volume 12, no. 136

We can all catch His rays this summer!

    There comes a time when limping off the field is better for the team than playing hurt. I've been trying to be a gamer for quite a while and, in all honesty I've got a clinic full of doctors really frustrated with yours truly. You see two years ago I was declared permanently disabled because of severe arthritis that is agravated further by a pinched nerve. Add to that the unusually cool, damp weather we've been having in coastal Southern California and it plays havoc on ol' arthur. We are on a fixed income because of this disability. Also, because of increased costs in utilities and other expenses, not to mention two teen-age sons eating us out of house and home, we can no longer afford to contribute donations ourselves to MIR-A-CALL Center in the manner we had been able to supplement the ministry until recently.

    Therefore, for health and financial reasons we are left with one choice: To put a summer hiatus issue on-line and hope and pray we'll be able to continue. This ministry has continued for eleven years only through the grace of God and the generous, gracious hearts of our readers. This is a time of drought, but we know God will provide in the way He sees best. If you are moved by the Holy Spirit to help, we are deeply grateful. You can help at Yes, I care.

    Speaking of being in a pinch, if it were only one pinched nerve that could probably be cured with some new fangled lazer or what not, but since it's in the lower spine and effects the hip and left side, there's no quick fix. After sitting at the computer for over an hour or so the legs begin to go numb and then it reaches the arm and hand, especially the left one. Therefore I've been typing with the right hand mostly for the past few weeks. Maybe that will answer those who think I've gone off the deep end in leaning more towards the right in recent months. You see I've got an excuse! But actually I detest excuses. Just ask my sons. That's why for me to admit I need to take some time to rest and give the nerve time to heal is a major breakthrough.

    For those who know me, I can be stubborn and bless Cyndi for being so patient. She's come to expect ol' bullhead here to resist to the end, but I wave the white flag and have endeavored to assemble for you a plethora of material you may research during the next few months. Many are questioning why we have been turning more starboard on the good ship DAILY CATHOLIC and if you read the documents we have made available, you too will realize why.

    It isn't the first time we've gone against the grain of the majority and it won't be the last. Often we've felt like scouts ahead of the main group. When we do discover something important, we hasten to return to inform everyone of what lays ahead. Mind you this is in vision through much prayer, study, cross-reference, and reaffirmation of causes and effects, not private revelation. However the latter has clearly laid out the course the Church is on today and for those who doubt, read the Messages of Our Lady at LaSalette. Reread "I Solemnly Tell You..." God reveals what He wants to reveal, when He wills and to whom He wills in order for us to help His Ordaining Will to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, when we convey what we have learned, often times we are met with skepticism. "It can't be" they say; "you're crazy" others pipe in. Sadly many do not heed the warnings and refuse to follow the straightest path out of the desert.

    We are all in that desert today. We have all been wandering and wondering for nearly 40 years. Where is the promised land? God knows, but He's given each of us a free will and a mind. We are in this desert of confusion through His Permitting Will. But in order to fulfill His Ordaining Will we must cooperate with Him. He expects all of us to do our part. He has been showing us signs to point us in the right direction but, like Aaron, so many refuse to believe. Marshall Fritz sent us a limerick that gives you a hint that the majority is not always right. It regards the holy bishop Saint Optatus during the heresy fo Donatism in the fourth century.

    "Lauds to African bishop Optatus,
    Who refuted the heresies of one Donatus.
    While 300 bishops said, 'Donatus taught us,'
    The populace, thanks to Optatus, said 'Not us, not us!'"
The moral is if the odds are 300 to 1 against you, and you have the Truth, pity the poor 300 because you and God have them surrounded. This was the same philosophy Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Catherine of Siena and many other saints held as well. Know the truths of the Faith and you cannot go wrong, no matter how much others try to twist it.

    Therefore, our gift to you this summer is to provide you a blueprint of where we've all been from Trent to Pope Pius XII and the Baltimore Catechism and where we are now with the confusion of Vatican II. It's all out there. And the more you delve the more you'll realize the great conspiracy of the modernists who were spawned by masonry which was spawned by lucifer himself. Is it no wonder Blessed Pope Pius IX through Pius XII warned the flocks so often and so vehemently against this grave, grevious danger? Yet since Vatican II Pope Saint Pius X's "Oath Against Modernism" has been removed; Pope Leo XIII's protective and purposeful Prayer to St. Michael has been eliminated from the Mass as well as much of the meat of the Holy Sacrifice where we are left with mere bones of a liturgy. There are parishes in some dioceses where the Novus Ordo is said reverently and it can uplift the people, but if you live in Southern California you'll realize more and more it has become a Protestant service where everyone celebrates self and Christ is given lip service to keep the faithful from realizing the fault is widening as the great Apostasy dares to grows more bolder in revealing itself. The arrogance of the progressive mindset.

    A scout must always be prepared! As Our Lord reminds us, we know not the day nor the hour. We all know Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph, we all know God wins in the end; but we also realize, from 2000 years of history, that satan has taken his toll. If we want to avoid the traps and not be lured by the psuedo oases he places in our path as we wander in the desert, we must be willing to know our Faith. We've been doing an immense amount of study and research and it all comes back to the truths I was taught in a very orthodox seminary by priests who cared, who were loyal to God, who had no homosexual agenda, no progressivist cause, only living their vows and striving to be the best they could. After 37 years of Vatican II-speak, Cyndi and I have returned to our roots for that is the only way out of the desert. Those who want to continue to wander, beware of the quicksand of relativism, cleverly couched half-truths, misconceptions and ambiguities. Anyone in their right mind would like to know where these danger pockets exist - where the quicksand is located so you won't get sucked in. Therefore we lay out the roadmap the Church followed for centuries.

    We remind you that the Church has continued and will continue, but there are many who chose to go their own path, even following the majority until they realized those who were guiding them were taking them further away from the bosom of Holy Mother Church. And it is that bosom that we are drawn to, that motherly bosom that is the Catholic culture - a culture nourished over centuries even as the world changed, she remained steadfast, surviving persecution, heresy, schism, apostasy and everything else the evil one could launch. Because of the Church's track record and, what every good scout and pilgrim should know, the road is narrow but straight. Therefore, we are guided back to that narrow, but sure way that is strewn with obstacles. No matter! The goal is worth it - both for the sake of our own souls and for the preservation of the True Faith in the face of a move towards a growing globalized compromising of the absolutes of Catholic doctrine in favor of everyone getting along, every one tolerating everything. I remind you all if one doesn't stand for something, one will fall for anything! Satan's counting on it!

    But we're going to do all we can to foul up his plans. We invite you to join us. Your assignment: Get to truly know your Faith. We get more than a few e-mails from readers with their opinions on matters of Faith and the liturgy. But do they truly know their Faith? Truly know what being Catholic means? Many times they don't, or are going on hypotheses that have been assumed or originated from Vatican II. Remember, I can't say this strongly enough: The Church did not begin in the sixties! We just celebrated her birthday Sunday. She is 1,968 years old, not 35 or 36 or 37-years old!

    Because we love our Faith and our brothers and sisters in Christ, we want you to challenge us. We challenge you to research and continue to challenge us so we'll help each other and arrive at the truths together. Challenges for upholding the Faith always keep us on our toes. And speaking of toes, they're totally numb right now and the the fingers are losing their sense of touch so it is time to bid adieu for awhile - as the French put it a plus tard.

    So hopefully it will be a safe and enlightening summer for all and, while we're apart, please keep us in your prayers. You are in ours daily. At least through prayer and the sacraments we can all get together and soak in the Son. That is our prayer, that we can all catch His rays this summer!

Michael Cain, editor

volume 12, no. 136
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary
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