February 18, 2002
volume 13, no. 31

The longer the scourging continues, the greater the consequences!

    Tolerant ones will say don't throw stones, but they fail to see the great mill-stones being hung around the necks of those in the hierarchy who cause grave scandal. Their plunging to the depths causes a swell of acceptance for sin that engulfs more souls than they can imagine. If they continue on this sinful, un-Catholic course they can be assured of the repercussions as foretold in Apocalypse 18.
    While I was going to continue on to the third Sorrowful Mystery today, a series of events this past few weeks demand I continue the theme from last week on the second sorrowful mystery The Scourging at the Pillar. If you recall the title of that commentary was "The kind of rot that smells to high Heaven!" That rot made itself very manifest last week with a plethora of scandals that cry to Heaven for answers, especially considering the Catholic involvement.

    In the past I might have rationalized that oh, there goes the Catholic bashing again and retreated to the safe cover that it was only a few who were in violation and they will be rooted out and everything will be fine again. Or I would explain it away that these were all caused by radical leftists like We Are Church, Call To Action or that abominable organization that passes itself off as 'Catholic' in name - catholics for a free choice. Surely the Pope would do something about these ultra-progressivists. All we needed to do was pray. After all, the Holy Father has encouraged us to not worry, not to be concerned and that surely he will correct any wrongs. If he hasn't expressed outrage, why should we? For so many years I believed that, truly did. Call me a hopeless optimist or a naive conservative, but I bought all that was coming out of Rome sight unseen and passed it on to you as such as reliable.

    However, after publishing Herod's Heroes from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost Sunday last year, I realized no amount of urging, pleading or pandering was going to move the bishops from their comfortable Modernist and 'Masonic' positions of power. We have already seen the damage in Dallas and Boston and will, I predict, see many more aberrations exposed in the near future with the possibility of many dioceses along the entire west coast sinking faster than a mill-stone because of the corruption and scandals. It's been festering too long in the post-conciliar California churches, that I can assure you. Those pedestals will come crashing down because they have not been built on solid foundations, have not been reinforced by the firm brace of uncompromising Catholic truth. That may sound radical, but consider the following and especially the warning words in Apocalypse 18 which we will present later in this commentary.

    It wasn't until we started reading all the Ecumenical Councils, past papal decrees, and other documents in the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and comparing them to Vatican II and what has been funneled out of Rome since then, that we discovered to our amazement and, yes, shock and chagrin, that many of the post-conciliar documents contradict what true Catholicism teaches. This especially holds true in respect to ecumenism, religious liberty, and the apologies for proselytizing to Greece and China. As we discovered in numerous pre-conciliar documents dating back to Nicaea, it is not in accord with true Catholic teaching. Ecumenism is NOT Catholic, can never be Catholic. I offer you the concise, clear encyclical of Pope Pius XI - Mortalium Animos which clearly condemns what Pope John Paul II has spent two decades trying to justify. Why does our Holy Father persist on this path of error? Again, I remind our neo-Catholic readers that he is infallible ONLY when pronouncing on matters of Faith and Morals from the Chair of Peter for the universal Church - ex cathedra.

    The Cabinet of Catholic Information, 1904, Duggan Publishing, Imprimatur by John Cardinal Farley, fourth archbishop of New York, states clearly "That Jesus Christ instituted a Church or society, and that to certain ones, i.e., the priesthood in this Church, He instrusted the administration of the sacraments and the teaching of His doctrine; that the divinely appointed visible head of the Church, the Pope of Rome (the invisible head of Jesus Christ) is, by the aid of the Holy Ghost, and must be, infallible, i.e., he cannot err when officially teaching the whole Church a doctrine regarding faith or morals. This does not imply that the Pope cannot sin or make a mistake in other matters." No Sovereign Pontiff has declared anything officially infallible since Pope Pius XII declared the Dogma of the Assumption on November 1, 1950!!! Therefore, contrary to conservatives' misconceptions, the pope per se is not impeccable. His Holiness can be in error and still be the Pope, but because Christ's Mystical Bride - Holy Mother Church - is protected, the Holy Ghost has not allowed the post-conciliar pontiffs to proclaim anything infallibly. A fail-safe procedure provided by God Himself. Thank God for that!

    While that is God's ordaining will for His Holy Church, it is His permitting will that she undergo this scourging she is receiving today through the countless errors and compromises that have empowered the evil one in all circles. Those who were placed by us on pedestals only a few years ago are showing their rust because we now see through the decaying plaster. So do many others as the pedestals begin to crumble and collapse everywhere. While the secular world has been focused this past month on the collapse of Enron, the real collapse occurred in Assisi, Boston, Detroit and Worcester . That thud you heard was more compromises hitting the Rock of Peter, slowly eroding those once solid foundations. So many Catholics who consider themselves conservative are being duped. Men like Walter Cardinal Kasper and others within the Curia have a specific agenda that is not in the interest of Holy Mother Church. Kasper's predecessor Edouard Cardinal Cassidy wants to de-dogmatize the Assumption so Catholicism is more palatable to Protestants! This is insanity. Rome has been thoroughly penetrated by ecclesial Masonry and its tentacles reach out into every diocese and chancery and even into every parish. The Bishops' Conferences clamor for more power. Yet, we wonder why the bishops will not enforce the discipline to bring pro-abort politicians into line? Believe me power is not what they need. What they need is prayer and penance and plenty of humility in setting the example for their flocks. So far they've talked the talk, but can't walk the walk and we all need to walk the walk all the way with Christ on Calvary.

    The Boston travesty of widespread pedophilia and sodomy is merely the tip of a very large, ugly iceberg whose sole purpose is to topple the one Titanic force that has kept moral order for 2000 years - the Roman Catholic Church. Our Lady has prophesied what would happen to Rome - "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist" - at LaSalette and warned at Fatima of the grave errors that would spread if Russia were not consecrated. What we see today in Russia and the world is just more factual proof that Russia has not been consecrated and that the Vatican is compounding the problem even worse by flat out lying. More grave errors. Those were the same words Pius IX used in his encyclical Mortalium Animos in referring to the heresy of ecumenism - "a most grave error."

    And what have been the fruits of those errors? Let's look at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, a Jesuit university founded in 1843 that today has no regard for Ex Corde Ecclesia, let alone Catholic absolutes and disciplines, let alone the Commandments of God. It is almost incredulous that the president of that university - a Jesuit priest Father Michael C. McFarland, S.J. would allow something so vile, obscene, pornographic, crude, and truly filthily sinful as the nefarious "Vagina Monologues" to be staged on the campus last week. Here are his exact words when confronted with such obscenity, "I understand that people are objecting to it, but it also has value. That's why we're going ahead with it." Value?!? Could it be that he didn't know of the contents of this garbage passed off as a play that helps awareness to abuse of women? Hardly. Could it be he didn't know part of the proceeds will go to fund pro-abortion? Abuse of unborn innocents? And talking about abuse, what about the young minds and souls of those who attend Holy Cross? What about those who are alumni of this once proud and Catholic university? What about non-Catholics who are scandalized by this kind of permissiveness? What about Catholics who think this is now allowed in the more lenient church? Doesn't the president of a Catholic university, a priest, understand Christ's very powerful words in Matthew 18: 6, Mark 9: 41, and Luke 17: 2? Yes, he does, but he chooses to ignore God in order to please man, just as so many other priests in his position, and governing bishops do. "But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a mill-stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Wo to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless wo to that man by whom the scandal cometh." Woe to Fr. McFarland, his ilk of Jesuits and the rest of the sorry hierarchy who have sold out to the world.

    Tim Chichester, author of the petition to the Holy Father for excommunicating Catholic pro-abort politicians who scandalize by their position of condoning killing, had some choice words he wrote Fr. McFarland and the ordinary of the diocese Bishop Daniel P. Reilly in his attempt to not only remove McFarland, but "begin a canonical action towards removing the authorization of the College of Holy Cross to operate as a Catholic institute of higher learning." Tim wrote to McFarland, "Will you, Fr. McFarland, be cheering on the lesbian rape from a front row seat? Perhaps you can announce that promotion of obscenity and pederasty is protected by 'academic freedom', the scandals in Boston not-withstanding." What is truly shocking is that "Holy Cross is the 13th Jesuit College to host this atrocious molestation of Catholic adolescent students." Chichester, head of Catholic Family Association of America, asked if "this is a continuation of the Jesuits new spirituality paradigm?" He also accused that "given the downward spiral of Jesuit education, will seminars on bestiality be entertained for future Catholic children entrusted to your care by unwitting parents?" He pointed out that "The phrase 'the banality of evil' has earned a certain cache; do you think trying to link it with 'academic freedom' makes it more or less so?" And the "V-monologues" are definitely evil, blatantly anti-Catholic in every way.

    What makes this even more satanic, more representative of evil is that this horrible abomination took place on Ash Wednesday. More flogging of Christ's Mystical Body. In defending our scourged Lord, Chichester did not shy from confronting McFarland on this dementia, "On Wednesday, will voyeurs, I mean viewers, begin with a candle-light procession so that this play glorifying prostitution, masturbation, homosexual child molestation and homosexuality be given at a veneer of solemnity that will probably be missing from their usual Catholic Ash Wednesday? Since feces is usually associated with the demonic, will a broken cross be smeared on each attendees' forehead with same, to match the marking of their souls?"

