February 5, 2002
volume 13, no. 22

Yet Another Letter to His Holiness John Paul II

       My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it has been over two months since I last wrote. I have been spending this time as God so wills me to, as a wife, mother and a very concerned Roman Catholic striving to truly know everything I can about our precious Faith so that I will never be an instrument to lead even one soul astray. For that reason I have spent much time in prayer for there the graces flow and enable each of us to be guided to the Truths our Holy Church teaches.

       This column is called "Symphony of Suffering" for there are great graces in offering our sufferings. Today I share with you another letter I am sending to His Holiness Pope John Paul II in hope against hope that he will respond by addressing the serious questions I pose on behalf of millions of Roman Catholics who suffer as well and have the very same concerns.

   Your Holiness, I write to you again, for my heart is very heavy. I had first written to you in June of this past year, but received not one word of reply. Yet, I come again to you, as a humble little child, a daughter of God and of Holy Mother Church, to ask you to clarify for me, and for many, some very important questions that have arisen, things that go against what Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ teach.

   Your Holiness, from the cradle all Roman Catholics have been taught the Ten Commandments, which we are still to abide by, for they are incorporated in the Eight Beatitudes, and in the Two Great Commandments of the New Testament. The first of the Ten Commandments says very plainly, as you know, "I am the Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have Strange Gods before Me."

   Holy Father, on many occasions, most recently this past January 24, 2002, you have held pan-religious ecumenical prayer meetings in places that astound the Catholic world. Most shocking was the blessed place of Assisi, where St. Francis lived and worked tirelessly to "rebuild" Christ's Church. Today all signs point to that being the 'new springboard point' where the Church is torn-down and compromised for there in that hallowed place, sanctified by Christ through St. Francis and St. Clare, you have allowed other faiths to come and to pray within the hallowed places of Assisi, even requiring the Friars of St. Francis to take down crucifixes lest our separated brethren be scandalized by the Crucifix, the very symbol of the Authentic Roman Catholic Faith, for which countless souls down through the centuries have given their lives to defend against infidels. Dear Holy Father, why? Why and how can you allow this? You have given these false religions the same status as the One True Faith founded by Jesus Christ. You have placed false gods before God, by allowing such things as a statue of Buddha being placed atop the Holy of Holies - the Tabernacle - and there incensed and prayed to by all present, including yourself. Like the Apostle St. Thomas I doubted you would do such a thing. Yes, I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen the photos for myself. Your very presence at these pan-religious gatherings gives great scandal to the true Catholic heart, and there are many of your flock that groan and cry out, and seek answers to your words and your actions.

   You have praised Islam, and have said in many remarks that we - that is Roman Catholics - and Islamics pray to the same God. That is not true, your Holiness, and you must know this. The Koran is a false book. It is not the Bible - the Divinely revealed Word of God. The Koran denies the Divinity and role of Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world. It denies, therefore, the Most Holy Trinity. The Koran may speak nice words, but its sole purpose is to spread its false ideology throughout the world, to conquer and then destroy Christianity. This has been the case since the time of Mohammed in the seventh century. Yet, now, in the 21st century, it is as if the very core of the Koran seems to have shed new light, where there never was light, for it was not of God…if could not be of God, for it contradicted plainly everything Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commanded and set forth in the Gospels, which the Koran denies.

   Your Holiness, I believe that you are the Vicar of Christ. I also believe that as Vicar of Christ, you must uphold the Infallible, Perennial Magisterium of the Church which has been passed down through the centuries, defined infallible at the Council of Trent (as well as many councils before it) and the First Vatican Council. There are many Catholics who would like to know why, if an explanation is possible in definitive terms, why only Vatican Council II is referenced now in any encyclical or document, papal bull, or speech of your Holiness? Why, Holy Father, is this so, especially in light of the fact the Church did not begin in 1965 when Vatican II closed, but began with Jesus Christ, Who set down for all time and for all ages the way, the manner in which the Most Perfect of all Prayers - the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar must be said, and the very words that must be used for the confection of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

