May 29, 2001
volume 12, no. 132

Allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten your soul!

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is with great joy that I write to you this week, for we are approaching the Feast of Pentecost, the birthday of Holy Mother Church.

    In our spiritual life, it is essential that we constantly call upon the Holy Spirit to Sanctify us, to re-make us into the Image and Likeness of Jesus Christ.

    This Feast is one of the most wonderful in the calendar of Holy Mother Church. It should not be a reminder only of the First Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and the Blessed Mother in the Upper Room. It must be a renewal for us, a sincere humble petition that we, too, may be possessed by the Holy Spirit.

    Why? It is absolutely essential that we be possessed by the Holy Spirit that our spiritual journey in this valley of tears may lead us unerringly to our Eternal Home - Heaven - The Beatific Vision of God, face to face.

    We must petition God to send the Holy Spirit upon us each day of our life. If we fail to do this then we are prime prey for the evil one, who prowls ceaselessly, awaiting his opportunity to enter our minds and cause confusion in our thoughts, even leading us to a weakening of conscience, and an utter indifferentism about the tenets of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

    This Pentecost there will be a clamor in Rome, when the body of John XXIII is to be brought out so that there may be public veneration. Yes, he is Blessed John XXIII, but we must not concentrate on this public display, if we have not first sought the Holy Spirit, and begged, on bended knee, that He come and take up His abode in our soul. If we lack the presence of the Holy Spirit, then we will not be attuned to the full Truth of Our Faith, and we will be in grave danger of losing our priceless gift of Faith through our lukewarmness and indifferentism.

    If you find that you are lukewarm or indifferent to what has happened and continues to happen to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, then it is time that we all, together, beg the Holy Spirit to enlighten us.

    I would like to pose a question to you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. How many of you knew about, cared about, or followed the recently concluded Consistory which was held in Rome, ordered by Pope John Paul II, to discuss, among other things, the Role of the Papacy in this new century, new millennium?

    If you knew about it, did not the very subject matter raise a red flag in your conscience and in your soul? The Primacy of Peter, the Petrine Succession, the very office of the Vicar of Christ, is being discussed, and we, who hold our faith as a priceless gift from God Himself, have no attitude of questioning, or seeking valid reasons why the Role of Peter, the First Pope, and visible head of the Roman Catholic Church is now being spoken about not as the Office of the Vicar of Christ, but as "collegiality." Do you know what this means? Do you know what it means for the Roman Catholic Church?

    My dear brothers and sisters, I will only touch on this briefly in this weekly column, but over the coming weeks I will be addressing this subject in more detail because the Holy Spirit prompts me to speak to you this way, and for a very good reason. Why? Because even as I write this to you, our priceless gift of Faith, the ONE TRUE FAITH, is being eroded beneath our feet, within our souls. All that the Roman Catholic Faith has taught for the past two millenniums is slowly, but surely, being taken away from us. Our faith is now becoming just one of many Christian faiths.

    If you are unclear about this, then allow me to bring some recent actions by our Holy Father to your attention, and then the Holy Spirit Himself asks you to start asking some serious questions about what you truly know about the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH. Are you in union with and et Unam Sactam Catholicam et Apostolicam Ecclesiam?

    In his encyclical Ut Unum Sint Pope John Paul II says the following: "Consigning to oblivion the excommunications of the past" he retracts the excommunications of such heretics as Martin Luther, heretics who were responsible for the schism between the East and West, those who denied the Petrine succession, those who are still in schism because they deny the Primal Papacy and who, such as the Greek Orthodox, deny Filioque, that is, that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.

    Then, Rome produces the document Dominus Jesus, in which he says that there is no salvation outside the Church, which is true and absolute. However, in the next breath, it proceeds to praise other faiths as having the truth, or at least as much of the truth as the Catholic Church does.

