December 8-14, 2002
vol 13, no. 146

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This coined word may be a mouthful to pronounce, but then neo-Catholics have swallowed any and everything over the past 40 years in their blind obedience to those very men who have plunged the Conciliar Church into Spiritual Bankruptcy!

   This past week the Archdiocese of Boston and Cardinal Bernard Law floated to the media the very serious threat that the archdiocese may have to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy! In today's capitalistic world that is a word synonymous with financial failure. I dare say most Traditional Catholics live on the brink of temporal bankruptcy daily for they sacrifice so much in following the narrow, unpopular, but necessary path to Heaven. Most Traditional apostolates spar with the problematic possibility of financial bankruptcy in trying to balance the ledger honestly. Ah, honestly. What a refreshing concept.

   Honesty. Truly it is honesty that separates Traditional Catholics from those who call themselves Catholic but have clamored to have their cake and eat it too. As I can attest from personal experience over the past two years since converting back to all the Holy Roman Catholic Church taught until the senseless sensual and sacrilegious sixties of the 20th century, the one thing that those who embrace the new religion of Vatican II all seem to have in common is not being honest with themselves!

   Sounds harsh, I know, but what other reason can we give when the truths are laid out for them, unmitigated proof that document there is a huge difference from what was taught for nearly two millennia and the innovative, tolerant, all-encompassing politically correct religion of Newchurch? As I have said often and can attest to, it is a lonely path, but the only path! Christ affirms this in Matthew 7: 13-14, Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who enter by it. How narrow is the gate and strait is the way, which leadeth to life: and few there are who find it."

   In Father Louis Campbell's sermon this week he speaks of the shining light that guides us on the narrow path, the sure-footed steps of the Blessed Virgin Mary who we must emulate at all times. She has promised us, as has the Word of God that our journey will not be in vain, that no matter how narrow, how treacherous our path might be on this planet, we will soar above the heights in the next. Who wouldn't want to burrow their way through this narrow tunnel on earth for such guaranteed riches that await us? There is, as Traditional Catholics can attest to, no Mother Lode of temporal riches along the way. There may be a few gold nuggets of encouragement we might come across, enough to sustain us in our pilgrimage to Heaven, but our end all is not in mining the tunnel. Our reward, as the Church had always taught up until Vatican II, is beyond the tunnel. Maybe that is another reason there are so few rich Traditionalists. Maybe that is another reason Traditional Catholics have resisted the Masonic magnet that has so polarized the modern Church of Vatican II.

   Surely, had Cardinal Law and his predecessors Cardinals Richard Cushing and Humberto Medeiros resisted as well and been vigilant to their duties as the true shepherds they should have been, the archdiocese and the Church would not be in such straits today. Worse, it is not the financial bankruptcy that is so scandalizing to souls, but the spiritual bankruptcy that is just now manifesting its barren, rotting fruits. As we have said for the past year, ever since the scandals in Boston first surfaced on June 21, 2001, Boston is just the tip of the iceberg. That iceberg is melting mightily today. Every Diocese is on the brink of spiritual bankruptcy. They are feeling the heat and wilting under the thaw that is exposing the great facade that has been perpetrated on the faithful universally, especially in the United States for lo these past 40 years.

   What is this heat and who, pray tell, are the arsonists who are feeding this pyre of accusations? Many would cite the secular media for their anti-Catholic stance that they are "out to get the Catholic Church, bashing the hierarchy unmercifully." That would be the excuse many cardinals and bishops use, even Cardinal Ratzinger . Yet were it not for the secular media and the internet, I daresay even more would be kept in the darkness and sin would have clutched even more souls, suffocating them in the liberalism of the Vatican II bent that has allowed - not only allowed, but encouraged and intimidated souls to embrace a religion of Mammon - the religion of Baal.

