September 14-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 149

The tragic effects of war!

The carnage of the September 11th demonic disasters pale in comparison to the loss of lives and souls over the past 40 years' war that have left so many feeling helpless and without a clue as to what to do because they trusted, not realizing they've been deceived and misguided!!

    Why and how has this happened? That is the question searing through the minds and hearts of all in the aftermath of the events of 9-11 hitting us square on the soul! Countless thousands were killed - nay, murdered - while at their desks on a beautiful Tuesday autumn morning in New York. They say on that kind of day you can see 100 miles in any direction. Imagine their horror when they saw death coming at them from out of the sky invading their safe haven. They had trusted that they were safe. Trust. It is such a fragile thing. Because we trusted we trusted our government to protect us and they couldn't, mistrust abounds. Sherman Skolnick has an updated column on this very tragedy and how the U.S. government knew ahead of time that something was planned for "911 Emergency Day." Why did they sit on such vital information? Sherman's findings are indeed shocking.

    But should we be shocked? We trusted that those in leadership were doing the right thing. Little did we realize 40 years ago that we were being sold out. A war was waged in Vietnam for drug rights, not for freedom. And while the first young men of America were dying in the jungles of Southeast Asia, older men were planning another war in Europe. Oh, it wouldn't be fought with M-16's or bayonets. No, it began in the guerilla trenches of the liberal progressive haunts in Germany, Belgium, France and Holland - the same vicinity where World War II took its greatest toll. The region and ideology of the Rhine would flow southward through the Alps into Italy, through Milan and down to Rome where it polluted the region and ideology of the Tiber. Not a bullet was fired, but the casualty list is in the high millions. We're talking souls, not soldiers. Dr. Tom Droleskey points out the causes and effects of the why of September 11th in his column We've done this to ourselves!.

    President George W. Bush just announced that the attacks on the World Trade Towers and Pentagon were an "act of war." That buzzword 'war' woke many up. They want to retaliate, but they don't know who the enemy is. It could be Osama bin laden. It could be Saddam Hussein. That will take much investigation before pinpointing who motivated, directed and financed these kamikaze terrorists. At least the President called it for what it is: war!

    Loyal Catholics should not be surprised for we have been at war for over 40 years, yet the vast majority didn't realize it, so easily were they vanquished by the reforms of Vatican II. It has taken much investigation to identify the enemy in this war as well. The silent war of 40 years it is being called. Unlike World War I and II, even the Vietnam War, this one has no victors, just the vanquished. Yes, the war I speak of was Vatican II. Before you start going into shock, consider this. Vatican II enabled the cultural revolution of the sixties. Vatican II has allowed countless millions to believe they are saved even while living in sin. Vatican II de-emphasized the four great things that Catholic Doctrine has always taught. There had been other revolutions in the past, but the Church stood strong against them and survived. Why in 1959 did Pope John XXIII see a need to alter that course? Why did he appoint to key conciliar positions the very men that Pope Pius XII had so carefully guarded and kept away from key decision making offices of influence? Did John and then Pope Paul VI not see the danger of uncaging these rebels? Did not Paul understand the agenda of those he appointed after the Council closed? Did a red flag not go up when a different agenda, one the Council fathers had voted down, was adopted and pushed through? Did he not heed the wisdom of past papal pronouncements, of past Councils, of his own appointee Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani as to the Protestantization of the Mass with the Novus Ordo Missae? Did Paul himself not admit that satan had penetrated the sanctuary in a devastating way? Yet, we trusted and obeyed. Moreover, satan used that to undermine and destroy so much. He used the strength of virtue to ramrod down the throats of Catholics a new order, a new religion, forced on us by those who came from the seeds of rebellion in the first place. It wasn't long until they had poisoned the seminaries, infiltrated chanceries and deconstructed churches, devastated parishes. Michael J. Matt has an excellent column on this, which we have been given permission to run in four segments that continues in this issue on Sustaining the Outrage in "Traditional Thoughts."

    Let's look at the world here in mid September 2001. By relaxing the disciplines of Holy Mother Church, the way was paved for the liberal acceptance of condoms, more divorce, more licentiousness, more selfishness and lust which led to legalizing the killing of our own through Roe vs. Wade. But that wasn't enough. The pro-abort industry had to capitalize on these murders by selling body parts and stem cells. Why? So they can create the perfect being, so they can extend life and play gods, dictating who lives and who dies. Certain of these cells the desperadoes claim can go to help grow new organs, new cures and hybrid plants to feed the masses. And you thought "Soylent Green" was fiction. But if that isn't bad enough, we have been queerified to death by the sodomites who seek to rationalize their perversity and make evil right. It can't be done. Yes, they try and, sadly, they succeed. The Scriptures have foretold this day would come. But we don't have to accommodate sin. We must not.

