September 3-5, 2001
volume 12, no. 148

Behind the Vault

How the Vatican lost billions of dollars

Part Six

    Assistant U.S. Attorney William R. Hogan, Jr., was, in effect, the representative in the U.S. Attorney's office in Chicago of (1) the office of Catholic Archbishop of Chicago; (2) The Vatican Bank and Bishop Paul Marcinkus who was Vatican Bank chief up to November, 1991; (3) The Pope. Marcinkus' nephew/godson, Christian Henning, Jr., by falsely claiming to be Joseph Andreuccetti's business partner, caused Andreuccetti to be defrauded of many millions of dollars as hereinafter stated....Yet, at a time of soybean shortage, because of this corruption, soybean prices went down when they should have gone up. The result of the corruption thousands of soybean farmers were ruined, some bankrupted.

    Using inside details he knew that his bosses at the Justice Department knew about but took no action, Hogan was, using apparent blackmail, restored to his job with backpay. He knew about the bribery of the federal judges in order to ruin the Pope's soybean business, Ferruzzi. He knew about the role of Marc Rich in the bribery of the federal judges to stop the Vatican from competing in the soybean markets with ADM and Cargill.

    Disregarding the law and the facts, Judge George M. Marovich refused to hear the "enemies list" case against Hillary Rodham Clinton, and others. The judge cited a ridiculous reason, that there were too many facts, dates, and details for him to consider. Hillary's attorneys were in a position to blackmail Judge Marovich not only on the bribery of the judge in the soybean case involving Ferruzzi as well, but also based on the Judge's mandatory annual financial disclosure report which shows Judge Marovich owns a west suburban shopping center, Cermak Plaza, near First National Bank of Cicero. Our investigation showed the IRS and State Revenue top officials are silent partners in the shopping center and various gangster enterprises use the shopping center as a way to launder illicit funds. The top revenue officials assist the gangsters to evade taxes. Also note Congressman Henry Hyde escaped a federal agency judgment against him for causing the downfall of a suburban S & L of which Hyde had been a director. Hyde headed the House Judiciary Committee with power to impeach judges. Hyde was in a position to know about Judge Marovich and the gangster-top government officials-Judge Marovich shopping center. You guessed it---Judge Marovich had the case against Henry Hyde and turned him loose.

    So Marc Rich using bribery and murder, destroyed the Pope's soybean business in America. And Marc Rich was enabled to do this with the connivance of some in the soybean markets, the Justice Department, and the American CIA, and others. The Vatican lost billions of dollars. And a French firm took over Central Soya, a Ferruzzi enterprise, and reportedly shared the business with the Riady Family, ethnic Chinese, who owned the tiny First National Bank of Mena, Arkansas, a transit point for hundreds of millions of dollars shuttled up to the Chicago markets disguised as soybean dealings.

    In the "enemies list" dismissal by Judge Marovich, we took an appeal which, of course, ended in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, with the same judges who were bribed to destroy Ferruzzi. Although we had a statutory right to have our appeal heard, the judges refused to consider our appeal, sent back our briefs in a box, and entered an illegal and poisonous ruling that I and my TV associate, Joseph Andreuccetti are barred from being in any federal court in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The U.S. Supreme Court refused our petition to remedy this outrage.

    To justify these terrible things inflicted on the Vatican and Ferruzzi, what supposed "crime" did the Pope commit? That the Vatican, fair and square, wanted to be a major player in soybean trading in the U.S.? In America, and certainly in large cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, there is a non-statutory offense, that is an unwritten crime. It is called simply "failure to bribe." Of this the Pontiff certainly was "guilty." More coming on the Ferruzzi Affair.

    Several goldmines, suffering from disastrously low gold prices, are considering accusing the Federal Reserve and others, including known international criminals such as Marc Rich, of a diabolical scheme to prop up six huge failing hedge funds by way of attempting to head off a worldwide financial meltdown.

    Described by some as high-cost producers, the mines are reportedly considering publicizing their plight, to rescue themselves from the artificial situation created by what they contend is the pricing of gold below the cost of production of even the world's most efficient mines. If public awareness does not defeat the anti-gold plot, the mines only recourse is to have British interests take over at lead mine prices, just short of bankruptcy.

    Among those reportedly complaining are Homestake Mines, South Dakota and California, as well as several deep-in-the-earth South African mines. Some Third World mines are accusing the Anti-Gold cabal of racist policies, designed to impoverish countries populated by people of color. Some in the Johannesburg government are expected to spearhead the finger-pointing.

    The plot to force down the price of the yellow metal, the mines say, revolves around a little-known term called the "gold carry" trade. A low price of gold enables some Wall Street marauders to make huge profits by being able to use such prices as a vehicle to get loans for as little as one per cent. The mines contend that some in their own industry, to the detriment of their own stockholders, are going along with the anti-gold tricks. Among those accused is American Barrick, principal players of which include George Herbert Walker Bush and sons George W., Neil, and Jeb. Some have accused Barrick of being a proprietary operation of the American CIA and the National Security Agency, using untraceable gold as funding for the overthrow of governments and the assassination of leaders, U.S. and overseas. Alleged "President" George W. Bush, heckled by critics as an "imposter" and usurper, shortly after grabbing power, has cancelled the Carter Administration's Presidential edict banning the U.S. from engaging in political assassinations to carry out some national or international policy. Implicit in the political murder go-ahead is funding of the same with secret gold.

    The Federal Reserve, together with Wall Street investment thugs Goldman Sachs & Co. and J.P. Morgan, joined by the "metal men" of international pirate Marc Rich and his rogues, are reportedly accused of being part of the Anti-Gold Cartel devoted to attempting to bail out six monstrous hedge funds, the eminent collapse of which threatens the viability of the New York Stock Exchange as well as the possible existence of NASDAQ. In plain terms, the stricken mines are accusing the Fed and their cut-throats of propping up hedge funds whose would-be wizards completely guessed wrong in their gambling on complex markets known generally as derivatives.

    Without the gold hocus-pocus, the failure of the hedge funds may cause the eventual closing for a time of Big Board [Or is it Big Bird?] trading as well as other markets, according to mining sources. They contend that exchange clearing houses may also as a result fail. To head off the expected financial debacle, escalating the recession into a headlong wreckage, they contend, the Federal Reserve has joined even with known criminals in Switzerland and the Russian mafiya.

    With the downfall of the Soviet government, aided by his complicity in the attack on the Russian currency, the Ruble, about 1990, Marc Rich arranged with former top officials of the Soviet Secret Police to steal a large portion of the Soviet gold treasury. At the time, the Soviets were one of the world's largest gold producers. New purported users of the precious metal horde as a bartering device have been the Dutch banking octopus, Algemene Bank Nederland, now called ABN-AMRO. Quantities of the purloined gold have been parked at or near a Swiss airport for rapid transit to any point on the planet, as needed. The U.S. flagship of ABN, La Salle National Bank of Chicago, used the plundered gold as collateral to quietly buy up shaky banks in 15 major U.S. cities. One of only two U.S. banks refusing to disclose their true ownership to a Congressional Committee, La Salle has long been the place for corrupt public officials, primarily judges, to have numbered and secret accounts to whisk their bribery assets offshore.

    Head of the paper money rapists and the center of anti-gold banditry has been the Bank of England. Historically experienced criminals, the bank covered up the role of the huge British/French/U.S./Israeli espionage and political murder money laundry, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. As we have earlier pointed out, the Bank of England, at the time of the purported collapse of BCCI in 1991, for 30 days mysteriously had, as an open record, the BCCI bribery list, proving BCCI had bought or blackmailed one-fourth of all the members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Only a populist newspaper, SPOTLIGHT, headquartered in the District of Columbia, ran my exclusive story of the bribery and blackmail of Congress. Although as part of my story I supplied the list of names, the weekly outspoken newspaper ran my story verbatim minus the list, as a precaution. Contrary to mass media slanted reporting, BCCI did NOT disappear but re-emerged as a joint operation with the First National Bank of Cicero, located in the mafia enclave adjoining Chicago; the bank having been under the domination of Bishop Paul Marcinkkus,long head of the CIA/Mafia-linked Vatican Bank. (Ed. note: See Conspiracy Unveiled for the articles on the Giannini Family and the bank in Cicero.]

Sherman H. Skolnick

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September 3-5, 2001
volume 12, no. 148
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