March 8, 2001
volume 12, no. 67

Communism: The Fearful Menace

part four

    As we saw in 1989 in partial fulfillment of the Fatima messages, basically spiritual evil, Communism can be defeated by the spiritual power of Almighty God. By religion He must be acknowledged as the one and only Lord and Creator. Coming as a consequence, morality must be strengthened, with recognition and practice of fundamental principles, including free will, justice, and charity. Now that we have a President who will uphold ideals, values and God's Laws again, we can begin to strengthen morality in this country and set the example for a world still wondering, still very susceptible to the Marxist lies. Through prayer and an adherence to living God's laws, we will see a renewal of Christian life. There will be a recognition of the Sanctity of Life and of the home, and of marriage as a sacred state. Women will be respected, and mothers reverenced. Children will be looked upon as belonging to God and under their parents' care, not as State property to be shoved off wherever most profitable, or to be slaughtered in the womb for the convenience of the mother or expediency of the parents and society.

    Parents will have authority over the education of their children. This education will be for enlightenment, having relationship with things of the spirit as well as with material things; in recognition of the fact that man is not flesh alone, but spirit also, and a spirit of surely greater importance than any flesh.

    Civil government comes from God, just as the individual does. Both have rights that neither can interfere with. A few masters at the top can have no absolute rights over muzzled-up millions among the masses. A society organized as a brotherhood under the Eternal Father would call for both liberty and authority, with all groups and individuals having proper rights and duties. Life must be ruled by cooperation, with integrity and understanding in international relations, with patriotism a recognized virtue.

    In such a society there will be no treason, no purges, for justice will reign over all. The dignity of man will be brought forth, -a being with soul, free to choose between good and evil, standing before Almighty God. In the materialistic society sponsored by Communism there is no rightful authority, with its promotion of class warfare and the dictatorship of the proletariat. Injustice and hate result, with terrorism and bloodshed. Trials are a travesty of justice; as examples we only need to refer to the trials of Blessed Archbishop Stepinac and Cardinal Mindszenty.

    In a Christian society the Great Commandments must rule, with everyone active in the love of his neighbor. In this way of life love of God is proved by the practice of works for human welfare, spiritual as well as corporal. The Holy Father has promoted this often and always entreating all to combat the materialism of people who waste wealth on frivolous things, while brothers in God toil in hunger and misery. With the true religion, we can never be Catholics only in name.

    In economic relations there must be justice, with the evils of excess capitalism corrected. Law and goodwill must rule, so that both Capital and Labor may be clear of abuse. In this way the dignity of labor will always be upheld, and man will not be reduced, as in Communism he is, to the level of a machine.

    Thus in a truly Christian society there will be harmony instead of class warfare. There will exist true Social Justice and Peace.

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March 8, 2001
volume 12, no. 67
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