June 10-30, 2002
volume 13, no. 103

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Fall on the Sword of Prayer

    Happiness is conditioned upon the vision of a larger world. Hardly anything in this world lives by itself. Coal needs oxygen to burn; fish need water to swim; birds need the air to fly; plants are in communion with the sun, which is over ninety-two million miles away from the earth. Every animal organism demands the whole of nature as its complement. IT is too obvious to need development to remind man that his sufficiency is not from himself. We are not creators of energy; we are transformers of energy. It is a simple lesson in dynamics that the power that we expend is due to the power that we take in from without. As Alexis Carrel has said, "All beings seek to augment finite strength by tapping infinite reservoirs of power." This contact is achieved by prayer. Nature is to the body what God is to the soul.

    As the deaf are dead to the great environment of harmony and sound, such as the laughter of a child and the sigh of a waterfall; as the blind are dead to the environment of beauty, such as the first spring flower and the radiant glow of the sunset - so there are those who are Deity-blind. This condition they have imposed upon themselves as if they had plucked out their own eyes. Some call themselves humanists, boasting that they can lift themselves by their own bootstraps or be healthy by breathing in the same air they breathe out. Others are atheists, who have well been defined as those "who have no invisible means of support." Human nature has the unfortunate tendency often to depreciate what is unknown, such as a love of poetry or good music. One of the reasons why many are unhappy in this world is because the body is going too fast for the soul.

    The great difference between the contact of lower creation with nature and the contact of the soul with God is that the first is automatic and the second is free. Respiration, digestion, circulation, vision are reflex actions. It is harder to hold the breath than to breathe. This suggests that some positive effort of restraint is made to shut out an environment which is helpful to our well-being.

    At any moment of our lives there are floating around in our environment sound waves bearing music, comedy, political discussions, operas, and other radio programs. In like manner, the Divine energy of peace and joy is floating through this world, but many are not receiving it because they chose not to tune in by an act of the will. Millions and millions of favors are hanging from Heaven on silken cords, and prayer is the sword that cuts them.

Early Summer Hiatus Issue, June 2002
volume 13, no. 103
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