    And where is the Church as the gay agenda grows stronger by the day? Silent and scared it would seem. Oh, there have been some 'Vatican representatives' who have spoken, but not with the force of a papal decree. Just as the American bishops are afraid to lose their status with the Democratic Party and ultimately their almighty non-profit status, so also Rome seems afraid of speaking out forcefully for the absolutes of the truth. The Institution we place such trust in has been too silent. What is going on in Rome? For so long we were told to bide our time and be patient, that the Holy Father was waiting to weed out the bad bishops and superiors with his hand-picked choices. If that is true, and I hope to God it is not, for the sake of our beloved Church and Vicar of Christ, then we're in even bigger trouble, folks as to the corruption within the Church. I say this because, except for a few - specifically men like Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap. of Denver - there are so few good shepherds. The bad shepherds have been replaced by cookie-cutter bishops who have seemingly fallen in lockstep with the corrupted chanceries. The abuses continue and the bishops look the other way. They stubbornly push the humanist agenda, gladhand with corrupt politicians and businessmen, squeeze the faithful for more money to further their conciliarChurch agenda, and fail to uphold the Faith in its entirety as they hide out in their ivory towers, so inaccessible to their flocks.

    And so we look to the Holy Father to rein in these rascals. And we wait...and wait. Why? Instead of calling the bishops to task, the Holy Father waits. Why? Instead of giving the German bishops an ultimatum and rebuking them for their resistance to doctrine, the Pope promoted the two most dangerous men - Walter Cardinal Kasper and Karl Cardinal Lehmann. Why? Does he not realize that both these modernists can be traced back to that 'rat pack' that molded the newChurch agenda? Does he not realize that both were disciples of Hans Kung and Karl Rahner? Those two appointments by Pope John Paul II sent shivers through every loyal Catholic. What was he thinking? Did he make that decision himself or was he coerced? If the former is true we are indeed in trouble, dear fellow Catholics. And if the latter is true what is to become of the Keeper of the Keys? What is to become of the Primacy of Peter? If the former is true, and that is something no loyal Catholic wants to consider but must. Then why? Do you realize those appointments could gravely affect the Church for these two from the Rhine region would join other dangerous modernists in the College of Cardinals - all eligible to be Pope? Have the luciferians so engulfed the Vatican that the Holy Father is now rendered powerless? Or has he orchestrated this? As hideous as that idea is, why else would collegiality, the diminishing of the powers of the Petrine Papacy and the emphasis on ecumenism at any cost have made such inroads? Many think ultra-liberal Carlo Cardinal Martini of Milan is now too old to lobby for the pontificate. Thank God for that. But you can believe he'll do whatever he can to forge his ideology on the rest. Sadly, many of the redhats have already been tainted. So much so that assurances of the next Pontiff being a good Pope do not bode well. God forbid such a scenario, but it could be very possible considering the makeup of the Conclave. Many of them have forgotten there ever was an 'Oath against Modernism.' How could they not know that? But, how dare I ask such a thing since that does not come into play. You see that revered oath was before Vatican II, before the new enlightenment.

    Anything that preceded the 21st Ecumenical Council seems to have been abandoned or overlooked for the sake of referencing Vatican II as the source for Church teaching. In effect, the logic was to sack Trent and consign to oblivion so much of what was absolute in favor of the relativism that passes today in RCIA classes as tolerance for others. Live and let live. Gather together and feel good, celebrate each other for we are Christ. What lies we have been fed with this new religion that in no way resembles the Faith of our Fathers - the Faith that was so alive before Vatican II. Gary Morella put it so aptly in "The Mass wasn't Broke; it didn't need fixing" Yet we were fed the lie that we had to change with the times. Fine if that meant not compromising the Faith. However, that part of the bargain was left out. Instead of reaching down and elevating non-Catholics to our level, the plan was to meet them halfway. The problem with that kind of compromise was that it allowed satan to lower the bar further where today Catholics are expected to come down to the level of non-Catholics and apologize for being Catholic. I'm sorry, but that doesn't wash. Not with me or any of the sinners and saints who fought and died for their Faith during the two millennia that preceded these times...these times of war.

