First Week of Advent
December 1-7, 2002
volume 13, no. 145

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Can we afford more scandal?

The new minority head of the House Nancy Pelosi, by her actions, is a scandal to the Church. By Archbishop William Levada's inactions of carrying out the necessary disciplines of Canon Law regarding formal excommunication of those who legislate for abortion, he is a scandal to the Church. Will he listen even to the Church?

An Open Letter to the Archbishop of San Francisco

Dear Archbishop Levada,

   Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, who is in your Archdiocese, accepts the proposition that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if they so choose. Would you believe that she also claims to be a conservative Catholic.

   If condoning the killing of God's precious children and I might say embracing homosexuality, which she does, is being conservative, I'd hate to see what a liberal Catholic would be like.

   Pelosi also condones the killing of children while they are being born -- the gruesome, barbaric and excruciating painful partial-birth infanticide.

   And what are Catholic bishops doing about all the Catholic Senators and congressmen/women who accept this evil? Absolutely nothing. By their acceptance of sin, these Catholic politicians are propagating evil. In essence they sign the death warrants. They are no different from abortionists.

   I did not know that you can receive Holy Communion with a mortal sin on your soul and yet Pelosi does. By her actions she is a scandal to the Church. By your inactions, your Excellency, you are a scandal to the Church. Think about that.

   How could a priest offer the body and blood of Jesus Christ knowing this? I remember when I was an altar boy, the priest would not allow my fellow altar boy to receive Holy Communion, because when he opened his mouth the priest saw something. What I don't know, but I always thought that it was traces of food, or candy. Back then you could not receive Holy Communion if you ate anything that day.

   How times have changes. Now, apparently, you can receive Holy Communion with a mortal sin on your soul.

   There is one surefire way to end the killing of unborn children and reversing Roe Vs Wade -- public excommunication of ALL Catholic pro-abort politicians, if they do not repent their sin, If you do not do this, then in reality, you do NOT consider unborn children to be on par with born children. If you do not, then you are not Catholic, and therefore have abrogated your authority as shepherd of your flock.

   I know you don't want that. You would never sit by and do nothing while 1.4 million born children, or adults were killed every year, if someone chose that. You wouldn't, would you?

   Bishops came down hard on "Catholics For Free Choice." You say they are impostors. That they are not really Catholic and yet you tolerate the 13 Catholic Senators who are pro-aborts. Nine of whom even voted not to ban partial-birth infanticides. It seems that you have two sets of rules. One for the famous and powerful and one for the rest of the Catholics.

   There are also about 35 Catholic congressmen/women who are pro-aborts. They sold their souls to satan for votes. But in the elections on Nov. 5, the country found out that it does not pay to mock God. Candidates backed by various pro-death feminist groups were soundly defeated. For example, seventeen of the 22 candidates sponsored by Emily's List - a veritable who's who of pro-abortion politicians were defeated.

   I never thought I would be saying this, but thank God for the Evangelical politicians, because somewhere along the line, Catholic politicians have decided to accept the tenets of satan. Probably from Catholic Universities, who hire liberal pro-abort professors.

   So, please follow Canon Law and excommunicate Nancy Pelosi, so that this bad apple won't contaminate the rest of the barrel, which is already happening.

   God's precious children MUST be saved.

   God bless,

Dr. Frank Joseph

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First Sunday of Advent
December 1-7, 2002
volume 13, no. 145
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