February 1-3, 2002
volume 13, no. 20

The Perestroika Deception Updated

by Cornelia R. Ferreira

    Reprinted with permission of Catholic Family News, see Editor's Notes below.
Installment Two - Communism's New Look

    Editor's Note: This is an edited transcript from a speech given by the author at the Fatima Peace Conference in Rome, 2001. For the first installment, see Installment One.
    Why was the "collapse of Communism" staged in the Soviet Union and not China? Well, I believe first, because the Soviet Union, especially Russia, is the fountain-head of Communism; if the Soviet Union collapses, one could loosely say Communism had collapsed, But there's another reason, according to Golitsyn:
    "One of Gorbachev's closest advisors had referred in . . . 1988 . . . to the forthcoming "erosion of the image of the enemy" [i.e., the image of Soviet Communism, as perceived by the West] . . . If he had meant that the enemy itself was to be erased, he would have said as much; but he did not. Thus the West mistook the image for the reality------just as this . . . strategist had anticipated . . . it followed that the 'abolition of the image of the enemy' would need logically to be accompanied by the 'disappearance' of the Communist Party itself. Hence the 'August coup' and its aftermath, which represented a 'Break with the Past,' opening the way for 'convergence' [with the West] as intended . . . By contrast, since the West had not, since Nixon's détente with China, regarded China as 'the enemy " the reverse of this logic required no 'vanishing act' by the Chinese Communist Party." In his 1990 interview for Time, Gorbachev confirmed that the Communist Party in the Soviet Union was changing its image to look more democratic, but not to change course. This would make it more powerful and move Communism forward: "The party has embarked on the path of profound self-reformation. It is making itself much more democratic" [i.e., closer to Lenin's idea of Communism, but the word 'democratic' gave the impression Communism was collapsing]. Making the Party more democratic would "enable it to be revived as a powerful, organized political force, . . . and that will help to move perestroika------[i.e., the restructuring of the West]------forward."
    Gorbachev also stated the plan for the coming "collapse" of the Soviet Union, and the formation of a new union which would more closely resemble Lenin's vision:
    "When the U .S.S.R. was born . . . Lenin was of the view that the Union should be a federation of equal republics, while Stalin . . . favored a unitary state. Lenin's approach was formally adopted . . . , but . . . things turned out quite differently. It's only now that we are beginning to create a new Union in the original sense of that concept. A truly democratic multinational state and the progress of perestroika are mutually interdependent . . .

    ". . . a new Union would differ from what we have now. There should be real sovereignty for the republics . . . That means a degree of freedom [not full freedom] that would enable every people to feel that it is in full control [but not to be in full control] of its land . . . There should be . . . new relations between the republics and the center [the center being Russia] . . ." [Emphases added.]

    Nineteen month later, the USSR split into the Commonwealth of Independent States [CIS]. Golitsyn points out other strategic advantages for breaking the Soviet Union into several republics:

(1) The first is that there are now more Communist countries represented in, and able to influence, the UN, the European Union [EU] and international financial organizations. By 1994, all the so-called "independent" republics, including the Baltic States, were controlled by Communists, within the fiefdom of Russia. This strategy mirrors the successful policy of Lenin; who gave temporary "independence" to some republics in order to promote trade with the West. [16] 16. Perestroika, pp. 87-90, 207-8.

(2) Another reason for "collapsing" the Soviet Union was to gain control of Middle Eastern oil. The new "democratic" image of the Muslim republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States [CIS] is being exploited to develop alliances with Muslim fundamentalists in Arab countries so that pro-Western rulers in those countries can be replaced with Russian-controlled fundamentalists. [17] 17. Ibid. pp. 115, 149-50. With the U.S. now at war against Taliban fundamentalists, we're at the point of testing which way the loyalties truly lie in the Middle East.

(3) Another result of collapsing the Soviet Union, says Golitsyn, is that the Muslim republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States are being used to channel nuclear weaponry to Iran, whilst Russia, which is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Pro-liferation Treaty, looks innocent. Further, Turkey, a NATO member, was enabled to become a "major partner of Russia," purchasing Russian military equipment and cooperating with it. [18] 18. Ibid. pp. 150.

The Rebirth of Lenin

    Now, according to the Gramscian formula, Christianity has to be secularized, and culture and morals corrupted, for the Revolution to succeed peaceably in the West. Gramsci said, "Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity." Control of the Western mind is effected by controlling the media, changing the meaning of words, and destabilizing society through corruption. With society thus "deconstructed," the mind is confused and more open to collaboration with the enemy. [19] 19. Ibid, pp.116-17, xxii-xxiii; Dennis L. Cuddy, The Globalists (Oklahoma City: Hearthstone Publishing, 2001), p. 229.

    Golitsyn demonstrates that the present strategy is a continuation of the New Economic Policy [NEP] devised by Lenin in the 1920s, with Gramsci's "improvements" thrown in. Lenin had said, "The lie is sacred, and deception will be our principal weapon." Just like today, Lenin's NEP was hailed by the West as a retreat from Communism, [20] 20. Cf. Perestroika, pp. 18-19. but unlike today, the Catholic Church------men were not deceived. Pope Pius XI, in his 1937 encyclical On Atheistic Communism, warned that Communism was not converting; but he was ignored.

    The NEP fooled the West into helping the Soviets and strengthening Russian Communism. Stalin continued the subterfuge to the point of showing some religious tolerance and dissolving the Communist International; but his later repressions badly discredited Communism and impeded its international expansion. Modern Communists therefore condemn Stalin, but this doesn't mean they've broken with Communism. Disassociating themselves from him fools the West into thinking they are converted.

    So Kruschev and Mao decided to abolish Stalinism and restore Leninism, which actually was just as depraved. A scientific study of Lenin's NEP was started in 1957. In 1960, the Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada was set up in Moscow to help Soviets research these societies targeted for restructuring. At the end of 1960, the long-range strategy based on Lenin's NEP was adopted by 13 Communist countries, including China. [21] 21. Ibid. pp. 13, 52-55, 83-84.

    Perestroika is the final phase of the strategy. It's the final push to conquer the West------from within------using KGB-controlled dissidents, opposition movements and disinformation about so-called liberals and conservatives, reformers vs. "hard-liners," etc. According to Golitsyn, the policy of glasnost or "openness" was meant to combine accurate information with disinformation. The KGB was to create and control Communist Bloc officials of all political stripes in order to convey an image of democracy. Leaders since 1960, including Gorbachev and Yeltsin, have all been collaborators in carrying out the plan. Their power struggles are staged. [22] 22. Ibid. pp. 7, 14, 56-57, 131, xxvi.

    KGB "agents of influence" have long infiltrated critical Western circles in order to change the thinking of the leaders of every part of society. Many so-called "dissidents" are actually agents, as are diplomats such as Soviet Ambassadors. Exchange programs and joint projects have greatly aided Russian research, influence and recruitment. [23] 23. Ibid. pp. 13-14, 43, 191-92. The UN, located in New York, is a great source of Communist agents.

    Whilst forging bonds with Western liberals, agents also identify true anti-Communists, who are then neutralized. They are ridiculed, or slandered as "enemies of peace," or removed from office, or assassinated. [24] 24. Ibid. pp. 18, 32-33, 168, 192. I would say that Father Gruner is a victim of the neutralization technique, as used by agents within the Church.

    A major Communist penetration success is the establishment of Gorbachev as an agent of influence at the highest levels of Western society. According to Golitsyn, four months before the August '91 fake "coup" attempt in the Soviet Union, Gorbachev established, on American soil, the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union------otherwise known as the Gorbachev Foundation/USA. It's located in the Presidio, the disused military base in San Francisco. [25] 25. Ibid. pp. 27, 31, 43, 139, 191. Some years later it changed its name to the State of the World Forum, whilst an Eastern branch, called the Gorbachev Foundation of North America, opened at Northeastern University in Boston. Since the staged "collapse" of the USSR, Gorbachev has used his two American bases to mobilize the world's leaders in the cause of disarmament and convergence. His six State of the World Forum conferences, as well as conferences in Boston, have greatly advanced the Communist goals by penetrating every field of activity around the world at the elite leadership level.

A Communist Role for NATO?

    Golitsyn demonstrates that the liberalization of Eastern Europe was meant to show that Communism was no longer a threat, so this would hopefully lead to the dissolution of NATO, the American withdrawal from Europe, and a neutral, socialist Europe, which Gorbachev and Shevardnadze call "a Common European Home from the Atlantic to the Urals," [26] 26. Ibid. pp. 4-5, 210. where "Common" is code for Communist.

    Since NATO doctrine states that the security of the Allies is provided by "the strategic nuclear forces of the alliance, particularly those of the United States," the dissolution of NATO would lead to Western nuclear disarmament. But since NATO still exists, the pressure is on for NATO to disarm. But if this plan doesn't work "Plan B" is to reduce NATO's effectiveness by several possible means:

(1) The first is penetration. [27] 27. Ibid. p. 228. This has already taken place with the "Partnership for Peace" program with former Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union members. Then in 1995, Russian troops joined NATO's peace- enforcement mission in Bosnia. The Russians were involved in planning and intelligence through the posting of a Russian general to NATO's military headquarters in Belgium. In 1997, a permanent NATO-Russian Council was formed, with NATO agreeing to consult Russia on all decisions. Also, troops from some of the former Soviet States have been given training in the U.S., and the FBI and CIA have been working with Russia to deter nuclear terrorism. [28] 28. Ibid. pp. 231-32, and cf. pp. 215-16; "How to Build a new NATO," The Globe and Mail, 11 December 1995, p. A 15; Alan Freeman, "NATO Becomes Key to Peacekeeping," Globe and Mail, 15 May 1997, p. A22. These projects are a working form of convergence, which is the goal of perestroika and the foundation of the one-world socialist government. Russia's partnership with NATO and the U.S. in ridding the world of Islamic terrorism is another step towards convergence, making one wonder who was the true force behind the attacks of September 11, especially since a 1989 Pentagon report made it clear that Russia was leading a worldwide network of Marxist-Leninist terrorism aimed against the United States and its allies. One of its major projects was helping the PLO and other Palestinian terrorists. [29] 29. "Pentagon Report Says Kremlin Still Leading World Terrorism," The Christian World Report, August 1989, p.5. The first attack on the World Trade towers took place only 4 years after the Pentagon report, but since Communism had "collapsed" by then, no questions were raised about possible Russian links to the Islamic bombers.

