April 17, 2002
volume 13, no. 73

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The Triumph of Will and Grace

Where Buffalo roams will rise a tribute to the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart and her innocent little ones, the holy innocent victims of abortion. A shrine in the Auschwitz of America to honor the aborted children.

    "The shrine will feature primarily a monumental, ascendable, golden triumphal arch -- The Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be the world’s tallest monument measuring 700 feet to the tip of the golden Cross that will surmount its peak (seven being the mystical number of perfection, as Mary represents the perfection of humanity). "
  The title "The Triumph of Will and Grace" is appropriate when you consider the contrast between God's Holy Will and the Graces He imparts to those who strive to obey His Commandments as opposed to the horrendous, blasphemous television sitcom "Will & Grace," which is a microcosm of all that is wrong with America and its moral culture. The Former is of Triumph that narrowly stretches toward Heaven, the latter is a total, abject failure that is widely praised by those who have already punched their one-way ticket to perdition. Do you want to follow them?

   Thanks to the ambitious plans of a group in Buffalo, New York, seat of the culture of death, they hope to restore moral conscience by establishing a shrine to the Protectress of the Unborn, none other than the Blessed Mother of God - our Heavenly Mother. We know from Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph as she promised and as referenced in Genesis 3: 15 and Apocalypse 12: 1-2.

   The last scriptural reference is interesting. Without getting into exegesis, verse 2 says, "And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered." Now the Douay-Rheims Bible with the Haydock Catholic commentary points out that this signifies

    "that the Church, even in the time of persecutions, brought forth children to Christ. Wi. - It likewise signifies the difficulties which obstructed the first propagation of Christianity."
It likewise could very well signify the great mystical pain Our Lady suffers during these terrible times of persecution. For indeed, never in the period of history has there been greater mass murder than today through the terrible act of abortion. With every abortion/murder a child of God is eliminated from ever having a free will as God so deigned.

   And now, to bring forth more children to Christ through Mary, to make all aware of the Tabernacle of Our Lord and the Gateway to the Son of God, a dedicated group in Buffalo, New York have taken on a daunting task that seeks to emphasize God's Will and Graces that are so bountiful if only we obey His commandments, beginning with the 5th and 6th commandments; two that are so widely committed in tandem and which have caused the countless infanticide of the unborn. The killing of over 42 million unborn children since the infamous Supreme Court decision (Roe Vs Wade) in 1973. And it will forever be remembered by the entire world thanks to the City of Buffalo.

   Therefore, before children become extinct much like the vast herds of bison that once roamed this great land, it is necessary to preserve what we have left and push the pendulum back towards moral law and order. What better place to return to the scene of the crime to right the wrongs (though that could never be fully done considering the horrible holocaust of the womb over the past 29 plus years!) than this city which is predominantly Catholic on the northeastern banks of Lake Erie? And it is here that acknowledgment of Our Lady's role in the Triumph will materialize physically in a massive, masterful Arch of Triumph that will soar into the skies as a lasting shrine to remind all of the holocaust of the womb, consecrated to the Holy Innocents who were martyred by Herod in his efforts to kill Jesus, and dedicated to the worldwide victims of the present-day holocaust of abortion.

   On January 16, 2001, "The Association for The Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and International Shrine of the Holy Innocents," a not-for-profit New York corporation, was formed in Buffalo.

   The Association's purpose is to build a truly world-class, globally significant shrine, to be located on the shore of Lake Erie adjacent to downtown Buffalo.

   The shrine will feature primarily a monumental, ascendable, golden triumphal arch -- The Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be the world’s tallest monument measuring 700 feet to the tip of the golden Cross that will surmount its peak (seven being the mystical number of perfection, as Mary represents the perfection of humanity).

   The following is a press release from the Association For The Arch of Triumph.

    By unanimous vote, the 13-member Common Council of the City of Buffalo, NY passed a Resolution in support of the Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and International Shrine of the Holy Innocents, on April 2, 2002.

       The Resolution, introduced by Councilman-at-Large Charley Fisher, proclaims "that the good of society depends in part upon the vitality of its religious institutions," and observes that the Association, founded by "leaders of Buffalo's professional and lay Catholic community, has proposed to construct a monumental shrine in keeping with the tenets of the Catholic faith, which is the religious heritage of the majority of the residents of Buffalo."

       Addressing the Pro-Life aspect of the immense shrine project, which drew fire from local individuals when first announced in the summer of 2001, the Common Council stated, "the proposed shrine would also encourage increased respect for human life, including prior to the birth of the individual, a value much needed in the present day notwithstanding that there are differing opinions on the issue of 'pro-life' versus 'pro-choice.'"

       The Resolution notes that "the shrine would attract pilgrims and tourists from all parts of the continent and the world," and that the shrine is to be "built according to high standards of architectural beauty and integrity" and will "add to Buffalo's treasure of renowned architectural attractions," concluding with a statement that the Common Council "approves and supports" the efforts of the Association.   

The Association releases the following response by its Executive Director, Laurence D. Behr, Esq., who is also president of Western New York Lawyers for Life.

