June 3-9, 2002
volume 13, no. 102

Chronology of a Cover-Up

Part Six

A brief history of the interventions or Our Lady of Fatima to bring real peace to all mankind and the ongoing campaign to thwart, silence, falsify and obstruct Her message of peace, hope, joy and salvation

by Father Paul Kramer

Where Do We Stand?

   Here is where we stand, more than 84 years after the Message of Fatima was delivered to the three seers by the Mother of God:

    The simple request of the Blessed Virgin that the nation of Russia - not the world, not the unemployed, not youth in search of meaning - be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has yet to be honored. This failure is as mysterious as the failure of the kings of France to honor Our Lord’s request in 1689 for the Consecration of France to His Sacred Heart. The failure to consecrate Russia, however, will have infinitely more ruinous consequences than those which befell France in the French Revolution.

    We are witness to a systematic attempt to revise the Message of Fatima to eliminate any reference to the consecration or conversion of Russia, and to reduce the Message to a mere chronicle of past events and a call for personal piety. This Fatima revisionism is accompanied by a de facto "purge" from the Church, through calls for "obedience" to deny the truth and with threats of excommunication as well as through character assassination, of anyone who would contradict the Vatican Secretariat of State’s "party line" that Fatima belongs to the past and that the Consecration of Russia must never be mentioned again.

    The supposed revelation of the Third Secret by the anti-Fatima establishment in the Vatican raises more questions than it answers. The ambiguous four-page vision of "a bishop in white" published on June 26, 2000 bears no resemblance to the one-page document containing "the words which Our Lady confided to the three children as a secret" - a document seen by various witnesses and described in considerable detail by Cardinal Ratzinger in 1984. The "interpretation" of the vision by the anti-Fatima establishment in the Vatican - that the killing of the bishop in white as well as many other bishops, priests, religious and lay people by a band of soldiers signifies the failed attempt on Pope John Paul II’s life by a lone assassin - is plainly incredible and obviously contrived to further the "party line" that the Message of Fatima belongs to the past.

    Meanwhile, more than 17 years after the alleged "consecration" of 1984 there are two abortions for every live birth in Russia, whose population is dropping by 700,000 per year; Vladimir Putin has signed a friendship pact with Red China; Russia has become a world center for the production of child pornography; and the Catholic Church is hemmed in by impossible legal restrictions, forbidden to make converts or even to have permanent resident priests and bishops in the country (they’re only allowed to stay for three months at a time). To suggest that a nation which does these things has started to be converted through the completed consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a claim as blasphemous as it is absurd.

    As the Fatima revisionists continue to insist that Fatima belongs to the past, wars rage around the globe and the world descends ever more quickly into an abyss of total corruption. The attack on America on September 11, 2001 is a dire warning that the world is moving ever closer to the annihilation of various nations which Our Lady of Fatima warned would be the result of failing to heed Her request for the Consecration.

    There have always been those who have opposed Our Lady’s Message of world peace through the consecration and conversion of Russia, and dismissed the warnings She gave the world at Fatima in 1917. The story of the brutal imprisonment of the three child seers by Portuguese government officials is well known. Equally well-documented are the vicious persecutions that Fatima adherents have endured under Communist and Masonic regimes around the world.

Less familiar to many, however, is the struggle within the Church itself concerning the Fatima Message and its enduring importance in our own times. Despite official approval of the Fatima apparitions, there remains today a small but powerful group within the Church actively working to suppress Our Lady’s full Message.

   Yet, millions of souls still look to the Message of Fatima with faith and hope, continuing to believe that the Mother of God did not come to earth in vain. Joining in a great grassroots crusade, over FIVE MILLION people have petitioned the Pope for the Consecration of Russia and full public disclosure of the Third Secret.

   We have presented this chronology in the hope that it will give all Catholics and others of good will the opportunity to judge the facts for themselves. We have not included any unsupported testimony or documents whose authenticity is open to question.

   We earnestly encourage all those seeking the saving light of Our Lady’s Fatima Message to join with us in asking our Holy Father the Pope and other Church leaders to free Sister Lucy from her 41-year ordeal of silence and to publicly release Our Lady’s Third Fatima Secret in its entirety. Petition forms and more information are freely available at the addresses listed below.

   We prayerfully request your help in bringing this information to the attention of your family, friends and associates. The stakes could not be higher: world peace on the one hand, or the annihilation of various nations on the other; the salvation of millions of souls, or the loss of millions of souls for all eternity.

   As always, God leaves the choice for good or evil in our hands. He will give us the grace to act, but He will not force us to do what is right. To do what is right is our duty as Catholics before God. Let us do what is right, respecting the Heaven-sent Message of Fatima - for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, America, our homelands and the whole world.

    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Father Paul Kramer
B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)

    EDITOR'S NOTES: We have received the gracious permission of John Vennari, editor of the Catholic Family News to reprint various articles published in his excellent traditional monthly newspaper dedicated to defending the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. This article appeared as a supplement in the April issue of this year by Father Paul Kramer from Canada who has a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and in Sacred Theology, and a Masters in Divinity, and is a Doctor of Sacred Theology.

June 3-9, 2002
volume 13, no. 102
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