volume 12, no. 137

For the Church Militant spiritual warfare is necessary for the welfare of souls!

    We appreciate your patience at the midway point of this two month summer hiatus. We are amazed and appreciative that, though we have been on hiatus for a month, you, our loyal reader, have checked in regularly and we have had many new ones from 92 total countries for the month in all, adding up to over 700,000 hits for June. That is truly amazing and encouraging. Believe me we need all the encouragement we can get these days with the state of the world, the state of the United States, and the state of the Church, the picture can look quite bleak. But there is always hope and that hope is not found in finite ends, but rather the Infinite. All it takes is Faith. Ah, there's the rub. For the faith is flickering, the candle withering, the glow lessened as the black cloud of sin seeks to choke out the light of truth.

    Truth has become ambiguous, relative. Truth be known, this time off for us has afforded time for rest and retreat to spend more time with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This has translated to a more cohesive family life, a clearer focus on the mission ahead, an inpouring of the Holy Spirit, and, I must admit, a widening of the belt from partaking of the fruit in season - strawberry pie. But we also realize we have much work to do in preparation for battle...and the battle could very well be sooner than we expected.

    With the summer just arrived, already things are heating up big time. Our Lord's opposition is mounting a vapid attack on the principles of morality and the foundations of our Faith. As we write this for the July edition of our summer hiatus issue, teachers from across America are gathering in Gomorrah - otherwise known as Los Angeles - to not only foster a more tolerant lifestyle to encourage sexual passions of every deviancy outside of marriage, but to enforce legislation and curriculums that will make our schools from sea to shining sea seats of Sodom.

    The notorious NEA union is pushing an ultra homosexual agenda that has not been approved by the vast membership, but that matters little to the union bosses who wield their powers to their own likes and the political lynchpins who are pushing the envelope as far as they can. To compound the problems the leftover Surgeon General David Satcher - a clone of another of Bill Clinton's grave faux pas in Maxine Elders - has just angered decent God-fearing citizens everywhere with the inane recommendation that more liberal sex programs and methods must be encouraged in schools and society because abstinence is not working. Well, duh, it isn't going to work if society is not dedicated or exposed to sound moral principles. The more same-sex unions are discussed and legislated for the sake of political correctness, the more the holy institute of matrimony is dissed.

    On top of this George W. Bush has been selling out lately, abandoning the platform of pro-life for whatever is politically expedient - from compromising with the Senate to pushing for stem cell research, egged on by his "pro-life" Secretary of Health Tommy Thompson. Folks, the situtation doesn't look promising and even less promising is any support from the Bishops of America - our supposed shepherds who are allowing the flocks to be mislead with nary a word. When Rome says nothing, when one of the supposed stronger pro-life cardinals says the public forum is no place to discuss the abortion issue, then folks we've been sold down the river and those who are supposed to be successors of the Apostles are not going to supply paddles unless they receive approval from the Democratic Party operatives.

    Where is the Holy Father in speaking out against the silence of the bishops in the United States? He came down hard on the German bishops last fall, then turned around and appointed the two most radical of these offenders to the cardinalate in Cardinal Walter Kasper and Cardinal Karl Lehmann - bad apples both. To make matters worse, he elevated Kasper to head the ecumenical arm of the Vatican - the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. But a warning to the American bishops? Nada. In recent years the ecumenical agenda has become the be-all and end-all of the Pontiff's efforts and it has hurt him and the conciliar Church greatly. What price to achieve unity with the Orthodox and Protestants, even Muslims when we compromise and water down our own value system, morals and Catholic absolutes? I'm sorry, but I see no redeeming value in pursuing such a path as millions of souls wander and wonder, and many million more souls are led astray by a corrupt society and government that is leading them straight towards the abyss.

    Does the Pope not realize the bishops' silence, his silence, is only consent for sin to fester more? Yet he's been too busy apologizing for everything he can find wrong with the past than focus on the present. I think he needs to apologize to all American Catholics for the sorry lot of prelates he has appointed, save for a very few who are not afraid to speak out such as Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap. and Bishop John Myers to name a few. The Pope needs to apologize also to all Americans for the evil deeds of "good ol' Catholics" like Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Pat Leahy, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin and the rest of that ilk in the Senate and House who have been exposed in our Herod's Heroes in the Senate and Herod's Heroes in the House. Believe me they have not only caused, but are about to be the cause of millions more deaths of innocent aborted babies. Since the defection of turncoat Jim Jeffords the Senate has been turned topsy-turvy with the crud rising to the top with power positions now in the greedy and blood-soaked hands of those same 'Catholic' senators above. Now they threaten to make it nigh unto impossible to even allow a pro-life judge to be considered for nomination to the Supreme Court.

