June 3, 2002
volume 13, no. 102

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The Sum of All Fraud!

    We cannot depend on the bishops to guide us out of the desert for they are afraid to offend the offenders. They have lost focus of what God wills, placing an inordinate emphasis on what man wants. Therefore, it's time to take drastic action and that begins with a class action lawsuit against every diocese for fraud in deceiving the faithful.

   This month the Bishops of the United States will gather together in Dallas, Texas. How ironic that they will meet in the eye of the storm that began in the late nineties with the then landmark case against the Diocese of Dallas for covering up the homopederasty of former priest Rudy Kos. I say that because the entire conference is going to be dedicated to the sex abuse scandal that has riddled the post-conciliar Church. So scrutinous has the secular media glare become that all other issues, including the Mandatum of Ex Corde Ecclesiae will be set aside to concentrate solely on the scandal, the worst in the history of the Church.

   Those who are familiar with the Messages of La Salette and Fatima are not surprised or shocked. Saddened, definitely, but not astonished because we have been warned since the mid-nineteenth century and still we didn't listen. Now we are suffering the consequences for our refusal to heed God's truths. We were warned very clearly of the terrible peril that would befall Holy Mother Church if we were not vigilant and virtuous. It began in earnest in 1846 at La Salette where the Mother of God stated in no uncertain terms the terrible perfidity the priests would fall into. In truth it was nothing new for the prophets of Divine Revelation and private revelation had predicted the wretched state of the Church in the latter times. Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII and Pope Saint Pius X took these warnings to heart and sought to counsel souls. But with their passing the modernists who St. Pius had fought so vigorously to keep out, gained admittance. Our Lady warned again at Fatima and yet, her words were not fully heeded. As the years went on, more attacks occurred against the Church just as Blessed Mary had foretold. The problem was that few knew Holy Mother Church was being attacked, so cleverly and with such sinister guile had the enemy penetrated her ranks, infiltrated and poisoned the doctrines. Few have realized that the worst war in the history of the world has been staged and few knew because of all the purposeful red herrings planted to throw any would-be Sherlock Holmes off track. These denisens appointed by the prince of darkness were the perfect Professor Moriarty to foil and confound the orthodox approach of those who sought honest answers. It should have been obvious early on, shortly after Vatican II was underway, that we were dealing with men who were not honest - men who had already betrayed Christ and His Church. Men, who we looked to as Pauls, were, in fact, Sauls who persecuted the faithful in a far, far worse way than the man from Tarsus ever did.

   When you see the carnage of souls today you will have to admit the early Christians were in a better position than the present day Christians of Catholic heritage. At least the Romans were honest with their captors. That's more than you can say for the wardens of Modern Rome. Examples of such chicanery can be found everywhere, but one such incident of this clandestine mindset is illustrated in trying to confirm a truth which, for reasons that need to be uncovered, the post-conciliar hierarchs are trying to conceal, even though it is Church doctrine. That's how absurd they have become.

   Take for instance, the account of the editor of the excellent monthly Traditional newspaper Catholic Family News, John Vennari who uncovered the elusive 1961 document calling homosexuality and pederasty evil. Yet the bishops and even Papal Nuncio fought so hard to cover this up. Why? Why would they not cooperate with James Bendell, attorney from Roman Catholic Faithful, the foremost Catholic organization so instrumental in outing the lavendar hierarchy? Yet the USCCB flatly refused RCF's generous and respectful request to address the Bishops in Dallas next week. Why is even Rome seeking to cover-up a document that was released over forty years ago? How deep does the scandal go?

   These are serious questions that demand answers. For forty years we've gotten the runaround, the steamroll syndrome. No more. It's time to come clean in all areas. If not, we demand - as is our right as members of the Mystical Body of Christ - the resignations of the apostate bishops who so greatly offend Our Lord by their scandal, and compound the sin by lie after lie. As I wrote over a month ago in my editorial Sweep 'em all out! All we need is a Rosary and a Broom! , it is time for drastic measures to rid every see of the scum which permeate the top echelons of so many chanceries, curias and parishes. It is time to get rid of the pompous and populate every See from sea to shining sea with men who resemble and emulate the Cure d'Ars rather than currying favor of man as so many in ecclesial power do today.