    Can you see the casualty list? The casualties of this past Tuesday's demonic disasters pale in comparison to the carnage wrought from the Vatican II reforms. Besides the over 40 million preborns slaughtered in the womb, consider the millions of Catholics who fell away from the Church after Vatican II. Consider the millions that might have converted to Catholicism but were dissuaded because they didn't have to conform to the principles of absolutes anymore. Consider the thousands and thousands of priests, nuns and brothers who left their calling to embrace the world after Vatican II. Consider how many of those went over to the other side, bitter and bent on revenge. Consider the tens of thousands of vocations that never came to fruition because seminaries were closed so the newChurch could regroup and staff the faculties with those who would carry through the modernist manifesto that embraced and encouraged free thought and free expression. And you wonder how homosexuality gained such a foothold in our seminaries? Consider the millions who were denied a solid Catholic education because the newChurch sold out to the government for the benefit of cash grants to build newer schools where only the rich could afford to go. The American bishops made a pact during Vatican II to allow the Catholic schools to be sabotaged. They caved and compromised. It's a fact. Alliances for powerful agendas do that. No longer was parish life synonymous with Catholic education and family. Soon non-Catholic students were numerous in Catholic schools. But why not? Afterall, the 'threat' of Catholicizing them had been removed. In its place the Novus Ordo manifesto wrought a pablum 'peace and justice' mandate where emphasis was placed on the environment and 'go with your feelings.' Liberation theology was allowed to spread like wildfire. Spirituality was sacrificed for political agendas. The very same thing that happened in Nazi Germany and in Soviet Russia has been happening in our beloved Church.

    This manifesto has been spoon-fed to us with a rationalization of accommodation for sin, not sinners. That is not the Catholic way. Christ has commanded we love the sinner, hate the sin. We cannot love the sinner and accept his or her sinful way as normal. Grace and sin cannot be compromised. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a first year theologian to recognize what a sin is: An offense against God. Can you see how often and repeatedly He has been offended, greatly offended? Do you think this will continue ad infinitum? No way. Even God has His limits and has promised such. As I said earlier, He will render mercy to the merciful but to those who turn their backs on Him, He will render His wrath. But that doesn't seem to sink in with today's feel good newChurch mentality. Best to bury your head in the sand and ignore the existence of the devil. Best to not recognize sin. Best to continue in a comfort zone that has been empowered by the new doctrine of Vatican II where the laity is urged to strive for sanctity by getting involved in social welfare functions and tolerating others' behavior, always being cautioned not to judge others. Always being instructed to never speak ill of the Vatican II reforms for that will disrupt unity. Oh, satan is clever. Do you see how the evil one has been able to keep so many faithful Catholics at bay by worming his way into consciences and harping on the 'obedience factor.' That is something loyal Catholics were weaned on and, rightfully so, they have been obedient. But obedient to whom?

    By and large we have been obedient to bad generals who have, by Canon Law, in actuallity been stripped of their ranks through their own betrayal of orders from the top. They have undermined their commander in chief John Paul II, made his powers weaker. To those who say we are criticizing the Pope we say, no, we are pleading with the Pope to stop the atrocities brought on by this war. Would anyone who loves Holy Mother Church do less? He is our admiral. Granted he is one man and, yes, a finite being like all of us. But to Karol Wojtyla was given the Keys of the Kingdom and the ultimate power on earth. That power is being stripped. Are we to sit here and tacitly let it happen? Are we then to follow the mutineers who seek to strip this power in this on-going war? Loyal Catholics would say yes in matters of faith and morals because of the programmed 'obedience factor' without truly realizing the stakes. And they are right. However the question to ask is how many of the bishops are teaching the correct faith and uncompromising morals, let alone practicing it? The answer is, so sadly, very, very few. Do you see the great dilemna satan has created?

    Because we let down our guard, because we didn't stand up earlier and refute changes by asserting the doctrines and traditions of Holy Mother Church, we let the mutiny happen, we let the war get out of hand. We trusted in man and his agenda in the world and the Church. Because of these humanistic tendencies we can see how the world and our Church are fast fusing into one. That is another of the terrible tragedies of this 'war' as the forces of the fruitless mount in numbers toward a one-world-religion through ecumenism, crafted by compromise rather than conversion. Admittedly the ranks of the faithful have been weakened greatly. Many of the 50's generation have passed on and that's what Michael Matt talks about in his article. We need to outlast those who are expecting the Traditionalists to die off. We, the few oaks who truly know our Faith, need to pass on this treasure to the young acorns - the future leaders of our beloved Church. That is why we provide the series Appreciating the Precious Gift of the Faith to all in each issue as well as links to the many rich sources of the Sacred Deposit of Faith so readers will know the difference before they, too, are swept up by the modern clarion of conformity.

    The one battalion that still stands strong, though the ranks are greatly thinned, are those who cling to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as they were taught for centuries. It is the same Faith and Rite of the saints as Matt points out. Are we going to let them down by selling out? Think about the sacrifices of the holy souls in the Church Triumphant and those waiting entry to Heaven from the Church Suffering. Are we, as soldiers of Christ, His infantry in the Church Militant going to hold up our end of the bargain of the great Communion of Saints? Do we stand and fight or run? If we compromise, we've copped out! We are then the lukewarm souls the Angel of the Church speaks of in Apocalypse 3:16 in which God will "because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit thee out of My mouth."

    The modern, post-conciliar Church has become lukewarm and followed the same false path so many of us sought in order to please man, to be accepted. Because of that, we have compromised those very principles we were taught and embraced the culture of death with abortion, infanticide, genocide, perversions, and contraception. Sacred Scriptures and Catholic doctrine have warned us of the consequences and yet, like the proud Hebrews who worshipped Baal, we worship idols in finite celebrities in the entertainment and sports meccas. In the new Mass that was spawned by modernists and luciferians after Vatican II, we no longer worship God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the tried and true Tridentine Latin Mass, but rather today we celebrate the Last Supper, by passing over Calvary and jumping right to the Resurrection expecting to be Christs ourselves. Not Christ-like, but like or equal to Christ for we worship ourselves by obliterating the Truths and Traditions that sustained the Church for nearly 2000 years. We forget what Jesus commanded for salvation, "Unless you take up the cross and follow Me daily, you cannot be My disciple." - "Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood you shall not have life everlasting." He commanded His Apostles to perpetuate the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary in the unbloody sacrifice of the True Mass as said before Vatican II. The New Mass (Novus Ordo) is no mass, it is a sacrilege that cries to Heaven as a blasphemy before God. Those once beautiful Catholic cathedrals, basilicas and churches that were a sanctuary from the madness of reality, have become sterile temples where the 'abomination of desolation' Jesus warned of in Matthew 24 has been allowed to profligate and cause decay within the Church of modern Rome because man thought he had a better idea than God.

    We have built towers of Babel dedicated to worshipping the almighty dollar and wonder what went wrong when those, who have long ago sold their souls to the devil, hijack passenger jets and deliberately crash into them, causing the collapse of these modern wonders - these modern temples to man and with it the loss of countless lives. Lives created by God in the womb as He says in Jeremiah 1: 5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you." Yet, because of universal corruption, we have so carelessly considered life as not sacred. Should we expect infidels who do not know Christ and His Blessed Immaculate Mother to have respect for life when those who supposedly do know Christ and Our Lady do not have respect for life, who willingly condone the killing of over 40 million souls in the womb through the abomination known as the Holocaust of Abortion? Man today has become worse, much worse than those in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah...and yet we wonder why God allows the evils that were visited upon this nation on Tuesday, September 11, 2001? He allows these evils so that man will turn back to Him fully and completely, humbly and penitently, resolved to strive to live God's will and follow His commandments. Dr. Frank Joseph hones in on how the Church has allowed this to happen in Why are our pulpits so silent?

    It is times like this that shake the conscience, when we realize there is much more to life than what we have in the bank. It is times like this that we are reminded of the vital Last Four Things as the Roman Catholic Church had always taught up until Vatican II when it was de-emphasized because Protestants had a difficult time with accepting it. We cannot compromise. No matter what man may like or want, no matter what the 'faith of the moment' may teach him about getting ahead and getting along, there are four things we cannot escape and must face: Death, Judgment, Heaven, or Hell. We cannot escape it. We'd do well to consider it now and prepare rather than later. That is why Our Lord followed up His strong words on the signs of the last days in Matthew with the need for watchfulness for we "know not the day nor the hour." We must have our lamps lit lest we miss the Bridegroom.

    If we are not willing to be watchful, if we are not willing to return to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church as taught up until Vatican II, then we must be prepared for God's vengeance for no one is immune from the consequences of the tragic effects of war!

Michael Cain, editor

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September 14-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 149
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