   For long I have railed against the false prophets of the secular media for their manipulation and enthronement of satan. It is a perfect case of God allowing evil for good. Since the Catholic media has been an accomplice in the cover-up of sin, albeit unwitting comrades in the denial of the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, and have played a significant role in pontificating the novelties and heresies of this new religion - from the National Catholic Reporter on the left to EWTN on the right, they, along with every diocesan publication must stand guilty as conspirators.

   Even the ultra-conservative Wanderer, which conservative neo-Catholics worship by elevating the cup of printers ink as the only true journalistic icon left, is in it too deep. Over the past few years A. J. Matt Jr. has been treading water trying to find the right life saver to grab onto. In his desperation, he has lashed out at his nephew Michael J. Matt, editor of The Remnant. Rather than realizing that Michael, like his dad before him Walter Matt, Jr., provides the perfect floatation device that will keep Catholics safe above the swirling magna of Modernism and Masonry and Marxism that threatens to engulf millions and free from the entangling, deadly vines of innovation, novelty and ecumenism, A.J. has, in the fashion of one drowning, tried to pull others down with him - most specifically his nephew Michael. When will he realize that won't happen because Michael and others, who uphold the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as they had always been taught until the typhoon of Vatican II, cling to the true Barque of Peter anchored between the Two Pillars as envisioned prophetically by Saint John Bosco.

   Yes, the seas are rough, but the stabilizer that keeps the rudder even keeled is the truths of what the Apostle Paul affirms in Hebrews 13: 8, "Jesus Christ yesterday, and today, and the same for ever." That is why long before the rest of us "Johnny-come-latelies-and-finally-to-Tradition" woke up to what has ravaged our beloved Church over the past four decades, Michael's dad Walter was the lone voice crying in the wilderness. He was not afraid to go against the grain. Indeed, before Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani issued his Intervention, before Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was known by American Catholics, Walter was warning us that this wide path that looked so inviting and was promoted by John XXIII and Paul VI was to be resisted at all costs for the sake of salvation.

   How little we knew just half a decade ago. All the more reason to give thanks for such visioneers as Walter Matt and ask A.J. if it was pride or fear that prevented him from seeing the light and taking the same narrow path. I can't castigate A.J. and others for being cowards for I myself embraced a compromising position for over a decade. I have always been a pre-Vaticantwoer at heart. I can remember on a family trip through San Antonio in 1989 looking for a Sunday Mass there. We found one in a beautiful small church - I believe it was St. Joseph's. The Mass was, of course, the Tridentine Mass and it took me back to my youth, took me back to reverence and respect for all that was holy. Before the Mass all in the church prayed aloud the Holy Rosary. After the Rosary, I was giddy with anticipation as I coaxed our two small sons to pay attention to this wonderful Mass they were attending for the first time in their life - the one their mom and dad were weaned on. As we followed the most august Holy Sacrifice in the furnished Latin Missals, emotions of reverence and regret surged in my blood and heart for it was then that I realized, quite possibly for the first time in my life (even though I had attended the Tridentine Mass - then simply "the Mass" - for a good eighteen or nineteen years on a daily basis) that this truly was the next best thing to Heaven.

   So why did we wait eleven more years before fully embracing the Traditional Latin Mass when 'Heaven' was so close, so clear? Blame it on blind obedience and ignorance. After the Leonine Prayers at the end of the Mass, the warm parishioners of the parish lovingly invited us to join them in the adjoining hall for coffee and donuts. After complimenting them that they are so blessed that their bishop "allows the old Mass" and their response that he not only allows it, but will permit nothing else, it was then that Cyndi saw the portrait of His Excellency Archbishop Lefebvre in the vestibule. Knowing that John Paul II had "excommunicated" him less than a year earlier, we quickly, but politely excused ourselves and we were on our way towards the Gulf coast on our trip that took us from San Diego to San Antonio to New Orleans to Orlando. The enthusiasm of my youth that had been so reinvigorated, was now deflated. I remember muttering over and over in the car to my bride, "How can it be so wrong now when it was so right before?" It was a question that no one to this day has ever been able to answer; because they can't.