   Do you realize last week when President George W. Bush met with John Paul II at the Vatican, that Bush was led into the Apostolic quarters by Bishop James M. Harvey who was promoted to the bishopric at Archbishop Rembert Weakland's urging. What a caveat to be associated so closely with this disgraced former head of the Benedictine Order. Truly the persecuted former Domican Father John O'Connor has been exonerated for he has said for years that sodomy had permeated both his own Order as well as the Benedictines and other Orders, including the liberal Jesuits. Now we know the truth. Only time will determine the depth and damage of his findings. How ironic, also, that Harvey was ordained by Weakland's predecessor in the heavily ethnic Catholic Diocese of Milwaukee - Bishop William E. Cousins - for it was Bishop Cousin who gave the elusive 1961 document an Imprimatur. Ironic is it not?

   This document in question, titled "Careful Selection and Training of Candidates for the States of Perfection and Sacred Orders" emanated from the Congregation of Religious, a congregation first founded by Pope Sixtus V on May 27, 1586 as the Congregation for Consultations of Regulars. It was incorporated into the Congregations for Consultations of Bishops and other Prelates fifteen years later and remained as such until 1908 when Pope Saint Pius X gave it the autonomy of the Sacred Congregation of Religious. Despite the fact that Paul VI changed the title to Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes in 1967 and John Paul II changed it again via his apostolic constitution Pastor Bonus on June 28, 1988 to its title today - the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, it was still under the directives set by St. Pius X when it was promulgated in 1961. Therefore it carried great weight. So why the conspiracy to hide it?

   In this age of instant technology, perhaps Montalvo and the rest of the bishops, including the Prefect of the Congregation Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, who stonewalled at every step those who sought the mysterious 1961 document on seminary disciplines for homosexuality, perhaps they figured their secret was safe with just a brush off of any who asked, most notably Bendell. Perhaps they underestimated the journalistic tenacity of old-school detectives like Vennari who returned to the proven methods of research, digging in the dusty archives of libraries - in this case a theological library in the northeast - to find that needle in a haystack. Through Vennari's relentless bloodhound efforts, we now know that it was published for public record as part of a compilation of documents titled "Officially Published Documents Affecting the Code of Canon Law" on Canon 973 (from the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law). In particular, the section "Careful Selection and Training of Candidates for the States of Perfection and Sacred Orders" written on February 2, 1961 it was released in 1963 in Volume V of the Canon Law Digest compiled by Fathers T. Lincoln Bouscaren and James I. O'Connor, both Jesuits, and covering the time period from 1958 to 1962 and published by the Bruce Publishing Company out of Milwaukee.

   Indeed, through his excellent resources John's findings bear out the fact that Archbishop Montalvo bore false witness to Bendell for the former wrote on May 11 in a personal letter with the case number 14784 even, "Kindly be advised that the document you request, was reserved to the use of the Bishops. Thus, I regret that I am unable to assist you in this matter." A document as meaningful as guidelines for chastity for seminarians should be well known by the Apostolic Nuncio of the United States and he does indeed acknowledge its existence. But he flat out lies that it was reserved to the use of the Bishops and cannot be made public, especially forty years later in light of the terrible scandals crashing down on Modern Rome.

   John's findings prove the lie for, as Vennari points out, though he had spent hours pouring through the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, it was a tip from Bendell that led John to find the source. The noted Traditional journalist pointed out that on page 486 of Volume V it reads:

    "Note: Although this instruction was not published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis or any other public form but was privately circulated, it is nevertheless referred to by the Sacred Congregation of Religious itself as 'a matter of public law'.
   Therefore, again the question must be asked far and wide: why are the Bishops and the highest echelons of the Vatican trying to suppress a document which, in part decrees:
    "1. A candidate who shows himself certainly unable to observe religious and priestly chastity, either because of frequent sins against chastity or because of a sexual bent of mind or excessive weakness of will, is not to be admitted to the minor seminary and, much less, to the novitiate or to profession. If he has already been accepted but is not yet perpetually professed, then he should be sent away immediately or advised to withdraw, according to individual cases, no matter what point in his formation he has already reached. Should he be perpetually professed, he is to be barred absolutely and permanently from tonsure and the reception of any Order, especially Sacred Orders. If circumstances should so demand, he shall be dismissed from the community, with due observance of the prescriptions of canon law."
    (Canon Law Digest, Vol. 5, Section D, "The Required Chastity", #30.)

