus and Patron of the Universal Church. He is also the Patron Saint for a Happy Death, Patron of Carpenters, and Patron of Opposition to Communism.

    WEDNESDAY, March 20:
    Historical feasts of Saint Photina, Samaritan woman whom Jesus met at the well and Saint Wulfran, Bishop who died in 720.

    THURSDAY, March 21:
    Traditional Feast of Saint Benedict, Founder of the Benedictines and "Father of Western Monasticism" and the Historical feast of Saint Nicholas of Flue, Hermit and conciliar periti at the Council of Florence. He is the Patron Saint of Switzerland who died in 1487.

    FRIDAY, March 22:
    Day of Abstinence. Friday in Passion Week Traditional Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Historical feast of Saint Isidore the Farmer, who died in 1170. He is the Patron Saint of Farmers and Laborers.

    SATURDAY, March 23:
    New feast of Saint Turibius de Mogrovejo, Bihop and Patron Saint of Native Rights. He died in 1606. Historical feast of Our Lady of Victories.

    SUNDAY, March 24:
    PALM SUNDAY. Traditional Feast of Saint Gabriel the Archangel. Historical feasts of Saint Karin of Sweden, Virgin and daughter of Saint Bridget of Sweden. She died in 1381 and is the saint invoked for miscarriages. Historical feast of saint Simon of Trent who was martyred in 1475. For reflections on PALM SUNDAY or Second Passion Sunday, see Fr. Cusick's reflections

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    Monday, March 18, 2002
    volume 13, no. 51
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