May 25, 2001
volume 12, no. 131

How close are we?

Part Four: Pray that our proud heritage will not become history!

    Continuing with the theme introduced a few weeks ago, and picking up where we left off on Monday, we present part four today. If you recall in my first installment I illustrated about how political correctness today is revising history. What is today considered by many as historical fiction - that the weavers of lies say was 'fabricated by a hierarchical Church with ulterior motives' - has convinced many the Church was wrong! The facts are that the revisionist history spun since Vatican II is what is fiction. What occurred before is historical fact, no matter how much the massive proganda campaign tries to alter it. But they have been so clever. What was once and always our duty as Roman Catholics to convey the truths of our Faith to others - to convert through proselytizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ - is today considered coercion and harmful to the unity of mankind and to the unceasing goal of globalization! Tell me the difference between that and the suppression of the free will in Russia or China, where one is told what one must practice and do what everyone else does or else! Truth be told, I don't see a difference!

    Is it any different in the United States today? Oh, we have a republic in name, but have you noticed how we are being legislated to death, literally? Believe me, if you are not politically correct, you're on the outside and ostracized. The sodomy and culture of death agendas are gaining fast. Dr. Thomas Droleskey points this out so clearly in his column this weekend Flattery Has Gotten the Babies Nowhere.

    You see, it is not politically correct to stand up and be counted for God's laws today, to defend in all stages of life the dignity of man whom He made in His image and likeness. And, sadly, our beloved Church has been a party to this malaise because she has not stood her ground against the erosion of values and morals, seeking instead to allow the flow of modernism to sweep her up in a sense of guilt for "errors" of the past. Say what? We have to be so careful to realize that yes, man has sinned in the name of the Church in the past - no one is without sin. But the interpretations of the "confessions" has been given a different spin by so many who have translated "sins of the past" as errors that prove the Church was wrong.

    I refuse to ever go along with the new thinking. It is a warped vision of our proud heritage; a heritage that continues to pay a premium of sacrifice for the treasure the world could not and cannot offer, a heritage infused by Our Lord on Simon-Bar Jonah - the Rock; a heritage that winds through the dust-covered footsteps of the Apostles, who were commissioned by Christ to preach the Gospel to all in all generations unto the consummation of the world.

A Faith and heritage to be proud of

    Our Faith is a heritage that was strengthened in the sacred catacombs and 'rewarded' on the blood-soaked colosseum floor, which became the fertile soil for the seeds of Christianity that sprouted up and expanded from the rocky terrain of the hermit caves in northern Africa to the visible churches built after Constantine's edict. Was this a bad tree that would produce no fruit?

    On the contrary. It is a sturdy tree, planted by the Son of God providing a heritage that would withstand the split of the East and West under the emperor Julian the Apostateas well as the perilous time when Pope Leo the Great stood his ground against Attila the Hun at the gates of Rome. Was not holy Mother Church and Christendom saved for a reason?

    It is a heritage that fended off the empty heresies of Arianism and Pelagianism, taking its toll on so many bishops, but gave us - for the ages - Saint Augustine, whose writings helped sustain the Church through the fall of Jerusalem during the rising scourge of the crescent moon; a heritage that helped the hierarchy withstand the iconoclasts led by the Greek Emperor Leo the Isaurian. Were not unyielding defense of the truths necessary and right?

    It is a heritage that nourished the monastic beginnings of western religious life through Saint Benedict, spurring onward the rise of Christianity in Europe and the origins of the Holy Roman Empire with Pippin and his son Charlemagne; a heritage that produced the proselytizing of eastern Europe - Poland and Russia and other Slavic nations. By their fruits will you not know them?

    It is a heritage that survived the times of the antipopes and the crisis with the Eastern Church in which the doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, Filioque and the Primacy of Peter were called into question and refused by Michael Cerularius. This directly caused the Great Schism between East and West in 1054. Are we now to admit nearly a millennium later that Pope Saint Leo IX's excommunication of the anti-Latin Greek patriarch was wrong?

    It is a heritage bloodied by the holy wars - the Crusades - formed to recover the Holy City and restore Christianity as the Apostles had established, and preached by saints like Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Through these perilous times - covering two centuries - thousands upon thousands willingly put their lives in harm's way. Through triumph and defeat the fallen believed with all their heart and soul in God's Justice and Mercy with the objective first and foremost to conquer for the crucified Christ under His sign - the cross. Especially the innocent ones of the ill-formed Children's Crusade. Some crusaders had ulterior motives, using these campaigns to fill their own coffers, to pillage and plunder, and yes rape. They received their just due. The vast majority, however, were committed to the cause and carried out the command of the radical gospel of the New Covenant; led by men like Richard the Lionhearted and King Louis IX - also a great saint. Were their efforts, their martrydoms at the hands of the infidels in vain?

    It is a heritage which struggled through the tenuous times of Barbarossa and saw men like St. Thomas a Becket murdered in the cathedral, which led to the confusing times of the errors of the Albigenses and Waldenses and the many clashes over investiture in a struggle to establish spiritual and temporal power. Are we to believe temporal power has more credence?

    It is a heritage that proudly and humbly fostered the growth of missionaries throughout Europe and beyond through the fiats of holy men like Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Dominic that would produce Doctors of the Absolute Truth in Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bonaventure and legions of other great saints dedicated to the cause. Were their efforts and insoluble truths wasted?

    It is a heritage that survived the schisms and turmoil caused by the Avignon Exile and the Black Death through God's permitting will and, through His ordaining will, provided the gentle saints who coaxed the Popes back to Rome. It is a heritage that produced many caring, loving Catholics during those plague-ridden times and helped them fend off the errors of Huss and Wycliffe as well as the struggle between Papal Primacy and conciliar power at the Council of Basel, Ferrara, and finally Florence, in which the Keeper of the Keys emerged victorious over 'collegiality.' Are we to think the reforms of Vatican II reversed that? Is it not the objective of many at the Extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals this past week to return collegiality?

    It is a heritage that witnessed the explosion of a new medium which would revolutionize mankind via a simple invention by the genius of Gutenberg; the printing press would usher a wave of independent thinkers and give rise to more dissension as more became 'enlightened' and worldly. This included prelates and Popes, who, over time, allowed morals and disciplines to be relaxed by their own wayward ways. This set an example not to be emulated. Yet it played right into the evil one's hands, spawning indignation and revolt from men like Zwingli, John Calvin, Martin Luther, etc. who offered heresies that gravely wounded holy Mother Church from within and without, causing wholesale defection and confusion. During the century when Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross sought relentlessly to reform the Carmelites, the Church itself experienced her own dark night of the soul as open rebellion and persecution of Catholics by Henry VIII, his daughter Elizabeth and the Emperor Charles V caused great sorrow, bitterness and defections. In the fact that today Vatican II has adopted all Luther called for and more, are we then to conclude that Luther et al were right?

    It is a proud heritage that, rather than crumbling when the Rock of Peter was so vulnerable, built a visible shell of the Faith - a lasting masterful masterpiece, touched by God, with the likes of Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bramante - and from the ashes rose a bigger, more solid Church on Vatican Hill. She was strengthened by a company called the Society of Jesus, guarded by the vaunted Swiss Guard, and reinforced by the counter-reformation, which was brought to reality through the landmark Council of Trent that redirected Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church on the right path. The fruits were solidified by the conversion of millions in the New World - with a lot of help from above in the form of the Mother of God's apparition at Guadalupe. Yet today we are told the Inquisition coerced so many to convert. Are we to believe Trent was a mistake, only for those times? Are we to believe Our Lady never appeared in Mexico? Are we to believe it was mere superstition to cover up the Spanish Inquisition?

    It is a heritage that saw the fruition of the sacraments when all reverence was restored to the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar by the holy Pontiff who enacted all of the Tridentine reforms - Pope Saint Pius V; the same Pope who asserted, as doctrine, that the Latin Mass be set in stone for all ages in his undeniable Papal Bull Quo Primum on July 13, 1570. It was also this giant among Supreme Pontiffs who had the hope, faith and love to call all Catholics to arms with the weapon of the Holy Rosary to fend off certain defeat at Lepanto and save all of Christendom from the Turkish threat. Are we to believe that "in perpetuity" meant 'only for those times?'

    It is a heritage that suffered through the martyrdoms of countless missionaries by savages in the far east and the New World of America; savages who would not or could not receive the truths of Christ Jesus Crucified and Risen - men like Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Isaac Jogues and countless other priests, religious and Catholic lay men and women; martyrs who gladly gave their life, standing up for the truth, never compromising their Faith, dying for Him Who died for us that we may have life everlasting, no matter what generation we hail from. Were they wrong to proselytize, to give their lives for Him?

    It is a heritage that sought to direct all in the truths through the misunderstood times of the Inquisition and the rise of orders that dedicated their charisms to the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy - all for the honor and glory of God - while, in the very heart of Catholic France, the devil gave birth to the insidious enlightenment era; a time in which rose from the embers of hell the Order of Freemasons and atheist philosophers like Voltaire, Rousseau, D'Alembert, Diderot and other enemies of the Church. These same foes sought to silence the influential Jesuits and were successful because Rome was weakened by intimidation and politics. Are we to believe good works do not merit grace?

    It is a heritage that struggled greatly through the revolutions in America and France, which saw the full emergence of illuminism and the masonic mission masked as democracy as veneration of the Goddess of Reason became synonymous with 'power to the people.' This, in turn, resulted in the overthrow of regimes as well as the imprisonment of Pope Pius VI by Napoleon Bonaparte and his successor Pius VII's humiliation in crowning the little general. Were the Church merely a temporal society, would she not have ceased after this French emperor defiled her?

    It is a heritage that welcomed the beginning of the Age of Marian Apparitions at Rue de Bac, then La Salette and Lourdes during the steady papacy of Blessed Pope Pius IX. His pontificate remains the longest since Peter. Pius, stripped of the Papal States, sought nobly to stave off the growing modernism that was making such alarming inroads globally. Holy Mother Church countered this by encouraging the growth of the Faith in North America and the establishment of a solid network of trusted parochial schools which offered great hope as Pope Leo XIII ushered in the 20th century. He urged all to cling to the vestiges of truth and dignity, which was fast eroding as another holy Pontiff Pope Saint Pius X tried to fend the impending doom of World War I. He offered, as a resistance, more frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist, arming children with this great shield of Grace. Catholic schools flourished. Yet they have, for the most part, disappeared today. Are we to believe the Catholic school system, abandoned after Vatican II, was not fruitful and productive? Do we not realize the fruits began drying up when religious and clerics abandoned their missions, and lay teachers usurped the role of the nuns who had molded strong Catholic leaders?

    It is a heritage that witnessed the devastation of Europe and the rise of the Bolshevists in Russia; a heritage that warned and then witnessed the seething swastika emerge from a humiliated Germany, rising quickly to cast its dark and forboding shadow across Europe once again with World War II. It virtually imprisoned another holy Sovereign Pontiff Pope Pius XII who, though seemingly helpless to stop the insanity, never gave up hope by secretly doing all in his power to preserve the Faith behind enemy lines - in his beloved Italy - and reaching out to give silent refuge to so many not of the true Faith - in particular the Jews. Yet, despite all the documentation and testimonies, we are told today by the media he didn't do enough. Are we going to buy these lies?

    It is a heritage that the last Traditional Pope clung to in staving off the masonic mission of socialism worldwide. Whether in the guise of nazism, communism, Marxism, liberation theology or free thinking progressivism, Pius knew he had to curb it as best he could for he foresaw the inevitability of a coming Roman Curia greatly infiltrated by men of the highest degree of masonry. These 'plants' would rise to great prominence within the Church during the transition of a man from Venice - Blessed Pope John XXIII, who sought to reach out to offer love to all and hoping for all to follow suit by calling a Council to better touch a world out of touch with the truths. But the truths were muffled as the masonic mission took advantage of his short pontificate and the elevation of another who was not unfamiliar with all the inner workings of the Lodge. Why was the world not informed of John's last dying demand? "Stop the Council! Stop the Council!"

    It is a heritage which since Vatican II has been wandering aimlessly in the arid regions of confusion and relativism and wondering harmfully in a desert of confusion and lack of identity for the mother tongue has been denied. Latin was stripped from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and with it, all semblance of reverence and holiness. With a reform of the curia by Pope Paul VI and his empowerment of the destructors of the Church Cardinal Annibale Bugnini and Cardinal Jean Villot, suspected masons of the highest degree, the stage was set for a clever manipulation of the truths. Did we not understand Paul VI's words on his death bed when he admitted "satan is now in the sanctuary!"? Was this a confession, a warning, or the man from Milan's last boast of triumph?

    It is a heritage that today has witnessed the bastardized accomplishments of satan's legions. They have succeeded in lessening the uniqueness of being Catholic. The mission of adhering to the principles and absolutes of the one true Faith have been greatly compromised by diluted doctrine, experimental liturgies, ambiguity, relativism, doublespeak, rationalizing of sin, contradictions, and lack of conviction and purpose on the part of many in religious houses, the clergy, chanceries, Catholic publications, bishoprics and the Roman Curia itself. This has produced an alarming lack of fruits as so much that was built up and established has been eroded.

    Now many diverse voices clamor for a complete revision of her history and seek to change the Church itself. You've heard it repeated often this past week by many of the highest prelates in today's Church. If they truly carry out the agenda they are planning, little will we recognize our beloved Holy Mother Church. Stand fast and pray. The warning signs emanating from the Vatican this week cannot bode well for the faithful clinging to the Traditions of a proud and gloried heritage. The only consolation we can take is probably our greatest edge, that Jesus will be with His Church till the end of time. Though so many are abandoning her in favor of pleasing man, rather than God, we know God will never abandon His Bride, especially in this one of her most dire times in the 2000 year annals of the Church. As the modernists continue to revise history, let us, for the sake of future generations, hope and pray that our proud heritage will not become history!

Michael Cain, editor

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May 25-28, 2001
volume 12, no. 131
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