    "Advancement to religious vows and ordination should be barred to those who are afflicted with evil tendencies to homosexuality or pederasty, since for them the common life and the priestly ministry would constitute serious dangers." [my own emphasis]
    (Canon Law Digest, Vol. 5, Section D, "The Required Chastity", page 471.)

   What has constituted an even greater serious danger is the continued cover-ups. What is so damaging about the paragraphs above? According to solid Catholic teaching, nothing. So why try to suppress such knowledge? Be suspicious of anyone - anyone - who sandbagged those seeking the truths. If they are innocent - if they are clean - then they have nothing to hide. It's the ones who persist in hiding the truth that need to be exposed. Montalvo must definitely be suspect. John wrote in a release to Roman Catholic Faithful on May 28th, "Just days before our latest deadline, a writer from Catholic Family News literally smuggled 3 pages of the original Latin document from a source that the writer was forbidden to divulge. Clearly, there are highly-placed Churchmen who do not want the contents of this document known."

   That in, and of itself, is not only scary, but contributes to raising the concept of the shroud of secrecy and corruption of the clergy. This adds even more suspicion to all levels of the hierarchy. Yet, as John emphasized, "The Canon Law Digest from which we have quoted is not an obscure series of books. As mentioned, it was a popular collection and is probably still found in most Catholic university and seminary libraries." In addition, there were three that followed that including "A guide to Formation in Priestly Celibacy" released on April 11, 1974, no. 21 by the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes, then "Directives on Formation in Religious Institutes" published in Origins on March 22, 1990, Volume 19, No. 42, page 687 issued by the same congregation; and finally Cardinal Jorge Medina Esteves circulated a "Circular Letter" on the subject from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments which appeared on pages 507 through 518 of Notizie in 1997. That is why I am amazed that, despite these facts, the bishops are still in denial, still persisting in saying to the Catholic faithful: "It's none of your business!" Oh, the unmitigated gall of these quacksalvers who pose as wolves in sheeps' clothing. The essence of this is soterial and we need to know for our own spiritual welfare. It is only a matter of time until they are all unmasked and publicly declared the apostates they are. The extremely arid conditions of the past 40 years is finally taking its toll. The foundations are cracking, parched by the lack of the waters of truth.

   These are the effects of spoiling, rotting fruit that grew from bad trees. They claim they are still on the vine, but they are in a marcescent state, withering away in an unhealthy condition that threatens to sap the rest of the tree. It has been said that before one can work on the other commandments, one needs to totally understand and be obedient to the First Commandment, "I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.". The great Saint Augustine could not begin to address violations against the Sixth Commandment until he came to realize the First Commandment. So also today's hierarchy. We cannot expect these men to address the dire problems of homopederasty running rampant in the clerical ranks today if they are not totally committed to the First Commandment. This, sadly, as we can see, is the gist of the problem for over the past 40 years the hierarchy has relaxed the absolutes and disciplines that were centered on the First Commandment. Were these prelates and clerics totally focused on serving God, they would have the discipline to ward off temptations by eschewing worldly things and emulating the saints who were likewise tempted but heeded Paul's counsel in Ephesians 6: 10-17 to put on the armor of God.

   Instead, many have chosen to divest themselves of this protective armor more fearful of offending man than God. Woe to those who Christ refers to in Matthew 15: 7-8, "Hypocrites, well did Isaias prophesy of you, saying: 'This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me." As sickening as are the revelations of perversion among the clergy and bishops, it is both the cover-up and the sensitivity toward how the world perceives them that makes this scandal far worse. In the May issue of Inside the Vatican, regarding the emergency meeting of the Cardinals in Rome on April 23-25, correspondent Della Gallagher wrote, "Homosexuality in the priest population was widely discussed at the summit and in press briefings outside the meeting room. But participants left the term out of the final statement, apparently because they judged that many in the US would be offended by attempts to draw a direct link between homosexuality and sex abuse."

