Christmas-New Year's Issue
December 22, 2002 - January 4, 2003
volume 13, no. 148

Christmas Message from
Frank Joseph, M.D.

        The Gift of Life!

No present is more important. For those who do not place at the foot of the holy manger the vital Christmas gift of praying, upholding, and fighting for the lives of the unborn, they can well expect the prospect of receiving, in God's time, the lumps of eternal coal in the infernal furnace.

    "'For as long as you did it for one of these, the least of My brethren, you did it for long as you did not do it for one of these least ones, you did not do it for Me.' And these will go into everlasting punishment, but the just into everlasting life."
    Matthew 25: 40, 45-46

           As we stuff our faces with food this Christmas and exchange gifts with our loved ones, remember the over 40 million children, who were killed while still in their mother's womb, since 1973 (Roe Vs Wade). They will never know the love of parents and the anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

           They will never know the feeling when parents, relatives and friends make google eyes over them.

           They will never know the joy of being a parent themselves by having children of their own; of being grandparents and holding their grandchildren on their laps and telling them tall stories; spoiling them, but in the process imparting words of wisdom.

           We should get down on our knees and thank God, that the killing of unborn children was not legal when we were born and those born after 1973, when the killing was made legal, the survivors, should be extra thankful, as 30% never saw the light of day.

           I.4 million of God's precious children are killed every year -- a staggering number, an obscene number, when you consider that just ONE is too many.

           Soon it will be Christmas, the birthday, of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He suffered and died on the Cross for our sins and how do we repay Him -- by sitting back and allowing the American holocaust to continue. Three days after the birth of Christ the King, the Church commemorates the first martyrs for Him - the Holy Innocents, slaughtered by King Herod. The facts are that Herod did not wield the knife on one of these infants. He issued the edict for his henchmen to do so. How is that any different from politicians issuing the edict to slaughter millions in the womb through their legislating?

           It isn't. There is no difference whatsoever. That is why these apostate 'Catholic' politicians who are pro-abort are called "Herod's Heroes." In short, do you really not think that it is a slap to the face of God by being an enabler of these killings? When you vote for politicians, who accept the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses, you condone evil and are a party to the killing of 1.4 million of God's precious children every year. By enabling these pro-abort politicians, do you realize you are also an accomplice to the murders of the holy innocents who never had the chance? Can you live with that on your conscience this Christmas?

           Do you really think that signing the death warrants is a lesser sin than those, who do the actual killing? How can someone condone the killing of another human beings and expect to enter into the kingdom of Heaven?

           Yet, for some reason, Catholics, more than Evangelicals accept this pro-abort proposition, which I feel will land them in hell. I blame the bishops for this. And where do you think these modern pharisees are headed? Saint Athanasius, the great Doctor of the Church, said it best, "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." That was during the Arian heresy in the fourth and fifth centuries. How much worse today when so many are confused? So much so, that these bishops allow Catholic politicians, who sign the death warrants, to remain in the Church in good standing -- even receiving Holy Communion with mortal sins on their soul, when they should be publicly excommunicated.

           What a powerful message this edict of excommunication would send not only to the world, but to the Church as well. I can state indefatigably that were they to do so, the killing of unborn children would soon be history. Can you think of a better Christmas present for civilization or for the Christ Child? I can't.

           Living, or dying today is a crapshoot. If you had a loving mother, you live, if not, you die in a horrible manner.

           This Christmas, how about if we all give Jesus Christ, the best Christmas present of all. How about if we pledge to Him that we will do all we can to stop these killings and the best way we can accomplish this is by voting for pro-life candidates, which half of Catholics DO NOT.

           We will not just vote the party line. We will vote for someone, who honors the sanctity of human life, regardless of his/her party affiliation. We will take the time to investigate. We will pray and follow up with action. After all, we are the "Church MILITANT"!

           I do not think this is to much to ask, do you? Remember, Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for OUR SINS.

           There are 60 million Catholics in the United States -- 40 million of voting age. So, you can readily see that we have the power to end the American Holocaust.

           Are you with me? Make the Pledge on Christmas Day -- you will feel great and you will surely have a Blessed and joyous Christmas. That is my sincerest wish for you.

        Dr. Frank Joseph

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    Christmas-New Year's Issue
    December 22-January 4, 2003
    volume 13, no. 148