September 14-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 149

In this Sign you will conquer with One Voice

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, how are you? How long has it been since someone asked that about you, and meant it? Oh, we say it often enough, but all too often we don't let the answer to that question sink below skin level. So, again, How are you?

    I hope that whatever your plans were for this Labor Day weekend, you have been kept safe and secure in the Refuge of Our Lord's Most Sacred Heart. I pray also that in your Labor Day plans, your family was gathered together. How important family is. God created the family to remind us of the undying Love of the Most Blessed Trinity. Families, today, drift apart, and that is so sad.

    We, too, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, are family. Honest to God family. So, when I ask, "How are you?" I mean the whole you, body, mind, and soul. Are you aware that the Saints in Heaven, the Church Triumphant, watch over us and also ask us each day, at the bequest of Almighty God: "How are you?"

    God cares. The saints in Heaven care. And each one of us should care about the other, putting ourselves in the last place, trusting that in doing so, God Himself will care about and for us.

    As you are aware, Michael and I began with the August 6, 2001 issue, presenting FACTS about the state of Holy Mother Church in this time, and since Vatican Council II was announced forty years ago. We have done so because this apostolate must always, before God, present facts which represent the TRUTH, for the health of the entire Mystical Body of Christ.

    Things are not very well with Holy Mother Church these days. I daresay that we are living in the time of the greatest persecution of the Church since Its Inception in the life of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now, we'll have to wait for history to prove my statement one way or the other, but if we are Catholic, then we know that there is something terribly wrong today.

    How do we know? First, my dear brothers and sisters, because there are factions within Holy Mother Church. That is why I say that this is the worst persecution of the Church ever. These factions all have names, and we are familiar with them, and more than likely, are inclined to one faction over the others. There are the ultra-progressivists, the progressivists, the modernists, the humanists, the liberals, the ultra-conservatists, the conservatists, the Traditionalists, the ultra-traditionalists, etc. And within any given faction, you will find discord even there. The question I humbly ask is this: "Why are there factions within the Church, when Holy Mother the Church is called by Christ to be One?"

    You know what I really believe we all should do? I believe, heart and soul, that we must begin a REAL Crusade, the FirstCrusade of the 21st Century. Now, by calling for a crusade, I mean one in which all are united under the banner "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (In His Sign we shall conquer). The "sign" is that of the Cross of Christ. Under this banner there can be but one voice (Una voce) crying out to God to bring harmony, unity within Holy Mother Church through the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

    All of us must leave personal agendas aside. We must put aside labels which only divide rather than unify. Moreover, I believe this Crusade must be Real, and that it can be effective.

    I have prayed much over this, my dear brothers and sisters, and the Holy Spirit has helped me to see this Crusade very clearly.

    Therefore, I beseech you humbly, for the sake of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, to consider a Real Crusade, starting in your own country or nation. For example, in the United States, the Crusade should start on the West Coast in various groups up and down the coast gathering together all who speak with One Voice, as we move eastward, stopping at certain points where those from the north and south can join in. Then we would progress toward St. Louis, gathering at the Statue of Saint Louis there. We would be joined by those crusaders who confluence from the North and South. From St. Louis the procession will swell as all head east towards the east coast with other groups meeting the main group along the way until all arrive in Washington D.C. where we would make a statement before the Nation's Capitol, the White House and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops headquarters. We would proceed then to Baltimore, the first Catholic diocese of these United States. We would use modern transportation. We would not ask anyone person, or any one group to finance such a crusade, for this alone would bring about friction from faction. It sounds impossible, but with God all things are possible.

    We would begin on our journey, our Crusade, as soon as school was out. This way, many more could join in, especially young families. We would take with us good, holy, solid priests to offer Holy Mass for us every day, to provide times of adoration, and Benediction. Wouldn't it be nice if there came, either from each state in these United States, or from any nation, a person who would ride a horse, carrying the banner under which we process to Rome.

    We would board boats out of Baltimore. Depending on arrangements, several ships - not luxury ones - could take as many people as possible across the sea to France, the daughter of Catholicism where we would be met. Those who were financially able could fly, of course. No means of transportation would be left out. However, we must be mindful of the financial means of the whole, rather than of the few. From Baltimore we would sail across the Atlantic toward, say, Mont-Sant-Michel, France. Then, those from Western Europe could join us as we process to Lourdes. Here, in this Holy Place of miracles, of multiple pilgrimages, we would again converge, having Mass, Adoration, Benediction, and time for the healing waters of Lourdes, and the processions, etc.