   Yes, you read that right. These princes of the Church are afraid of the militant homosexual lobby. How else would you explain such absurd political correctness? When the Faith itself is at stake, these spineless prelates opt not to offend "many in the US." Pardon me, but there are not "many" in the United States who would be offended by telling the truth about homopederasty. There are a few and they are powerful, but not many. The difference between pedophilia and sodomy or homopederasty is that pedophilia refers to children of both sexes, while homopederasty refers to young men, not young boys, but boys reaching the state of puberty preyed on by adult males. Michael Rose in his documented tell-all book Goodbye! Good Men! confirms this, yet countless bishops dismiss his findings as "irrelevant."

   Perhaps they would find it more relevant if, when they arrive in Dallas next week, they are met with Federal warrants not only for their cover-up of the crimes of homopederasty, but of fraud as well. I do not doubt that practically every prelate is guilty of paying out hush money to those their charges have preyed upon. And where did this money come from to silence the victims? You know darn well it came from the people in the pew, not from "personal funds" the bishops had of their own. It's a travesty that the disgraced Weakland states that the $450,000. payed out to a gold-digging sodomite did not come from the people. Like hell it didn't. What is needed are two things: first, consider the gathering of bishops in big "D" next week as nothing more than a sting operation for they are there under false pretenses, as sherkers not shepherds. Therefore, slap the handcuffs on them for complicity in crime, and file a class action fraud lawsuit against each diocese to recover funds that were used to deceive the faithful. We're talking millions, millions of dollars that should rightfully be returned to the faithful so they can re-donate their hard-earned dollars to causes that could, in turn, be put to worthy purposes for the welfare of Holy Mother Church. Just consider the amount faithful Catholics would be able to contribute in being able to afford to return our churches to their splendor of pre-Vatican II, in building new seminaries and convents.

   The Fifth Precept of the Church is "To contribute to the support of the Church." Paying hush money to victims and vermin to cover up the perversions of men who should be holy is not contributing to the support of the Church, but rather contributing to the support of sending more souls to hell. Ergo, to continue giving money to the dioceses and parishes of the post-conciliar Church would be morally wrong. Just think of how many churches and orthodox vocations could be funded by the sale of that monstrosity of a "cathedral" that resembles a pagan temple which Cardinal Roger Mahony has ramrodded through in downtown Los Angeles and is expected to be finished this summer or early fall. Wouldn't it be ironic if he were behind bars rather than behind a microphone come dedication day? And what of the desecration of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee? A beautiful cathedral has been laid to waste by an egotistical prelate who not only defied the Vatican, but Christ as well. He has made the cathedral a den of iniquity rather than a temple of God. He has left his diocese in disgrace and in the ashes of doubt and further confusion. As we said months ago, Boston was only the tip of the iceberg. It's all now melting, the facade sliding off amidst the hot glare of media probers who are dead set on getting to the bottom of this sordid scandal as the days go on. I doubt there is any Diocese not guilty of some sort of fraud, yet all one comes up against is the icy denials of the cold-hearted bishops. Therefore, a class action suit is the only legal means Catholics have to recoup some of what has been lost.

   Consider what so many Catholics have said about the changes over the past 30 years in the Church: "If only we had known then what we know now, we wouldn't have allowed them to do it." Well, we have a second chance, a chance to right the wrongs and that is striking the enemy of Holy Mother Church where it hurts most - in the pocketbook. Why do bishops need to be chauffeured in Cadillacs or Mercedes? Why do they need to live in luxury? Why do they need to be wined and dined by the rich and famous? Why do priests need huge rectories and golf club memberships? None of them do. Cardinal Francis George has offered to sell the mansion that was so lavishly furnished by Cardinal John Cody. Every bishop ought to follow suit in helping to repay the defrauded faithful. The original funds need to be returned and reapplied by the faithful. In light of what is known now, I would venture to say few would donate to the same causes all over again. Instead, as I said above, I truly believe Catholics would be more vigilant in where their money is going, much more attuned to what is needed to preserve the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. The answers are not in social programs that have been thrown askew by political correctness and pandering to worldly pressure, but in programs that will foster an appreciation and knowledge of the True Faith so that a travesty like the one that afflicts the Newchurch today can never happen again.

