Please join with the world-wide community in saying an ongoing rosary. As you say each prayer click within the rosary to advance to the next prayer. The total is accumulated so that the next person can continue where ever you stop. If more than one person is participating at a time the number of prayers from all are added.

    This Rosary was granted permission to use for the DAILY CATHOLIC By the Catholics United for Life Organization. Please, contact them for permission if you want to post this on your site. God Bless.

    For a FREE Rosary, this is what you can do. I have found several suppliers:
    1. Call 1-880-247-7409, and ask.
    2. Send an e-mail to, and ask
    3. For Free Rosary and Scapular Send a Snail Mail to:

    Free Rosary and Scapular
    710 1/2 Roe St
    Steilacoom, WA 98388

    Include $.57, or a $.57 cent stamp and your name and address. Please do not send self addressed envelopes.

    #1 and #2 options supplied by The Message Of Our Lady Of Fatima Newsletter
    #3 option is supplied by Free Rosary and Scapular (
    Thank these people for there wonderful hearts!

    The Holy Rosary
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