   Your Holiness, I am not a scholar. I am not a theologian. I am a simple daughter of Holy Mother Church, and to you do I look for direction in my sojourn to Heaven. Dear Holy Father, I have read all the councils from the Council of Jerusalem (contained in the Acts of the Apostles) straight through to Vatican Council II. In my reading, it was quite obvious to me at once that the documents of Vatican Council II deny implicitly, and often with great ambiguity, all that came before it. It is easy to see the negation of all that the Infallible, Perennial Magisterium had held in the Sacred Deposit of Faith, to which all Roman Catholics are to adhere with their entire beings, so that through the Ministry of Holy Mother Church they may attain eternal salvation. The subsequent post-conciliar documents continue this negation of the Infallible Sacred Deposit of Faith as handed down from Jesus to the Apostles, to Peter the First Pope, until the present. As the years have worn on, Holy Father, much of what you have written in your encyclicals, in documents, papal bulls, motu proprios, speeches, audiences and homilies undermines all that came before Vatican II. For example, in Dominus Iesus you state that "outside the Church there is no salvation", which of course is an infallible Truth. Yet, in that same document, as well as others, such as in Ut Unum Sint, you also say that other religions can also be a means to salvation. You seek to give credence to the continued error of the Jews who to this day refuse to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Son of God made Man. You speak of their religion as bringing them to salvation. In the Sacred Scriptures, specifically Mark 16: 16-16 Christ commanded His Apostles to go into all the corners of the world, preaching His Gospel. He commanded them to convert the infidels, saying that those who believed and were baptized would be saved, but they that refused to believe and were not baptized would not be saved.

   Holy Father, Christ cannot change His mind. Has Holy Mother Church changed her mind, which must always be the mind of Christ? It would seem so, from the great ecumenical push you have given so much time to, while at the same time, neglecting those of your flock who ask questions that deserve answers, and you turn us away by your silence. My husband wrote a commentary last week - one read in this publication of The DAILY CATHOLIC in over 100 countries by tens of thousands of people daily - that the post-conciliar church is not truly Catholic because the Marks of the True Church have been blurred. This is a grave accusation, but one that is backed fully by the Infallible, Perennial Magisterium of the Church in all that is contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Why do you allow such fallacies that have been promulgated through the reforms of Vatican II to continue? Do you not realize that your time to make amends is running very, very short? Soon you will have to stand before the Almighty Judge and answer for your actions. You, especially to whom has been given care as the Keeper of the Keys, will have to explain to the Heavenly Father why you did not safeguard the Sacred Deposit of Faith as Jesus reminds in Luke 12: 48, "And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more."

   I don't believe, your Holiness, that I am being out of line in saying that we, as the faithful flock, demand more from our Chief Shepherd. In your Motu Proprio "Ecclesia Dei" you told the Bishops of all dioceses throughout the world to make readily available the Tridentine Mass for all who desired this Sacred Tradition. Yet, at the same time, Your Holiness, through your office of "Ecclesia Dei" and with your knowledge and support, your appointed Head of this Commission, Cardinal Hoyos, the Fraternity of St. Peter, which you began under your own Apostolic Administration, has been put on notice that the "Novus Ordo" Mass is also to be said, denying the very reason for the elevation of the Fraternity in the first place-that is, to say the Tridentine Mass. The same is true, also, of the Society of St. John. You have, through the office of Ecclesia Dei met with the Superiors of the Fraternity of St. Peter and of the Society of St. John, and have informed them that soon (a date was not given) that an announcement will be forthcoming from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which will make major changes to the Indult Mass of the 1962 Missal, and by such changes, it will cease to be the Tridentine Mass. The priests have been told that they must either comply, or leave their chosen order. How can this be, Holy Father? On the one hand you say to the Bishops, "Make the Tridentine Mass readily available for those of the universal flock who retain their devotion to this Latin Rite," and on the other hand, you change the rules in mid-stream, causing major confusion and mistrust between those who truly know their Faith and hold it as precious and uncompromising, and much of this, Holy Father, bears the mark of internal politics within the Roman Curia, and a back-handed plot to destroy the last bastion of the Authentic Roman Catholic Faith.

   Why do you hold such resentment towards the Society of St. Pius X? In reading His Excellency's Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's writings, I see nowhere where he was not in full harmony with the Infallible, Perennial Magisterium of the Church in totally upholding and safeguarding the Sacred Deposit of Faith. I am not surprised that the bulk of this so-called 'schismatic' group has seen through the modernists' agenda and refuse to compromise politically. I am sadly surprised that the priests of Campos bit on the rotting carrots that Rome offered them. They, too, will soon be faced with the same dilemna the Fraternities of St. Peter and St. John will encounter. Why this terrible hatred toward Traditionalists, your Holiness? What are you trying to hide, Holy Father? I say that in all sincerity for the only plausible reasons you would not listen with great wisdom to the wise words Bishop Bernard Fellay and his representatives have offered lovingly and charitably, yet firmly would have to be that someone would have to have something on you - blackmail, if you will - for you to listen to the wrong advice of a corrupt, Masonic Curia. Everyday more souls are being lost as you continue your non-Catholic agenda of ecumenism. You say there is no turning back. For the sake of your eternal soul, dear Holy Father, the only way to save yourself and the Church you serve is to renounce the fruitless reforms of Vatican II and return the universal Church to the purity of the Sacred Deposit of Faith as taught infallibly up until the Modernists' takeover during the reign of Pope John XXIII and so completely under Pope Paul VI's papacy.

   You have managed to complete the beatification of John XXIII and are in the process of doing the same for Paul VI. Why the rush, your Holiness? Have these past Pontiffs led such holy lives that they are now to be beatified according to the new, relaxed rules for canonization which you created when you authorized a renovation and rewrite of the 1917 Code of Canon Law in 1983? How can we believe what you say, or the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in promoting the conciliar pontiffs' sanctity when we have undeniable proof that indeed their actions were the antithesis of holiness? How can we place any credence in the credibility of so many new blesseds and saints when so much has been relaxed? How can we trust the institution of the Roman Curia who have knowingly lied to the faithful about Fatima? What else have they lied to us about? Nearly everytime someone from Rome today opens their mouth it seems they are just covering up another lie. And that has been the great problem of your advancement of the reforms of Vatican II, dear Holy Father, because in doing so you are enabling a lie to cover another lie and so on, until, as my husband says, 'it just gets piled deeper and deeper as perfect fodder for the guy with the pitchfork.'

   I ask, Holy Father, for it appears to me that there is much propaganda coming from the Roman Curia - for example, the widely expressed idea that the body of John XXIII was incorrupt. In past centuries, before there were any means of preserving a body, the incorrupt bodies of such Saints as St. Bernadette, St. Vincent De Paul, and so many others, bore the stamp of God's approval that these chosen souls were to be raised to the altar. Now, however, with the world at large in awe that the body of John XXIII is incorrupt, it is also known, though not through the Vatican Press, that he knew well in advance of his death of a method developed by a doctor in Rome which would preserve the body incorrupt, and that this doctor did indeed perform all the necessary requirements for preserving his body in such a manner as to lead the faithful to believe his sanctity was evident because his mortal body was incorrupt, when in fact, it was due to medical advancement.

