Part II:
White Smoke, Black Fire!
The Smoldering

Fifth Chapter

      Episode Seven

             The call had truly been an answer to his prayers. How could Ben O'Fallon have known Fasif? How could Fasif have contacted Ben? It had to be 4:30 in the morning in Dallas. That call had to have rousted Ben out of bed. Sure glad to hear his voice, though. Pat knew now Ben would get word to his cara mia and Vic. It also confirmed to Pat that Fasif could be trusted. He knew there was no turning back now. It was full speed ahead wherever that would lead. With that confidence he returned immediately to join Fasif and Niki.

      Dateline: Fasif Khadid's Oasis Villa Estate, November 2, 1:35 p.m.

             "Ya got me. I'm in." Pat grinned sheepishly as he plopped down in his chair, a sigh of resolution expelling from his lungs. "I don't know how you know Ben or what, but I'm convinced. If Ben endorses ya, then that's good enough for me."
             "Sometimes," Fasif said assuredly, "it helps to know who to trust without a shadow of a doubt. We felt we could trust you, but it is important for you to be convinced. I say that, Pat, because what I am about to tell you next will not only tie it all together, but will make sense even though it may sound bizarre, even heretical to today's standards."
             "I'm ready. Fire away." Pat lit another Pall Mall straightening his 5' 11" frame in the chair, braced for whatever would follow.
             "Good." Fasif approved. "Recall what I said of how wars begin. Jealousy and envy. Deceit follows for an honest man cannot be jealous or envious. The fruits do not follow. The same with Communism. Yet, in the Pact of Metz Pope Roncalli basically sold out his brothers and sisters in the Eastern bloc and in Italy as well, not to mention Cuba, Central America and much of South America. All for acceptance at the Council and assure safety for passage of the reforms of the Council. Communism was spawned by the Legion. Now they had pervaded the very institution that stood in their way."
             "If I hadn't talked to Ben, this would have been too much to believe?" Pat sighed.
             "If only this were a tale, a fabrication, a legend that could be dismissed as merely fiction." Fasif's voice was very somber. "If only, my dear man. But it is no tale. It is fact. How else can you explain a total renovation of the Mass - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Latin Mass being totally scrapped and in its place a mass that in no way resembles the bloody sacrifice on the altar reenacted in an unbloody manner?"
             "He's talking about the Novus Ordo Pat." Niki enlightened.
             "Yeah, I know." Pat acknowledged. "The New Order of the Mass. Kind of funky if you ask me how sterile everything's become. Pardon me for soundin' chauvinistic, but there's too damn many women up there doin' things the priest alone should do."
             "Ah, your Catholic sensibilities are coming through. There is hope." Fasif winked approvingly toward Niki. "Recall, Pat, how the devil seeks to mock God. What are the initials of this new mass?"
             "N.O. - No!!!" The realization showed on Pat's face as his shoulders slumped noticeably.
             "Right. How could the Mysterium Fidei - the Mystery of Faith be so easily removed from the central focus for the tens of millions Catholics worldwide?" Fasif was taking Pat down a path he wasn't prepared for. "It could not have been effected without cooperation from all segments of the Church. While many would like to deny this fact, it is the inevitable conclusion. Consider that there were already various dogmatic decrees that made it impossible to change the Mass, let alone alter even a word. Yet the Novus Ordo changed everything. It was and is, in effect, a fulfillment of Daniel and the Messiah - the abomination of the desolation in the temple. The very first pope chosen referred to Rome as Babylon."
             "St. Peter," Niki educated Pat. "1 Peter 5: 13."
             "Niki is my scripture scholar. We have poured over much and backed up all we speak of," asserted Khadid. "Yes, it is the same Babylon the Apostle John refers to in the Apocalypse."
             "You mean Revelation?" Pat asked.
             "Yes, it has been called that since Martin Luther's time. In truth," asserted Fasif, "it is the Apocalypse and in that Apocalypse are the revelations of our times. I weep for Rome for she has become corrupt through the changes made after Pius XII. She no longer resembles the woman clothed with the sun, but rather the harlot described in the scriptures for she has sold herself by compromising the Faith, by allying with the fornicators, with those who seek to destroy. She has, essentially, Patrick, sold out to the devil."
             "That's too much to believe." Pat was clearly shaken.
             "I know how you feel, Pat. When I discovered this it rocked my foundations," consoled Niki.
             "Ah, but that is the salvific quality." Fasif galvanized. "A house built on a rock will stand. The Church is not corrupt. Those who govern it can be. Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. We have God's word on that. But they have tried to prevail, oh how they have tried. In order to effect this destruction they needed to have saturated every level from the Conclave to the home. It could not have worked were they not to have completed that goal. It was necessary. And so they capitalized on the strength of the Catholic conscience to fulfill their mission.
