May 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 133

You cannot justify sin!

Catholics now control the Senate, Will they join Bush and the Republicans in honoring God by stopping the Killing of Unborn babies, or will they continue to sell their souls to satan for political gain?

    Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont has removed himself from the Republican party. He is now an Independent, thus enabling the Democrats to control the Senate and to chair the various committees.

    A sad day for the Republicans? I say NO -- it is a great day. I say good riddance Senator Jeffords. You are a disgrace to the party which believes in the sanctity of human life. You are even to the left of most Democrats. Your state of Vermont now sanctions marriages of the same sex. Quite a coup for satan and his minions - is it not?

    You condone the killing of unborn babies. You even voted NOT to ban the late term barbaric partial-birth abortion. A procedure so evil, that the average citizen refuses to believe that it is being done. But, Jeffords, even though you knew it was being done at the rate of about 4,000 every year, you still, for political reasons, refused to ban it.

    Now, we can take his name off of the Republican side of the ledger of Senators who voted not to ban this gruesome procedure. This now, leaves only 3 Republican Senators, who voted not to ban partial-birth murders. They are Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. With a little luck, maybe these three will also leave, since they also are not fit to legislate in a civilized society.

    For those counting, there are 31 Democratic Senators, who have sided with satan, and voted NOT to ban partial-birth abortions. Quite a difference, isn't there -- 31 to 3. Does this tell you anything?

    For the very few, who sent me e-mails, asking why I am constantly attacking the Democratic party and calling it the party of satan, the above is one of the reasons and a big one. All the other issues concerning the welfare of our country, don't amount to a hill of beans. This, the killing of innocent children of God, IS the main issue and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This sparring around by the two major parties over other issues is just a smoke screen.

    If the Democrats had just one battle to win, it would be the battle to kill the children of God, while still in their mother’s womb. They are going to fight tooth and nail that these killings remain legal. They’ll give the Republicans the token tax cuts and the drilling for oil in Alaska -- even if a few animals have to die, but their fight to continue the killing of innocent children WILL be their major front. This is where their big artillery will be situated. This is where their funding comes from: NARAL, Planned Parenthood, NOW, well, you get the picture!

    They will fight all nominations for judgeships, who are pro-life. They say that judges will be screened for their views on a variety of issues. Don’t you believe it. Democrats are only concerned about ONE issue -- the killing of unborn babies. They would sooner have the most inept judge in the country be nominated, if he happened to be a pro-abort.

    Jeffords leaving a party in midstream is unprecedented in American politics. Since there were 50 Republican Senators and 50 Democratic Senators and Vice-president Cheney casting the deciding vote in case of a tie, the sordidness of Jeffords’ switch at this time, is all the more apparent.

    Jeffords actually said that he found himself increasingly at odds with President Bush and the Republican leaders on issues from abortion and education. to tax cuts. Yet, there were 12 Democrats, who voted for the Bush tax cut. As for education -- under Clinton for 8 years, nothing was done. Bush's plan with waivers gives inner-city children a better chance to make it in life. Wouldn’t you think the Democrats would embrace this plan. And where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? This plan can only help Blacks in the inner city and they are saying as much. But it’s Bush’s plan, so naturally the Democrats don’t like it. The Democrats had no plan -- they just do what they do best -- knock the Republican plans.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that if we didn’t have a president, who was pro-life, Jeffords would STILL be a Republican.

    The power in the Senate switches to the Democrats -- 50 to 49, with Jeffords an Independent. Senator Tom Daschle is now the second most powerful man in the country, after the president.

    Since Jeffords socialist views did not spring up over night, why would he leave now? Why not last year, or the year before? The answer is, because Bush, who is pro-life, is our president and by leaving the Republican party now, would be just in time to stop Bush’s pro-life nominations for judgeships, and even on the Supreme Court.

    Ah yes, this was a well thought out plan. It didn’t happen over night. The many meetings between Daschle and Jeffords over the past two months were not in vain. Jeffords was promised the sky by Daschle, including chairmanship of the "Environment - Public Works Commission" and let’s not forget Jeffords basking in his 15 minutes of fame.

    Jeffords knew his departure would now give the Democratic party control of the Senate, and Tom Daschle, who is a Catholic, would now be the Senate Majority leader. Don’t let Daschle’s Catholicism fool you. He is still pro-choice to kill the unborn. (PCKU) He does NOT want Roe Vs Wade to be overturned. He goes against the Doctrine of his own Church and mocks the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

    Daschle, on "Meet the Press" said there will be no drilling on wild life refuges. Democrats are more concerned about possible death to a few animals than the death of 1.4 million babies every year. Their thinking is so screwed up that it can only be attributed to an unearthly force -- satan.

    The Democratic Senators say that judges will be screened for their views on a variety of issues. Don’t you believe it. Their leaders -- Daschle, Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, Durbin, Leahy and Harkin, who by the way, are ALL Catholic, are already saying -- the choice issue is very important to us. What they mean by the “choice issue,” since they don’t even have the “guts” to say the word, “abortion,” is they want the killing of unborn babies to continue to be legal and they will fight any nomination by Bush, who they think may honor God, by honoring the sanctity of human life.

    Democrats, thanks to Jeffords, now being the majority by one, will now chair the all important committees, including the prestigious and powerful Judiciary, which now looks like Biden's will chair. They will throw character and integrity out the window and vote en masse to block all of Bush’s nominations for judgeships, if the nominee happens to honor God and thinks all human life is precious.

    Just think, since the above Senators are all Catholic and all in the top echelon of the Democratic party, the killing of unborn babies would soon be history, if only they were good Catholics and adhered to the Doctrine of their own Church and believe God, when He says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and losses the loss of his soul?”

    Since I am a Catholic, it makes me sick that the above Senators, have chosen satan over God. They ARE classic examples of selling one's soul to satan for political gain. Because of their break with the Catholic Church on this monumental issue of life and death, they are self-excommunicated - latae sententiae, BUT, that is NOT enough, their Bishops MUST make that known to all and issue the same edict for all other Catholic pro-abort public figures publicly, via a press conference.

    If the shepherds don't remove the diseased sheep, the entire flock WILL BE contaminated and die, which already is happening. I urge the Bishops to stand up and do what's right and enforce Canon Law. Send a message loud and clear, that to be a pro-abort/pro-choice is to condone and propagate the deadliest of all sins -- the taking of a human life. For choosing satan over God -- good-bye.

    I guarantee you, that if the Bishops did this, the reverberation would be heard around the world and the killing of unborn babies WOULD soon be history. Especially, since we have an administration that is pro-life and a Democratic party, whose leaders ARE Catholic, but act as if there is no God. These Catholic Senators WILL be placed in a position of choice -- death, or life. God, or satan. They WILL decide if our country's slide into hell, continues, or stops.

    Satan has such a hold on Democrats, that they are only concerned about ONE issue -- the killing of unborn babies. They would sooner trash the Declaration of Independence and their various religions and have the most inept judges in the country be nominated, as long as they are pro-aborts/pro-choice. So there’s no confusion, when I say pro-abort, that includes pro-choice -- they ARE synonymous. They both condone and propagate evil.

    Either you believe in God, 100%, or you don’t believe in God at all. If you believe in God 100% and that we will all be judged for our sins on this Earth, then you CANNOT say that I personally do not believe in abortions, HOWEVER, it’s a decision that a woman has to make. That is the same as saying, I personally don’t believe that a woman should be able to pick up a gun -- shoot and kill someone, but it’s a decision that a woman has to make.

    Both break the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” By now, you should know that human life begins at conception, which no scientist in the entire world, would attempt to deny. How can they? We now have DNA for proof. So, let’s cut out these cute little games of denial playing and making up excuses to perpetuate the American Holocaust.