    Do you see the contradiction here, my dear brothers and sisters? The TRUE FAITH is being taken away from us, and we are blindsided by two factors: First, as faithful Catholics we have a mindset that whatever the Holy Father says he is infallible. This is erroneous, because the Pope is infallible only when he speaks on matters of faith and morals ex cathedra - "from the chair of Peter." Not since the time of Pope Pius XII has infallibility been invoked, when this brave and gravely misunderstood Pope defined the Dogma of the Assumption. Second, we go along, blindly, with our bishops, who have been given power by Vatican Council II under the term "collegiality."

    Despite the Holy Father's recent mandates, such as reining in the liberal ICEL, the bishops in the United States have gone their own course for over a decade, and once the horse is out of the barn, how can any document put them back in?

    Why should the bishops obey "just another bishop," even if he is the Bishop of Rome? Why, my dear brothers and sisters, should anyone in the Church today make any sacrifice, make of their lives a total abnegation by surrendering their entire being to our Crucified Lord, when those who, in the past centuries did so, apparently did so in vain because our Holy Father has consigned to oblivion all the excommunications of the past?

    Did our beloved saints, be they martyrs or not, give their lives over to Christ, being Crucified with Him, and do so in error, because now in the 21st century, there is suddenly no reason to excommunicate anyone, for any reason, particularly for heresy, apostasy, schism, or for defying consistently the absolutes of the Ten Commandments?

    The Cardinals at the Consistory want more "democratization" of the Church. This flies in the face of all that our Lord taught and did and said while here on earth. Our Lord said: "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16: 18). Our Lord did not say, "Thou art My apostles and upon these many rocks I will build My Church." It was to Peter, and to Peter alone, that Our Lord established His Church, giving to Peter the Keys of the Kingdom of God.

    Yes, I believe that Pope John Paul II is the legitimate successor of Peter. Yes, I respect the man and I revere the Office so much so that I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me to much reading, research, study and intense prayer so that I will stand and be counted among the remnant who will keep the TRUE FAITH alive.

    That Faith is very much alive where you find The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its entirety as it was prior to Vatican II when it was the Mass for All Ages: the unbloody Sacrifice of the New Law in which the Body and Blood of Jesus is offered to God under the species of bread and wine. It is the unbloody Sacrifice of the Cross. On the stone of the altar and on the wood of the cross the same Priest, Jesus Christ, dedicates the same Sacrifice - His Body and Blood.

    If we were truly mindful of this, we would never have let the New Order Mass become what it is. We are all to blame for our failure to pay attention to the changes, for failing to hold those accountable for changing. We are because everyone of us didn't do our homework - we didn't know our Faith. If so, we would realize that Jesus is the Victim and Sacrificer. The priest is not a presider - but an Alter Christus. We offer - with him - Jesus to the Father in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This same Mass, which Pope Saint Pius V decreed ex cathedra in 1570 in Quo Primum is, to the end of all ages, a renewal of Christ's Sacrifice and an application of the merits of His death on the cross to us, miserable sinners who are nothing without Him.

    I urge you to find the Latin Mass in your area. Here you will find the fullness of the Mystical Body of Christ, and here, through the power of the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS and the TRUE EUCHARIST, you can bring about the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart, the Triumph she proclaimed at Fatima. There, Our Lady warned that if Russia was not consecrated to her then - Communism would spread its errors everywhere and that is what has happened, for it is a communist manifesto that now breathes the once sanctified air of the Vatican.

    All that I am saying to you here I have read, researched, studied and prayed over intently, so that I may never write to you with anything but the fullness of the Truth of God, which is Unchangeable, and does not adopt itself to modern technology and customs. Find the Latin Mass, belong to the Latin Rite, preserve and persevere in the One True Faith as commanded for all time in Quo Primum. You have the right to respectfully demand of your bishops that they make it available. The Pope has ordered them to make it available generously to all who seek it. They haven't been too generous have they?

    At LaSalette our Blessed Mother said that "Rome will lose the faith", and I believe we are truly living in that time. That is why you must understand that preserving the True Faith, persevering in that Faith even at the cost of your very life, being called a heretic, one in apostasy, one in schism, is worth it for you are saving the very Faith that Christ gave to the world when He built His Church upon Peter, and gave to Peter the Keys to the Kingdom. One Sacrifice of the Mass, one consecrated Host, and the true Faith lives and flourishes. Yes, it is the catacomb church that Our Lady has spoken of in her messages. Yes, this is why we are called to be her little army, preserving the Faith, being the faithful remnant, apostles of the end times. With all my heart, being given knowledge by the Holy Spirit, and being in constant prayer, I say to you that this time is now. Strive with every fiber of your being to seek it.

