May 18, 2001
volume 12, no. 126

Whose 'pit crew' will you join?

    Ah, yes, we are all human and that hit home only too realistically when a fever and weakness won out a few weeks ago and retreat was the better part of valor. My bride Cyndi sent me to bed with the stern, "put a message on the page that you're sick and get thee to a bed! The readers will understand." As a loving and obedient husband, I reluctantly followed her advice. After all, 'mother knows best!' Little did I realize a 24-hour virus would be further complicated by a pinched nerve that makes the arthritis miserable. Blame it on a sleepless night when I wrenched my hip and it shot to the leg and arm. Doctor's orders: Celebrex, Robaxin and close down for a while!

    Still it gnawed at me that I couldn't meet the daily deadline, something I have been doing religiously over the past several years. But it was also during this time of rest and restlessness that we both relaxed and read more than you can imagine in researching just what is going on in our Church today and why. After much rest and prayer,we mutually reached some decisions that will have wide-ranging results for The DAILY CATHOLIC and our ministry.

Some changes ahead

    I realized that age is creeping up and I can no longer burn the candle at both ends. I also realize I cannot do this mission alone. Either I continue as the webmaster and editor and churn out an issue each day with all kinds of features and see very little of my family in keeping the grind going - possibly killing myself in the process... or I cut back on those duties in favor of writing more and spending more quality time with family. In weighing the pros and cons of each, we realized the latter carries more merit with God in these difficult times when we need to provide the truths to all. We have been providing plenty of form and substance, but often times at the sake of long hours that took time away from the family. It imprisoned - if you will - this editor in a cell of deadlines that have taken its toll physically. When one sits at the computer for twelve hours or more a day, especially with a pinched nerve, well, you get the picture.

    Add to this the mounting costs of additional prescriptions I now must take that are not covered by our HMO; add to this the fact we cannot afford a webmaster or editor to take over the majority of duties right now without outside help of other experts who can help immediately - and you can see our dilemna. We have to sacrifice something in order to maintain our own sanity and balance in our life and the life of our family. In researching what readers want most are the commentaries by our columnists. That is where we can be unique and reach more. While the graphics are attractive and add to a magazine-like format that is pleasing to the eye and grabs attention, we have decided for the time being to provide more content and less of what we have been carrying.

    Therefore, for the time being beginning today we are going to go back to the five issues a week format as we first debuted The DAILY CATHOLIC on All Saints Day, 1997. That means an issue every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with Friday's being the weekend issue covering Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    We have also researched what is being read and very few are going to the Liturgy section. Therefore, we are eliminating that because everyone has a missal - hopefully an old one that explains the beautiful feasts the Church celebrated for so many centuries and why. The modern missalettes really don't tell you anything and their translations are an abomination. Why should we promote an abomination?

    Since most loyal Catholics have kept their missals since their youth, we encourage you to dust them off and read them daily for the inspiration they have always afforded. You will rediscover the beauty of the official language of the Church and the essence of the liturgy - the true meaning of the sacrificial nature of the unbloody Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Therefore, in these pages we have decided it is better to include a prayer or devotion for the day for inspiration to share with you. Prayer is so important in these dire times.

    Another feature we have been forced to put on hiatus is our series AT ONE WITH GOD - the Charism of Conjugal Love which normally ran on Saturdays. With Saturday per se eliminated we will put this on hiatus, giving us time to research and write further and bring the series back in the future. Perhaps after we complete our Traditional catechetical series APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH, which will continue to run every Thursday. This series, based largely on Bishop Lavoire Morrow's My Catholic Faith, is the same catechetical tenets our ancestors practiced and passed down over 20 centuries. If you want to go to that tome of the New "Catechism of the Catholic Church", that's your choice. But believe us it's even more ambiguous the deeper you go. For us the Baltimore Catechism always sufficed in the past and laid out the absolutes in no uncertain terms where sin could not be compromised. My Catholic Faith is built on that. We're not about to conform to a new religion. We repeat again for all to hear, we stand firmly behind the fact that the Roman Catholic Church did not begin in 1965!

Where are our shepherds to lead the Church Militant?

    One of the time-consuming projects that has buried this editor has been the painstaking project of researching the 72 "Herod's Heroes" we have been running since Ash Wednesday. This has been a massive task with countless hours of research in ferreting out those politicians who claim to be 'Catholic' yet cause great scandal by their legislative actions. I am grateful for the internet for it could never have been accomplished without the many web resources available. We resume today with the 58th, 59th and 60th violaters of God's Laws against the Fifth Commandment and, for the next two weekend issues, we will be featuring three "Herod's Heroes" at a time in order to complete the list by Pentecost Sunday.

    We had hoped by now at least a few of the bishops would take action and make a difference by defending Catholic Doctrine, not to mention Canon Law. But their amazing lack of action and stunning silence was realized all the more during our research into Holy Mother Church and Vatican II. We have come to the realization they will not do anything because, as Father Peter West of Priests for Life has confirmed, they are afraid of being persecuted and this human fear has become another cancer in today's struggling Church. It's not that they're afraid to speak out when it's politically correct with the Democratic Platform as evidence by the whining of Cardinal Roger Mahoney and Cardinal William Keeler last week, followed closely on their heels by the carping of Cardinal Bernard Law to President George W. Bush to save convicted mass killer and unrepentant Timothy McVeigh. They're quick to speak out against the Death Penalty, which has been established as just deserts by the Church dating back to Genesis through the New Testament and sanctioned by the Church for the moral welfare of all concerned up through Pope Pius XII. It is only since Vatican II that the current has changed to accommodate temporal desires and pander - whether intentionally or unintentionally - whether consciously or subconsciously - to the marxist, masonic manifesto that has engulfed society today both inside and outside the Church. This includes cafeteria issues the current magisterium chooses to place on their list of priorities despite a rock-solid stance by the perennial Magisterium. You see it is politically expedient for the bishops to decry the death penalty - to save the guilty, but not to save the innocent - the real victims: the innocent unborns. They give lip service but by their failure to enforce the due justice of the Church they have failed miserably and only God can determine what will be their due when each bishop individually meets his Creator and must place before Almighty God a ledger of his good deeds and his bad ones. Each time he fails to protect Christ's littlest, most innocent ones, he chalks up a bad deed. Let us hope, for their sake, that the ledger books of their souls will not be too top heavy to the left!

Pentecost is near for the Church Militant!

    After Pentecost we will slightly alter our format in streamlining our regular columns on a regular basis and strive to clarify so much of the confusion. To help in this goal we will add some solid Tradition-based scholarly columnists who will open the eyes of your mind and heart to the truths of what is truly happening today. Once the Holy Spirit enlightens you you'll realize all the more the causes and effects of Vatican II and why we are in such a mess today both in the world and our Church. In thirty-seven short years we have gone from absolutes to ambiguity. It is a total fulfillment of LaSalette in which Our Lady foretold "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist." On June 4th we will have a lengthy and policy-based editorial that will be of dire importance to all our readers.

    For now we're going to ease back in, slowly cutting back on form and increase function; more substance and shorter on the bells and whistles. We may lose some readers who won't believe or who will think we're off our rocker, but then look how many walked away from Our Lord when He spoke truth. He didn't compromise, He didn't go running after those walking away and try to explain further, He merely said to His closest ones - His Apostles - "Do you also wish to go away?" (John 6: 58). We do not wish to go away, but to cling to the truths that have lasted for 20 centuries and only in these past three decades have been not only compromised, but intentionally changed in order to destroy His Church. We will explain in future issues as we seek to share the truths at any cost for the sake of souls, for the sake of Christ's One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    You'll see a hint of this in today's part two of our multi-part editorial How close are we? with today's installment The absolutes of our Faith demand it!. With the arrival of His Holiness Pope John Paul II's 81st birthday today the realization hits home to so many that his days are numbered. What he does in his remaining days will go a long way in which direction Holy Mother Church goes. The Consistory next week could set a dangerous precedent if it chooses not to respect the Papacy as passed down from Peter. There are several alarms that many of the princes of the Church do not respect it and the signals are clear they strive for a democracy of diversion. Let us pray with all our hearts and offer a nine Day Novena to the Holy Ghost in preparation for Pentecost - the birthday of the Church. Let us hope it is not a swan song - for the ugly duckling modernists will do anything to wrest control. Anything!

    With those kind of omens one would ask why did I come back. Why not take advantage of the rest and tranquility of family time away from the maddening net madness? It's a fair question and, if I had my druthers, I would love to take the time to smell the flowers more, to laugh more, to share precious time specifically for and with my family, to flee from the scrutiny of the overwhelming progressive mindset in the Church today. But doesn't everyone? What I would like to do and what I must do are quite different and I surrender my will to God's Holy Will totally. His Will is for us to shout from the rooftops the truth and you to echo it. If you and I don't, who will? We are in the time of chastisement and to close myself from our appointed rounds as guided by the Archangels in preserving the Church Militant would be forsaking my duty before God. In these times when our shepherds have led us astray and refused to acknowledge their errors, only covering it up more to keep up with the Jones and please man, we seek to please only God.

    When He takes me home only then will I know He is pleased with all I have sought to accomplish for Him. Until then I will fight with my last breath to not surrender to the new religion but cling to the old, tried and true Faith that has sustained saint and sinner for 20 centuries. To quote Robert Frost, I have "miles to go before I sleep." Though the Holy Father has 23 more years on his odometer than yours truly, I can no longer afford to pull over and rest too long. My life is focused on the road ahead with God totally at the controls. It's time to strap in because He's assured us through Divine Revelation that the road is going to get much rougher ahead! If we're not ready now, we'll never be! I'm slowing down, it's satan whose speeding things up! Folks, we're all in a race for souls! Our own and countless others! If you want to be in the winners' circle with the Church Triumphant, ask yourself whose 'pit crew' will you join?

Michael Cain, editor

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May 5, 2001
volume 12, no. 125
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