    I remember when "V-Day" meant something honorable. Our fathers and grandfathers can tell you about that. Today "V-Day" stands for "vice, vile, vicious, etc." not "Victory." And what's next on the agenda for this "V-Day" tour? Why the one icon secular society associates with thee Catholic university in America: Notre Dame. How can a university named after the most purest of women - the ever-chaste Blessed Virgin Mary - ever allow something so vile as the 'V-Monologues' to besmirch not only their reputation, but precious and vulnerable souls? Where are the holy bishops, ethical university presidents and professors upholding Catholic virtue? Like the song of the sixties "Where have all the flowers gone?" we sing the dirge "Where have all the graces gone?" It is truly beyond our comprehension that any institution that considers itself 'Catholic' could give any kind of voice to such perversion - sin that surpasses anything committed during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. Academic freedom translates today into eternal bondage!

    On glorifying perversion we have the annual promotion of sodomy in Detroit but that doesn't seem to matter to Adam Cardinal Maida and the faculty at Marygrove College, a 96-year-old Catholic institution for women, where the 8th Annual Sweethearts Ball for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community continues to be staged at this pseudo-catholic college. What is the rationing for such ribaldry? Why fund-raising, of course. The president of the university Glenda Price is quoted as saying, "the college has a legally binding contract with the sponsors of the dance, the Forum Foundation, which funds college scholarships for students." Dirty money going for more filth. Gary Morella, a prudent, vigilant watchdog on Catholic morals has plenty to say about this, specifically that, "There is NO SUCH THING in Catholicism as a 'legally binding contract' with sexual perverts. This is scandal, pure and simple, and it must NOT be tolerated for the sake of souls involved."

    Well said. And what was His Eminence's response when approached about this sinful aberration? A spokesman for the archdiocese said, "the cardinal will not get involved." Should we be surprised? Typical of 95% of the ordinaries today and especially characteristic of the sorry lot of princes of the church who are a heartbeat away from being the next Sovereign Pontiff. We'll let Gary weigh in on that remark by the archbishop of Detroit which typifies the all-too prevalent permissiveness, tolerance and total lack of responsibility on the part of the shepherds of Christ's flocks. "It is unconscionable to me as a Roman Catholic layman to see how a Cardinal will not get involved with stopping the promotion of mortal sin in his diocese at a 'Catholic' college whose actions, in term of serious scandal to the faith, demand that he exercise his authority as bishop to intervene." He asks Cardinal Maida, "What is your purpose for being a Cardinal if not to remove the occasion of serious sin from those in your charge?"

    As we have seen time after time, don't hold your breath waiting for an answer. You won't get one. And if you think the Pope is going to rebuke Maida, think again. Remember it was Maida who collected 'brownie points' with the Holy Father by masterminding the modern mastif in Washington D.C. that passes as the John Paul II Museum. No chance the man who is furthering the Pope's legacy is going to be reprimanded. That makes the pontificate of John Paul II all the more sadder. Maida, like the greater majority of bishops, hide behind their 'spokespersons' because they can't tell the truth, they can't carry out their duties as true, holy shepherds of Christ. Gary doesn't mince words in stating that, "this Pontius Pilate act is becoming all too familiar with clergy who have forgotten that their primary mission is getting souls to Heaven as opposed to making it easier for them to go to hell. Like Pilate, they can't see Perfect Truth staring them in the face." And so they castigate His Mystical Body further, leaving deep, painful scars that can't be measured by finite minds.

    On the Holy Cross atrocities Gary flatly states, "The clerics who run this school are apostates. They have lost the faith." And then the bishops are surprised when scandals arise? The new president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Wilton D. Gregory from Belleville, Illinois seems to still be in a fog. Consider his inane statement that the "Church has learned from mistakes, and is making efforts to correct them." Really? Where? We don't see blanket removal of the offenders. We don't see the bishops responsible being held accountable. Plenty of excuses, but no solid solutions. There are those calling for the resignation of Cardinal Law. I say His Holiness Pope John Paul II needs to demand the resignation of not only Law, but Maida, Reilly, Cardinal Mahony, and most of the others who have failed their office and their sacred, sacerdotal calling miserably, sinfully. Yes, that is a drastic remark to make. But these are drastic times and just as men like the great and holy monk Hildebrand (Pope Saint Gregory VII) did when the Church was in dire need of priests and holy bishops, he cleaned out the bad apples - which was most of them - and the Church not only continued, she grew stronger. The same held true after the abandonment by the Arian bishops. Remember with God all things are possible.

