June 1-3, 2001
volume 12, no. 135

Why, Holy Father, why have they altered so much in our beloved Church?

    [Dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to share with you a letter I have written and sent to His Holiness Pope John Paul II. As you have noticed Michael and I have been taking a stronger stance for the Traditional Teachings of Holy Mother Church and promoting the Latin Mass. There has been a misunderstanding between some of our beloved readers about our intention. We assure you Michael and I are not out to "bad-mouth", or "degrade" the Holy Father. We totally believe that he is the true successor of St. Peter, and as such, we have deep respect for the man, and we revere the Office of the Vicar of Christ.

    Many of you do not understand that all of us have the right and duty before God to ask questions of the Holy Father if we find contradiction in matters of faith and morals, and if certain writings and actions of the Holy Father lead to confusion concerning the true tenets of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. I present here for you who did not know of your right and duty to address the Holy Father two of the Canon Laws, which call for the faithful to always be watchful of their precious Faith, and their duty to address their legitimate concerns to the proper Hierarchy.


  • "Can. 212 - paragraph 2. The Christian faithful are free to make known their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires to the pastors of the Church.

  • Can. 212 - paragraph 3. In accord with the knowledge, competence and preeminence which they posses, they (the faithful) have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred Pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful with due regard for the integrity of Faith and Morals and reverence toward their Pastors and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons."1 The Code of Canon Law promulgated by John Paul II, Washington, D.C.: The Canon Law Society of America, 1983, p. 71.]


    June 3, 2001
    Feast of Pentecost

    His Holiness John Paul II
    Office of the Sovereign Pontiff of Rome
    Apostolic Palace
    00120 Vatican City State, Europe

    Your Holiness,

        Dear Holy Father, Vicar of Christ, visible head of the Roman Catholic Church on earth, I come before you as a loyal and faithful daughter of the Church since my baptism in infancy to this present day. I come with humility, with tears in my eyes, to implore you, Your Holiness, to answer several questions that weigh so heavily upon my heart that I must ask them of you.

        Dear Holy Father, where have they taken Him Whom I love with my whole being? Where is my Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord, God and Savior? Where have they hidden Him? Tell me, Most Holy Father, so that I may find Him, my Crucified Savior. I must find Him so that once again I can kneel before Him and beg of Him His Mercy, but also to thank Him, to prostrate myself before Him, to be crucified with Him for the salvation of my soul and the souls of many others as He Wills.

        Dear Holy Father in my diocese and especially in the "new" churches that are being built, I cannot find Him. There is no crucifix that says I am in a Catholic Church. There is nothing anymore that even resembles a Catholic Church.

        Why, Holy Father, have they taken My Lord away from His rightful place in the Sanctuary of the Church? Why has Jesus been hidden in a corner where few even know He is there in the Tabernacle? Why has the "presider's chair" replaced Jesus, and why must I hunt for the Tabernacle when I enter a Church?

        Dear Holy Father, why has the altar become a mere table, around which the faithful are called to gather, not to offer to the Father the eternal Sacrifice of Calvary, the unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass, but rather a "eucharistic banquet" around which table the faithful are comfortably arranged as if one were attending a theater performance rather than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

        Holy Father, Christ's Vicar on Earth, I have struggled but remained faithful to the Novus Ordo Mass since its inception in the 60's after Vatican II closed. Why, Holy Father have the Bishops not clearly understood that Latin was never taken away, never abrogated, never forbidden? Why, Holy Father, do the Bishops continue to allow anything to take place at the Most August Sacrifice of the Mass, and have taught nothing of the true tenets of our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith for over three decades? Why has the awesome and august Sacrament of Holy Communion been reduced to such irreverence that in the United States an alarming number of Catholics do not believe in the Divine Presence, and, furthermore, many priests say that it is only symbolic?

        Holy Father, on bended knee, I ask you yet another question.

        From my youth God has blessed me with a deep personal devotion to Him, to Jesus, and to His Most Holy Mother. You have as your motto "Totus Tuus" and every Catholic around the world knows your devotion to the Blessed Mother. Why, Holy Father, have they taken away the statues of Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and any of the saints and angels that always spoke to us, the faithful, of the journey home to Heaven, that spurred us on in this earthly valley of tears to strive for holiness, and to ask it of God at every Sacrifice of the Mass. Those were our Heavenly role models. Why did they get rid of them?

        Your Holiness, I am confused about some of the things you have written and said. I cannot comprehend why you would say such things and do such things that fly in the face of all I was taught as a child, and which I learned to love and to grow in that love of Our Lord for His Sake alone, loving Him because He is Perfect Love. Why was I confirmed to be a soldier of Christ, and to seek for all the years of my life, to imitate Him, to take my example from the lives of the saints, willing to suffer and to die for Him, for the One, True Faith that He gave to us through Peter, His rock, upon whom Christ built His Church?

        Holy Father, I have always been taught and I believe with my whole being that the Roman Catholic Church is the One True Church, and all other faiths are in error and must therefore be brought to the light of the full truth, which only the Roman Catholic Church contains. This is so much a part of my soul that I cannot even fathom your recent comments when in Greece that any proselytizing should be condemned, when missionaries for ages past gave their lives that the True Faith may be made known to all other nations, to all people of other faiths?

        Now you say in your address to the Greek Orthodox that proselytizing is wrong, and that in your encyclical Ut Unum Sint you have "consigned to oblivion the excommunications of the past". Help Me, Holy Father, to understand why you would say these things when so many of the Doctors of the Church, the Fathers of the Church, and your predecessors as successors of Peter stood strongly for, condemning the heresies and apostasy that battered at the Church, standing strong upon the Sacred Deposit of Faith, on the knowledge that only to the Successor of Peter is given the full and complete authority to govern and to teach, and to do so infallibly on matters of faith and morals when spoken ex cathedra.

        When you "consign to oblivion the excommunications of the past" you have to include Martin Luther and others who professed heresy and apostasy, and who led others into schism from the One True Faith. Is this not so? Tell me, for I kneel before you, the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Pontiff, to ask if in "consigning to oblivion the excommunications of the past" your intention includes the more recent excommunications of one of Holy Mother Church's true sons, Msgr. Marcel LeFebvre. In reading Ut Unum Sint there can be no other logical conclusion that anyone could make from your statements, for his excommunication is also consigned to oblivion, for it is of the past.

        Holy Father, you ordered that the Latin Mass should be made available generously in every diocese where the faithful asked for the Mass of All Times and Places to be said. Vatican Council II never abrogated the Latin Rite, yet it appears to me, Holy Father that the very Magisterium that comprises the Curia and you, are doing all in their power to do away with anyone who prefers the Latin Rite because in it they see, as I do, the fullness of the Sacred Deposit of Faith. And at the very same time you appear in your statements to the Greek Orthodox to beg their pardon for upholding the Truth, when they were and remain in schism and heresy for they do not believe in the Petrine Succession, nor do they believe in the dogma of the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son (Filioque).

        Your Holiness, why do you put aside the excommunications of the past in an effort to further ecumenism, whereby you seem to be leading Holy Mother Church into a position where she will be just one church among so many other churches. Will you, Holy Father, also change or alter in any way the Petrine Primacy? I cannot understand, Your Holiness, why you would call a Consistory of the College of Cardinals to discuss the "Role of the Papacy", and in the discussions of the Cardinals, there were more than a few who spoke openly about a broad "collegiality", which has been described and therefore understood by many of the faithful as a "democratization" of the Papacy. An openness in expression of "opinions" is what many of the Cardinals asked for, nay, demanded, of you, and you said you would take all of the recommendations of the Cardinals under consideration?

        Holy Father, what are you considering concerning the Supreme Office of the Chair of Peter? You are the legitimate successor of St. Peter, and to you have been given the Keys of the Kingdom of God. Why, Holy Father, would you even consider any change in the monarchial structure of Holy Mother Church, which Christ Himself declared when He chose Peter to be the Prince of the Apostles and gave to Him the full and supreme power to act, teach, and govern in His Name, so that the One True Faith He gave to the world might be preached to every nation, and every nation could be brought into the One True Faith through conversion as Jesus asks in Mark 16: 15?

        Do you see, Holy Father, why I, a humble daughter of the Church, am confused at best, and worried about the changes that have already reduced the Roman Catholic Church into a more protestant church, and am even more concerned about further changes in Holy Mother Church that could very well take away the Four Marks of the One True Church?

        I have taken the lives of the saints into my heart and pondered there upon their lives that I, too, through God's grace and Mercy, may attain to sainthood, to the degree of sanctity to which Our Lord has ordained me. But now, Holy Father, when you "consign to oblivion the excommunications of the past," when, in Assisi in 1986, you permitted a statue of Buddha to be placed upon the tabernacle and allowed and participated in the Buddhist monks offering incense to a false god, I must ask if these dear saints, be they martyrs or not, gave their lives over to Christ in vain, since you have apologized for the Church (not the individuals who may have sinned) for Her sins of the past? Holy Father, the Church is holy. It is so because Christ is the Head, and He alone is Holy, for He is God. The human members of the Mystical Body of Christ in the Church Militant do sin, and they are called to repentance through the Sacrament of Penance. However, Holy Father, in this diocese, and in many others in the United States, this Sacrament of Reconciliation has been so reduced that the notion or understanding of sin is also consigned to the past. Everyone goes to Communion, dressed in any type of clothing, and many times immodest, to receive Our Lord Himself in such a manner that can only be described as low, even base and lacking any clarity of thought that it is Christ Himself that they are receiving.

