May 1, 2001
volume 12, no. 121

Let us honor the Patron of the universal Church along with the holy Mother of the Church

    My very dear brothers and sisters in Christ, do you remember the honor that was given to our Blessed Mother prior to Vatican Council II? Those who are old enough to remember that time, and those who, though younger, have remained faithful to the Latin Mass, know that May was Mary's month.

    Upon my soul, the Holy Spirit has charged me with bringing you back to those days when the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, the Immaculate Conception, was honored throughout the month of May.

    Thankfully the new liturgy kept the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker on May 1st as it had been before Vatican II. Let us not forget that to this humble, chaste man God chose him to be the protector of the Mother of God, of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during the formative years of Our Lord's life.

    My beloved father L. Joseph Kreke, God rest his soul, had a special devotion to his patron saint and passed this on to me so lovingly. He was truly a 'Joseph:' strong, silent but so committed to his family and Faith. It was he along with my dear mother Dolores who instilled a strong Faith in me and emphasized the importance of the Holy Family. Do you recall, how Catholics were always taught that Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph - comprised for all generations the Holy Family - were the model that all families in all generations were to emulate?

    So it is fitting that we begin this month acknowledging that role that St. Joseph had and still retains as the protector of Mary, the Mother of God, and as Patron of the Universal Church. Never have we needed his intercession more than we do now. Never have we needed the intercession of Mary, Most Holy than we do now.

    First, consider in your local parish whether there is any type of ceremony honoring our Blessed Mother as Queen of Heaven and of Earth. If you do have one, does it bear any resemblance to what honor was given rightfully to Mary prior to Vatican Council II?

    Oh, there will be many on the liturgical committees in your dioceses, members of your local parish, etc., who will explain that the "simple" ceremony (if it takes place at all) is sufficient, and that the extended honor given to Mary for the entire month of May prior to Vatican II bordered on "superstition", etc.

    Pay these people no heed, for they know not what they do. They do not have a clue how they offend Our Lord by giving so little honor to Mary, His Own Mother, and our Mother, for He gave her to the world from the Cross - the very sign and fulfillment of our salvation.

    Remember, Mary knew the path her Divine Son had to walk in this life, and she had to surrender her Son to the Father for the sake of our Redemption. Do you think that was easy for her? Do you think it was easy for her to see her Son tortured, spit upon, cursed at, mocked, etc., and then crucified? She was, after all, a MOTHER, and all Mother's hearts weep and bear the same pains as their children.

    You realize, I hope, that the significance of May as Mary's Month has been replaced, ever so subtly, with all honor being given to mothers on the secular and often over-priced Mother's Day which comes also in May.

    I beg to differ with those who put the emphasis on earthly mothers solely, and forget that the Mother of All of God's Children, the New Eve, is shadowed in some dark corner of the church, (if such a statue exists at all, or is a statue that defies any semblance to the true Mother of God). A brief crowning of Mary is done, a few songs are sung, and then we go on about our daily lives with nary a thought of the significant role God ordained for Mary from all eternity.

    Do you remember those words to the hymns sung to Mary to honor her? Do you remember the processions that took place, where the children of the parish school formed an honor guard, and that a chosen boy and girl, who had recently made their First Confession and First Holy Communion were privileged to bring forth the crown of flowers to place on the head of the Virgin Mother of God? Do you remember those processions, where the girls wore their First Communion dresses, and the boys their First Communion suits. Do you remember the folded hands, the delighted faces of those young boys and girls? Do you remember the words of that hymn that still remains in my memory, one everyone knew, from priest, to nuns, to parents, to the school children?

    "Oh Mary we crown Thee with blossoms today.
    Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May…"

    And then the awesome moment when the one who carried the crown upon a stain pillow, while the other child actually crowned the Blessed Mother, while the other children came forward with their own flower, held delicately in their folded hands, and the entire church bore the fragrance of flowers left not only in reality, but in the hearts of all who attended, because there wasn't one who didn't know how much we needed the Mother of God in our lives.

    That ceremony was not only confined to the Church. Do you remember the May altars in your home? Do you remember with what love you placed the statue of the Blessed Mother in a prominent place, and found the best flowers that grew in your own garden, or you received flowers from others in your neighborhood who wanted, desired, to help you honor the Mother of God?

    Do you remember how, as a family, you knelt and said the Rosary every day for the entire month of May, filled with trust that she, who is our Mother, would convey our heartfelt intentions to her Divine Son, and through her intercession, so many of our heartfelt prayers were answered then and there, and also in the future?

    What, my dear brothers and sisters, has happened to this rightful honor due to the Mother of God, for is she not the Universal Patroness of the Church? Why have we done away with ceremony, why have we all but cancelled any May devotion, why is it barely mentioned from any priest's lips except as a "thing" they must do to keep us "old fogies" quiet, while the rest of the parishioners smile and try not to shake their heads at us for being of the "old school" and being so resistant to change just because everyone else is going along like blind sheep?

    There was a reverence then, an awesome reverence that recognized our need as children of God to be led to Him. We knew of His True Presence then because it was taught, spoken about from the pulpit, and the Confessional Lines were long on every Saturday, when several hours were given to this Sacrament. We knew His True Presence because the tabernacle was in its rightful place, and where Our Lord is, there is also His Holy Mother, for she is Mother and Queen, and she is our Mother and Queen in every breath of our lungs, and with every beat of our hearts. She is the Tabernacle that held the Holy of Holies. She is the Ark of the Covenant.

    I ask you to recall those times, or to reflect on these facts as the Holy Spirit has directed me to put them before you, and then to ask yourself why, in the name of God, has such reverence been taken away, why honor of Mary and of all the Saints has become a relic of the "past," when for centuries this same reverence made Holy Mother Church strong against all heresies, apostasies, and enemies, both real and supernatural.

    Let us, together, amend our hearts if need be, and restore that reverence. Let us make within our homes a May altar, and there, gathered together with our family members, recite the Rosary, for Our Lady has said that the Rosary, outside of the Mass, is the most powerful weapon to chain satan forever. Let us crown Mary with flowers, and may those flowers be real, and also be from our hearts, as we acknowledge her rightful place as our Mother and Queen. When we honor Mary, we give all glory and praise to Our Lord, to the Most Blessed Trinity.

    Dare we continue in the way of the "modernists" who would and have gone so far as to remove the tabernacle, to remove any statues from the church, to reduce the Sacrament of Confession to a mere half hour on Saturday, when the parish is comprised of hundreds, even thousands of registered members? Dare we continue to come to celebrate on Sunday a banquet, without knowing that it is truly the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS?

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, if we honor Mary, and seek her intercession, Our Lord Himself guarantees that we shall have our prayers answered, for He cannot refuse anything to His Mother.

    Let us pray together in this Month of May for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the enlightenment of the Spirit, and the discernment of the Spirit, of whom Mary is Spouse, to fill our lives at each moment. Then, through the Blessed Mother's intercession, we shall find ourselves changed, and as we change and begin to go back in the right direction, you will see much of the apostasy in the Church falling into rubble and decay, where it belongs. Let us resolve, this May, as we prepare for the Ascension and then Pentecost, to ask Our Lady's help that Holy Mother Church may abound in holiness and steadfastness to the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Our Lady is the perfect disciple, the perfect example for all mankind. And her earthly spouse dear Joseph stands silently by her side encouraging us to stay the course, to be obedient to the perennial Magisterium of the Church in preserving the clear signs - the marks of the Church by which all men can recognize it as the true Church founded by Joseph's foster Son. Mary and Joseph are our strongest allies in preserving the "Holy Family" of the True Church, no matter how vehemently the gates of hell try to prevail against it.

    I am praying for you, and I ask you prayers for my family and for myself. Let our Blessed Mother light our way to her Divine Son…and the rest will simply fall into place as only God can do. Your very little sister in Christ, who cherishes you and prays for you,


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May 1, 2001
volume 12, no. 121
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