May 4, 2001
volume 12, no. 124

May Belongs to Our Mothers

    It is fitting that one of the most beautiful months of the year should be chosen to celebrate MOTHER’S DAY. Mothers bring life into the world and in May we see trees and other plants budding forth. Even the hibernating animals know it is time to be up and moving. We know the saying: “April showers bring May flowers.” Everything about this time of the year is special.

    What is it about mothers that have such a special place in our hearts?

    Have you ever noticed that big, burly athletes on television so often turn to the camera and say: “Hi, Mom!” It is rare that one sees and hears them say: “Hi, Dad!” They do sometimes, but not as often. There may be many reasons for that and I am sure that those players love their fathers very much - or at least most of them do. So why do they think of Mom first?

    Perhaps, it is because “Mom” has usually been the nurturing one. She’s the one who usually patches the scraped knees and kisses them. She’s the one who tends to forgive more readily, who cooks your favorite meals and bakes the cake on your birthday and oversees the birthday party you have with your friends. She most likely was the one who purchased your clothes and dressed you when you were too little to do it yourself. She most likely was the one who got up in the middle of the night to help you when you were sick or give you a drink of water when you called out for one.

    Perhaps, for most of us, our mothers were around us more as we were growing up. Dad had to be at work earning a pay check so there would be food on the table and clothes to wear.

    Every single one of us has the best Mother. Now, I am not talking about our earthly mother whom we love very much and to whom I have been referring, but the woman Jesus gave us from the cross to be our Mother, too.

    What a gift we have in Our Blessed Mother! I have written before, that as a young Sister, I learned in philosophy that the more spiritual a thing is, the more REAL it is. Our Blessed Mother, then, is truly more a Mother to us than our earthly mothers have been and are. And she is so perfect, so good, so beautiful, so caring, so nurturing! If God chose her to be the Mother of His Son, she had to be the best and God is willing to share her with us! What a gift!

    I would like to invite all of the readers of this article and wish that everyone everywhere to pay special attention this month to Our Blessed Mother (our earthly mothers, too)!

    Let’s choose a little prayer that we can say many times during the day, in between tasks, walking to the car, for example! A little prayer like:

    “Virgin, most pure, pray for us!”
    “Mother, bring me closer to Jesus!”
    “Queen of Peace, pray for us!”
    Have a great month of May! Don’t forget to honor our Heavenly Mother, too, on Mother’s Day with a special little celebration at home... maybe a little crowning of her statue with flowers. God bless you!

Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

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May 4, 2001
volume 12, no. 124
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