        Holy Father, would you be so kind to explain to your humble little daughter why all of the reforms of Vatican Council II have reduced the One True Faith into just another church among many other churches? Can you explain why you have "consigned to oblivion all the excommunications of the past" thus voiding the true saintliness of the martyrs and saints, who gave their lives that heresy, apostasy, and schism from the One True Faith might cease as God intends, not as man intends to form a one-world religion, so as to fulfill, in human terms, that passage in Sacred Scripture where Our Lord promises that there will be but one flock and one shepherd. Never can there be one flock and one shepherd unless there is but One True Faith to which all other faiths must be converted that they, too, might live.

        Holy Father, I am but a humble little child who comes to you, the Vicar of Christ, to ask you to answer these questions for me. I must say to you that I have found again the Latin Mass, and here, Most Holy Father, I find the Fullness of the One True Faith, the sound Dogmas, Doctrines, Teachings and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Faith that have withstood every assault from within and without until Vatican Council II. Here, Holy Father, is my Lord, God and Savior. Here is the Mass I was weaned on and grew to love so. Here, I am able to offer with the celebrant to the Father His Only-Begotten Son in the unbloody sacrifice of Calvary, and here I find that Confession is readily available, sound direction is given by the priest in the confessional, and the beauty, solemnity, and majesty of the One True Faith is extolled, practiced, and loved as the priceless pearl of Sacred Scripture.

        Dear Holy Father, we hunger so for the truth and our hearts, minds and souls are only fed by those truths which were absolute, unchangeable prior to Vatican II. Why must the Church conform to the world? We must conform the world to the absolute truths Christ taught. But so much of what has emanated since Vatican II have left Catholics confused, weakened, denied, contradicted, resigned to accept sight unseen the ambiguous rhetoric that fails to confirm or define absolute truths of our Faith.

        And, finally, dear Holy Father, please explain to me that passage in Sacred Scripture in which Our Lord Himself asks if, when He returns to earth as Judge, will He find any faith left upon the face of the earth. Surely, Holy Father, He is speaking of the One True Faith that has always marked the Roman Catholic Church, and held her above all other faiths, and has led men unerringly to their eternal end-Heaven. Tell me, please, tell me what did our Blessed Mother mean at LaSalette when she said, "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist"? I know many in our country have lost the Faith, is Rome losing it, Your Holiness? I pray that is not so.

        In truth, Holy Father, I can no longer find My Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ, in the mainstream Novus Ordo masses of this diocese or most other dioceses, so insidious have the changes been made that have totally made of Holy Mother Church just "another church" on the street corner. My soul nearly starved, my faith was nearly extinguished, until I returned to the Latin Mass. Please, Holy Father, why cannot you say to all the faithful throughout the world that the Latin Mass is totally valid, it was never abrogated, never nullified, and allow any priest anywhere the right and privilege of saying the Latin Mass? Why, Holy Father, if you have "consigned to oblivion all the excommunications of the past" will you not come forward and say that the Society of St. Pius X is totally in accord with the Magisterium and allow those who are adrift on an ever-changing sea of experimentation within Holy Mother Church to once again find their sure anchor in this most august rite that has never changed in upholding the fullness of the Roman Catholic Faith?

        With deep affection and humble obedience, I pray that you will have but a moment to answer me, so that I might be informed if I have misunderstood what you have said and done. I pray for you every single day of my life and will continue to do so. Please, Holy Father, among all the other letters you must receive, I pray that this little letter will be answered, not only for my sake, but for the many who are also confused, and who wish to attend the Latin Mass which is not readily available, nor in some places, will the local ordinary even allow it. There need be no schism between the Latin Rite and the Novus Ordo Rite. Dear Holy Father, if both rites are right, then there need be no concession needed between either one.

        I will close now, Holy Father, because I know that your schedule is very busy and you have little time to listen to even one of your children, a humble daughter seeking answers to serious questions that have arisen since Vatican Council II, and continued by you, who are the Vicar of Christ.

        Holy Father, where have they taken Him? Where is my Lord?

        I remain your humble servant, Most Holy Father, and I thank you for reading my letter and answering me from your heart.

    Your little daughter and humble servant,

    Mrs. Cyndi Cain


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June 1-3, 2001
volume 12, no. 135
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