             Pat leaned forward. "And that was?"
             "Obedience." Fasif's voice was strong, but not loud. Yet it penetrate every pore in the room. "No matter how much resistance, they could neutralize the forces of good if they coerced the people into believing a new doctrine - a false doctrine and reinforced it by giving all the impression that Rome officially decreed it. What upstanding, fervent Catholic would resist that authority? So clever, so devious, so complete."
             "Ya know my gramma, God rest her soul, kept complainin' 'bout them takin' away her reasons for bein' Catholic." Pat reminisced as if now he understood her anxiety and concern. "I mean she told me it wasn't right no matter what those new bishops and pope said, it was not in tune with Catholic doctrine. I thought she was just bein' old-fashioned and all, but in retrospect-"
             "In retrospect she was one of the many who recognized what was going on." Fasif affirmed. "But you see the auto-demolition had been so complete that who was going to listen to those who objected? Those who truly knew their faith recognized the travesties, but they were dying off. The Legion was counting on it. When it had to, it eliminated individuals, especially bishops and even a pope, under cover of other causes of death. The Legion could not have done so without the cooperation of government operatives in almost every nation with the full knowledge of the Church. Consider also, Patrick, why they eliminated the Catholic school system and the devotions that sustained so many generations. They had to. They had to reprogram an entire different mindset in the younger generations to ensure the traditions of truth would not be passed on. For the most part they were successful. The sixties revolution was enabled by all religions compromising to worldly standards. But the key component was the Church of Rome. If it could be penetrated the rest would fall in place. There were those who realized this and paid the price, those who were made example of to further demean the loyal opposition. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is a good example of this. Also, the controversy over Pius XII's actions.
             "They're still blamin' him for not speakin' out for the Jews?" Pat intoned, half questioning, half demonstrative. His mood implied he was starting to get justifiably incensed at the subterfuge.
             "Oh, you don't know half of it, Patrick," Niki piped in.
             "Well, of course," Khadid focused. "This is just another ploy to discredit a more traditional pontiff compared to those who followed him. To denigrate him only helps justify the new regime of thought. Elevating those who embrace the new thinking also has been a key component in furthering the lie."
             "Remember what Fasif said earlier about the murder of John Paul I?" Niki reminded Pat.
             "Yeah, makes more sense now." Pat concluded, his spirits noticeably shaken.
             "They tried to assassinate another pope after that. They were afraid he would realize the charade and move the Church back to its true course. This was back in 1981. An assassin's bullet could not do it. What saved him? That is what has remained a mystery. The spin was put forth that it was the Blessed Virgin Mary for he was 'Mary's Pope.' What upright Catholic is not going to buy that? Even the world accepted that, and that helped to turn him into a global superstar with his charisma."
             "Yeah, he was pretty popular." Pat muttered. "Can't see a problem with that though," throwing out his hands palms up.
             Nor could most of the populace and in that the Legion had him right where they wanted him.
             Pat couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Whoa! You tellin' me the pope was a member of the Legion of the Basilisk?"
             "No, Pat." Fasif held his hand up in the manner of a gendarme halting the onrushing crush of traffic. "We must be careful in those kind of rash assumptions. If I implied such, I sincerely apologize to you and to his memory. No, what I mean to imply that just as God allows evil for good, so also His counterpart the fallen spirit Lucifer allows good for evil."
             "Are you following this, my friend?" Niki queried, making sure Pat was on the same page.
             His pursed lips and scrunched brow gave way to his eyes directed toward the crucifix on the wall, "I think so."
             Fasif continued cautiously. "It is important you do, my son, for all concerned. The twelfth and thirteenth chapters of the Apocalypse may hold the answers as well. That is for you to pray and discern over. However consider the facts. The entire ecumenical movement to unite all faiths was pushed most emphatically by him, beginning five years after he was shot. Remember Assisi in 1986? The "One Eucharist" document could not have been complete without Rome's approval. Consider that the young Swiss Guard who protected him that day on May 13, 1981 Alois Estermann, the one who foiled the Legion's assassination attempt. They gained their revenge 17 years later when it was expedient and necessary. We have it on good authority that Alois and his wife, along with Cedric Tornay, were ready to confess the great cover-up. That 'cover-up' is the great secret that had been passed down in 1963. Anyone who violated that trust would be eliminated. Many had been. The link came with a fourth glass that was in the Swiss Guard's room that night in May, 1998.