(2) Golitsyn says the second way to reduce NATO's effectiveness is to reduce its original purely military role of defending its members. [30] 30. Perestroika, p. 92. This has been accomplished by using NATO as a peace-enforcement force in Bosnia, which is a non-member. The Bosnian and Kosovo actions illustrate NATO's new role as an arm of a UN police force, and thus working for Communist expansion, which has always been the UN agenda.

(3) The third way to reduce NATO's power is by getting it to accept its "former" European enemies as members. Moscow's opposition is a pretense, as such membership would actually increase penetration. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have already joined NATO. [31] 31. Pages 31, 230; "Old Soviet Allies Sign on With NATO," Globe and Mail, 13 March 1999, p. A17. One goal of the Chechnyan barbarity, according to Golitsyn, is to strengthen the argument that Russia's neighbors need the protection of NATO membership. The tactic has worked. Although Russia is now an ally of the West, its former satellites can use Chechnya as a reason for joining NATO. [32] 32. Perestroika, p. 228. The destruction of NATO's effectiveness will be complete if Russia becomes a member, a scenario that has been raised in wake of the September 11 attacks. [According to Soviet Analyst, it is a demand of Russia. Ed.] Golitsyn shows that Poland has played a large part in the disarmament campaign. The Solidarity trade union was planned by the Communist Bloc during 1958-60 and the Polish Communist Party formed the original core and leadership of Solidarity, whilst Lech Walesa merely cooperated. Having gained stature in the West, Walesa was then able to travel around the world to help broaden the Communist base in trade unions. [33] 33. Ibid. pp. 4, 90, 97, 115, 179-80, 204. Walesa, revered as the man who initiated the collapse of Communism, should be a natural enemy of Gorbachev; yet he was sponsored in 1998 by the Gorbachev Foundation in Boston to talk to the media about a one-world economy. What further proof is needed that he and the Communists have always been on the same side? Was Walesa used to mislead the Pope regarding the "conversion" of Poland? [34] 34. For more on Solidarity's important role in deceiving the Catholic Church and the West, see New Lies for Old, pp. 332-36. Its job now done, the Solidarity government was turfed out in September's election and replaced with a Communist government. The press says this is the extinction of Solidarity. [35] 35. "Leftist Win in Polish Vote Signals End for Solidarity," Globe and Mail, 24 September 2001, p. A17.

    Golitsyn predicts radical changes in Israel's position. [36] 36. Perestroika, p. 150. Well, the assassination of the pro-Western Israeli PM Rabin and the stalling of the Middle-Eastern peace process could be part of the planned changes. In any case, Rabin's widow is a co-chairman of Gorbachev's State of the World Forum, implying that Rabin's stance was not that pro-Western. And former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the predecessor of Ariel Sharon, is associated with the socialist International, [37] 37. "Israeli Soldiers Evict Settlers from Illegal Resistance Symbol," Globe and Mail, 10 November 1999, p. A17. whilst the King of Jordan's mother, Queen Noor, is another co-chairman of Gorbachev's Forum. Given Russia's influence over the Middle East, its penetration of the United States, and its own terrorist stature, it seems highly unlikely that Osama bin Laden has been acting on his own.

    Golitsyn says the United States has been unable to detect the long-range Communist strategy because of disinformation provided by KGB and Chinese spies who have penetrated the CIA since 1958. He says perestroika so confused American intelligence that it became dependent upon KGB plants as sources of information. [38] 38. Perestroika, pp. 73, 207. Double agent Aldrich Ames spied for Russia from the start of perestroika [1985] to 1994, sending ten valuable CIA agents to their death. [39] 39. Jill Smolowe, "Double Agent," Time, 7 March 1994, p. 26. Why spy if we're all buddies? The accused FBI double agent Robert Hanssen, arrested in February 2001, also allegedly spied for Russia since 1985. The FBI calls it "potentially the worst breach" in its history. [40] 40. Philip Shenon, ". . . Man Accused as Worst Spy in FBI History," The Toronto Star, 26 February 2001. Did Hanssen or other spies enable the security failures that allowed the growth of terrorist cells in the States and the attacks of September 11? But regardless of intelligence problems, one wonders how much confusion there really is at the high levels of government and finance. Many researchers have uncovered secret and public support of the Communist agenda by Western leaders, starting with the Bolshevik Revolution itself.

    The specifics of how the controlled fake democratization takes place varies from country to country, depending on the specific circumstances in the country that can be exploited.

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