   However, because the pope said so, we must be obedient and so the mind triumphed the heart and soul. If only I had been able to read The Remnant and John Vennari's Catholic Family News on a regular basis or had the opportunity to accept Atila Sinke Guimar„es's undeniable arguments in The Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I and II, and Previews of the New Papacy, or had I been open to Romano Amerio's Iota Unum, Father James F. Wathen's The Great Sacrilege and his masterful Who Shall Ascend?, or Father Ralph Wiltgen's The Rhine Flow Into the Tiber, or had the courage to read the works of Archbishop Lefebvre.

   We were offered the opportunities, but, in blind obedience rejected the chances God was giving us. If only I had a copy of Chris Ferrara and Dr. Tom Woods' The Great Facade then; if only I had the chance to understand with such clarity the clear arguments Mario Derksen has laid out in debunking the legitimacy of Lefebre's excommunication in his series which in this issue emphasizes that a state of emergency did indeed exist and therefore what Lefevebre did was necessary in Salvation of souls is the paramount necessity!; if only I had understood the clarity with which Dr. Thomas Droleskey points out the inconsistencies and contradictions that perpetuate the cover-ups and deceit on both the secular and ecclesial scale; if only I had read the papal encyclicals and the decrees of the twenty ecumenical councils before Vatican II; if only I could have comprehended the courage of converts to Traditionalism and the numbers that would wake up and, in their zeal to make up for lost time, endeavor to spread the Truths and Traditions; if only I had read between the lines the prophetic messages being imparted to Cyndi for five years in the early nineties; if only I had been able to read my own editorial last week Faith trumps obedience every time!, then maybe I would have done an about face and fled back to St. Joseph's with my family and stood up and shouted to all who would hear me then: "You are right! Never give up for Faith - the True Faith trumps obedience at every turn! God bless Monsignor Lefebvre for his courage."

   But I did not. So indoctrinated was this "conservative Catholic" (who thankfully became a Traditional Catholic before being labeled a "neo-Catholic") that I rejected all the graces that God was sending my way. I cannot list the number of times Traditional Catholics challenged me to read what they sent or references they suggested. Being an obedient Catholic I consigned their wisdom to the trash basket while I daily espoused all that the Holy Father was doing without realizing what he was doing! Talk about blind obedience, I was the greatest offender. I defended what today is the indefensible. And I did it by simply relying on "The Pope said it, I believe it, that settles it!" Indeed, with that flawed syllogism I helped promote the heresies of Assisi without even knowing what went on at Assisi. I daresay few knew about the 1986 Assisi debacle for the Catholic media was careful not to expose the fraud that was being aided and abetted by little ministries like ours.

   We got caught up in the charismatic draft of the Medjugorje phenomena that carried us through the nineties. As I said earlier, God allows bad for good. I will still not pass judgment on Medjugorje since that is not my place. I do know the path begun at Medjugorje in our first pilgrimage in May 1990 was part of the journey back to Traditionalism. I also realized, after promoting it for nearly a decade, that we could no longer do so because Medjugorje upheld the blind obedience concept and surely, in finally studying in depth, the vast differences between the modern Church of Vatican II and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of nineteen centuries previous that the Blessed Mother of God could not possibly be promoting something so deviant from what her Divine Son had established. Therefore, slowly but surely we came to our collective senses. It took a pilgrimage to Lourdes in the late spring of the Jubilee Year for the healing graces to take effect. Indeed, we were at Lourdes the very day the Vatican released the faux Third Secret of Fatima, proof positive that the enemy was among us, masqueraded as shepherds where in truth they were wolves in shepherds' clothing.

   Mind you, conversion to the Truths and Traditions did not happen overnight. Unlike St. Paul getting knocked off his horse and being blinded for three days, our blindness lasted longer. We were determined to gut it out. We were determined to make a difference in our own NOM parish as bad as it was. This, as you know, is the course many have taken in trying to effect the Faith. But we have learned through experience that when a patient is contagious, you stay clear of them for fear of being infected yourself. The more we strove to set by example in kneeling at the Consecration and refusing to hold hands during the Our Father or keeping silent during the Kiss of Peace, the more we stood out as accused oddities amidst a sea of zany oddities. When the pastor said he had to say Mass, because it was his job we had had enough. After a NOM service at a neighboring parish where I personally went up to the altar at the Offertory to inform the priest that he did not offer the bread and wine separately as must be done, he was livid. Why? Because I didn't know what I was doing? No, quite the contrary. He was visibly angry because I had embarrassed him. I asked forgiveness for whatever embarrassment I might have caused him but it was necessary for by not following the rubrics he had embarrassed Christ. I asked him what was more important? He responded that what he did was fine because his ordinary Bishop Robert Brom had seen him do it and not said anything he assumed it was fine. There it was again: blind obedience, totally BLIND obedience. Finally we had had it with this Helen Keller mentality. We bolted from the NOM and joined the closest independent Traditional chapel.

   Because of our journey and what we have discovered along the way, because we do not want others to follow their ordinaries, pastors and fellow blind parishioners into spiritual bankruptcy, and because of the emergence of more conversions like Bob Sungenis, Jacob Michael and before them Mario Derksen and Peter Miller of the Seattle Catholic, to name just a few, and because of the return of several who told us a year and a half ago that they could not follow the narrow path The DAILY CATHOLIC was taking, we are greatly encouraged that this next year will see the exodus of far many more Catholics from the Novus Ordo to the Tridentine Mass. Because of this we can foresee a ground swell of demand for the Mass that was never abrogated despite the obstinate, evil rejection by men such as the bishop of the boundaries of the diocese we now live in - the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau and Bishop Joseph Leibrecht who stubbornly will not hear of "allowing" the same Mass that sustained the Church Militant for over fifteen centuries. Why? Because he does not want to confuse Protestants! Huh? That's right and in a future editorial I will definitely address this one. Oh, yes, your Excellency, bring it on!

   Are we going to let the cardinals and bishops divert the blame entirely on the media? If they really want to blame someone: let them look in the mirror. The Church of modern times is in spiritual bankruptcy because those we trusted betrayed our trust. They have betrayed God's trust. Since our conversion our convictions have been fortified daily by the implosion that is going on in every diocese as the iceberg of cover-up and corruption melts into nothingness. They can blame the secular media if they like, that is their right as vain, peter-principle incompetents. But remember, that before the explosion of the internet there was no implosion.

   Ah, the web. The great virtual highway that brings time and people together in a way that only the prophet Isaias, the beloved disciple Saint John, and chosen visionaries like Blessed Katharine Anne Emmerich could foresee. Many say it is the tool of satan. We know that television is the tabernacle of lucifer, but we can honestly say that were it not for the internet, many of us would still be wallowing in the Novus Ordo parishes, trying to make sense out of the senseless.

   The Vatican II Church has tried so desperately to bury so many of the great treasures that define the Truths and Traditions that sustained Holy Mother Church for nineteen and a half centuries. I believe they never counted on the power of the internet. Indeed, truth will not die. That is why we provide The DAILY CATHOLIC for all to see, read and understand. Thanks to the net the spiders of secularism and ecumenism are having a more difficult time spinning their webs of deceit. And so the internet marches on. Let them create java, flash, real time video, and all kinds of toys and whistles, but it is the written word that is taking shape - words that verify the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church and prove, without a shadow of a doubt that what has been espoused by the Vaticantwoarians over the past forty years is foreign to what was preached for nearly two millennia.

   If one is honest and in total harmony with these truths so clearly defined at the Council of Florence, Trent and Vatican I (which are all available in our Ecumenical Councils section), then one will realize that any arguments for Vatican II reforms and novelty practices - rebellious actions that have denied the faithful the eternal Sacrifice as decreed by Trent and codified by the holy Pope St. Pius V in De defectibus and Quo Primum - hold no credence and are to be resisted vigorously by all faithful Catholics loyal to the One, True Faith.