             "Yeah, I remember," Pat spoke up, "I thought Tornay murdered them both out of jealousy."
             "That is what they wanted you to think." Fasif continued. "A trusted member of the Swiss Guard - one working with us. His name is Riage Benziger. He notified us immediately that on that fourth glass was the mark of the Basilisk symbol. There were supposedly only three in that room, yet four glasses. The Legion could not allow the secret to get out."
             "And what is this 'secret?' Pat demanded.
             "I would ask you to be calm, my American friend," Niki inserted. "What Fasif is about to reveal could shake your very soul."
             "Whewww." Pat exhaled. "I'm still trying to digest the last few minutes, Nik."
             "Nevertheless, the 'secret' is the how they gained control, how they were empowered by Satan himself." Fasif's voice was very dire. "Knowledge of the occult event I am about to reveal will forever make you one of the hunted by the Legion if they know you know. I will ask you for the final time, Patrick, if you are prepared for that."
             "Hey, I'm not prepared for any of it. But I've come this far. I gave ya my word. Don't leave me hangin'."
             With that Fasif divulged that before the coronation of Paul VI there had been a black mass, a Satanic mass in the Vatican to enshrine the Prince of the world, to empower him to enter the sanctuary, to have dominion over its inhabitants. That 'abomination of the desolation in the temple' occurred in June of 1963.
             Pat's jaw dropped as he stared at Fasif incredulously. Fasif expected it.
             "Sounds too bizarre to believe, my friend?" Fasif was dead serious.
             "I mean, geez, right there in the Vatican?" Pat was floored. "C'mon, that's scary. I mean really scary!"
             "And if you truly knew how cunning, how deadly the Legion is, you would be, how you Americans say it, 'Scared out of your wits!" Fasif paused. Had he moved too fast? Was Pat able to digest this and truly realize this was no fable, but a very real, very dangerous horror story. The devastation of the Field of Abraham 27 hours earlier was proof of that.
             That is what convinced Pat that Fasif and Niki were not fanatic, crazed men looking for conspiracy under every rock. Indeed, Pat himself was beginning to connect the pieces together and the tableau he was seeing very clearly now stretched way beyond his own imagination. Visibly shaken, Pat began to light another Pall Mall.
             Fasif clutched Pat's wrist before he could light the cigarette. "That strand of tobacco you hold in your lips. Notice how it is smooth, perfectly formed, undefiled, so to speak."
             "Ya sure ain't been in America, Fasif." Pat blurted back, handing him the cigarette. "Back there all ya hear is that it's a deadly drug according to the propaganda that..."
             Nodding, Fasif interrupted. "Ah, yes, and they are right. It is a deadly drug. But of and by itself it is not."
             Even Niki was a bit perplexed, exchanging glances with Pat and then Fasif.
             "You see, gentlemen," Fasif explained, elevating the white cigarette as a prop to explain his next point. "It has many properties that might be offensive to certain senses, yet in its current state, it is exquisitely formed for its purpose."
             "So, what's your point, Fasif?" Pat was getting testy. "I don't need another nicotine lecture."
             "And you won't," Khadid replied curtly. "The point is that until you contaminate it, it is in a state of excellence. What then causes that action of contamination?"
             "You're askin' me?"
             "Yes, Patrick, I am asking you."
             "Well, when ya light it I guess."
             "Good pupil, right Fasif?" Niki encouraged.
             "And what, my good man, do you light it with?"
             "The lighter."
             "The flame." Fasif emphasized. "A most beautiful spark of fire - the same fire that glows above the candles on an altar, in the vigil light standing sentinel at each tabernacle. However, unlike the beeswax of those blessed candles which burn pure, the flame that ignites this cigarette defiles it." Khadid handed the cigarette back to Pat and gestured for him to light it. "You'll notice how quickly the smooth surface disintegrates. The tip burns brightly, but slowly it envelops the wrapping and eats away, in a manner of speaking, Patrick, at the the foundation of the cigarette. Soon the entire matter is consumed by the tighly coiled, coal-like glow until poof, it no longer resembles what it was."
             "Yeah, so?" Pat wasn't cooperating with Fasif's logic.
             "So, my son, in the same manner the cigarette is destroyed, so also the Church of Rome has been affected, especially in how the reverence and respect for the sacrosanct, so greatly and perfectly displayed in the Latin Mass of Trent, has been extinguished and with it the safeguards against the fires of hell. The fire burns steadily, destroying all that had been formed, slowly but surely until...
