Pontifical Biblical Commission Members

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List of those who compiled the flawed document "The Hebrew People in its Scriptures and the Christian Bible"

Following are the men responsible for the anathemas contained in the above document completed on the Solemnity of the Ascension last year on May 24, 2001 and released in November in Italian and French. There is still no English translation available.

  • Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger,President of Pontifical Biblical Commission
                                                                         Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
  • Father Albert Vanhoye, S.J., Secretary for the Pontifical Biblical Commission
  • Father Willem A.M. Beuken, S.J.
  • Father Johannes Beutler, S.J.
  • Father Jaques Briend
  • Father Paul Nzazi Balembo Buetabela
  • Father Albert Fuchs
  • Monsignor Giuseppe Ghiberti
  • Father Marc Girard
  • Father Maurice Hogan, S.S.C.M.E.
  • Monsignor Armando Jorge Levoratti
  • Father Jose Vera Loza, O.P.
  • Father Jesu R. Raja, S.J.
  • Father Ryszard Rubinkiewicz, S.D.B.
  • Monsignor Lothar Ruppert
  • Father Jordi Bosch Sanchez
  • Father Adrian Schenker, O.P.
  • Father Ugo Vanni, S.J.
  • Father Jean-Luc Vesco, O.P.
  • Father Henry Wansbrough, O.S.B.
  • Father Alessandro Belano, F.D.P., Technical Assistant
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List of Pontifical Biblical Commission Members