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Prologue on the Memorendamns

    We have unencyrpted some e-mails that the one, who calls himself the "spamMaster," tried to sneak past us since we are mercifully considered friends of his Foe. They are similar to the letters that came into the ownership of one Clive Staples Lewis some 50 years ago. Those letters were compiled in an excellent compendium called The Screwtape Letters in an effort to thwart gehenna. As he rightly claimed at that time, they came to him unknowingly and mysteriously.

    These letters were properly meant for that age in which they were published, but did not exclude any previous era, or any era that would yet rise and resound with human history.

    Only recently have we, through the grace of the Holy Ghost, been able to unencrypt an on-going slew of electronic posts not intended for our eyes. The content and confidential nature of the devil's deeds are massive and revealing.

    It was only through the direct guidance of the Sanctifier, the Paraclete that have we in this very day and age, during the course of much study, reflection, research, reading, and prayer, found ourselves able to unencrypt many communiques which were made available in a mysterious circumstance that only God can say why and how. Having read them first and discerned them above all else, we have determined them neither to be of a greater or lesser value than those published by C.S. Lewis. However, these particular missives, which we will publish one at a time, seem to derive not from "handymen" of evil, but from evil itself, if one only pays attention to those written to each soulScanner - the name for those who go by the name of Legion - and sent directly from the spamMaster himself.

    Again, we repeat for emphasis that while these recent ones are comparable in scope to those uncovered by Mr. Lewis, they are much more devastating for they come not from one of the devil's helpers, but transmitted in a web of secrecy by the prince of darkness himself, for we fear satan is the spamMaster. Interestingly he picks up quite where his ward left off in trying to teach a nephew of the damned. However today things are much worse for the spamMaster has expanded his reach by addressing numerous anonymous of his legion on earth whom he calls soulScanners by number.

    We quite suspect to appropriate more of them and have chosen to call the assortment of these e-memos simply Memorendamns. The title speaks for itself. It is important all loyal Catholics know fully the tactics of our mortal enemy for his accomplices have infiltrated every level of society and the Church. These Memorendamns give us an insight into the how, why, when, where and sometimes who.

    For our part, we are presenting them under the impetus and discernment of the Holy Spirit, guided by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Advocate, Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces, With this kind of alliance we do not intend, now or at any time, to direct any remarks of any sort to the facilitators of the prince of darkness.

    We have made a crucial decision to publish these in our publication immediately so as to help all loyal Catholics properly prepare for Christ's Kingship and the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart. This preparation is necessary by assisting in the works of the Holy Spirit in today's global society. We also realize that these Memorendamns are also not ambivalent toward any past era, nor are they to be neglected in any future epoch of human history. Suffice it to say that we have found in our discernment that while these Memorendamns refer to past decades, they are also a sign of the times in which we find ourselves today - as a global society, as "enlightened" men of a modern age, and above all as faithful servants and citizens of Holy Mother Church, as heirs of the Kingdom of God, and upholders of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

    Our preference is that all who come to read these Memorendamns do so under the direct guidance of Christ's Spirit, and to leave the questions to the Sanctifier, Who cannot help but clear minds, open hearts, and sweep away the debris that may have gathered in the corners and crevices of souls.

    Thus, dear readers, we begin with the first Memorendamn of that collection which has come upon us in the course of several months. It is our sincere desire that these Memorendamns will provide the discerning reader with more answers than questions, and therefore, more grace to seek the solution, rather than confounding the problem, which began in the realm of Heaven with the sin of pride, with the war between good and evil, with Saint Michael the Archangel being victorious over those impious spirits called fallen angels who deigned to give neither reverence or obedience to the Author of All Life - Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    Thank God we were able to intercept these Memorendamns. Rather than burying this extremely confidential material, we now seek to expose his ploys by sharing them with God's faithful ones. Beware, lucifer is furious about it! Put on the armor of God and respond accordingly. Let us begin!

      Coming August 6, 2001: Memorendamn One: The Promised Land

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