October 22-28, 2001
volume 12, no. 153

Indisputable Proof of Life

    Before war broke out and the entire nation, media and much of the world focused their attention solely on the events of 9-11, there were other issues that filled our concerns in the late months of the summer of 2001. I am not referring to the still-missing Chandra Levy, but rather President George W. Bush's decision on embryonic stem cell research. Shortly after the decision was announced, Patricia Ireland - the recently retired president of NOW (the liberal pro-abort women's group) - was backed to the wall when Chris Matthews pressed her for an answer on his TV show “Hardball.”

    Matthews asked Ireland: “When do you think human life begins?” Instead of answering this direct question, Ireland tried her best to dance around it, but Matthews wouldn't let her off the hook.

    “Just answer the question, if you don't think life begins at conception, when do you think it begins?” Again, a masterful evasion by Ireland. Matthews would not give up, for the third time he asked her, only this time in an emphatic and harsher voice, “when do you think human life begins?”

    Ireland realizing by now, that Matthews was not going to give up, finally answered, “I don't know, but I can tell you when it does not begin. It doesn’t begin on a petri dish. The embryo has to be attached to the mother's womb."

    Even though her answer goes directly against all scientific evidence, which is that human life begins at conception, whether it's in a petri dish, or in the womb, at least it was still a big concession. WOW! For the past 10 years that she has been president of NOW, this organization and the killers of unborn babies Planned Parenthood have been in lock step, all echoing the same old tired mantra -- that it's nothing but a blob of tissue.

    For Ireland to admit that they knew all along that they were propagating the killing of human beings, gives proof that these people are in the same class as Adolf Hitler. No more can they say it's just a blob of tissue. Regardless of the shortcomings of Bush’s decision that compromised by allowing embryonic stem cell research on existing lines, his message has put the pro-aborts on the defensive.

    I do know that had Al Gore been president, there is no doubt that he would have ordered the killing of every embryo in the USA. He, as Bill Clinton, both former pro-lifers, and having sold their souls to satan for political gain, would have gone with the polls and the life of innocents be damned.

    After Bush's speech, the discussions and the convictions by many more Americans -- that human life begins at conception -- was all over the media. This was great, although short lived, because of the terrible terrorists' attack on the World Trade Center. Satan wanted no part of that kind of 'life in the womb' talk and so sought a diversion for the culture of death forces by reminding them how precious life is for those who made it outside the womb. Think of all those throughout the country and world who mourned for the 6,000 lost. How many of those 'mourners' do you think are still avowed pro-aborts? How many do you think mourn the death of someone they didn't know, yet don't even blink when proof is presented that over 40 million preborn innocents have been killed in the womb since the horrendous Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973?

    One thing good that has come out of all this over the past few months is that Bush is no longer referred to as a 'wimp' by the media and his strength has come to the fore with his popularity rating at an all-time high for chief executives. How can this be a possible windfall for pro-lifers? First of all our nation has a war to win against terrorism, but when we win it - and we will with Bush as our president - the focus will return to the issues before 9-11 and the backburner of the abortion issue will be reignited and turned up. I believe many will be won over to the pro-life facts and undeniable proof of life in the womb and, with God's grace, we WILL win the war of "Terrorism of the Womb."

    Though he didn't go far enough, perhaps he was giving up the battle in order to win the war against the holocaut of the womb. Remember, it was Bush, speaking in words that all could understand and giving a lecture as to when human life begins to the American people, that prompted Ireland and many more pro-aborts in Congress to become tongue-tied on the subject of the beginning of life.

    It was encouraging to see all the pro-abort Democrat politicians on TV saying the same thing as Patricia Ireland -- “Bush gave a good speech, but he should have gone further” -- meaning, he should have given the OK to killing as many embryos as the researchers wanted -- after all, they're not in the mother's womb yet.

    Does this mean that all those pro-aborts in Congress have seen the light? They now admit that when an abortion is done in ANY trimester that a human being is killed? Sadly, no! Yet, as much as I wanted him to say, “NO” to all research, even in stem cells already available, there are points he brought out that might produce results in the future.

1) Because of Bush’s educational and passionate speech, concerning embryos and the beginning of human life, I feel that more Americans WILL become pro-life and will think twice about killing their child in the womb. After all, now, even the pro-abort Democrats in Congress are saying that if you are pregnant, you have a human being in your womb, from the moment of conception. We will hold them to those words.

2) Had Bush denied research on the 60 stem lines already in existence which required NO killing of embryos, he would have been crucified in the media, which is overwhelmingly liberal and by all organizations associated with the diseases of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Heart and many more. He would have been perceived as the president, who didn't care about the suffering of people. He would have, without a doubt, been a one term president.

    In other words, had he totally rejected any research he would have sacrificed himself and many more millions. Just as Pope Pius XII could not prevent the killing of all Jews in Rome, he did all he could to save as many as possible. Had he spoken out too forcefully he would have caused the deaths of millions more - both Jew and Catholic. In any war decisions must be made that will effect the outcome. Often that means giving up a battle to be better prepared to win the war. So also with Bush. Had he totally shut the door, the media would have crucified him and he would have been a one-term president at best. There is an addage that you cannot govern if you are not in position. Inevitably, the next president could be a compassionate liberal Democrat. He might campaign on the fact that as president, he WOULD go full speed ahead to do research on ALL embryonic stem cells, even killing as many as possible, because the main thing is to alleviate the suffering of ALL Americans. Bush's chances to win would be no better than a snowball's chance in hell.

    1.4 million of God's children are killed every year. We cannot be so bullheaded that we have to have it all or nothing. The victory in the fight to save these babies will not come under the reign of a Democrat. Whether it will come under a Republican or not until Our Lady's Immaculate Heart triumphs is unknown. But what is known is we must not lose sight of the main goal -- reverse Roe Vs Wade. Prayer, especially the Rosary, will greatly aid this cause.

    Because of the prayers thus far, we have the pro-aborts on the ropes right now. Even though most of them said that it was a good speech by Bush, in truth pro-aborts HATED it.

    Now, every person with an IQ above a turnip, knows that human life begins at conception and they just may do a little more thinking before they say that a woman should have the right to kill her unborn child, if she so chooses.

    With this realization and the tide beginning to turn, I think I feel better now about ending the killing of unborn babies than I have felt in a long time. Despite Bush's compromise, his message to the American people and the reaction to it from the pro-abort politicians and the reaction from the general public have created a whole new awareness. Words like fertilization, conception, sperm and egg were all over the media. Truly, a windfall for pro-lifers.

    As for the reaction of some of the bishops who were all over Bush criticizing him for not going far enough, I have a question for each of them: Why didn't they create this much “stink” when Clinton, and the 41 Democratic Senators, including Kennedy, Kerry, Dodd, Durbin, Harkin, Mikulski, Collins and Murray -- all Catholics -- who not only are pro-choice, as are seven other Catholic Senators (all Democrats), but EVEN voted NOT to ban the killing of babies, when they are 80% born? (the barbaric partial-birth abortion)

    I wonder if Hitler (who was brought up a Catholic but renounced his faith), had he still been Catholic, would have been excommunicated by the German bishops. I would like to believe he would have been condemned by the Church. Yet, these Catholic Senators who signed the death warrants of so many countless innocent unborns are really NO BETTER than Hitler - in some ways even worse - and still they have not been excommunicated. They even unabashedly receive the Sacraments. I always thought that you had to repent and be absolved of ALL your sins, especially mortal sins to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Has the Church changed that much that this doesn't apply anymore? From the action of our bishops that would seem to be the case.

    To me, the lack of action by the Bishops for this VERY grievous Sin is... well, I'd better get off the subject before I write words that I might regret. Just remember what constitutes an accomplice to sin.

    I can’t finish this without pointing out one BIG mistake that Bush made. He said that embryos are "potential" human beings. WRONG, there’s not a reputable embryologist in the entire world who could deny that they "ARE" human beings; that they became human beings at conception. We now have DNA for proof. It is INDISPUTABLE.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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October 22-28, 2001
volume 12, no. 153
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