    Those who put their hopes in the political system - on man per se - they'll get what they hope for: nothing! All the more reason to place our trust entirely on the Sacred Heart of Jesus in praying that His kingdom will be established where now there is only anarchy, heathenism and the mark of the beast. Our only hope was the bishops of America who, by reinforcing Canon Law - the same Canon revised and approved by John Paul II in 1983 - could tweak the consciences of the above notorious politicians as well as millions of Catholic voters. They have a duty before God, before Holy Mother Church, to their calling, and to their flocks to enforce the absolute truths which the Church has always professed. But, as we have noted in these pages so many times, they are afraid. Talk about sad and hopeless!

    Unlike pre-Vatican II Pontiffs who were not afraid to issue Apostolic Constitutions, Papal Bulls and the like in ensuring bishops in certain countries were adhering to Catholic truths, John Paul II has decided this isn't necessary. Meanwhile, the abuses continue in the liturgy, in teachings, in practice, in all aspects of Catholic living. The most recent document Liturgicam Authenticam is merely a placebo for it will not be followed by the American bishops. They've already indicated that. Why don't they go further and make it official. Why don't they declare, as the vast majority of them have alluded, that they are no longer members of the Roman Catholic Church but of the amchurch - the American Catholic Church which has embraced all of those things which previous Vicars of Christ over the centuries up through Pope Pius XII had declared anathema?

    Last year the Holy Father apologized for the Holy Inquisition. Me thinks he should have apologized that it was abolished. In truth, with the abuses against the great Deposit of Faith from abortion to sodomy, from heresy to political correctness, it needs to be resurrected. It wouldn't be that difficult. It is still in vogue, only under a different name - the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - a man, who, when you study what he has written and said over the years, is truly an enigma. The more one delves into the true ideologies of these men who helped mold Vatican II the more one realizes how off course they were.

    We need to return to the right course - the narrow path which Jesus calls us to. He calls for all to be one through conversion, not compromise. Over the past year the Holy Father has been promoting more of the latter than the former, even going so far as to apologize for attempting to convert others. Heaven help us. Where has our beloved Church gone? When the Pope is apologizing and weakening the position of the Church, when he is more interested in political expediency and ideologies than enforcing doctrines and disciplines, when the men he appointed bishops are afraid to speak out against abortion, homosexuality and other sins of the flesh because they'll be persecuted - yet are quick to make their voices heard, along with the Holy Father, over an issue that is not condemned by the Church, i.e. capital punishment, when the priests assigned to parishes are more interested in the bottom line and "pleasing" their bishop so they'll find earthly favor with these prelates, when dioceses are oriented toward social issues that border on communism with a masonic bent and liberation theology and feminism given prominence over creed and spirituality, then we must realize that the times the Blessed Mother has been foretelling from Rue de Bac on is indeed here.

   Speaking of Rue de Bac, we present to you in this July edition the completion of the mission of Rue de Bac with the striking of the medal Our Lady requested in the first phase of her apparition to Saint Catherine Laboure. It is a powerful story and a powerful message that gives something few headlines or news stories do today: hope! You can read more at The Medal for our times.

    This request by the Virgin Most Powerful for casting of the Medal of the Virgin of the Globe, which is a similar and necessary fillfullment medal to the Medal of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception - erroneously, but fruitfully called the Miraculous Medal - makes perfect sense. It is merely a confirmation that the only hope we have is in God and that if we want to restore Holy Mother Church to the rightful place she deserves and preserve the traditions and absolutes taught for 20 centuries, we must form a crusade of prayer and action to recover the treasures of the True Faith.

    A millennium ago crusaders from throughout Europe rallied to defend Christianity against the infidel of Islam. This is exactly the same religion today under the crescent moon that is as intent as ever to defeat Christ's followers today. Nevermind the outward gestures. They are laying a trap - a clever one, by Allah, and the Sovereign Pontiff himself is taking the bait. How could he apologize for the crusades? How could he acknowledge the heathen by entering a mosque? Unheard of! Unthinkable! And yet he did...all for the sake of ecumenism.

    With all these gestures there is no peace, far from it. In fact, it is worse. These gestures he has taken are all hollow in light of the results. There is more resentment today than before among the Orthodox. More people lie dead or maimed in Palestine and Israel a year after they waved hosannas to him along various routes of the Holy Land. Arab terrorist threats are at an all-time high. Russia is retreating into a pre-cold war mode. China is saying one thing and doing another as their own people suffer so. All throughout Europe the people have lost or are losing their faith except in small pockets where they have not been tainted by modernism. Coups continue in Africa, the Philippines, South and Central America. In North America the faith is crumbling as corruption seeps into the chanceries in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. As a well-to-do, spoiled and sinister society sinks further in moral malaise, the hierarchy shirks their duties further. This only leaves loyal Catholics, those who believe in values and strive to live the Apostles' and Nicene Creed while looking for goodness and decency, to swing helplessly in the winds of the whim of the world, the flesh and the devil. Innocence is dead.

    Yet the Pope continues his bent on ecumenism at any price. And speaking of costs, American bishops are squeezing every penny they can out of unsuspecting parishioners to renovate as many parishes as possible into a "communal dinner theater in the round" seeking to emphasize the "Eucharistic Meal" and urge churchgoers to celebrate self as they encircle the table of the Lord. The sacrificial nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the True Presence has been greatly diminished, alas, many times denied. Do you see much difference here from Lutheranism or other Protestant sects? In fact, the only difference often times is in the quality of the preacher. The non-Catholic ones are often times more eloquent with even stronger convictions. The crux of the problems in the Church today stem from the fact, as we have expressed before, that if Catholics don't stand for something, they'll fall for anything. Whether you want to admit it or not, we've been greatly duped by Vatican II. If there is one final apology John Paul II needs to make it should be for the damage done by aggiorimento - by the Second Vatican Council which, in actuality, has adopted everything the apostate Martin Luther called for in his 95 theses and more.

    So what are we to do, you ask? As loyal Catholics we are all called to defend the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church for all ages. How? Through prayer and action we invite you to join in a grass roots crusade - the FirstCRUSADE of the 21st Century to uphold the Absolutes of our Faith. For forty years the ramparts of Holy Mother Church have been ransacked and pummelled, the turrets turned in a worldly direction, the treasure of the great Deposit of the Faith greatly diminished; the liturgical legates seized and ransomed for finite goals as the Infinite is forgotten in a desert of deceit. Like the Holy City a millennium ago, the infidels have captured her and hold her ransom under the sign of the new religion formed by Vatican II. The time has come to preach a crusade - a holy crusade to recapture the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ and built on the Rock of the Petrine Primacy. The treason against His Church has gone on long enough. For the Love of God and His Holy Church, Stop the Auto-Demolition of the Church! It is time to pass down the Traditions to all! Long live the Faith! Preach and live the Faith through the Crusade of His Truths - emboldened by the Cross of Christ - and guided by Our Lady, Advocate, Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix under the banner of the Most Sacred Heart of Christ the King.

    The concept of crusade aligns closely with the Medieval Church that has been much maligned and apologized unnecessarily for. Yet it was the Medieval Church that established the absolutes as absolute and guided the world through perilous times. The times today are ever more precarious and the one thing missing that makes the journey even more dangerous is the absence of a strong, unchanging beacon of an absolute moral force embodied in Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - one which would not compromise, would not conform to the world, but rather be the light for the world to see the error of their ways and guide them gently back into the refuge of grace. To assure this the Church had in place disciplines that would curb error and rein in those who persisted in heresy, in sin. In lieu of the Holy Inquisition, a crusade of prayer and action is the next best thing to right the ship. We can begin with the cleansing, rewarding, fulfilling prayer of Anima Christi:

    Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
    Body of Christ, save me.
    Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
    Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
    Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
    O good Jesus, hear me.
    Within Thy wounds hide me.
    Suffer me not to be separated from Thee.
    From the malignant enemy defend me.
    In the hour of my death call me.
    And bid me to come to Thee.
    That with Thy Saints I may praise Thee
    For ever and ever. Amen.
This prayer, especially during the month dedicated to His Most Precious Blood, is so powerful and carries with it an Indulgence of 300 days and 7 years, if recited devoutly after receiving Holy Communion. A Plenary Indulgence is granted if this invocation is recited daily for a month under the usual conditions. Another prayer is the mighty Prayer of Saint Michael and of course, the beautiful prayer, "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." Prayer is the alpha and omega of a successful crusade.

    Over the past forty years loyal Catholics have tried everything else and still come up short. Isn't it worth giving a crusade a try? Yes, there were crusades that failed. But if we don't try, we'll never know. All God asks is that we try, He will do the rest. Do we have enough trust in Him to put on the armor of God? The time has come. A call to arms! We must not delay in waging all-out war against the forces of evil. For the Church Militant spiritual warfare is necessary for the welfare of souls!

Michael Cain, editor


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