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White Smoke, Black Fire!

Part I - The Unleashing
Episode One - The mysterious black figure strikes
Episode Two - Planting the explosives
Episode Three - Halloween hauntings
Episode Four - Background on main characters at The Crooked Spigot
Episode Five - The Bewitching Hour
Episode Six - Background on the global document One Eucharist
Episode Seven - Operatives prepare as the great procession begans on the Field of Abraham in Iraq
Episode One - Fruits of ecumenism: The ill-timing and terrible twist of "Amazing Grace"
Episode Two - Armageddon arrives in all its fatal fury on the Field of Abraham.
Episode Three - Two cardinals plot within the Vatican as Pat finds himself heading east into the beast's jaws
Episode Four - The world awakes to the horror as the press gather at Paul VI Hall in the Vatican to hear the inevitable.
Episode Five - Vatican head of Communications seeks to stop heretical decree released to the press by Cardinal Macelli
Episode Six - Pat jets toward the Field of Death as his editor is left to explain to publisher Edwin Blix
Episode Seven - Late morning in Dallas and Corrie tries desperately to get Vic Van Wess to tell her where Pat is.    THIRD CHAPTER
Episode One - In a dungeon corridor just off the Papal Palace a loyal Swiss Guard comes to an astounding discovery.

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"White Smoke, Black Fire!" is an original work, registered with the Writers' Guild and all rights are the exclusive rights of The DAILY CATHOLIC who owns the copyright. Because of the nature of the internet and the importance of sharing, we hereby give the reader permission to collect and disseminate by e-mail each episode as it is presented in each issue of The DAILY CATHOLIC, provided that one includes this 1986, 2001 copyright statement and source - www.DailyCatholic.org - and take nothing out of context, nor reproduce it for profit. This work, fifteen years in the making, is a work of fiction that replicates the reality of today in many ways. However names, characters, places and incidents are used fictionally and any resemblance to actual persons and events, except those recorded in history, are purely coincidental.

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