February 8-10, 2002
volume 13, no. 25

The Perestroika Deception Updated

by Cornelia R. Ferreira

    Reprinted with permission of Catholic Family News, see Editor's Notes below.
Installment Three - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! - The blurred line between the Church and Communism

    Editor's Note: This is an edited transcript from a speech given by the author at the Fatima Peace Conference in Rome, 2001

    For the first two installments see Installment One and Installment Two.

    Of course, manipulation of the Church was included in the perestroika deception. Religious relaxations and clerical agents of influence have been used to further Western restructuring. Russian Orthodox priests have been used by the KGB in order to promote cooperation between the Orthodox and Western Catholics and Protestants to help establish a united front for disarmament and convergence. [41] 41. Perestroika, pp. 82, 186-90. The Russian Orthodox Church joined the World Council of Churches in 1961. The Marxist tendencies of the WCC and peace and justice groups are well known.

    Unfortunately, in order to have Russian Orthodox observers at Vatican II, the Holy See promised not to attack Communism. This 1962 Vatican-Moscow Agreement, which is still in force, is a form of persecution. It has silenced the Church and allowed the errors of Russia to spread unchallenged. Golitsyn says the visits of Communist leaders to the Vatican, which started in 1967, give them credibility and opportunities for manipulation. [42] 42. Communists use these visits for manipulation and gaining credibility like they use "Summits" with Western political leaders. pp. 190, 193-94.

    He reports that the anti-Communist Russian General Volkogonov said, "Perestroika would not have been possible without a secret understanding between Gorbachev, Jaruzelski and the Pope." [43] 43. Page 168; Volkogonov obituary, Time, 18 December 1995, p. 11. Jaruzelski was the Communist President of Poland until Walesa took over in 1990. Golitsyn doesn't explain what the "secret understanding" was, so one can only presume that it was the continuation of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, with the added twist of perestroika's co-operation-blackmail: i.e., Vatican silence about Marxism would guarantee religious and civil liberalization, starting with Poland.

    However, in 1990, Golitsyn warned that apparent religious tolerance has a hidden agenda:

    "The Vatican should reverse its mistaken support for the renewal of the Communist regimes. . . . It fails to understand that greater apparent official tolerance of religion . . . is accompanied by a secret drive to increase Party and KGB penetration of the Catholic and other Churches and to use agents therein for political and strategic purposes . . . As part of the program to destroy religion from within, the KGB, in the late 1950s------other former Communists say 1930s [44] 44. For testimony of ex-Communists (Manning, Johnson and Bella Dodd) who spoke of the Communist integration of the Catholic Church starting in the 1930's, see "Heaven's Request for Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus," Part Ill, by John Vennari editor of CFN, August 2001 issue or Reprint #610 for $1.75 US postpaid. ------started sending . . . Communists to ecclesiastical academies and seminaries to train them as future Church leaders. These young Communists joined the Church . . . at the call of the Communist Party . . . to implement its . . . [policy] in the struggle against religion."
    In the present phase [i.e., right now, under perestroika], secret agents in the Catholic and other Churches are being used to implement Communist strategy. [45] 45. Perestroika, p. 116.

    The extent of the deception regarding religious tolerance in Russia can be gauged by Gorbachev's comment to his Communist colleagues in 1987, two years after he had launched perestroika and religious relaxations: "There must be no let-up in the war against religion because as long as religion exists Communism cannot prevail. We must intensify the obliteration of all religions." [46] 46. Ibid. Emphasis in original. The strategy being carried out by Gorby is to destroy Catholicism by leading it into a merger with the one-world syncretic religion. Catholicism merged with atheism or paganism would no longer be Catholicism.

    Gorbachev is co-founder of the one-world church, which is the spiritual branch of the United Nations, and is called the United Religions [UR]. [47] 47. For information on the founding and structure of the United Religions, see the following articles by this writer: "One-World Church Expected Next Year," Catholic Family News, October 1996, p. 1; "One-World Church Starts Up," Ibid., November 1997, p. 1; "The One-World Church Emerges," Homiletic & Pastoral Review, January 1999, p. 6; "A Letter From Rome," ibid., June 1999, p. 59. Also see Paul Likoudis, "United Religious Initiative Launched in Pittsburgh," The Wanderer, 6 July 2000, p. 1. Its charter was signed in June 2000. The executive director of the United Religions Initiative [URI], the group building the UR structure, says the organization is "a tool for social transformation"------i.e., restructuring. At present, the UR or URI is working locally and at the UN "to promote daily interfaith cooperation" "for the good of all life and the healing of the earth." It does this by bringing people from all religions together to work for projects promoting feminism, environmentalism, disarmament and a strong UN. Involving young people in its leftist new world order agenda is part of its work. Involving young people in its leftist new world order agenda is part of its work. The UR was endorsed by Mother Teresa and is supported by many priests, nuns, and even some bishops.

    Another co-founder of the UR is the syncretic organization, World Conference on Religion and Peace, which was launched by Catholic bishops, has a strong Catholic membership, and has the support of the Pope. He spoke at the conference it held in the Vatican in November 1994, which was the first interfaith assembly ever convened at the Holy See. The Vatican uses the World Conference on Religion and Peace as an unofficial liaison with interfaith groups. The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is its official channel. Since the World Conference on Religion and Peace is Gorbachev's partner the one-world church, we see just how far the errors of Russia and Communism have penetrated the Church to the highest levels, thanks to the deception of perestroika.

    Gramsci's strategy of perverting Catholicism is in full swing because the enemy is not recognized. The religion of God is being replaced with the religion of Man as the Church has firmly taken to the road of interfaith dialogue. This has led her away from working for man's eternal happiness to working for an earthly utopia of peace and harmony based on naturalism. This goal has facilitated Communist control of de-Christianized minds. Golitsyn assesses the consequences of détente for the Church as follows: "Never in its history since Nero has Christianity faced such a threat of possible destruction." [48] 48. Perestroika, pp.116-17.

    What clearer sign could we have that the policy of restructuring the Church is working than Gorbachev giving a speech at the Vatican last November------Gorby, an avowed Communist, whose forums feature occultism, who wants to eliminate 90% of the world's population, who is coordinating all the branches of the socialist new world order, and who instigated the policy of restructuring------the chief representative of the Kingdom of Satan on earth addressing the head of God's Kingdom on Earth and the world's political leaders as an honored and wise guest! Gorbachev has met with the Pope at least half a dozen times since 1989, and last year attended the unveiling of Cardinal Casaroli's memoirs.

The Terrorist Path to World Government

    And what clearer sign that restructuring of the West has succeeded than President Bush's September 20 speech to Congress? Declaring war on terrorists, he referred to "the murderous ideologies of the 20th Century . . . fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism." By omitting Communism, he erased for most people all memory of the most murderous ideology and the greatest terrorist organization the world has ever seen. This is not too surprising, given that Bush's family, starting with his grandfather Preston, has been involved with developing the Soviet Union, the Nazis and Communist China. Preston was, and the two Georges are, members of the Masonic Skull and Bones Society. [49] 49. Antony C. Sutton, America's Secret Establishment (Billings, MT: Liberty House Press, 1986), pp. 180-81, 136; "My Heritage is Part of Who I Am," Time, 7 August 2000, p. 42. Further, George Senior was present at Gorbachev's 1995 State of the World Forum assembly at which it was decided that Christianity is mostly to blame for the "population dilemma" and 90% of the world's population has to be cut. [50] 50. John Henry Westen, "World's Elite Gather to Talk Depopulation," The Interim (Toronto), Apri11996, p. 6. James Baker, the elder George's Secretary of State, is a co-chairman of Gorbachev's Forum, and he helped George Junior in his electoral fight. Present Secretary of State Colin Powell was a keynote speaker at the Forum last year.

    Muddying the waters further is the fact that both Georges and James Baker have oil and other business ties to the bin Laden conglomerate. [51] 51. Peter Allen, "Brother's Keeper," The Toronto Sun, 24 September 2001, p. 3; Mitch Frank, "A Wealthy Clan and Its Renegade," Time, 8 October 2001, p.57. Further, it has been reported on that President Bush's campaign was helped by the American frontman for the terrorist group Islamic Jihad, which openly promotes death to Americans. Islamic Jihad is connected with Palestinian terrorists and with terrorist-sponsoring countries Iran and Syria. It's also associated with leaders of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and aids the unlawful entry of terrorists into the United States. Evidence points to Islamic Jihad terrorists on the flight that crashed near Pittsburgh on September 11. [52] 52. Debbie Schlussel, "Bush's Terrorist Buddy,", 1 October 2001. Golitsyn has pointed out that Russia and China are both known to help Middle Eastern terrorist groups. [53] 53. Cf. Perestroika, pp. 149-50, 215.

    Now, in order for the masses to want world government, they must feel they need it. They thus have to be united around problems that allegedly only world government can eliminate. Nuclear annihilation was the first major cause, until the end of the Cold War. Overpopulation and environmental degradation took over as threats, but they've been running out of steam as they don't pose immediate danger to most people. The new threat is now international terrorism, the attacks on the U.S. being a major salvo in the psychological warfare. Regardless of who's responsible, the result already is curtailment of civil liberties, and international military, financial and political cooperation, all of which is necessary for the totalitarian world socialist state. Syncretic interfaith memorial services, with their strong political overtones, have united people in practicing the one-world Masonic religion of indifferentism, the state religion of the one-world state.

    Now, in 1969, Dr. Richard Day, formerly national medical director of Planned Parenthood, told the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society, "Everything is in place, and nobody can stop us now" in controlling population. Amongst the plans he outlined were the morals revolution; a new world religion brought about by the churches themselves; "more airplane and rail accidents, as well as building and bridge collapses" "to create an atmosphere of instability;" and finally, "terrorism would be used to make people demand international controls," Hegel taught that history moves faster toward its conclusion through warfare, and the deliberate creation of crisis is an important tool of evolutionary socialists, to eliminate the weak and improve the species. [54] 54. Cuddy, pp. 125-26; John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education (New York: Oxford Village Press, 2000), p. 183.

    There could be other strategic reasons for the September 11 attacks. One is oil. On June 26, an Indian news web site reported that India, Iran and Russia want to supply oil and gas to south Asia through India, but instability in Afghanistan was preventing this. Further, the former Soviet republics wish to prevent the Taliban from taking over their natural resources. After meetings involving Colin Powell, it was decided that if economic sanctions didn't bend Afghanistan, then India and Iran would facilitate U.S. and Russian military action against the Taliban. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan would lead the ground attack, with American and Russian back-up. [55] 55. "India in anti-Taliban Military Plan," Indeed, we do see these countries working together. The chilling thing is that in June the U.S. couldn't justify attacking the Taliban; now it has the support of most of the world.

The Sword of Damocles

    Refuting the commonly-held Catholic belief that Russia has "converted," the secular media for several years have been reporting on its return to Soviet totalitarianism. There have also been many exposes about the graft, corruption and crime in Russia. More than 70% of Russia's economy is tied to organized crime. Foreign aid finds its way into private coffers. The Russian Mafia has looted billions from the new republics, enabling it to operate in more than 50 countries. In North America, there are 30 Russian crime syndicates and billions of dollars have been laundered through the Bank of New York and other banks, involving even Yeltsin and his family. [56] 56. See, for example, John Hall, ". . . the Real Problem in Russia is Corruption," Globe and Mail, 23 July 1996, p. A14; Geoffrey York, "Yeltsin's Daughter Implicated in Kremlin Scandal," ibid., 27 August 1999, p. A12; Robert I. Friedman, "How I Got Too Close to the Russian Mob," ibid., 30 August 1999, p. A 13; Peter Morton, "U.S. Declares War on Money Laundering," Financial Post, 24 September 1999, p. C1.

    The Catholic Church in Russia is still not free. The Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow "has publicly condemned 'the cult of violence . . .and lechery' which has arisen . . . since the so-called consecrations in '82 and '84. [He] blames this situation on 'the rise of neo-paganism, . . . black magic . . . , astrologers and occultists'." [57] 57. James W. Demers and Christopher A. Ferrara, "What is Peace?", Fatima Crusader Supplement, ca. October 1999. Indeed, Russia's murder rate is one of the highest in the world, sexually-transmitted diseases are reaching near epidemic scale and about 7 million abortions are done per year. [58] 58. Geoffrey York, "Remote-Controlled Bomb Kills 13 in Moscow," Globe and Mail, 11 November 1996, p. A10; "Eastern European Nations Become Battleground on the Abortion Issue," The Catholic Register (Toronto), 18 March 1996, p. 18. Gorby himself is a New Age occultist and there is a lot of occult activity at his State of the World Forums.

    The story is the same across the other former Iron Curtain countries. Even Poland has legalized abortion, and it provides sex education in schools and subsidized contraceptives. If this is what Our Lady of Fatima meant by "conversion," then Heaven's moral standards have slipped pretty badly. No------it isn't Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, the model of purity and obedience to God, but the perestroika deception that's reigning triumphant.

    But the deception is about to come to an end as Russia gets closer to revealing her true face. Russia------not bin Laden------is the instrument chosen by God to punish a sinful world, warned Our Lady; to believe otherwise is to accuse Her of lying. We are living through Her predictions that Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecution of the Church; we're still facing Her prophecy that nations will be annihilated. According to Washington, Russia is still capable of launching a massive nuclear attack, with thousands of warheads aimed at North America. [59] 59. Jim Wolf, "Take Finger Off Nuclear Button . . .," Globe and Mail, 14 August 1999, p. A11; Nick Wadhams, "U.S. Stalling Nuclear-Reduction Talks," ibid., 21 August 1999, p. A18. Golitsyn soberly notes, "The sword of Damocles is hanging over Western democracies, yet they are oblivious to it." [60] 60. Perestroika, p. xx. He warns that convergence with Russia will bring blood baths and re-education camps. [61] 61. Pages 42, 209. In 1995 Golitsyn noted that because the West was supporting perestroika, "convergence might take less than a decade" (p. xx). The brutality of September 11 is a small indication of what might lie ahead.

    Only one thing will keep away the sword of Damocles and that is the Collegial Consecration of Russia, which will bring about its conversion, as Our Lady of Fatima promised. Until this happens, each of us must help to earn the grace necessary for the Consecration to be done by obeying Our Lady's requests: wear the Scapular, say the Rosary, practice the Five First Saturdays devotion, pray and offer sacrifices. When the Consecration is done, said Our Lady, a period of peace will be granted to the world. This will be the true peace of Christ, not the Communist peace which requires complete surrender to Communism.

    Whose word should we trust------the word of men whose hands are stained with the blood of millions of people, including those in the womb------or the word of the Queen of Peace?

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