   Also, when one responds to the logic and truths of the following encyclicals one can see that the Vatican II reforms clearly contradict the truths passed down by:

   These are just a few important papal decrees that condemn as anathema the grave errors that have been allowed to multiply over the past 40 years. Are we then to discard and reject the teachings of nearly 2000 years and the inspired, holy wisdom of holy Vicars of Christ in favor of an all-encompassing compromising, pan-religious pope who fails to curtail the heresies running amok among souls today? All labels aside, if you are a concerned and committed Catholic you cannot afford to flirt with spiritual bankruptcy. The Second Vatican Council and all those who embrace its teaching are to be rejected as false because it has erred in its teachings of faith and morals and this includes the last four popes and the bishops who have rejected the one, true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that was in vogue up until the death of Pope Pius XII who died in 1958.

   Therefore the missal of 1962 is still a variance from what Holy Mother Church set in stone. Point in fact of all the heresies being bandied about by the Vatican II Church, the holy Apostle Paul counseled us quite clearly on this:

    "But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach a gospel to you beside that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so I say again: If any one reach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ" (Galatians 1: 8-10).

   Therefore, since those who have endorsed and embraced the radical reforms of Vatican II seek to please men through humanism, ecumenism, secularism, inclusivism, compromise and acceptance of a gospel not preached by Paul (such as acceptance of false religions and an outright rejection of the first dogma of the Church "extra Ecclesia nulla salus" by their insanity that the Jews no longer need to be evangelized or saved) then they who advance anything regarding Vatican II from the Novus Ordo to the unlawful indult are anathema as Trent so decreed as well. They are not servants of Christ and therefore we must flee from them, resist them with all our might just as Saints Athanasius, Basil the Great, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, S.J. entreated.

   In truth, if Catholics truly know their Faith they will realize the only way to keep it is to realize that the Indult is actually an insult to true Traditional Catholics for it mandates that those who attend the Indult Mass also accept the aberrations and sacrilege of the New Order foisted on the faithful by Paul VI and fostered and fettered by John Paul II and V2arians. In the coming weeks and months and years more dioceses are going to be coming forward in abject poverty, spiritually bankrupt because they veered from the true path. Can we afford to follow their misdirection?

   The holy Doctors of the Church, Saints, and Supreme Pontiffs for four centuries fought uncompromisingly the spiritual bankruptcy wrought by the Arian heresy. It was St. Basil the Great who lamented that "the present time has a strong tendency towards the overthrow of the Church." In an epistle to St. Athanasius he wrote, "the whole Church is in dissolution." St. Robert Bellarmine preached relentlessly against the heresy of Protestantism. Today we have a combination of Arianism and Protestantism that is far worse than anything that went before because so few have been able to identify it for what it is. Ergo, the only way to escape spiritual bankruptcy is to flee from the heresies inherent today, which, for want of a better word, can be summed up in a word we have coined.

   That word? If there is one word that collectively identifies and encompasses all the insanity of the modern Newchurch and its inherent heresies that are being spewed forth almost daily in contradicting the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church; if there is one word that illustrates the devastation the cancer of Arianism and Protestantism did to souls; if there is one word that captures the contempt for Modernism, Masonry, Marxism, Mohammedanism, Relativism, Pan-religiosity, Ecumenism, Tolerance for Sin, Secularism, Novelty, Innovation and total cooperation with the UN for a One World Order; if there is one word to describe the total deconstruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, not to mention the assault on the time-honored tradition of the Holy Rosary - then all these errors could be summed up in an eighteen lettered ism . That word which defies The Word is Vaticantwoarianism!

Michael Cain, editor

      December 8-14, 2002
      vol 13, no. 146
      CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary