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From Monday's Feast of Pope St. Martin I to Sunday's Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
November 12-18, 2001                       volume 12, no. 156
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"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son Jesus Christ, in union with all the Holy Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory and for sinners everywhere: for sinners in the universal Church, in my home and in my family. Amen."

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Third Council of Constantinople
117 years after the Second Council of Constantinople, the Emperor Constantine IV decided it was time to call another General Council, especially in light of the growing threat of Islamism. In agreement with Pope Saint Agatho, the Council was convened with again over 200 bishops in 680. The heresy of the time was Monothelitesism which falsely taught that Christ only had a Divine will, rather than a Divine and human will. It denied the perfect harmony of the two wills within the one Divine Person. Pope Agatho died during this Council and his successor Pope Saint Leo II continued it, approving the decrees of past Councils and taking to task one of his predecessors Pope Honorius I for not keeping the heresy of Monothelites in check, specifically not challenging the Patriarch of Constantinople Sergius who was spreading the heresy. St. Leo's actions set a precedence for calling into question error by previous Pontiffs and confirmed that a Pope can be in error when not speaking from the Chair of Peter - ex cathedra. For the full documents of the sixth Ecumenical Council see CONSTANTINOPLE THREE

Catholic PewPOINT
Editor Michael Cain illustrates the inherent problems one encounters when one compromises the principles of the Faith in favor of conforming to the world's view. What we see today is evident of the dangers that have occurred by allowing the revisionists to dictate as he points out in his commentary We need to learn from history, not change it!
Christ or chaos
Dr. Tom Droleskey points to why abortion has increased and why Republicans promote killing of the innocent as well, despite the rhetoric because of the empty rhetoric of the U.S. Bishops whose political expediency they hold higher than their Catholic ideals and because of that the innocent unborn have no place to hide from the terrorists of the womb as he illustrates in his column No Homeland Security for the Unborn!
Pro Life Prescriptions
Dr. Frank Joseph shares an article by Karen Malec on A Politically Incorrect Risk Factor for Breast Cancer that proves the lie pro-aborts continue to spew that there is no link between abortion and breast cancer in those women who have had an abortion as Dr. Frank illustrates in Awareness of the Breast Cancer Cover-up by Pro-Abort Operatives
Standing with the Church Militant On the BattleLine
Atila Sinke Guimar„es illustrates how Vatican II's ecumenism agenda opened the door for allowing Muslimism to spread uncontrolled throughout Europe, stifling the Catholic conscience and sensibilities to the truths that Islam is the religion of infidels and seeks to destroy the Church rather than current thought that ignores this in the effort to compromise for the sake of being accepted as he points out in the second of the two-part How the Crescent Moon intends to eclipse the Cross
Simply Sheen
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen points out that conversion to Catholicism among Moslems must begin with the Blessed Virgin Mary to whom much respect and veneration is given by followers of Mohammed despite their rejection of Christ as the Son of God. Mary is the key to opening Moslem hearts
Exspectans exspectavimus "Ecclesia Dei"
Fr. Peter Scott illustrates clearly why the Society of St. Pius X cannot compromise in talks with Rome for the Faith has been compromised by those who do compromise. The rights of man cannot trump the rights of God!
Precious Gift of our Faith
Catechetical Apologetic Series based on My Catholic Faith on the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The 246th installment of "Appreciating the Precious Gift of the Faith" provides the answers of how we've lost the reverence for the Mass of the Faithful with part two From Preface to the Consecration
Traditional Thoughts
Fr. Jacques Emily begins a two part on what is truly at stake as so many are swayed by the rhetoric of political correctness and religious liberties. He warns us to be on guard in his article The Lie Behind the Islam Propaganda
Echoes of True Catholicism
Dr. Marian Horvat shows how a strong organic family as provided by true Catholic culture is the answer to preserving the values and morals that have been so ransacked by acceptance today of the nuclear family unit. In The Catholic Patriarchal Family she points out the importance of keeping family together and benefitting from the treasures each can give, especially the older members in part six of The Egalitarian Revolution
Liturgy of the Saints
The week begins with the Feast of the martyred Pope Saint Martin I on Monday, November 12th, followed by the Feast of the Confessor Saint Didicus on Tuesday, and Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr on Wednesday. In the new liturgy Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini is remembered on November 13th. Both new and old celebrate the Feast of Saint Albert the Great, Bishop and Doctor of the Church on Thursday, November 15th with the Feast of Saint Gertrude the Great on Friday followed by the feast of Saint Gregory the Wonderworker,Bishop and Confessor on Saturday leading to the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul on Sunday, November 18th. For these feasts see Liturgical Calendar of Traditional Roman Rite For reflections on the appropriate Sunday after Pentecost, see Fr. Cusick's reflections
The Great Sacrilege
Father James F. Wathen, O.S.J. has granted permission to publish his entire work which was first published by Tan Books in 1971, and which we urge you to read for everything he wrote back then is backed by the solid depositum fidei - the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and still holds true. Part Four of Chapter Three The Act - part one.
Guest Column
Fr. Hugh Thwaites, S.J. shows how the translators have given us something entirely different in his article Was Dom Gueranger right after all?
White Smoke, Black Fire!
3rd episode of the 3rd Chapter of an on-line novel. Four members of the Legion of the Basilisk hold a clandestine meeting in the back alleys of Rome that could have grave repercussions on the world.

Test your knowledge of the Faith and Church History:
Which holy Pope introduced the custom of the asperges in blessing the faithful with holy water and placed special emphasis and great pomp on the sacred functions of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Benediction so the faithful would be more aware of the awesome majesty of God?
Pope Saint Leo I
Pope Saint Gregory I
Pope Saint Leo II
Pope Saint Gregory VII

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Answer to last quiz: Because Saint Peter of Alcantara was dropped from the Liturgy of the Saints in the new liturgical calendar and no longer celebrated on October 19th in the post-conciliar Church, he received the fewest votes of the four saints listed though indeed it was St. Peter who wrote the Treatise on Prayer and Meditation This holy man of Alcantara was Saint Teresa of Avila's confessor and adviser and much about him is contained in her autobiography, even though today he is largely forgotten. The Doctor of the Church Saint Francis de Sales later used and preached St. Peter of Alcantara's works, especially his Treatise and it was the base for his own works Introduction to the Devout Life and Treatise on the Love of God. Saint Ignatius of Loyola was the one who wrote Spiritual Exercises, published in 1540 - the same year St. Peter resigned as minister provincial of the Franciscans to become a hermit and fifteen years later, with the permission of Pope Julius III, founded the Alcantarines devoted to a life of penance and austerity. His personal advice and works greatly aided St. Teresa and Saint John of the Cross in their efforts for reform of the Carmelites.

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    November 12-18, 2001
    volume 12, no. 156
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