Papal Intentions for October

   The Pope's General Intention for October 2001 is The appreciation for the riches every culture and religion contribute to the common good. While this sounds nice, it is also very ecumenistic and humanistic. What is 'common good'? If it is for the greater honor and glory of God and seeking to bring non-Catholics into the True Faith through Baptism as Christ commands in Mark 16: 15-16, then that would be for the 'common good.' However take great care in the communal statement of the "common good" - especially when referring to "every culture and religion" because that is against Catholic teaching and dogma. We know John Paul II is the Pope, but these are not infallible statements. In fact nothing has been proclaimed infallibly since Pope Pius XII proclamation of the Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on November 1, 1950. So many think because the Pope has said it, it has to be right and cannot be questioned. That is not true. Though we would like to hope and pray everything he said was absolute and in full accord with the teachings of Holy Mother Church as handed down and protected in the Sacred Deposit of Faith, many of his statements have taken on a more ambiguous tone where they are acceptable to other religions. Is this what it means to be Catholic? Is this what countless saints fought for and defended? All Catholics have a responsibility before God to pay strict attention to wording and nomenclature and gage if it is in sync with the saints and prior pre-Vatican II Pontiffs and the truths handed down.

    The Holy Father's Missionary intention is A Pentecost-like missionary renewal in this third Christian millennium. A 'Pentecost-like missionary renewal' would be as the Apostles did. To convert without compromise. To stand for the truths and not 'dialogue' with non-Catholics for the sake of liberty, equality and fraternity. If we compromise in 'renewal' then we are furthering the cause of those who fomented the French Revolution. Their intent was and is to destroy the Roman Catholic Church of Christ. The only way we can truly have a 'Pentecost-like missionary renewal' is to return to the Tried and True Traditions that sustained Holy Mother Church for nearly two millennia. All other 'causes' are against true Catholic purpose. For the past 40 years too many Catholics - bishops, priests and laity - have accepted whatever was said as 'dogma' and have not taken the time or energy to really know their faith and make sure they were being told absolute Catholic truth. That is why our beloved Church is in such a crisis today because we have not had our lamps lit and watched wisely. (cf. Matthew 24: 42-51; 25: 1-13).

October, 2001

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