       "We are grateful for the Common Council's support, and in particular for its recognition that respect for human life is not a divisive issue, but is instead the bedrock foundation of all law and morality. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, exemplified respect for life when, through her great faith in God, she accepted an unplanned and unwed pregnancy, in the context of a society that, much more than our own, stigmatized and punished such a condition. The Holy Innocents, slain by King Herod in his effort to murder the Christ Child, exemplify what can happen when people put worldly values above love and respect for the weakest members of society.

       "This great and awesome shrine is about far more than the pro-life issue, however. It also will promote the importance of family life, the only "building block" of society, which is so challenged today, and is indeed in crisis. The family is under attack from the forces of consumerism, materialism, and hedonism. These are opposed by the spiritual values this shrine will proclaim, through the example of Mary's poverty of spirit, and her beautiful and childlike purity of heart. The shrine will include a monumental statue of the Holy Family - Jesus, Mary and Joseph - established by God as an example for all families, of the selfless love and devotion that is proper between family members, and so essential for the transmission of sound, life-giving values from generation to generation.

       "Further, the shrine will promote true peace between individuals and peoples. The Infant Prince of Peace, Jesus, Love Incarnate, upraised by His Mother Mary and presented to the world as the answer to its seemingly impossible conflicts, will proclaim to all that with God, Who is Love, all things are possible.

       "This great shrine will be a place of healing, refuge, hope, consolation and peace, for peoples everywhere, and of every faith. Our Common Council has shown wisdom in recognizing the great and unmitigated blessing that The Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and International Shrine of the Holy Innocents will be, not only for the people of Buffalo, but for our country and the world.

       "We already have begun to receive a great outpouring of support and encouragement from faithful people around the U.S. and Canada, many local chapters have started in both countries, and people in distant countries have expressed great enthusiasm and have offered their help. We ask all people of faith to support this great endeavor, and join us in seeking a return to God, to the goodness of sacrificial love, and to purity of heart."

   Mr. Behr and The Association for The Arch of Triumph, need the help of those dedicated to upholding the Sanctity of Life. Please go to there website at and learn more about this magnificent endeavor and where you can see an artist sketch of the proposed Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

   The realization of this great salute to Our Blessed Mother and Her innocent unborn children depends on the financial support of all the faithful Catholics of the International Pro-Life Movement. Behr points out that If each sent just $100 -- more if we can, or whatever we are able, we will see the Arch of Triumph rise as a beacon of truth for America and the world in short order.

   As I was reading the press release and Mr. Behr’s comments, I couldn’t help but think -- of course it would be Buffalo to be politically incorrect and honor our dead children, who were killed at the whim of their mothers, in the worst holocaust in the history of the world.

   It was Buffalo where Father Norman Weslin.O.S. was sentenced to 5 months in federal prison today for "criminal" contempt. His crime: kneeling in silent prayer in full priestly vestments inside an expanded "60' Banned Free Speech and Religious Expression Zone" outside a killing center that averages 40 kills a day.

   Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills demonize and seek the prosecution of all those who publicly witness for unborn children. They were awarded the titles -- "domestic terrorists" and "public nuisance," by New York State's Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer.

   Father Weslin, who is 71 years old, taught his Lambs of Christ, to offer up all pain, suffering and humiliations as "Victim Souls" in reparation for the deliberate killing of our future and God's children. He said, “we Lambs offer up our sacrifices and unite ourselves with Jesus' pains and sufferings so that His Father will stop the killing of our most precious "natural resource" -- His newly created children and America's next generation!!”

   So, naturally it would be Buffalo through the hard work of Mr. Behr, and The Association for The Arch of Triumph to be the first major city to show remorse and remembrance of the worst blight in the history of our country. By the way, Mr. Behr was blessed to have known Fr. Weslin and to have rendered legal assistance to him. Fr. Weslin is now, out of prison.

   For every $100 of your donation, the name of a person, living or deceased, born or unborn, may be indelibly inscribed on the Golden Arch of Mary’s Triumph!

   If you have been waiting for a worthwhile cause to support, this is it. Be a party in helping to end the holocaust of the womb and showing your respect for God's precious children, who had no trial, but were killed, just for the sake of convenience.


Dr. Frank Joseph

    Editor's Note: As long as this project has nothing to do with the Diocese and the bishops won't get their greedy, corrupt hands on any of the funds, then we would endorse Frank's endorsement. But ONLY if the Newchurch has nothing to do with it. If they do, then we can guarantee it will topple just as all other neo-Catholic foundations have and will for they are built on sand, not on the rock-solid foundation of true Roman Catholicism. If those organizing this magnificent Arch of Triumph truly want to assure it is built on solid rock, want to reap good fruits and help this project be realized sooner, while gaining great graces, they'll seriously think of installing the traditions which sustained the Roman Catholic Church for so many centuries. The Latin Mass would be an excellent place to start. Indeed, it may very well be that Buffalo will be the center of the restoration of Catholicism for this heavily Catholic city is also the home of the excellent traditional Catholic Family News. They are all about families. The purpose of the Arch is all about families. A perfect match!

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volume 13, no. 73
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