    We know, as Jesus affirmed in Matthew 16: 19, "the gates of hell will not prevail against it" but "it" is being reduced to a mere remnant because the greater part of the schismatic iceberg has broken off from the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Has Rome lost the Faith as Our Lady foretold at LaSalette? Is it, through the course of ecumenism, intent on floating on its own in hopes of getting along with the world's "oceans" while unbelievably ignoring that the Creator above controls the sun! ? May all this wayward iceberg that is modern Rome not melt away into oblivion and perdition, but may she be solidified into the rock-solid Barque that will safely carry the Truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to all. She can only do this by returning to her moorings between the Two Pillars of the Most Holy Eucharist confected in the Mass the Council of Trent and Pope Saint Pius V commanded be said "in perpetuity" - the Tridentine Latin Mass (which was never abrogated) - and Devotion to Mary's Most Immaculate Heart in fulfillment of truly responding to her plea at Fatima. Truly, whether modernist Rome continues on this path or not, her Immaculate Heart will eventually Triumph!

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if her Divine Son's Church was united in all that He asks to help bring this about sooner? Wouldn't it be wonderful if Pope John Paul II came out of his resigned coma and stood up for the faith strongly, saying enough!? That time has arrived. Other than supernatural events foretold in Sacred Scriptures occurring soon, only the Pope - to whom we look for leadership and true Catholic guidance in upholding the undeniable and infallible Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church - can make the difference and rid the Church of its growing cancer that threatens to snuff out the Faith. Believe me, the vast majority of those in charge today do not want to see that. Just keep your eyes open and watch. The collapse is happening before your very eyes. Are we going to stand by and ignore it? Are we going to say that Our Lady will work it all out without us doing any of the work? What kind of Church Militant are we?

    We call on His Holiness to do as the holy Gregory did. If he does God will provide an abundant harvest of holy men to replace the rascals who are now the wolves in sheep's' clothing putting souls in such great jeopardy. There is NO need for married priests or, God forbid, women priests. What there is a need for is a major pruning of the current clergy from chancery to curia. Only the Vicar of Christ can effect it! Pardon my french, but to hell with protocol, to hell with politics. It's time to demand discipline in the absolutes of our Faith. An uncompromising, sweeping papal bull would be a good start...and soon!

    If not, well consider Apocalypse 18: 21-24 where we come across that proverbial mill-stone again and this time it pertains to Rome for the scandal has become too great, too wide-spread.

    "Alas! alas! that great city, which was clothed with fine linen, and purple and scarlet, and was gilded with gold, and precious stones, and pearl: For in one hour are so great riches come to nothing: and every ship-master, and every one that sails into the lake, and mariners, and they that work at sea, stood far off, and cried out, seeing the place of her burning, saying: What city is like to this great city? And they cast dust upon their heads, and cried out, weeping and mourning, saying: Alas! alas! that great city, wherein all were made rich, who had ships at sea, by reason of her prices: for in one hour she is made desolate. Rejoice over her, thou Heaven, and ye holy apostles, and prophets: for God hath judged your judgment on her. And a mighty Angel took up a stone, as it were a great mill-stone, and cast it into the sea, saying: With this violence shall Babylon, that great city, be thrown down, and shall now be found no more. And the voice of harpers, and of musicians, and of them that play on the pipe, and on the trumpet, shall no more be heard in thee: and no craftsmen of any art whatsoever shall be found any more in thee: and the sound of the mill shall be heard no more in thee: And the light of the lamp shall shine no more in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride shall be heard no more in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for all nations have been deceived by thy sorceries. And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints: and of all who were slain upon the earth."
    Strong words from the Angel of the Lord as recorded by the blessed and beloved Apostle St. John. While some might object that this referred to pagan Rome and not ecclesial Rome, consider that it is the Apocalypse and most of what is contained in those prophetic words is still unfolding. Did you catch that phrase, "have been deceived by thy sorceries"? We have been deceived, folks, and unless we wake up and demand our shepherds to be holy, to uphold uncompromisingly the absolutes and disciplines of Holy Mother Church, then we too will be seduced by their sorceries of "we will not get involved" or "it has value" or the "New Springtime" or whatever other lie comes from their lips. It is all humanism and worthless. It has no merit in the ways of God and therefore no value in paving our way to eternal salvation. Ask yourself what is better, to demand the removal of the cancerous ones, or to keep covering souls with temporal band-aids that are useless and even more harmful for they dull the pain of perdition and anesthetize the conscience of free will. With every cover-up, with every denial, with every temporary solution the cancer only grows stronger and the lashes dig deeper into His Mystical Body. To every shepherd from parish priest to Pope, loyal Catholics respectfully plead: Think about the repercussions.

    The truth must wash out the lies because souls, countless souls, are at stake! As the shepherds go, so go the flocks. If Rome does not act now, the Angel of the Lord's actions in Apocalypse 18 could come to pass sooner rather than later! The longer the scourging continues, the greater the consequences!

Michael Cain, editor

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February 18, 2002
volume 13, no. 31
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary