October 8-14, 2001
volume 12, no. 151

Are All Humans Equal?

    Each and every human life is sacred, whether it be the lives of those who were slaughtered by the unspeakable and inhumane acts of terrorists on 9-11-01, or the 4,000 babies who are slaughtered every day from the inhumane and disgusting act called an abortion.

    They are ALL human beings and none more priceless than another. They all were made by God in His own image and all equally loved by God.

    Nothing good can ever come from an evil act. The cowardly act by terrorists, who felt that destroying American lives, could somehow help their cause and further their agenda, WILL only backfire. The cowardly destruction of babies in the womb, by their mothers, who think this evil act will somehow further their agenda and make their lives easier, also WILL backfire.

    The terrorists are dead and God will judge them, as they have broken His Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” The masterminds and all those who had any part in these tragedies will be pursued, caught and punished. Their lives will be a living hell. Sure, some may not be caught by mere mortals, but they will NOT escape God.

    Those, who decide that the child they carry in their womb is not worth the effort and somehow will intrude on their way of life, WILL also rue the day, they had their child killed.

    Their enablers -- PRO-CHOICERS, will also have to explain to God, why they condoned and propagated the killing of 1.4 million of His precious children every year.

    The regret and emotional problems of women, who had their babies killed are well documented. The sleepless nights and the sound of children playing is a constant reminder of their self-indulgence, which is made all the more unbearable on the date they played God -- the deathday of their child. Alcohol and drug abuse may ease the pain temporarily and suicide is not out of the question.

    If one is completely devoid of all fibers of common decency in their entire body and somehow managed to avoid the mental torture of having killed their own child, they still have to cope with the physical side effects.

    If they were lucky enough to escape a punctured uterus, hemorrhage, infection, or even death -- a risk of IMMENSE proportions looms in the future. Because of the damage done to the cervix and lining of the uterus during an abortion, the risk of having pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies is GREATLY increased. This results in low birth weights and thus the baby will be more prone to develop mental and physical problems, including cerebral palsy.

    Of course, one must assume that the woman was NOT made sterile by the abortion, which does happen. Also, the rate of ectopic pregnancies is much higher in women, who have had their child killed.

    To those who are from Missouri, one need not be a doctor to understand all of the above. Use your God given brain. Abortion clinics do NOT have the best doctors. They are NOT inspected for cleanliness as are hospitals, nor do they want to be and fight all endeavors to do so.

    When the cervix is dilated so instruments of death can be inserted into the uterus, that cervix has been TRAUMATIZED. It has been FORCIBLY opened -- not a natural dilatation, as in normal child birth.

    This is against nature. The instruments used for scraping the lining of the womb, so that none of the baby body parts are left in, may at times, actually puncture the womb and thus expose the intestines.

    The damage done to the cervix by its forcible dilatation and the trauma done to the lining of the uterus produces scar tissue, so you can readily understand why this combination CANNOT, in many cases, hold future babies in the womb for 9 months.

    Then, we come to the most serious risk of all, when women have their child killed -- BREAST CANCER. 1 out of 7 women WILL now develop breast cancer. This figure is getting lower every year. As the rate of abortion rises in America, so does the rate of breast cancer, with those women who have aborted having significantly higher rates.

    13 of 15 studies in the USA, revealed the risk and 28 of 37 studies worldwide. Laboratory test on rats also revealed the risk. It was after 1973, when abortions were legalized, that the rate of breast cancer started to skyrocket, while the rate of other cancers have stayed the same, or have even gone down.

    Again, for those who are skeptical, here is the mechanism as to how abortions increase the risk of breast cancer: One need not be a specialist in the field to understand it -- it's not that complicated. But first, here are the basics: It is estrogen, which is produced in the ovaries, that transforms a young girl into a woman. When pregnancy occurs, there is a SURGE of this hormone causing the breast cells to proliferate dramatically in the first trimester in order to lay the foundation for the production of milk. These young growing cells are more prone to develop cancer.

    In the second half of pregnancy, the estrogen levels RECEDE under the influence of such hormones as human placental lactogen. The immature cells, then grow and differentiate rapidly into mature, specialized milk producing tissue. Once specialization has occurred, the cells are less likely to turn cancerous.

    When the pregnancy is terminated by an induced abortion, these young growing cells (known as undifferentiated cells), and having undergone drastic changes are now in LIMBO. They are no longer normal breast cells, nor are they capable of producing milk.

    In plain English, these insulted cells (traumatized) have been hung out to dry. They are between a rock and a hard place. Scientists have known for years that any cell in the human body that has been traumatized, whether by chemicals, radiation, micro-trauma, or any other reason would be especially vulnerable to cancer

    One must then surmise that what has been instilled in physicians heads from time immemorial, regarding the vulnerability of abnormal cells, is no longer valid. Those, who are hiding the truth, would have you believe that an abnormal cell is NO more prone to becoming cancerous than a normal cell. This defies all scientific knowledge, as well as common sense and shows the depths some will go, to keep the abortion industry flourishing. Human life means nothing to them, whether it be the lives of the innocent babies in the womb, or the lives of women who suffer and/or die as a direct result of the abortion.

    It has also been long known that a pregnancy carried to term protects against breast cancer. However, if a woman has an induced abortion, this protection is terminated. The reason is because the proliferation of the undifferentiated, cancer vulnerable cells, by the estrogen secreted early in the pregnancy, no longer has the protection that comes from hormones released later in pregnancy, since the pregnancy has been suddenly terminated. The ACS (American Cancer Society) knows this and their silence is downright CRIMINAL.

    Abortions are ELECTIVE surgeries -- meaning they are NOT really necessary and ALL complications and risks MUST be told to the patient. (99% of all abortions are done for convenience sake). If women are NOT warned, the doctor and clinic can be sued for MALPRACTICE.

    Would you believe that Planned Parenthood, which claims to be for women's health and who also are the biggest killers of unborn babies in the world, do NOT warn women of these complications and risks prior to an abortion. In a court of law, (jury trial) they would be "dead meat."

   And to add insult to injury, literally, it was Planned Parenthood who was on the front line of ground zero publicity by offering free abortions to any of the survivors or relatives of the victims. How is that for a horrid, demonic conundrum?

    The American Cancer Society is in lock step with the billion dollar abortion industry, NARAL, (National Abortion Rights Action League) NOW, (National Organization of Women) and the liberal media, in keeping this, AMERICA’S BEST KEPT SECRET. It's the tobacco industry all over again. Thousands of women have to die needlessly, every year, for no other reason than "greed and politics." The difference is the abortion industry is much more devious, much more dangerous than the tobacco industry for the former destroys souls!

    So, whether it be terrorists, who want to bring down our country, or "terrorists of the womb," they will ALL suffer in the end. If per chance, one somehow managed to escape ALL of the above, remember, NO ONE escapes the wages of sin.

    GOD’S Commandment, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL,” is still etched in stone. As I stated before, NO GOOD WILL EVER COME FROM AN EVIL ACT.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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October 8-14, 2001
volume 12, no. 151
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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