February 13, 2002
volume 13, no. 28

A lamb who is not afraid!

No matter the obstacles facing the founder of the Lambs of Christ in New York, Father Weslin will follow his Shepherd for the good of the flocks which seemingly the appointed shepherds - the bishops - have abandoned because they are afraid. Not Father Weslin and his Lambs of Christ!

    Today's column is about a priest -- a priest who is not afraid to stand up for the sanctity of human life. His name is Father Norman Weslin, O.S. It seems that he honors Godís will -- ďThou Shalt Not KillĒ and would rather be thrown in jail than to stop praying in front of abortion clinics.

    Too bad, in the realm of the priesthood, the Father Weslins are few and far between. If only there were more and especially among bishops, the flock would indeed get the message that the Catholic Church, short of violence, will defend human life at every opportunity.

    First a little history about Father Weslin from news clips -- in chronological order, the first appearing in February 2001:


    BUFFALO, New York, ( - Father Norman Weslin, founder of the pro-life group New York Lambs of Christ, was in court last Wednesday charged with violating a court order by praying in front of the Buffalo GYN Women services abortion clinic on four occasions last year.

        The court order first had pro-lifers stay 15 feet away from abortion clinics, but the distance was extended to 60 feet for certain locations. Father Weslin knelt to pray 17 feet away from the clinic. Clinic director Melinda DuBois charged, "He was kneeling on the sidewalk in a white robe and priestly-looking attire ... He knelt in front of the clinic and prayed. He would do that from 15 minutes to a half-hour."

        Mary Quinn of Lambs of Christ told reporters, "The federal government is persecuting a nonviolent, faithful pro-life witness. Why would a federal judge put a Roman Catholic priest in prison for saying the Rosary in prayer on his knees outside a killing center?"

        Father Weslin, who is in his early 70s, was released pending further court proceedings in March.

    Nine months later, how ironic, this article appeared on October 19, 2001. Is it a coincidence that that is the Feast of the North American Martyrs Saints Isaac Jogues, John de Brebeuf and the other Jesuit priests and companions savagely murdered for upholding the Faith in the same area of the North American continent as well? Staff Reporter Phil Fairbanks for the Buffalo News filed this report:
    Pro-life priest gets 5 months for violating abortion clinic buffer zone

        The Rev. Norman U. Weslin compared his federal court sentencing Thursday to Jesus appearing before Herod and Pontius Pilate. The judge responded by sentencing the 71-year-old Catholic priest and national pro-life leader to five months in federal prison.

        Weslin, founder of the Lambs of Christ, a pro-life group was found guilty in July of violating a court-ordered buffer zone in front of a Buffalo abortion clinic.

        Weslin, who was given the opportunity to surrender later, said it was God's law that prompted him to kneel and pray four times last year in front of Buffalo GYN Womenservices, 2500 Main St.

        When asked if he wanted to speak, Weslin looked at U.S. District Court Judge Richard Arcara and said he had little to tell the court.

        "Jesus didn't say anything in front of Herod, and he said very little in front of Pontius Pilate," Weslin said. "I obey God's law, and whenever there's a conflict with man's law, I follow God's law."

        Weslin left the courtroom with about 30 followers. In the lobby of the downtown courthouse, they prayed and sang "God Bless America."

        The sentencing took an interesting turn when John J. Molloy, Weslin's lawyer, revealed that Weslin had been contacted by the Pentagon about serving as a military chaplain in or around Afghanistan.

        Weslin, a retired Army officer, later acknowledged that he made the initial contact with the Pentagon, and the military called back expressing interest in the idea.

        "I'm 71 years old, but I'm in pretty good shape," he said. "I could be of use right now as an American, a Catholic American."

        Molloy said Weslin could return to active duty as a chaplain and still serve his prison sentence upon his return.

        Weslin's prison sentence stems from his protests in September and October of last year when he knelt and prayed four times in front of the clinic. He was found guilty of four criminal contempt charges.

    The next day, Upper New York resident Mary Quinn, who is a member of Lambs of Christ, founded by Father Weslin sent out the following release:
    Roman Catholic priest, Father Norman Weslin.O.S. was sentenced to 5 months in federal prison today for "criminal" contempt in Judge Arcara's Buffalo Federal Court. His crime: kneeling in silent prayer in full priestly vestments inside Judge Arcara's expanded "60' Banned Free Speech and Religious Expression Zone" outside a killing center that averages 40 kills a day when the abortionist arrives for work!!

        U.S. Federal Judge Arcara did not put him in jail today because there is a possibility that he might be needed to again serve his country as a military chaplain serving our troops in our newly declared war against terrorism even though he voluntarily turned himself in today.(Father Weslin is a 71 year old retired Lt. Colonel in the United States Army who was in charge of the nuclear defense of New York State.)

        The U.S. Marshals did not take Father today because of this possible need to serve his countrymen. - once again Father Weslin is willing to put his life and body on the line for his countrymen just as he has done for years to save Jesus Christ's babies at America's "legal" but never "morally licit" death camps.

        Thus, Father Weslin was able to join Mary's sacrificial Lambs of Christ at the big traffic circle in downtown Buffalo that is situated directly across the street from the federal court building for prayer.

        We Lambs of Christ had promised Father that while United States Federal Marshals were busy driving him to federal prison we would continue our prayerful presence wherever injustice is done. This traffic circle is far enough away from the Federal Court Building to let our government know that we pose no risk to our Federal workers or the abortionists even though Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills demonize and seek the prosecution of of all those who publicly witness for the unborn in our federal courts as "domestic terrorists" and a "public nuisance", a new label we were awarded by New York State's Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer.

        The abortionists in the courtroom and their hired lawyer left thinking Father was immediately going to be locked up for good.

        What a surprise it was for them and for us when about 20 Catholic lay people -- including this "convicted criminal", Father Weslin, -- and a guitar strumming singing Priest from Albany and teens wearing America's Life League's "Rock for Life" sweatshirts -- showed up across the street from their killing center at the height of Buffalo's rush hour traffic just down the street from this judge's Catholic alma mater - Canisius College -- while the majority of 6 lanes of noisy city traffic beeped their horns in agreement with our cause of justice for our nation's future -- our pregnant mothers and their unborn children!!

        Please pray for this Catholic judge and a United States of America Justice System that has obviously abandoned God when everyone else in this country is singing God Bless America, a song we Lambs sang in the lobby of our Federal Court Building after Father's sentencing.

        We Lambs of Christ love our country and we weep in shame for our country and its satanically perverted Justice System.

        Our Twelve Star General provided us with another "cameo of love" by allowing us to have Father lead us with our only weapon -- her rosary.

        Father taught his Lambs of Christ to offer up all our pains and sufferings and humiliations as "Victim Souls" in reparation for the deliberate killing of our future and God's children. We Lambs offer up our sacrifices and unite ourselves with Jesus' pains and sufferings so that His Father will stop the killing of our most precious "natural resource" -- His newly created children and America's next generation!!

        Only He will stop the killing when enough "Victim Souls" will offer themselves up as His instruments outside America's killing centers.

        Mother Teresa said: It's the effort -- not the outcome. It's the struggle --not the victory. The Victory will be His. He promised us in the last chapter: "WE WIN!!" The New York Lambs of Christ will continue to respond to Mary's Call to Sacrifice and our Holy Father's appeal delivered to us in 1993 and again brought to us by Father Norman U. Weslin, O.S. America: Defend Life.

        The dark horse is on the horizon. Whenever human life is threatened, we will stand up!! A nation that kills its children is a nation without hope."

        Father Weslin believes that Jesus Christ wants one of His priests in jail while the killing is going on. He has said repeatedly: that when man's law conflicts with God's law, it is no law at all and that he and we in conscience must follow God's law.

        Father reported into court again yesterday for "voluntary" surrender. He was told he would be getting a letter from the Bureau of Prisons shortly. An appeal will be made of this decision while he is serving his prison sentence,

        Please pray for God's will.

    In this day and age, the story of Father Weslin gives us a glimmer of hope -- that there still are priests, who follow the example of Jesus Christ and donít knuckle under to the political correctness of our time. The Father Weslins are few and far between.

    Can you imagine if every bishop in the United State followed Father Weslinís example, what a story that would make. It wouldnít be relegated to local newspapers, but make the headlines nationwide.

    Would they dare to put ALL the bishops in jail? I think not, but what an inspirational message that it would send to the entire flock -- the Catholic Church means what it says about the killing of unborn babies and Godís commandment, ďThou Shalt Not Kill,Ē will be honored. It is a MORTAL sin.

    Then, and only then will Catholics return to the fold and honor the sanctity of human life with renewed vigor. Then, and only then will Catholics start acting like Catholics and vote for pro-life politicians, instead of the likes of Bill Clinton and Al Gore and demand men with a Herodian mentality like Eliot Spitzer step down.

    I have always said that we will get rid of abortions on demand when the bishops are ready. When they are not afraid to render edicts to priests around the country to preach on the killing of unborn babies frequently and especially the weeks before elections.

    Tell the Parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates (national and regional) and ďif you donít know who they are, let us know and we will give you a list.Ē And the word is NOT abortion, it is the "KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN." Why is the truth so hard to say for most bishops and priests?

    Oh, it could be so simple. There are 60 million Catholics in the USA -- 40 million of voting age. Yes, the Catholic Church has the power to end abortions -- if it only had a mind to do so.

    Pray that the bishops start acting like bishops. So far their meager attempt to end the killing of Godís precious children has been downright pitiful.

    The bishops will NOT excommunicate Catholic Senators, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Jack Reed, Richard Durbin, Chris Dodd, Barbara Mikulski, Susan Collins, and Patti Murray. Not only do they condone the killing of unborn children, but even voted NOT to ban the gruesome and barbaric-partial birth infanticide. In truth, they signed the death warrants for about 5000 children who are killed in this brutal and excruciating painful manner every year.

    Then you have the Catholic Senators, who are pro-aborts, but felt a twang of decency by voting to ban partial-birth infanticide. Nonetheless, they STILL condone the killing of unborn children, only not while being born. Only the other 1.4 million precious children, who are killed every year. There names are Pat Leahy, Joe Biden, Tom Daschle and Mary Landrieu.

    Of these 13 supposedly Catholic Senators, 12 are Democrats. Do you need any more proof of which party gives great joy to satan? In Herodís Heroes, you will find their states, addresses (snail and e-mail) and their phone numbers. Also, to help put pressure on the bishops, sign the petition that is to be sent to Pope John Paul II by going to PETITION TO THE HOLY FATHER from the Catholic Family Organization of America.

    Iím sure that you would want to do your part in saving Godís children, by contacting them and expressing your views, especially you, who are constituents. They will answer you, if you give your name an address. Now, wouldnít you like to hear their excuses for condoning the killing of human beings.

    Is it any wonder that 50% of Catholics voted for Al Gore for president. A man, who bragged that he was pro-choice [to kill unborn children]. He even condones the killing, while the child is being born. After all, the bishops donít seem concerned that the bad apples have spoiled more than half of the barrel.

    I imagine Hitler would also have been given a free pass by the bishops. In the eyes of God -- there is no difference between a born child and an unborn child. Donít the bishops know this? If only they had 10% of Father Weslinís devotion to God and love for the least among us.

        "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me." Matthew 25:40

Dr. Frank Joseph

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Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2002
volume 13, no. 28
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