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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 28
Memorendamn Nine
Subject: The red glow of the global village

    There has been so much laughter here of late! Rather, to be more correct, lots of howling in our means of rejoicing. You have aided in this amusement, soulScanner 28. Your sector is all-important to the cause, as I have taught you from the moment you entered my kingdom. You would do well to remember all that you did to become a member of my legion, for in great part the mindset of today is due to your activities while a human. How much more you have accomplished as a loyal subject to my supreme authority in the place humans term "hell." Of course, I credit you with helping to do away with any belief in this place. How you worked alongside me in succeeding with the concept that I do not exist - therefore there is no sin - ergo there is no place called hell.

    How well I have succeeded with the support of my hordes to do away with any notion of noble pain and suffering in a redemptive method applied to the Crucifixion of my Opponent - the one called Jesus Christ. Oh, the pain I suffer even at the memory of that moment (still present to me) of the day He - the Son of the Eternal God - was nailed to that horrid piece of wood. I was there. Many of my legion were there. How many souls I captured that day…even the one called the Iscariot, who believed not in the ocean of mercy that was already flowing from the side of the One the few believed to be the Messiah.

    Well, I have worked feverishly through the centuries to undo that damnable sacrifice of Calvary. It has been hard work, soulScanner 28, as well you know. The fortress called Holy Mother Church was nearly impregnable for 1,962 years. Actually a few less years, but who's counting, huh? You see, soulScanner 28, the impregnable fortress was protected by the very perpetuation of that eternal sacrifice in what the Opponent called - and rightly so - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It took all of my time to find a way to do away with that, and you stood by my side as the fortress began to crumble in great chunks as Vatican Council II opened.

    Oh, yes, it was a great day when I, through my agents at the Council and after, took over, and began to deconstruct the concept of "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" and replaced it with a Protestant ceremony that was of celebration, of a community meal, and the celebration of self, rather than the subordination of the self to the Eternal Word!

    Oh, I am in pain at these mere words, soulScanner 28. They drive a sword through my spirit, just as that damnable spirit called Saint Michael drove a sword through me as I was driven from my rightful place at the right hand of God. Instead, I was to grovel here in my own dark kingdom but I would not settle for that. Meddling in the affairs of God has been for me my greatest joy, as soul by soul I snatch away His children and make them slaves of my own superior intellect. Even if it takes forever, I will get even.

    Now, to the matter at hand I write to you, soulScanner 28. Your sector is not very large, but it is of the utmost importance in my overall plan for worldwide domination. The man in place now, despite his apparent holiness, plays right into my plans every time he writes or opens his mouth. This subject is quite delicate, and I will dwell on it personally in a later memorendam.

    I am informed by you of the recent statements made by that place called the Vatican, which is the Motherhouse of my hated Catholics. Well, my hatred has been soothed greatly in the last four decades as the Catholic Church has undergone a rebellion called a reform, and the silent people in the pews are led ever more into the ambiguity of the age, an age that is mine from beginning to its ultimate victory - evil over good!

    How pleased I was to receive the report that even the Pope is now saying "pro multo uno" - "for one world." Maybe it isn't so bad that he has become a sensational superstar to the people of the world. He does not belong to the Roman Catholic Church only. He is the Pope of the World, not that everyone will obey him. I've made sure of that even within his Church. But I must say I'm pleased that he is the one doing the groveling before all other religions, and embracing in ever widening circles the plurality of mankind, which is of my doing, not of the Creator. Oh, the Creator thinks He has thought of everything in His plan of Creation. Doesn't He realize His plan of gathering together one flock under one Shepherd - that being my nemesis Christ - is about to come crashing down from Heaven with a thud. I want Him to rue the day he gave man a free will. It has been such a benefit to me. Sometimes it has been so easy to manipulate man because of that. Oh I hope the coming of the one-world-order will reverberate throughout the entire world as a red glow over the global village. I can sense it will be a volcanic moment here in my kingdom, I can assure you of that. The mere thought sends me into raucous laughter, but I contain myself, lest in my rejoicing I lose sight of the goal that is almost complete.

    SoulScanner 28, it is paramount that you, the scanner of souls in this very sector, continue to disseminate the words of this pope, this global sensation, as I prefer to call him, and downplay solid words, praise certain other words words, take them out of context and enunciate those words. Discuss and promote these specific words in every press medium available to you.

    You have at your disposal the use of the invention of this powerful tool of my time called the Internet. Here you can truly reach the entire world in one click, and the words of the most recognized and accepted man in history are read by the flock of the world, and understood in the manner that I intend. They don't read everything he says or writes. I'm counting on that. This is the coming of my victory, soulScanner 28. Sound bites are so useful. No one bothers to read everything anymore. They just want to skim and that, soulScanner 28, as you know, makes it so much easier for me to scam - to twist meanings and dishearten the most faithful. Oh, I love it!

    Let me refer to the article that you so kindly sent to me via hellfire express. Ah, here are words that make my horns fiery, my beastly mass anxious to twist and thunder and revolt. I see, however, that your work has borne fruit for me, and I share that now with you, to urge you onward to more precise workings in the near future.

