September 3-5, 2001
volume 12, no. 148

Psychiatry and Homosexuality

    From the onset of the field of Psychiatry, homosexuality was ALWAYS considered an ABNORMAL behavior, and was treated accordingly. However, for reasons that beguile the senses, it now is considered normal and no longer requires treatment. Why do you suppose this happened?

    It happened because the Psychiatric profession is the most non-scientific of all fields of medicine. Their opinions will change with the tides. They have succumbed to the pressures of liberalism and the homosexual community.

    If for some reason, our country's morals returned to that of prior generations, these same psychiatrists WOULD again include homosexuality as an abnormality and it would once again appear in all the psychiatric books. If per chance, we once again became a civilized and Godly society.

    The Psychiatric profession has now been stripped of its remaining integrity. Let me prove this to you. If someone went to a Psychiatrist and said that they like to dig their fingernails into their skin and draw blood and no matter how hard they try -- they cannot stop, even though it causes pain and their body is covered with lesions, with many of them becoming infected.

    Would this be abnormal? You can bet your bottom dollar it would be. Psychiatrists would say, you are subjecting yourself, not only to pain, BUT infection and even death. You WILL be shortening your life. You DEFINITELY need psychiatric treatment.

    However if one engages in sodomy and the rectum is ripped and becomes painful and bleeds, and is subject to the MOST dangerous of all infections -- the deadly AIDS virus. This, the psychiatrists do not now, consider abnormal, even though those who engage in this act shorten their lives by 20-30 years and some even shorter. It is NOW NORMAL for one to NOT want to live long.

    When large objects have to be surgically removed from the rectum of homosexuals and even tears to their colon have to be repaired, this psychiatrists would have you believe, is just an everyday normal behavior. Please give me a break. Do they also think that pounding one's head against a stone wall is normal?

    Because in the one instance, the act has nothing to do with sex, BUT the second example does have to do with sex, that's what makes the latter normal in the minds of these people, who call themselves psychiatrists.

    Ah, there's the rub -- SEX. All's fair in love and war, and now we can add sex. Already college professors are saying that man-boy sex is normal and so is having sex with animals. Such are the perversities that permeate society today.

    15-20 years ago homosexuality was taboo. Now, it's all over TV in prime time. Pedophilia and Bestiality are now where homosexuality was 15 years ago. Sex with children and animals are talking points in academia. You would think that if a college professor held this view, he would be tossed out on his ear. Not so. The American public has been brainwashed. They are walking around in a trance. They don't want to be homophobic. We are told that to be homophobic is to be non-compassionate.

    Americans better start shedding their ignorance, or in 15 years, pedophilia and bestiality will be the norm and will also be taken out of all psychiatric books by the fickle and gutless psychiatrists.

    The AMA (American Medical Association) recently proposed a resolution that asks national youth groups (such as the Boy Scouts) not to ban homosexuals. Now, you would think that the AMA, would have the best interest of the health of our country as their number one priority.

    The reason given by the AMA is -- there will be less suicides among homosexuals. Now this statement is important -- let it sink in.

    If there are more suicides among homosexuals, it certainly is not because they will be found out. Not anymore -- they flaunt it. It is because, even to them, they know their deviant sex act is disgusting. They know that it's condemned by God. They know they are SICK.

    They know they can't go to a psychiatrist. They will just be told -- there's nothing wrong with you. Don't you know it's normal to have your mind in turmoil? Don't you know that to have your rectum ripped is normal? Don't you know that that having an increased risk of bladder and kidney infections and sexually transmitted diseases is normal? Don't you know that to be in misery and have pain is normal. Don't you know that to die young is commendable?

    On the one hand, the fact that the AMA admits to many more suicides among homosexuals -- then THAT ALONE indicates they need psychiatric treatment.

    That ALONE, knocks the Psychiatrists’ view that homosexuality is normal. That ALONE shows the fickleness and ineptness of Psychiatrists, who don't want to rock the boat. Down deep in their hearts, they know homosexuality is ABNORMAL, but they are gutless and will flow with the times.

    The condoning and embracement of homosexuality -- the patting of gays on the back and encouraging their life style IS NOT being compassionate. It will only lead to MORE suffering and deaths.

    America's public schools have become active promoters of homosexuality. The NEA (National Education Association) the teacher's union, will introduce a resolution that condones and promotes homosexuality, unless parents take an interest and STOP them.

    The media is no better. They are constantly bombarding us with ways to live longer. What to eat or not to eat -- which may add a few years to our lives. And smoking is very bad -- how often have you heard that? Have you EVER heard them say: Stay away from the gay lifestyle, you will live 20-30 years longer. On the contrary, we are told to embrace homosexuality, which WILL only result in more recruits to this filthy and deadly lifestyle.

    Not only should the gay lifestyle NOT be embraced, but it should be FEARED like the plague, or any pestilence that wipes out millions of people. Why do we have to embrace suffering and death? The word "homophobia" was coined for intimidation purposes only. It is NORMAL to fear a lifestyle that proliferates a deadly virus, as it is normal to fear any other virulent pathogen.

    But there's another fear here that is seldom mentioned. Fear of God! Sodomy is a sin of the flesh, a perverse sin at that, which goes against the very nature of the sexual act God created for procreation of His creation. Those who promote or allow sodomy to be promoted, those who fail to stand up and say it is a sin and it is wrong regardless of the politically correct stance today had better fear God's wrath. They should be much more afraid of His Justice than those who abhor such perverse acts and are labeled 'homophobes.' Those who are called 'homophobes' are, in effect, the most compassionate and caring individuals who exist because they don't want their brothers and sisters to perish in the fires of hell.

    Let me make it as plain as I can. To embrace homosexuality is the most NON COMPASSIONATE act that a person can do. Your embracement WILL only result in more illnesses, both physical and mental and more suicides and deaths.

    When the AMA recommends that the code of honor of the Boy Scouts -- Integrity and living a good, clean and wholesome life and be morally straight -- be set aside, so that they can embrace an ungodly lifestyle that leads to suffering and death, then, I have to say that I'm ashamed that I was ever a part of that organization.

    Mind you, these are the same liberal Democrats who condone the killing of 1.4 million babies every year, even while they are being born and suffer excruciating pain. They know NOTHING about compassion.

    For those, who believe in God and the wages of sin, I would like to add that God knew this, which is why He has condemned homosexuality. God loves us and knows what's best for us. WHY DON'T WE LISTEN TO HIM? We are told to love the sinner but not the sin. We are told to help the sinner find his way to God and to sin NO MORE. If we DO NOT, it will be OUR sin also, and WE WILL have to answer to God.

    Somehow, I cannot see the embracement of homosexuality as helping the sinner find his way to God. Do they actually want us to give up God for satan?

    So, if you have no qualm about people suffering and dying young and don't worry about your children's welfare and you feel that there is no God and the Bible is not worth the paper it's written on and there is no such thing as the wages of sin and Heaven and hell -- then and only then, you might consider embracing homosexuality and doing nothing as this deadly lifestyle is being introduced into our public schools as just being another normal alternative lifestyle. Here in California it is being introduced widespread under the misnomer of 'California Family Protection Act.' Don't believe it for a moment. It will not protect the family, but destroy it!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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September 3-5, 2001
volume 12, no. 148
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