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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 617
Memorendamn Ten
Subject: Put Past Piuses and piousness behind

    What outrage is this that you send me?!!! How dare you send me such…such a damnable thing? Yes, I know you are obliged under strict obedience to me to inform me of all matters in your sector. Still, soulScanner 617, I would have thought you trustworthy of my superiority to have taken care of this matter beforehand!!! That you have not done so causes me deepest concern not only regarding your sector, but you, yourself. Have you lost your wits? Have you no resources by which you could have summoned all your demonic powers to suppress this one scrap of information that causes me to let rise from my kingdom its stench?

    Ah, how terrible to hear that anyone who has recourse to past eras when pontiffs defended HIS CHURCH, that foolish mother who, for the last forty years has become more and more mine, should find there his rescue from MY KINGDOM by the absolutes of HIS ONE TRUE FAITH!

    You, soulScanner 617, must do all in your power, and that power is considerable since it derives from me, to prevent anyone from reading past documents of this once-great CHURCH, and refer them instead to the documents and writings of the newChurch, of which I approve.

    Let me remind you, soulScanner 617, of the infamous words, which wound your prince to the core of his spirit. Let the same hellfire burn your spirit that you may suffer as I suffer when anyone, no matter the age, discovers the TRUTH, which I have so cleverly gilded with a 'new' order, the latter being MY TRUTH, which is of course MY LIE!!!

    Pay attention now, for I can barely restrain myself from tossing these words into my everlasting flames. In your communiqué you spoke of a priest, now elderly, residing in your sector who had written the man the world knows as John Paul II. Ordinarily I would not be bothered by any communiqué to this man, but of late it appears that such letters as the one I will quote from are gaining in numbers…and unity might well derive from such communications. You, soulScanner 617, will make sure that no one in your sector should follow this priest's direction.

    He quotes: "…the doctrine of Faith that God has revealed, was not proposed to the minds of men as a philosophical discovery to be perfected, but as the divine deposit, entrusted to the Spouse of Christ that she might faithfully keep it and infallibly define it. Consequently, the meaning of the Sacred Dogmas which must always be preserved is that which our Holy Mother the Church has determined. Never is it permissible to depart from this in the name of a deeper understanding." (Dogmatic Constitution Dei Filius, Dz, 1800)

    Still further he cites: "The Holy Ghost was promised to the successors of Peter, not that they might make known new doctrine by His Revelation but rather that, with His assistance they might religiously guard and faithfully explain the Revelation or deposit of Faith that was handed down through the Apostles." (Vatican I, Dogmatic Constitution Pastor Aeternus Dz, 1836).

    Oh, my OPPRESSOR did carefully guide His Church through the centuries, and despite my constant onslaughts, this 'faith' this "Roman Catholic Faith" was nearly impenetrable. Still, I knew that if I persevered in my task then this ENEMY would have a weakness, and through this weakness I would gain entry into its very sanctuary. But, to hear these words again… Yet, I must point them out to you, so you will destroy them in the minds and hearts of all within your sector.

    The writer of this despicable letter goes to great length to defend the 'old' faith, correctly pointing out that the nature of the Mass of this past epoch was the TRUE unbloody sacrifice of Calvary (oh, even there my OPPRESSOR defeated me), but then points out the truth about the 'new' Mass, which I created for my purpose - a pan-religious atmosphere in which the one-world religion will come into being very shortly.

    Quoting again, while gulping brimstone, let me paraphrase for your limited intelligence the following: "While the Old Mass is as a consequence a communion to the sacrifice previously celebrated, a banquet where one eats the immolated Victim of the sacrifice…" (Dz 958), but has the audacity to say that the Novus Ordo Missae was the manufactured idea of the former Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, who was a freemason to the core, who conspired with six (please note the number 6) Protestant ministers who combined their talents to serve my end, that is, to substantially change the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS into a COMMUNAL MEAL. You see, do you not, that by this substantial change, the entire Protestant world took hold of the One True Faith, mocked it, and proceeded to tear it to shreds for the sake of a false ecumenism? I have spoken to all of my soulScanners at great length about this ecumenism, which I initiated.

    Now I grudgingly admit this writer correctly states that the Novus Ordo Rite greatly diminishes the Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist, and in many, many places this same Real Presence is implicitly denied, an ambiguous re-wording of the church's meaning of Transubstantiation, and that in the 'new' mass the priest loses his role as the alter Christus, and becomes the presider, the president of the assembly, rather than the shepherd leading his flock to the One Shepherd. But that's between you and me, soulScanner 617. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

    You and all other soulScanners are on notice henceforth that all such communiqués to Rome's Bishop will be treated in the severest way, and I shall send forth other spirits of my legion to torment, tempt, and lead astray those who have, once again, rediscovered the TRUTH, and have separated it from my world-encompassing LIE.

    For twenty-seven years I held this priest in my grasp, and then, he miraculously discovers the TRUTH, and that truth comes only from my OPPRESSOR's SPIRIT. Oh, I am beside myself with pain at the mention of TRUTH, when it is my LIE that encompasses the world. These pests who are now discovering anew the ONE TRUE FAITH must be dealt with harshly. And I do mean harshly, not only through temptation, but also through persecution in body, mind and spirit when possible. I hope you take this with all the power I bring to the command I have just given you, soulScanner 617.

    Finally, in conclusion, I will repeat one more thing from this letter, which should put the fear of hell into you soulScanner 617. It better, or else my punishment will rain down on you.

    This priest writes to the man called John Paul II that those of the ONE TRUE FAITH are not to respect false religions. He says that HE WHO IS, Jesus Christ, did not say to His apostles at any time to preach His Gospel, and establish His ONE TRUE CHURCH, by respecting other religions, but rather told them, and I choke on this quote from the writing of Pope St. Pius X in 1910 in an open letter to the entire Church the following: "…to treat all religions alike…is calculated to bring about the ruin of all forms of religions, and especially of the Catholic Religion, which, as it is the only one that is true, cannot, without great injustice, be regarded as merely equal to other religions" (Encyclical Humanum Genus). Oh that Pius of a century ago still haunts and pains me so as do the other Popes named Pius. Oh how I hate that name 'Pius!' We must strive ever harder to strike his and all other Piuses' writings from the memories of the 'people of God.'

    And to sum this befouled letter its author quotes yet another Pius - the eleventh he was called - in his encyclical Mortalium Animos: "It is clear that the Apostolic See can by no means take part in these (false religions) (ecumenical) assemblies, not is it in any way lawful for Catholics to give to such enterprises their encouragement or support."

    SoulScanner 617 you have allowed great harm to penetrate your sector. You have been befouled by such a letter getting past you to begin with, and I warn you now, with all demonic sternness, that should anything even similar to the one which I was forced to quote to you, appear in any from your sector, you shall be summoned at once before my throne to suffer the most severe consequences.

    Take care then, soulScanner 617, for not only will I punish you, I shall replace you! You know what that means? Good, then the matter is settled, though you have harmed me greatly, and I shall never forgive you for that. Go now and tolerate this no more!

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