   And you continue the subterfuge, Holy Father, by giving credence to the man-made created "mass" of Paul VI, the "Novus Ordo", which was not of Divine Origin as is the Authentic Tridentine Mass held as infallible by Holy Mother Church from the earliest centuries, and set forth as such at the Council of Trent, which was an Infallible Council, Your Holiness. Pope St. Pius V, in his Papal Bull Quo Primum , codified the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in accordance with the Infallible Decrees of the Council of Trent, and declared that should anyone, be he layman, prelate, or even pontiff, alter this most Sacred Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he would "incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." Yet, Pope Paul VI, had no qualms when he appointed, after the close of the Council, and without the Council Father's vote to change the Mass, a committee composed of a 33rd Degree Mason, Cardinal Annibale Bugnini, a Marxist Priest, and six Protestant ministers to create a "new" man-made "mass" that, while introduced in such an underhanded, cowardly way by Paul VI who "wished" that all Catholics would accept this "new mass" for it did not in any way differ from that Mass which was the Mass of our forefathers, the Mass of the Saints, the Mass of All Times and of all Places, seemed to have completely forgotten his Sacred Oath that all Pontiffs had taken even then that they would uphold the Infallible Sacred Deposit of Faith and guard it with their lives, and dared to impose through BLIND obedience on the Catholic World a "new mass" that was no "mass" at all, but rather a Great Sacrilege, for it did not contain the "Sacrificial" nature that the Mass must always have, and dared to change the Sacred Canon of the Mass, as infallibly defined at the Council of Trent, codified by Quo Primum, and even went so far as to change the indisputable words of Our Lord Himself necessary for the transubstantiation of the wine into the Most Sacred Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Right there is one of the greatest lies of a Pope - a direct lie that, sadly, so many, through blind obedience, continue to believe. Is this right? Is this in accordance with what Christ asks? Is this anyway to run a Church, your Holiness. And why, Holy Father, at the moment of your acceptance of your election to the Chair of Peter, did you not take the same Oath as all other Pontiffs before you? That greatly disturbs me for there is no rhyme nor reason why you wouldn't do what every Vicar of Christ before you did to safeguard the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Why would you not reinstate the mandatory Oath Against Modernism and Prayer to Saint Michael which Blessed Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII inserted to protect our beloved Holy Church. Do you not want to protect her?

   How, Your Holiness, can you protect souls with all the aberrations you have allowed including the man-made "mass" of Paul VI? It is contrary in every aspect to the Divinely given "Mass" of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With all respect, Holy Father, there is no "defense" for this Sacrilege called the "Novus Ordo". With all respect, Holy Father, any Catholic who truly knows their faith, it is clear that this "Novus Ordo" was intended to Protestanize the Catholic Church, and to lead to, as is coming to pass, a pan-one-world religion. The Infallible Decrees of the Council of Trent were completely ignored by the committee who created this "novus ordo", and, pardon me, dear Holy Father, for I am adamant, but the Council of Trent was INFALLIBLE, Vatican Council II was NOT!

   Yet another question Your Holiness, from a little child who, though ignorant of the political maneuvering of the Roman Curia, has been blessed to know her faith thoroughly. Your Pontificate is marked by ecumenism. By your definition of ecumenism, as played out for these several decades now, you wish to unite all men through "liberty, equality, fraternity", which are the very words of the French Revolution, and the cause of the destruction of Holy Mother Church in France, the first daughter of the Roman Catholic Church, that place on earth in which the Mother of God has chosen to appear in more than several places, and to Saints raised to the altar, who are also from that country that once was a jewel in the crown of Holy Mother Church for her fervent obedience to the Infallible Teaching of the Perennial Magisterium of the Church. You have brought together time and again religious leaders from every persuasion. You have spoken to every major and minor false religion, and have participated in their practices. This is scandalous, Your Holiness. It is a sin against the First Commandment, and against the Two Great Commandments of the New Testament. You have elevated false religions to the status that they, too, may lead to salvation, which is contrary to what Christ Himself taught and commanded. You push toward a "global" village, a "global" society in which all men are united under one "faith." But which faith is that, Your Holiness? You have spoken out vigorously many times, condemning the actions of the Church in past centuries for her "proselytizing", and have made it very clear that there will be no more efforts from the Roman Catholic Church to "convert" anyone from their false religion to the One True Faith. You have sought compromise at the expense of the Eternal Truth, and have given scandal to those Roman Catholics who still know their Faith, and cannot be reconciled between the infallible teachings which they hold dear and guard with their life, and your actions and words which deny these very Eternal Truths. Please, Your Holiness, how can you explain this to your children in the Church? What are we to think?