    Nevertheless, our stay would not be long, for Lourdes is not our quest. From all over the world, we would process toward Rome. Those from the Middle East, from the Far East, from Africa, and our neighbors down under, to all converge until we have met on the outskirts of Rome. We would need to also bring with us doctors capable of tending to those whose health may not be the best on this Crusade. But I am sure God would send them to us in a second, if we were sincere about this Crusade.

    For those whose financial means would allow, they could stay in hotels, etc. We could obtain a camping permit (I am sure they must have those in Italy), and there, with One Voice, under the banner of Constantine's "In Hoc Signo Vinces" and carrying the papal flag, we would march into Rome. Now, if the timing of our Crusade were to coincide with the Holy Father being on vacation at Castle Gondolfo, then we would go there first, to pledge our service, our humility, and our obedience to the Vicar of Christ. No dissension. Only a thirst for the Truth of Our Precious Faith to be made clear once again, in obedience to the servant of the servants - Pope John Paul II. If he is at Castle Gondolfo, then would it not seem proper, especially in view of the dissension within Holy Mother Church, to carry the Holy Father in the Sedalia gestatoris as former Pontiffs used during ceremonies at St. Peter's? To carry the Holy Father to the Vatican, to St. Peter's, what a privilege that would be.

    However, once at St. Peter's, we would, having already announced our arrival, remain until we are granted a private audience with the Holy Father. We would, with One Voice, make known our deep concerns, our confusion, our need for clarification about the things that have taken place since Vatican Council II began, ended, and the reforms were handed down and interpreted any way the local ordinary wished. We would not demand that this rite or that rite is best. But we would ask, with One Voice, why cannot both rites (The Tridentine, and the Novus Ordo) both exist side by side, and the very best of the Novus Ordo be required, rather than the ever changing Novus Ordo that occurs in most parishes within any given diocese.

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, when I asked you: "How are you?" I mean that. I pray that your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are well. I pray that they are even a bit better now, if you'll only allow the concept of this Crusade to develop in your mind and heart through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

    That such a Crusade can take place, I am certain, for the Holy Spirit has shown it to me in vision. It would take planning, yes. But we do not need to make this overly complicated. We wish to draw millions, yes multiple millions of Catholics from around the world to this FirstCrusade of the 21st Century. Within our ranks no discord. Remember, "In Hoc Signo Vinces," "Una Voce."

    Let us go to rally behind our Holy Father, to tell him by our presence, by the multitude of our number, that we are there for him through thick and thin. We do not know what he must endure every day, but we are they to assist him in enduring, to do all that Christ wants of him, no matter the cost. We go with the full knowledge that we would prefer to die defending our Holy Father, than to accuse him of anything, or to have others accuse him of this or that error against the perennial Magisterium of the Church.

    You see, my dear brothers and sisters, only in this way will the divisions cease. Only in this way, with a unity of purpose and of voice, can we allow the Holy Father to hear our very honest questions, and allow him the time to respond to us through chosen representatives, who will ride into Vatican Square on horseback, with breast-plate of armor, carrying the banner of the Crusade alongside the Papal Flag.

    The only thing stopping us is our lack of Trust and Confidence in God to see us through. None of us have a real excuse to offer, even if what we tell ourselves sounds more than reasonable.

    Yet the Holy Spirit showed it to me. In all of its magnificence not because we mere humans were taking part, but because it was the Will of God, and in His Name the Apostasy and factions within Holy Mother Church would be conquered.

    We would beg alms along the way, for not everyone will have the financial means for such a journey. However, with the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we will walk to Rome to seek the advice and approval of the Holy Father for the fullness of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith to shine forth once again, a beacon of light in a world gone mad.

    How do you feel about this? Have you prayed over it? Please do so first, and then, let me know. I would not ask this if it were not of God and for God. If the world in general scoffs at us, so be it. It is the world. We are in it, but not of it, for our allegiance is to God, to Our Precious Faith, and we will not care, for we are fools for Christ!

    I will write to you again as the Holy Spirit prompts. Know in your hearts that the questions Michael and I are asking are sincere questions that are grave, and deserve a clarification. They are not meant to point fingers or to assassinate the character of our Holy Father. These hard questions, based on AUTHENTIC FACTS, are our duty to ask, our obligation before the Lord.

    Let us unite under the banner of the FirstCrusade of the 21st Century. "In Hoc Signo Vinces cum una voce." Your little sister in Christ who is praying for you.


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September 14-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 149
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