    If you want to find a Latin Mass in your area, write to me, and ask. There are chapels in every state and even if the location is not near to you, there are phone numbers where the underground church lives and it might just be down the street from where you live. The Holy Spirit will guide you. You must trust the Holy Spirit to do this, for Christ Himself asked in Sacred Scripture this question: "Will there be any faith on the earth when I return?" Please read the documents that are linked on our website. Please study them. Please pray over them. Please order the books that we recommend on our website. They are not very expensive, but they are priceless if you want to keep the True Faith alive in your soul. Yes, I am asking, but it is truly the Holy Spirit who asks this of you. My dear brothers and sisters, should Rome continue to lose the Faith, should the heresy, apostasy and schism continue in Rome, I assure that the True Faith will not die, despite satan's presence in the very sanctuary of the church, in the Vatican, everywhere. I assure you with all my being that the One True Faith exists in the Latin Rite, and it is your duty to inform yourself of the truth of Vatican Council II and all that has happened to Holy Mother Church in the last thirty plus years. This is essential. I assure you that should the Vatican be reduced to mere ashes, should the Papacy become a democracy, the True Faith will not be found there.

    No, the True Faith will live as long as one priest anywhere says the Latin Mass, the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, and consecrates the bread and wine unerringly so that through the grace of the Holy Spirit, transubstantiation occurs, so that our Dear Lord is there Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. As long as there is one True Mass, and One Consecrated Host, the True Faith lives. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it!

    Do not make the assumption that the direction the Church is taking today - toward ecumenism and collegiality - is in concert with what the Church has always preached. Can you possibly imagine the apostles approaching Peter and demanding, as did Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Belgium at the Consistory, more "freedom of speech" among the princes of the Church the successors of the apostles?

    The Roman Catholic Church is not a democracy and to demand that it become so, to even suggest that it become so, is heresy. In her many messages given from LaSalette to the present day, our Blessed Mother has warned all of us about these very times.

    The Holy Spirit asks you today to examine your conscience and to renew your faith by learning over again, if necessary, what your faith is about, its tenets. Then ask yourself if we are not living in the times foretold by the Blessed Virgin Mary. But it is not yours to worry about this, but to pray, learn your Faith and in to cling to the unchangeable truths of our holy Church.

    This is not a scholarly thing that is beyond and above anyone's intellectual ability. The Holy Spirit will guide you, if you but ask, and in asking, do so with a humble and contrite heart. God is Truth. He is Unchangeable. He does not adapt Himself to the World, but rather charged Peter and the other Apostles to convert all nations, to bring the world to Him, so that there would be but one flock and one shepherd.

    When statements are made that renounce any type of conversion that is necessary by those who practice any other faith, then something is very, very wrong, and we must ask the Holy Spirit to be our sure guide in such grave matters, for if we do not start asking questions and learning for ourselves the full TRUTH, we might very well be helping, by our silence and our indifferentism, for "Rome to lose the Faith."

    That is why, my dear brothers and sisters, you must begin now to call upon the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, the Counselor, to enlighten you. You must begin to read, and then re-read all of the Documents from the Council of Trent forward to the present day. You must ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your reading. You must come to all of this reading, study, and research, with a mind enlightened only by the Holy Spirit.

    Let us together beg the grace of the Holy Spirit to enlighten us, to make of us true soldiers of Christ, for without our Crucified Lord, there is only chaos surrounding us. May the Holy Spirit descend upon all the faithful in tongues of fire this Pentecost Sunday, for the sake of our souls, for the sake of the ONE TRUE FAITH.

    Your very little sister in Christ, who is praying with you for the grace of the Holy Spirit,


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May 29, 2001
volume 12, no. 132
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