   I have many more questions, Your Holiness, that is true and therefore, I will follow up soon with more questions for it is our privilege and, yes, duty, to ask our Servant of the Servants of God how these variations from the True Faith could ever be condoned. I realize your schedule is very heavy as you travel the world for the sake of ecumenism. But I do have one last question that I must ask for the sake of the priceless gift of the One True Faith which God has deemed to give to me. Holy Father, why do you apologize for everything Holy Mother Church did throughout the centuries…for She was the foundation of civilization in every region of the world… when you do not apologize to the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church who are dismayed at your actions and words, and who believe that you must first apologize to Almighty God for rejecting the Infallible Sacred Deposit of Faith so held and so guarded from the time of Christ until Vatican Council II, and to all your children who know their Faith and know that its expression exists in the Traditional Latin Rite, which has NEVER BEEN ABROGATED and could not for St. Pius assured that. Yet, why do you cower from letting the faithful know this? Who is in charge of our Church - you or the bishops? If it is the bishops since your Cardinal Hoyos has expressed that Rome is afraid of their rejection of the truths of the Latin Mass, then, Holy Father, where is the Primacy of Peter? Since the Latin Mass has never been forbidden, then do you not have another apology to make? That would be to the late Archbishop Lefebvre whose character your regime has greatly assassinated, as well as those who strive to truly fulfill God's Holy Will. Why are you so afraid of one Father Nicholas Gruner? Like Lefebvre before his forced 'excommunication' by political modernists out to silence him, Gruner is the target today. One man? Please, Holy Father, we are not stupid. Russia is in far worse condition spiritually today than ever before, even during the terrible persecutions of the Iron Curtain days, which were only perpetuated by John XXIII and Paul VI's unbelievable, traitorous acceptance of the Pact of Metz. If we are to believe what Rome says about the fulfillment of the Fatima Messages, then are we to call Our Lady a liar? That would be blasphemy.

   Yet there has been too much blasphemy coming from those entrusted to the care of souls and appointed by you. This madness, this demolition of our beloved Faith must stop and you are the only one who can effect it. With your last dying breath, I, along with millions of loyal Catholics ask, plead with you to be totally entrusted to Mary, to be loyal to your highest office, to be loyal to the One Whom you represent on earth and be not afraid; return Holy Mother Church to the absolutes and disciplines she was so respected for before Vatican II, and of which so many fruits were made so abundant over the centuries. Dear Holy Father, we are not blind, though you trump that there are so many fruits from the 'New Springtime,' in truth, we have had 40 years of winter where no fruit can grow. In your heart you must know why this is - because a bad tree can never bear good fruit (cf. Matthew 7: 17).

   I assure you I am being truly obedient and, in all humility, I ask you dear Pontiff, just as Paul did of Peter in resisting him to his face, are we to blindly obey you when what you ask is in contradiction to what is taught by the Infallible, Perennial Magisterium of the Church, or are we to be truly obedient to the Petrine Primacy by bringing these grave problems to your attention?

   As a humble daughter of the Church and of God, I will wait patiently again to hear from you. I beg you, do not have one of your secretaries send me a "form letter" saying that my letter has been received and will be given serious attention. That has been the case with several friends who have taken it upon themselves, in the same manner of charity and humility, to have you clarify the state of Holy Mother Church this day and age, with all that was Infallibly Defined prior to Vatican II, which Council was pastoral only. Nothing, Holy Father, has been declared infallible since 1950 when Pope Pius XII declared the Dogma of the Assumption. I beseech you, on behalf of millions of children in the Church who cannot fathom the destruction of the Faith, to have the courtesy to address these questions put forth by me, and by me on behalf of so many who would like to write to you, but feel they can never reach you, never be heard by you, and never be answered in truth by you directly, but only through a Curia member.

   Your Holiness, I pray for you and for Holy Mother Church every day of my life. I value my Faith beyond anything else on earth. Therefore, I ask God to assist you each moment of your life and throughout the remainder of your Pontificate, and beseech the Holy Ghost to clarify the questions I have asked, so that we may understand one another in Truth - which is God, for I, as a True Roman Catholic must be OBEDIENT to the Perennial, Infallible Magisterium of the Church, and not give BLIND OBEDIENCE to the ordinary magisterium of the church for the sake of my soul's eternal salvation.

Your very little daughter who cries out to you and for you,



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February 5
volume 13, no. 22
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