April 19-21, 2002
volume 13, no. 75

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The Humanism of John Paul II

Part Three:
The Assisi Interfaith Prayer Scandals - III

    The Pope's entreaties for a 'civilization of love' are more 'Blowin' in the Wind!'
    " None other than our own Pope, John Paul II, said that with the Assisi 2002 meeting, "we have placed another milestone on the road to building a civilization of peace and love"!!! When was the last time you heard the expression "civilization of love"? Wasn't that the damning summer of 1969?! Here John Paul II sounds like a real hippie! Perhaps the Pope picked that up when he invited Bob Dylan over to give a concert back in, I believe, 2000. "

    It's been 15 years now since the 1986 Assisi "interfaith gathering" for "peace." So, did it work? Did we get "peace"? Needless to say, the answer is a resounding NO. Of course not. Something like this cannot work. If anything, it enkindles the just wrath of God even further. We've had war, war, and more war since. Was it coincidence or "God-incidence" that the 1997 earthquake in Assisi damaged the very basilica in which the 1986 interfaith abominations took place? Instead of finally consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is Heaven's peace plan, the Holy Father instead decided to call yet another Assisi meeting, in which the pagans were encouraged to occupy rooms in the convent of St. Francis and pray to their false deities, sacrifice to their demons, and call down their evil spirits.

    And people are surprised we still don't have peace? Why is Pope John Paul II not listening to the Fatima message? The scandal over the release of the false "Third Secret" was a scandal all by itself, of course, and that's another topic. But why does he not finally do what our Lady commanded? Fatima is the way to world peace, the way to the Reign of Christ the King.

    Let me share with you a little bit of what went on at the Assisi 2002 meeting. I am drawing on the reports of the first page of L'Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper, from January 30, 2002:

    "The Holy Father . . . recalled the mission of religion today to build peace in the world."

    What utter claptrap! See, John Paul II believes that the goal of "religion" (whatever that is - again, religion as such is no good if we're not referring to the Catholic religion) is to bring about world peace! The only divine and therefore valid religion there is, is the Catholic religion, and the goal of that religion is to save souls and ensure their eternal salvation. John Paul II has distorted the true goal of Catholicism, and he implies indifferentism when he talks about generic "religion" as if it were a good in itself, aside from what religion we're talking about. The Masons must be having a party over remarks like that! Such comments from the Pope are simply outrageous, but the reason we see no outrage from the Novus Ordo Catholics is that they've heard this gospel of man for so long that their ears have become accustomed to it. They no longer see anything wrong with this because that's what the revolution has been feeding us since Pacem in Terris!

    On the day of the Assisi meeting, January 24, 2002, Pope John Paul II exclaimed: "Violence never again! War never again! Terrorism never again! In the name of God [which one, I wonder? - M.D.], may every religion bring upon the earth justice and peace, forgiveness and life, love!"

    You know, folks, I'm having a fit here. So much garbage should not come out of the mouth of a Pope. I am sorry if I'm sounding disrespectful, but this simply blows my fuses. The word that immediately comes to my mind when reading such humanistic nonsense is "anathema." This statement by the Pope is clearly humanistic, pacifist, indifferentist, and heretical. But the Novus Ordos won't realize that because they don't know any better. "Catholicism" has been like that since John XXIII, though I suspect that even he would have shaken at this exclamation.

    Why is that statement so horrible? Let me tell you why. First, and most obviously, no false religion can possibly bring to earth any sort of true and authentic justice, peace, forgiveness, life, or love. Our Lord said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by Me" (St. John 14:6). Further, He said that "He that is not with Me, is against Me: and he that gathereth not with Me, scattereth" (St. Matthew 12:30). Therefore, there is no forgiveness, life, love, peace, or justice without Christ the Lord.

    Secondly, what is this pacifist nonsense about "no more violence" and all that? Catholicism does not preach pacifism, folks, make no mistake about that. Violence can very well be justified and is sometimes necessary to prevent the flock from being fed errors that will destroy their souls. Ah, but "errors" is a term the Newchurch has abandoned! It's not about truth and error anymore - it's about living in peace and harmony with everyone. Never mind Christ and His truth.

    Allow me to quote from Don Feder's excellent article from November 7, 2001: "Violence solves nothing, is the protestors' universal refrain. Nonsense. Violence gave America its independence. Violence saved the Union and freed the slaves. Violence kept Hitler from killing the rest of Europe's Jews" []. In other words, violence can solve quite a lot. What is wrong is unnecessary violence or violence done for insufficient reasons. All pre-Vatican II catechisms were pretty clear about that. In Hebrew, the original language of the Old Testament, the Fifth Commandment is "Thou shalt not murder" and not, "Thou shalt not kill." Pacifism is immoral and has no place in Catholic theology. But perhaps that's a topic for another article or series. I will talk more about licit killing and that in an upcoming part of this series on John Paul II's stance against the death penalty.

    But here comes another shocker. None other than our own Pope, John Paul II, said that with the Assisi 2002 meeting, "we have placed another milestone on the road to building a civilization of peace and love"!!! When was the last time you heard the expression "civilization of love"? Wasn't that the damning summer of 1969?! Here John Paul II sounds like a real hippie! Perhaps the Pope picked that up when he invited Bob Dylan over to give a concert back in, I believe, 2000.

    You may know that the "World Youth Day" is coming up in Toronto this year, in just a few months. I don't even want to think about what kind of a mess this is going to be again. Here's my prediction: you'll find thousands of teens dressed immodestly and not differing much in appearance from secular teens, cheering at John Paul II, who will tell them that they're the generation of the future, and that peace and love must inhabit this world and that they should ensure that it will. Then he will condemn abortion (and rightly so) and capital punishment (wrongly so) and preach about human dignity. In the end, then, this whole thing will be called a "huge success." We will probably hear nothing about that there is only salvation in Jesus Christ and that they must convert people to Him, that they must foster modesty and holiness and pray the Rosary. I hope I'm wrong, but mark my words.

    Humanism has flown through John Paul's veins for a long time, in my opinion. I think it is objectively evident. And I am not ascribing evil intentions or motives to him, for only God knows the heart. But seriously, do the motivations really matter? What do they impact other than his own spiritual life? What matters to the Church is his objective actions and statements, not what he might desire deep down inside.

    In future parts of this series, I will talk about John Paul II's kissing of the Koran and his position against the death penalty and look at more of his extremely confusing and scary statements. I do so never to demean the man, but rather to show clearly the antithesis he preaches to what True Catholicism was, is and always must be. No Catholic should do less.

Mario Derksen

    Editor's Note: So many of the post-conciliar bishops today refer to those clinging to the true Roman Catholic traditions that were in vogue for 2000 years prior to the reforms of Vatican II as 'fossils,' 'dinosaurs,' 'old folks who will die off soon.' We beg to differ and offer as proof the youthful wisdom and enthusiasm of the younger generation in the Traditional Insights of Mario Derksen who exemplifies the thinking of many more young men and women today who realize the new thinking of the post-conciliar church does not add up to true Catholic teaching. Thus they long for those traditions so tried and true. His insight shows great promise, optimism and hope for the future of Holy Mother Church.

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April 19-21, 2002
volume 13, no. 75
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