   They say we learn from our mistakes. Have we? It would seem the bishops sure haven't. If so they would welcome any assistance from RCF, but instead they treat Stephen Brady's organization like the plague, blaming him for being the small stone that started the avalanche of boulders now tumbling down upon them. That should clearly illustrate the degree of sincerity of our present prelates from the Cardinals on down. We saw it in Rome in April when they danced around the "zero tolerance" debate and were more concerned with not offending the pro-sodomites than Christ and His Holy Church. 800 years ago the Church was badly in need of reform, not in the tragic degree it is today for at that time apostasy was not so widespread. Nevertheless, God chose a simple man, who had the world at his beckon call and who turned his back on these riches in order to follow God's holy will and rebuild His Church. That man was, of course, Saint Francis of Assisi who, with only the smock on his back and sandals set about to accomplish the impossible. The first man Francis called to help in this mammoth mission was Saint Anthony of Padua. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the scandaled bishops convene their semi-annual conference on the feast of this man called the "Hammer of Heretics." Truly the Church needs rebuilding from the ground up, and that begins by ridding the Church of the apostate bishops who have embraced heresy and twisted it to fit their agendas; agendas that are diametrically opposed to what Christ asked of Francis and Anthony and asks of them today. The second day the bishops meet is the feast of Saint Basil the Great, another outstanding Doctor of the Church who would not allow outside interests to influence his love for Holy Mother Church - for the Truths and Traditions of the Church Christ founded. The Mystical Bride of Christ was founded upon poverty; perhaps it is to poverty she must return to in order to bankroll souls for Heaven instead of the present road to riches that are bankrupting so many souls as Our Lord warned of in Matthew 19: 24-30. God also depends on us to do our part in His Divine Plan and that is by upholding the Faith in seeking to rebuild His Church in this time of great crisis.

   The media spotlight will be on the Bishops next week in Dallas. They will be subjected to such scrutiny as never before when the swarm of reporters hound them day and night for answers. What few of the secular media will ask is why would the Cardinals and Bishops go to such lengths not to offend the offenders, to rationalize the abhorent, perverted behavior of men they were responsible for and why does anyone think that after 40 years of stonewalling and secretiveness that the bishops are going to be honest now and come clean. Their sorry, unproductive track record is proof enough. As much as we'd like to believe they have seen the error of their ways and are repentant, their actions and inactions speak louder than words.

   No more cover-ups, no more stonewalling or sandbagging. It's time for being blatantly honest and coming clean. Penitent sinners can be forgiven, unrepentant ones only infect others. Since Vatican II the latter destructive process has not only occurred, but has been encouraged by the cover-up. In fact, one of the men credited with establishing the National Association for Man-Boy Love was none other than Fr. Paul Shanley whom Boston ecclesiastical officials knew only too well what he was up to. The thirty-day grace period will be up soon and the Boston Globe and Boston Herald as well as the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the plethora of media outlets will make public domain the contents of the countless pages of testimony in Cardinal Bernard Law's deposition. How involved is NAMBLA with the USCCB? If Law's depositions contain anywhere near what was revealed the first day of his deposition (before he put a legal clamp on them to hold them for a month), he won't be the Archbishop of Boston very much longer. If he is kicked upstairs to a Vatican post we will know Rome's involvement in this whole sordid mess.

   Many more will be asking just how deep does the scandal go. I'm afraid folks the unravelment is just beginning. Who knows who's next and how many and how much has been covered-up? I suspect much more will be revealed and this entire crisis is certain to heat up during the hot summer ahead. How much money has really been paid out? That is a question that needs to be addressed and you can be assured of one thing: the nuclear detonation of this scandal has rippled across the world and cries out to Heaven for reparation in the sum of all fraud!

Michael Cain, editor

June 3, 2002
volume 13, no. 102
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary