February 27, 2002
volume 13, no. 38

Powell's Pugnacity in Promoting Promiscuity

Colin condones condoms because he doesn't have any other answers. Wouldn't you think our Secretary of State would have more common sense and realize that if you play with fire you're going to get burned? Especially when his remarks sparked the embers of immorality with incendiary remarks that only stoke the coals of more immorality and sin because he said it. It's only more fuel for the everlasting fire many will be cast into forever because they chose the path of offending God and His commandments.

    A little over a week ago Republican-in-name-only (RINO) U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell showed his true colors during a Q & A on MTV. He showed clearly that he is a self-confessed pro-abort who remains true to his liberal ideology. This came to the limelight when he emphasized condoms over abstinence as a way to protect the youth.

    Several decades ago there was a popular song whose lyrics everyone hummed: 'Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.' Today that metaphor is fast becoming obsolete in the new world thinking where the liberal ideology of pro-abortion and total selfishness go together like a broken down horse and a dilapidated carriage that has lost its luster; in other words used goods that become worthless the more they abuse and are abused. This especially holds true for souls, but that was not Powell's concern. That's obvious! You show me someone, who accepts the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses and I will show you a person who wants to flood our youth with condoms.

    CONDOMS DO NOT WORK. It's been tried, over and over and over again. For what little good they do, it is far outweighed by the damage they do not only physically, but especially spiritually and psychologically, too. They give approval to having promiscuous sex. So, instead of having a certain percentage of the world's youth having sex, this absurd message by Powell, makes one, who would ordinarily NOT be promiscuous to be so. Why not -- Secretary of State Powell sees nothing wrong with it. Why, he didn't even mention abstinence.

    He had the opportunity. A golden one. But he dropped the ball big time. Powell was asked during a MTV 'town meeting' through a satellite hook-up on Thursday, February 14th by a young Roman Catholic woman who obviously knew all about the Church's stance on contraception. Evidently what Powell thought meant more to her than what her Church teaches as dogma or she wouldn't have asked the question. The woman, Daniela Sirtori a 19-year old Roman Catholic student from Milan, Italy seemed to be throwing it back in the Church's face with the way she worded the question. Was she baiting Powell or was she hoping to hear what she heard. All I know is that Powell got a great big 'Cheshire' grin on his face before saying, "I certainly respect the views of the Holy Father and the Catholic Church. In my own judgment, condoms are a way to prevent infection, and therefore, I not only support their use, I encourage their use among people who are sexually active.''

    That's like saying, I respect you and then punch you in the mouth. The Catholic Church's way is foolproof. It has long been established by far, far wiser and holier men than Colin Powell. In fact, it wasn't man at all who set it in stone but I AM WHO AM - God Who gave the Ten Commandments to Moses to be observed by all on earth for all time. The Sixth and Ninth Commandments firmly prohibit any thought of condoms. The Church has always upheld this long before there ever was such a hideous modern invention of science in the prophylactic. But in these days when man's ideas are considered more pertinent than the Divine, what do you expect? Of course: Powell's way. Never mind that it propagates promiscuity and STD's -- not to mention pregnancies. His way has not worked. Teens have been told about condoms until they are blue in the face.

    So was it just an MTV rush that caused him to say "use a condom" or did he really mean it? Those who know Powell know he is an avowed pro-abort and he meant every word. That was confirmed the Sunday immediately following the MTV utterance. On Meet The Press Sunday, February 17th, Powell was a guest. Tim Russert, the host brought up the firestorm of criticism from people of faith caused by Powell’s address to the youth of the world, in which Powell said that they should forget about conservative ideas and use condoms if they are sexually active.

    Would you believe that I actually thought that Powell would say something like this on Meet The Press: “I probably chose the wrong words. What I meant to say was that abstinence is the best. This is the only way that the epidemic of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases will be stopped. Condoms are not foolproof. In certain sexually transmitted diseases, they are of no value at all, so if you want to be on the safe side, abstinence is your BEST choice. However those of you, who will not take my advice and want to gamble with your life, then by all means, use a condom.”

    This way, he gets his condom message out and at the same time promotes abstinence as his number one choice, because he did say on Meet The Press that abstinence and being faithful were his first choice.

    That being the case, then he should have said that when he spoke to the youth of the world, but he DID NOT. His excuse on Meet The Press was that his message was to the sexually active.

    Oh, what a tremendous amount of good, Powell could have done for the youth of the world, if only, he wasn't of a liberal mind.

    I have absolutely no doubt that teens and young adults in the United States and throughout the world, who were NOT sexually active, WILL BE, because of Powell’s unadvised statement. After all, one of the top leaders in the most modern and up to date medically efficient countries on the face of the earth recommended condoms.

    He DID NOT say that condoms could still be a danger. That there are still certain sexually transmitted diseases that they are of no help at all. He did not say they may increase the risk of cervical cancer. He did NOT say that you could still get pregnant with a condom. As a matter of fact, he promoted condoms as if they were foolproof. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that Powell owns shares in a condom company.

    It's as if he spoke without thinking. Maybe he meant well, but it didn't come out of his mouth well. This is why I thought, FOR SURE, that he would apologize for his POOR choice of words on Meet The Press. But he didn't -- instead, he said he meant every word he said and would not want to change anything.

    This is an obvious case of liberal thinking. After all, Powell is pro-choice [to kill unborn children]. It would appear that Powell is a Republican in name only. He knows that abstinence is the choice of the man who appointed him. President George W. Bush recently proposed to increase abstinence funding by $33 million. So, how is it possible that Powell did not convey abstinence as his first choice.

    Then, when he told the world to forget their conservative ideas, when it comes to sex, he might just as well have slapped President Bush and every conservative in the country on the face.

    Tim Russert mentioned this “conservative” remark and Powell’s answer made absolutely no sense. He sounded like Bill Clinton trying to explain what “is” means, only Powell’s excuse -- are you ready for this -- the “c” in the word conservative, the way he meant it, was a small “c” and the other would be a capital “C.” I still haven't figured this one out. It rivals Clinton's “it depends what you mean by the word "is."

    Clinton and Powell are birds of a feather. Let's face it, Powell is a liberal in conservative clothes. President Bush should “can” him -- kick him out. Not for his message to the youth of the world, because he could have just misspoken, but for his insolent, non-aplogetic, self-serving, ridiculous and clintonian explanation on Meet The Press and for his . The only thing that Powell accomplished by his reckless and irresponsible speech to the youth of the world, was to promote promiscuity and increase the rate of STD and pregnancies.

    Why do you think that [Un]Planned Parenthood passes out condoms to our school children and for that matter around the world -- because they are a compassionate and a benevolent organization? That the suffering of human beings make them sick?

    Of course not. They know that the more condoms that are passed out, the more kids will become sexually active -- for two reasons: 1) Sex must be the thing to do -- why they are even giving us free condoms.
2) The more kids and adults have promiscuous sex, the more pregnancies will occur and the more children they can kill -- hence more money for them.

    If PP thought for one minute that passing out condoms would NOT be good for their business of killing unborn children, they would NOT pass them out. The staggering increased numbers of our youth, who become sexually active as a direct result of giving our blessing to promiscuity, by passing out condoms more than offsets what little advantage condoms may be of benefit in preventing STD and pregnancies.

    Let me make this as plain as I can: Planned Parenthood is not in the business of losing money. This satan inspired organization has only one thing in mind -- kill as many unborn children as is humanly possible. Why else did NARAL and PP induce the Attorney General of New York, Eliot Spitzer, to shut down the crisis pregnancy centers in New York. All these centers do, is to inform women of the other alternative to killing their unborn child.

    After Powell's terrible advice to the youth of the world, I thought of Jesus Christ. Would Our Lord tell the youth of the world to use condoms if they were sexually active, or would He say, if you know of a sinner, show them the way to God and to sin NO more? Wouldn’t this accomplish much more than satan’s way of passing out more condoms, which has not worked in the past and will NOT work in the future?

    Please contact President Bush. Let us flood his office with our outrage of Powell’s reckless, irresponsible and false information that he gave to the youth of the world. Since Powell is so hep on 'dialoging' about issues, let him know what you think and let his boss know, too.
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volume 13, no. 38
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