November 12-18, 2001
volume 12, no. 156

The Lie Behind the Islam Propaganda    part one

By Father Jacques Emily

    The events that struck the United States on Monday the 11th of September shocked the world both by the sheer violence as well as by the cool and calculated determination with which the emblems of the “invincible American power” have been hit. It is not our intention to propose a political analysis of these events, since it has been done already by more qualified and authorized persons. It is our duty rather as Catholics, to analyse these events in the light of our faith and to draw conclusions for our Christian life. Indeed, if the 11th of September is an open declaration of war against the western world, it is obvious that all of us should be concerned by what will happen in the near future and we must prepare ourselves for this new situation. Actually, an event, such as the one on the 11th of September was not a random event; it simply marks a new step in the escalation of a war with the intended conquest of the western countries by the Islamic world. This attack against the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, should exemplify for many the striking opposition which exists between two civilizations, two cultures, two different worlds; the Islamic one and the one we call simply, Judeo-Christian Democracy (although we know these terms to be so alien to one another!). Many have refused to admit this opposition, others have simply ignored it and a large number have never realized the inherent intensity. After the 11th of September, it is no longer possible to be oblivious to such a reality.

    That is why it is very important for us as Catholics to understand the implications of this battle, since, for various reasons the actual political and religious stakes are deliberately concealed by our leaders. Indeed, the leader of the interfaith dialogue in the United States, Bishop Brown, just signed a joint declaration with the Muslim religious leaders, which states: “We believe that the One God has called us to be men of peace. There is nothing which is Christian or Muslim, that could justify the terrorist actions”. At the same time and in the same vein, the European bishops strongly condemned this unprecedented attack on the American people, saying: “There is no justification for violence and destruction; there is no theological foundation for terrorism - not in the Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith”. Mr. Tony Blair holds exactly the same discourse and declares with a learned assurance: “ . . . such acts of infamy and cruelty are wholly contrary to the Islamic faith.

    Since, we still want to believe that these leaders are sufficiently educated and cultured to know the true nature of Islam, we are obliged, unfortunately, to say that they are simply and boldly lying. They deceive themselves and they try to deceive others either to maintain their position to fit the ‘politically correct’ agenda; or because they fear the consequences of denouncing the true enemy, by whom, through irresponsible and short-sighted immigration policies, westerners have effectively surrounded themselves. When the coward fears the battle, he says to his enemy: “we are friends.” “Yes, we are”, the enemy answers, ”that is why, if you do not want me to continue to destroy your cities and your countries, you just have to surrender!” So, whatever may be the reasons that motivate our political and religious leaders to vindicate Islam of their capacity for terrorism, they simply continue to lie and to refuse to address the true source of this problem. That is why the Islamitization of our western countries will continue to spread until the Blessed Virgin Mary intercedes to save what remains of Christian civilization.

    Allow me to present a few quotations from the Koran (alternate spelling: Qur’an, which is the religious charter of Islam from which the Moslems draw all their moral and political tenets). The quotes that should suffice to convince us of the real threat that Islam represents for the Church and Christian Civilization. Let us first quote Mr. Patrick Sookhdeo, director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, speaking of the extremist, violent nature of Islam:

    “ ‘. . . then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them, in every stratagem (of war).” (Surah 9, verse 5) The note that accompanies this verse in the respected translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali states that, “when war becomes inevitable it must be pursued with vigour . . . The fighting may take the form of slaughter, or capture, or siege, or ambush and other stratagems.” The World Trade Centre attack cannot be dismissed as merely the work of a small group of extremists. The Muslims celebrating the tragedy in America are doubtless recalling the words of the Koran, urging Muslims to ‘fight a mighty nation, fight them until they embrace Islam’.” (The Daily Telegraph, 17 September 2001)
    Ultimately, the aim of Islam is the Islamitization of the world as God revealed it to His Prophet: “He has sent his apostles wit the rule of the true religion to make it triumph over all other religions.” (48, 28) “Fight in God’s way until all cults will be the one of the unique God”. God then, sends his believers for the conquest of the world in His name: it is the Holy War, the well-known Islamic Jihad that commands: “to fight until they embrace Islam.” “The enemy combatants will, as well, be conquered: they will be captured and killed according to the custom that God held previously toward their precursors, for you will not find any change in God’s custom.”(33, 61) “Believers, fight the unbelievers who are in your neighbourhood and may they find you harsh.” (9, 123) But the god of Islam promises reward for his combatants: “God bought for the believers their persons and their wealth to give them paradise in exchange. They kill or they are killed. Promise of God in the Thora, in the Gospel and in the Koran.” (9, 111) Finally, let us quote these last verses of the Koran, which will give us much to ponder following the events of September 11th and for those to come? “But, how man cities did we destroy, which were living in luxury? . . . your Lord would not have destroyed these cities without having sent in their metropolis, an apostle to recite our verses” (28, 58-59) “They did not believe . . . God grab them . . . and they were severely chastised . . . they were proud . . . They lost” (40, 20-83). “We are going to destroy the guilty and to install you at their place on this earth.” (14, 14)

    The above noted quotations are sufficiently relevant to show that Islam cannot be considered to be a normal ‘pacific’ religion. This is a mistake made by many Christians of the Western nations through naivety and a mind-set moulded by the pervasive influences to ‘think in a politically correct manner’. Indeed, the actual leaders of the Islamic countries do not leave us any doubt as to how to interpret these verses of the Koran. Mr. Alija Izetbegovic, the President of Bosnia, published an Islamic Declaration wherein he wrote:

    “ . . . there is an incompatibility between Islam and the non-Islamic systems; there is no peace nor coexistence between the ‘Islamic faith’ and the social and political institutions which are non-Islamic . . . The Islamic renewal cannot begin without the religious revolution, but it cannot go ahead and succeed without the political revolution. Our way does not begin with the conquest of the political power, but with the conquest of the people. . . Thus, we must be, first of all, preachers and then soldiers . . . The Islamic movement must and can take power as soon as it will be naturally and numerically strong enough for not only to destroy the existing power, but also to build the new Islamic power . . .”
    Upon reading the above passage, the inevitable question remains: How can any religious or political leader, after such a declaration and an honest consideration of these quotations from the Koran, dare to proclaim “there is nothing in Islam which can justify these actions”, when the propagation of Islam, through subversion and violence, remains the ultimate objective in all their efforts. The specialists of Islam acknowledge the expansionist propensity and blatant aggression with which Islam has proceeded to engulf the West since the time of its’ foundation to the present day. History, itself, provides the testimony for this assertion. The leaders of the Western nations are so blinded by the rhetoric of their own democratic principles, they refuse to identify the enemies of the people for whom they were elected to govern. This blindness and cowardice, on the part of the leaders, leave wide open the way for Islam, which, in turn, takes advantage of this weakness to make (through terrorism, for example) a revolution to overthrow the West. It is, then, just one step in a premeditated revolutionary process, a part of which the world witnessed on September 11th, and yet, the Western nations do not appear to see or, at least, do not want to see!

    A few years ago, Father Vincent Serralda, a French priest who lived for fifty years in North Africa and who can be considered to be an expert on the Islamic World, prepared a study to analyze the Koran and to warn French families of the danger of Islam. He wrote in the preface of his study, the following:

        “Islam is always at war, even when it tries smiling. His war is the extinction of Christianity. That is what a careful reading of the Koran revealed to me. It is this combat to death that I am proposing to unveil to the French families who have not yet suffered the Moslem hostility and who cannot suspect the pretension of their Imams for a world imperialism”.
    What then, can we do to save the Church, to save what remains of our Christian Civilization, from such a peril? Humanly speaking, the battle appears to have been lost. It should be obvious that it is not a war in Afghanistan that will solve the problem since Islam has spread worldwide and has been welcomed in all the Western countries in the name of Democracy. The democratic system is, indeed, so absurd that in the name of its principles, acquired through the French Revolution, the democratic countries grant to their enemies protection and liberty to establish and to develop within their own nations. Ironically, what kind of hospitality would these same democratic leaders receive if they would attempt to institute a western democracy within an Islamic country, for instance Saudi Arabia or North Sudan, and build there, according to their religion, a Catholic church, a Protestant Temple or a Synagogue? We know obviously that this inane hospitality of our present Western world would certainly not be reciprocated.

    Oh the madness of the modern-democratic man; he is now imprisoned, blinded, tied by the system that he invented in 1789, a system ‘to make him free’! To free himself from the sweet yoke of God, man replaced the Rights of God with the ‘rights of man’, so-called, and he is now the chained slave ensnared by his proud and deceptive motto: Liberty-Equality-Fraternity. Islam has exploited to the fullest extent this non-sense and weakness of this system and like a worm, has devoured the fruit from the inside. In fact, it is very convenient for Islam that the political and the religious leaders in the democratic nations dissociate it from these acts of terrorism. Thus, the day approaches, when powerful enough, Islam will assume control within the various Western nations through any means conducive to its thirst for conquest. Until that dreadful time, it continues its clandestine conquest unimpeded. Interestingly enough, even the literature of the Sikhs contain references to forewarn the sleeping democratic countries: “ . . . they aim to make France an Islamic Republic by the year 2015, and Britain by 2025, through conversions, immigration and high Muslim birth rates.” The former President of Algeria adds strength to this statement when he said during a UN tribune: “We will overcome you by the wombs of our women!” They have the boldness to publicly announce their intention and our leaders remain complacent, having lost completely any sense of honour and patriotism; they even work to vindicate Islam!

    Christian civilization, caught between a dying democracy and a vigorous Islam, appears to be condemned to imminent death. Islam, like a cancer growing faster and more efficiently on a weak and sick body, develops and grows on the ruins of democracy and Christianity. Democracy and Christianity, having nothing left to oppose Islam, like the fatally wounded man, imploring the mercy of his torturer, tries in desperation to avoid the deathblow, offers him . . . dialogue! It is pitiful, but it is the discourse, unfortunately, that we hear everywhere: “Let us fight against terrorism. Islam has nothing to do with it, and thus, let us dialogue with Islam for peace in the world!” The discourse of the Pope, the recent visit of President Bush to the Islamic Centre of America, the declaration of Mr. Kissinger, the joint declaration of the Christian-Islamic Committee; they are all uniting their voices in this foolish concert, the purpose, of which, serves only to give a good, but none-the-less false, conscience to those who join this tiresome chorus.

    Yet, my dear Faithful, let us not become discouraged and let us, more than ever, have confidence in the might of Our Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in the efficacy of her powerful weapon, the Holy Rosary. If humanly speaking, the situation for the Church and the remnants of a Christian Civilization appear to be desperate, we know, then, that our hope and our strength cannot rely on human power, but only on a divine protection. “The gates of hell will not prevail” and “in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph”. Our combat for the reign of Christ the King in our society is the true and just cause; this cause will lead us infallibly to victory. Next issue: part two

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November 12-18, 2001
volume 12, no. 156
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