    One E-mail I received stated, that I should not judge others and should not paint everyone with the same brush. Sure, I know that 100% of all Democratic politicians don’t condone the killing of unborn babies, and not all embrace sexual perversion. I have stated as much in past articles. But when the number is around 90%, then you better start thinking.

    Is this not the party, that satan would love? Come on -- be honest. They are doing his every wish -- condoning and propagating the killing of unborn and 3/4th born babies and embracing the filthy, deviant and deadly gay lifestyle that is clearly condemned in the Holy Bible. Or maybe there are people, who believe in God, but not satan. Is this possible?

    Since there are only two major parties in the United States and one (Democratic) is 90% pro-sin -- yes the killing of unborn babies is a grievous sin, as is the condoning and the propagating of it -- namely the pro-choice position. Homosexuality is also a sin.

    The other party (Republican) is 90% pro-life and doesn’t break their necks in trying to embrace sexual perversion. So, if you believe God, when He says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and the Holy Scriptures regarding homosexuality, then you MUST NOT be a Democrat, otherwise you WILL be a party to the biggest holocaust in the history of mankind and for this you WILL have to answer to God. This is a no-brainer. Unless, of course, you are one of those, who do NOT fear the wages of sin. Then, may God have mercy on your soul.

    However, if we place our trust in man, then we will fall so far short and can expect the kind of roller coaster we see everyday in politics, even in our Church with the bishops playing politics in their own way just as much as the polished wags on Capitol Hill. Their embrace so often of the Democratic party places a very huge obstacle in the way of the Catholic laity who, because the bishops are afraid to speak out on moral issues - political parties be damned - the vast majority assume abortion, homosexuality, etc. are not as bad as we right-wing religious fanatics are saying. Won't they be in for a surprise when push comes to shove and God calls their number?

    The sooner people realize the truth -- that the Democratic party is satan’s pride and joy, the sooner we can get our country back to some semblance of morality.

    I, for one, am tired of being attacked by the Democrats for my Christian faith and I feel very sorry for people of faith, who still have children in the public schools, because they are now being subject to the introduction of homosexuality. That, I could not take. If I couldn’t get my children into a parochial, or private school, I would home-school them. And you ask WHY, I keep attacking the Democratic party. Please -- wake up and smell the roses, before it’s too late.

    As for the part about me, judging others -- well, I must abide by the words of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. If you know of a sinner, help him to find his way to God and to sin no more. If you do not -- it WILL be YOUR sin. Now, the only way that I know how to tell if someone is sinning is to JUDGE his/her actions and what comes out of their mouth. If someone has a magic wand for this purpose -- let me know -- it would save a lot of time and be a boon to mankind. It can be given to judges and members of juries. Just think -- no more judging.

    All evil needs -- is for good people to stand around and do nothing. Maybe, if the German people would have made more of an effort to judge Hitler, 6 million Jews would not have been killed. Now we have the American holocaust, where over 40 million babies have been killed since the infamous Roe Vs Wade decision in 1973; I for one will NOT stand around and do nothing -- how about you?

    The killers of unborn babies and the condoners -- pro-choicers, say that 90% of abortions are done in the first trimester. Well, so what? I only wish that the world could see the little hands, feet and heads of these precious babies, who are killed in the first trimester. I hope to have these pictures on my site in the near future.

    Remember their battlecry, it’s only a lump of tissue. As Father Frank Pavone, who heads “Priests for Life,” says: We must show these pictures to the world, since the pro-aborts keep saying that most abortions are done in the first trimester. So, let’s show them what these precious children of God look like when they are killed in the first trimester. That these, indeed, are babies with faces, arms, legs, feet and toes and NOT just a lump of tissue.

    The general public is ignorant about the killing of unborn babies. If we do not educate them, how will we have the nerve to face God with this pathetic, indifference to life on our souls. I do believe that God will ask: And what did you do, to save my innocent children? Sure, God already knows, but it’s the asking that WILL make one want to crawl under a rock.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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May 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 133
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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