    In this article entitled "The Keys to Humanize Globalization" John Paul II's Proposals for Life in Global Village, there is a quote that is of utmost importance. I will refresh your memory, soulScanner 28. "To rebel against the present international imbalance is sacrosanct," said Jacques Delors, Catholic, Socialist and former president of the European Commission, as quoted in Zenit's June 8, 2001 analysis. "…It is time for proposals."

    How utterly delightful is the admonition inherent in the word "sacrosanct." A blessing upon rebellion, one of my favorite ploys. And to be spoken by a Catholic Socialist…I cannot help but drink to the dregs the delightful repast of brimstone, soulScanner 28.

    Zenit's article points out that John Paul II has spent time and energy over the last few years offering proposals based on Christian social doctrine, to confront the problems of globalization. Ah, such an encouraging time this has been for me. The "social doctrine" of the church (please note the small "c", because the once mighty fortress called "The Roman Catholic Church" has disappeared in the ambiguity I dished up at the Council II, and which I foment every day with more ambiguity as this man is forced to deal with issues on a philosophical basis, and not, thanks to me, from a moral or theological standpoint. This, soulScanner 28, is half the battle. Because I have managed to sway so many near the pope, he is helpless. In his fervor he continues to try, but my operatives are channeling him in a direction I desire. And so, soulScanner 28, we now can let our enemy do the work, and we just wait and reap the souls that are lost in the cloud of confusion that has no answers. What a wonderful twist. You see, this is now possible because I have done away with the answers. The absolutes that once enshrined and enobled that institution called the Church, which has been my achilles heel so many times. is now paralyzed and unable to be effective.

    The article continues: Globalization is, first of all, a human event. Therefore, 'globalization, a priori, is neither good nor bad' the Holy Father said. "It will be what the people make of it" (John Paul II April 27, address at Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences).

    This man speaks of economic ramifications that play right into the hands of this globalization, and makes a point that this phenomenon has come about by new means of communication.

    Having a mind that never stops thinking, this man who heads the once powerful Roman Catholic Church, and who has become nonetheless feeble, even dying, is hemmed in so that he can convey only vague directive. Those now in my employ have seen to this.

    The article states that this pontiff's proposals touch upon "Keys to humanize globalization." Please note, soulScanner 28 that this is all done on the human level, and there is no mention whatsoever of my Great Adversary. Oh, I am giddy that this has become more and more evident in these last years as what was once the Roman Catholic Church, the sanctified institution of Jesus Christ, is now nothing more than a social worker in a world turned upside down.

    So, I am delighted that this man makes a further proposal for "Globalization of human rights." Has this not always been the problem facing mankind? I mean, soulScanner 28, in the time of the Son of God's visit to earth in the God-Man Jesus Christ, there were social injustices…the poor surrounded the Christ, but He did not do away with poverty. Oh, He taught charity of the heart, which is sanctity. But today, the man who is His vicar is channeled by my manipulators to preach a new socialism, one that speaks only of human charity, not always of the divine. Without the divine, the 'charity" of human socialism is a façade that I use for my own means. With it I continue to divide and conquer.

    Here is a man who believes that he alone can help create this global village, put it aright, gather together men of every religion and have them embrace each other in the secure knowledge that they worship One God, but in very different manners, and that this plurality is the express wish of the One Who sent His Only-Begotten Son to gather to Himself the Flock of Truth - His Truth, which is His Cross. This Christ taught those who followed Him to spread His Gospel to the ends of the earth, to convert all peoples to His One Truth. For centuries this was done, and to my detriment, I might add!

    Now, I am filled with glee as these reports of globalization continue to overflow my kingdom. There will be a global village, be certain of that, soulScanner 28. You will continue to see to this endeavor, and to push for further philosophical statements devoid of sound theology, yet filled with socialism.

    The man that is Christ's vicar is the world's greatest social worker. Because of those in my legion who surround him he is not able to carry out what the Christ asks. He valued the human life because He was the Creator. He knew the immortal soul was of infinite value, and He established His One True Church that all men would come to this fountain of Truth. Oh, I hated that.

    I began the deconstruction of this Roman Catholic Church with that wonderful tool called the 'Reformation.' I hated that damnable counter-reformation. But I am relentless. Now, I have been able to worm into the sanctuary and establish a "new" church that, thanks to my influence, was overwhelmingly concerned with establishing all that Martin Luther desired, all that Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Mussolini and those other wonderful enablers of humanism established in Europe in its very heart.

    I saw to it that this "new" church would gradually implode into a weak institution that carried no weight in world opinion, except for the figurehead of this man whom the people have come to recognize and love for his social agenda.

    Ah, soulScanner 28, come to me for a moment. You can leave your sector for just a blink of time. Together we will drink to the dregs the chalice of our own brimstone, as we laugh at the victory that is in the palm of our disfigured hands.

    Never let men realize that I have disfigured the very thing Christ established. Let them believe the lie, that this man perpetuates by his many journeys, his many sermons, letters, documents, bulls, encyclicals, and the like. The world has been lulled into a coma of indifferentism. They see and hear what they want to hear from the pope. Oh, I know it pains this Vicar of my Enemy so, but he is powerless to do anything. Why, soulScanner 28, you might ask? Because so many he has trusted and appointed have turned against him and are now mine.

    Oh, soulScanner 28, come and share in my laughter, which I can no longer contain. He! He! He! (my abbreviation for Heathenism) which the world will call its global village.

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