             "Until the cancer sets in and eats away at the body," Pat finished Fasif's sentence, as he rose to his feet and snuffed out his cigarette in disdain. A lightbulb of comprehension had intensified wattage in his brain. "Ah, I get it."
             Niki sighed, "Finally, my friend."
             Fasif seized the discovery. "You see, Patrick, the flame of Satan was ignited during that Black Mass and has been scorching the Church ever since. Only the waters of grace will douse the burning, determined ashes; only prayers and vigilance will work as antidotes to the cancer."
             "Yeah, it all makes sense now," Pat sighed. "Why didn't I see it earlier?"
             "Because you didn't take your faith seriously, Patrick." Fasif's voice was stern but patriarchal. "You, my son, are not alone. The great majority of Catholics have been lulled into this miasma of complacency, compliance with today's standards which, you'll notice, are not in tune with what the Church previously taught. Because of this comatose mindset, the Legion has been able to suppress even what Heaven itself tried to convey.
             "Come again!" Fasif's last sentence threw Pat for a loop.
             "The messages from the Mother of God at Fatima," Fasif answered. She was trying to communicate in man's timeframe what Heaven has always known. She warned the faithful at LaSalette of the realization of the Apocalypse, the red dragon and the corruption of Babylon."
             "She came as a weeping mother," Niki detailed, "telling the visionary Melanie that 'Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.' This vision was officially approved by the Church.
             "The Blessed Virgin said that? Wow!" Pat shook his head in amazement.
             "And again at Fatima," Andriopoulos added. "While many were led to believe that the full secret of Fatima had been fully revealed in 2001 and dealt with the wars and persecutions of the 20th century, we know from events that have transpired over the past century and Our Lady's other messages to the visionaries at Fatima that the logic is askew. As the years have waned on, we can see the release of the supposed contents was merely a ruse to keep the bloodhounds off the scent."
             "Good analogy, Nik."
             "The fact of the matter, Patrick," Fasif resumed, "is that the Third Secret is still a secret to most. There have been several who figured it out and have born the brunt of the wrath of those out to keep it concealed."
             "And that, Pat, is the Legion's Achilles heel," Niki inserted.
             "How so?"
             Fasif was quick to answer. "Because just as pride was the downfall of the fallen angels, so also the prince of darkness' disciples portray the same fateful trait. That, thank God, is the one checkmate we can count on."
             "Ah, the chess board," Pat nodded.
             "Yes, up until now we have been able to anticipate their next move. But the acceleration of their strategy with yesteday's event makes it even more paramount that we know where they will strike next."
             A silent thud descended on the room as the three sat there as statues deep in thought. Fasif broke the silence, rising and stretching and, as if on cue, Elias entered with a fresh tray of refreshments and snacks. Yet Pat's mind was still racing. The mighty Lucifer, once one of God's chosen sentinels standing watch with St. Michael the Archangel, had bolted from the safe confines of celestial glory for something better? Pat couldn't comprehend such stupidity. It gave him a rush of courage, thinking if the devil was that dumb, he could be had. But not by playing fair. All bets were off, and Pat was ready to place his trust in Fasif, a true man of God, and his new-found friend Niki. Together they would get down and dirty with the devil.
             Elias filled Pat's glass, but the American reporter was lost in thought, his eyes glued to the vivid corpus on the cross and the omen cycling through his mind, 'Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.' Even with Heaven's warnings and the Word in Divine Revelation, the devil had still gained the upper hand. What was this beast, this horned monster with seven heads, ten horns and a like number of diadems?

      Next issue: Fifth Chapter - Episode Eight

"White Smoke, Black Fire!" is an original work, registered with the Writers' Guild and all rights are the exclusive rights of The DAILY CATHOLIC who owns the copyright. Because of the nature of the internet and the importance of sharing, we hereby give the reader permission to collect and disseminate by e-mail each episode as it is presented in each issue of The DAILY CATHOLIC, provided that one includes this 1986, 2001 copyright statement and source - www.DailyCatholic.org - and take nothing out of context, nor reproduce it for profit. This work, fifteen years in the making, is a work of fiction that replicates the reality of today in many ways. However names, characters, places and incidents are used fictionally and any resemblance to actual persons and events, except those recorded in history, are purely coincidental.


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